Grojband fanfiction

Chapter Two: The plan

After that they told the cops to go get them, the Newmans were done with their spray painting of their old instruments and putting them back into their cases. They were exiting the garage

Carie: Ok guys, well let's do this.

As she was opening the garage door the Police officer showed up.


Kim: What are you doing here?

Police: You're all are suspected in the robbery of the instruments.

Newman: WHAT?

Mania enters throught the door to defend them.

Mania: Ok, they do hate each other,...

Carie: I never said I hate them. Did any of you guys ? ( while she looks back towards the rest. )

Larry: No.

Kim: Not me.

Konnie: They are not even no the list.

Grojband: WHAT?!

Mania: See they obviosly they did nothing cause, they don't hate them.

Police: I will be the judge of that.

As the police officers started to search the garage for any evenidines they constantly worried.

Police: Well,there's no evidence of any stolen thing here.

Larry: That because we don't do anything.

Laney: Yeah right, they probably just hint it very well.

Police: Well if they did we'll be on them.

Kin: What? Thats not fair.

Kon: I say, " just arrest them ".

Konnie: Not without a strap of evidences.

Police: She's right, so see you later.

Trina: Well this was satisfying, to me( ha ha ha ha ha) , Mania let go!

Carie: Everyone get out!

Corey: We know what you did.

Carie: No, you didn't cause we did nothing.

As they exit the place she shuts the door on them.

Larry: But, Carie what if they find out.

Carie: They won't, not on my watch.

As they walk out of the neighbourhood to her house where she decided on a plan.

Carie: Ok ,the only way too get rid of this things is to drop them off and elimnate the evidences quickly.

Konnie: How are we going to do that?

Carie: With nightly intervention.

As it turn into night, they broke into there house then put the in the garage and left. Corey wake up and hear a noise in the garage.

Corey: No way, my gutair is back, but how?

In the morning he decided to tell his friends the good news. They arrived later the afternoon.

Kin: Wahho, I can't believe. Our instruments are back. [ said in and happy manner]

Laney: Yea, it seems to.. ...trrrrruee.

Kon: What is it dude?

Laney: Don't you think its weird that our instruments are back.

Kin: Yea, he got a point there.

Corey: I'm sure it's alright.