Grojband fanfic Part four: the fire

Larry: What was that?

Quickly in front of them it show that Bellium was drunk with power while driving a monster truck.

Bellium: HA. Now I got you guys.

Carie: Where did he get the monster truck from. UUUUHHHH. Let's just go inside already.

They go inside with there bikes and then Larry put a bar on the door.

Larry: You can never be too safe with a monster truck outside.

Carie: Okay guys lets get out of here before something else happening.

They travelled outside and ride out to the next town. They ride through the town passing bulidings and schools, until they reach the dump enterance during the night. They all get off there bikes.

Carie: Dang it, its already close and its 6:41 p.m. We need to do thid now.

She then climb the fence and Kim and Konnie followed, Larry was frighten.

Larry: Hey maybe, we should just buried it in the ground or something, other then ... (AAAHHHH, He said in a timid tone before being pull up by Konnie's whip.

They all jump off the fence and started to walk, rotten smells were every where the land seem like resting mist, hill of old cars seem like mountains at night, a cemetry of meachinal items were the only thought in Carie's mind. Carie countined to lead her friends up a hill that was like a mountain, as they get closer sounds started to emrge.

Larry: AAHHH, uuhhh, Carie where are we going again? ( said in a frighten tone)

Carie: ( With a serious face) to the inferno to dispose of the evidence.

They finally arrived at the inferno, a spiral of fire imicking lava appeared infront of them all.

Kim: Its beautiful.

Carie: Yeah, now take out the instruments,

As they were about the dispose the evidences, the sounds became louder and louder until, the dogs started to attack them. As they all screamed, Carie rush to the dogs and smash the gutiar over one and then got pinned down by the other one by her arm.

The rest: Carie! ( said in a painc tone)

Carie: Just throw the instruments, already I got this.

She manage to start standing again but a dog bite her leg, she hits it again with the gutiar, while rest, final dump the instruments.

Konnie: Don't worry Carie I'm coming.

She then ran to Carie with her whip at hand and started to crack it on them.

Carie: Someone catch.

She then throw the gutiar in the air and Kim caught it and throw it in the inferno, Larry rush to help carry Carie and as Konnie is keeping the dogs at distants, they all manage to escape to their homes. The next day they all meet at school, at the front door.

Larry: Are you alright Carie.

Carie: Yeah, I'm fine cool adventure thought.

Larry: Leave it to you to find alamost being destroyed by dogs and adventure. ( in a irritated tone)

Carie: It was. And what did we learn?

Kim: That bellium, power trips are annoying.

Carie: Yup, See you guys next time.

It ends the same as corey does it.