Mary stared at the name that was so distant that she had almost forgotten it. Jeremiah Wind. Her father, who stayed in Wales when she moved to France with her mother, Rachel, after Daphne's disappearance.

No information tended to be found of Jeremiah after the reportages of Daphne's disappearance had stopped. At this rate, she would have to dig deeper if she wanted to reach her father – if he still lived, that is.

"Finding anything?" William asked.

"Not really," Mary noted, sighing. "Dad has hidden himself from the world very well, I'll give him that. Who wants to search for info now?"

"I could search," Charlie said. "I found some obituaries with the name Mountien in an old newspaper, so it'd be good to check their relation to me."

Mary got up from her computer and gave Charlie the turn, sitting next to William on the bed then. Sophie lay on her bed, staring at the notes of her own finds so intensively that Mary felt like she was not really even looking at them anymore.

Eleonora came to the room, her phone still in her hand. Sophie raised her eyes from the notes to her and asked, "Did you reach anyone?"

Eleonora shook her head. "Just static, silence and 'the number you chose cannot be reached' notifications."

"Dang," Mary sighed. "Have you found any email address with which you could reach your parents?"

"My message hasn't been answered," Eleonora told and sat on the edge of Sophie's bed. "I haven't even got a confirmation of it being opened or even having gotten to the destination."

"Have you gotten any message of it not getting there?" William asked. Eleonora shook her head. "Then it must've gotten there."

"When did you send the message?" Charlie asked.

"A few days ago," Eleonora told.

"Maybe your mother just hasn't checked her email for a while," Charlie suggested, hoping that he was right.

"Have you found anything?" Eleonora asked.

"Obituaries and newspaper articles of big sister Alice's disappearance," Charlie told. "Although those articles don't do much else than wonder Alice and Mary's sister Daphne's disappearances and their connection despite of the long geographical distance. Nothing that'd help me find anything."

"Jeremy hasn't found anyone from the Digital Sea, Lyoko nor the supercomputer's logs either," William told. "I heard that some of the logfiles of the earliest virtualizations have been corrupted and even Franz doesn't remember those times properly anymore."

"They have to be out there somewhere," Mary said under their breath.

Charlie interrupted his search and looked at his friend. He understood her desire to find her sister well; he felt just the same when other extended had hardly been found. Now that they were once again properly humans and not just virtual avatars, each of them wanted to belong to this world.

They all wanted to find a family to which to go when it was time to go.

Still he could not help saying, "Or then X.A.N.A. never had anything to do with Daphne and Alice's disappearances, but they were a separate case." He knew that Mary had to take it into account while thinking about the case. It could well be that Alice and Daphne had gotten kidnapped, and maybe even killed, by a real human.

Mary turned to look Charlie in the eyes. Both of them saw the pain in the other's eyes when they thought about the worst-case scenario.

Thinking about it hurt so much that Mary turned to look at the floor again, damming her tears. Now that she had returned to the human life, she had really started to miss her family – and so had her comrades.

Unfortunately, the network did not give them much information that would have been helpful. A lot had had time to happen and change in ten years, so none of the old contact information most likely functioned anymore. If they wanted to get certain information, they would have to ask from the authorities, which in turn did not do as each of them had been missing for a decade and connecting their current information to the old one would only bring trouble.

No, they had to try to find information by other means, until they would either find answers or could investigate the cases with authorities without risking the battle against X.A.N.A., the other Lyoko Warriors or Kadic.

When the search continued with poor results, Mary sank into despair little by little. Did they have any chance of getting the answers they longed for?'

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