Summary: A twist on an idea I saw from another author named levelgap. Surely having access to every power in the land of Gensokyo is broken but when you are in the backyard of those very same people you might get into some trouble. Slight gamer system. OC

Hello and welcome to the horrific thing known as a first fic. Decided to try my hand at writing while all the other fics i enjoy seem to have slowed down on updating for one reason or another. If you're familiar with the author known as levelgap(who has written all touhou power fics before) then you'll know what we're getting into. Start will pretty much be copy paste of most gamer fics as i can't think of a way to do that without it sounding like someone else's work.

Now there will be progression or at least ill try to make the growth in power as linear as possible. One thing to note is that i'm not making a hardcore gamer system with stats/hp/mp etc… more of a layout for the abilites and the occasional quest to get things moving/give helpful rewards. Reviews will be very appreciated as this is my first time writing hopefully this fic will get better as I write so I might end up re-writing the beginning of this fic.

That is all I hope you enjoy this fun little idea of mine.

Characters: OC(self-insert?)

Chapter 1

[Welcome new Player! You have been randomly selected to take part in our game.]

This was really happening huh.

[You have been chosen to explore a world of your choosing. You will be expected to complete any tasks given to you by the curators. A single power and item of your choice to help you survive in your journey. Declare what ability/item you would like to take with you and then declare the world you wish to go to.]

I mean can see this text right in front of me so its real right?

[We assure you that this game of ours is very real. You will be given 24 hours to decide your ability, item, and world. Failure to do so will result in your memory being changed to forget everything related to the game.]

Well if i can have any ability then what about.. "What about the ability known as the Eastern Dream? If I can have any ability then i choose that."


[Error! Case is being reviewed by a Curator please wait]

"Guess I was asking for a bit much. I can get prepared while i wait." Getting up to pack for this trip. I wasn't the strongest around but could at least carry a backpack full of supplies to help me out. Assuming I didn't break the system.

[Please wait warmly... Curators are reviewing your case]

Yeah I might of broke it asking for such a broken thing but i couldn't help but at least ask for something so broken. Anyway, I managed to dig up my old sleeping bag as well as some camping supplies my parents got me. Not that I actually went camping but i'd feel bad if I just threw away a gift.

[Curators have requested that you state the item you wish to have as well as the world you would like to go to. For review purposes]

Well that's not a no so there's hope. Nodding "I'd like to have unbreakable glasses that can translate anything whether its voices or text in a book." Something like that while not that special on its own would very important to have considering i can't understand any japenese. "As for where I'd like to go, I want to go to Gensokyo" The very same place where the people that make up my ability come from."

[Thank you for your patience. The Curators have decided to limit the power of your ability these limits will lessen as you complete tasks. Additional penalties/challenges may be applied at the Curators discretion. Universal translation glasses have been approved. To go to your new world you may say "Let's start" or wait for the time limit to expire. Ability will be given upon starting.]

Limits? How do you limit something that strong? Well I asked for it and I'm not one to give up that easily. My glasses don't feel any different but any books I see the letters are slightly glowing. Anyway I have enough food and water for a couple days so hopefully that will be enough. I'm so excited I just have to not do anything stupid. With a small grin stuck on my face "Let's start."

[Very well. We welcome you to this game of ours. Live life to its fullest.]

[Installing ability "Eastern Dream"]

[Warning may cause small amounts of intense pain]

What… Was all I managed to think before I collapsed. My limbs were burning.

S-so much pain I think im coughing up a little blood. My head felt like it was going to explode. Then I passed out.

[Player has been rendered unconscious. Transporting player to safer spawn location.]

[Username has not been selected. Generating random username. Shin]

[Penalty "Big Things Come in Small Packages" has been applied]

[Ability "Eastern Dream" has been Applied]

[We wish you the best of luck]


I'll call this the end of the chapter. English is my first language so I'm trying to make sure nothing sounds weird as best I can. I plan to include characters from the pc-98 era though as far as the timeline is concerned, it'll still be eosd that happens first. I'll try to get the next chapter out as soon as I can but I'm prone to second guessing myself so I get stuck staring at a part of a chapter thinking I'm doing this wrong. I'm leaving the first part of eastern dream for you guys to guess who it's from since she's not used to much in the fanfics i've seen. Tips on writing would be appreciated if you have any advice.

[Eastern Dream(from levelgap changed by me): Each and every one of the many characters in touhou have there own unique power. This ability combines them all into a single power. Curators have restricted this ability and have given the user part of one person's ability to start.

Current effects:

Flight:Summon black wings.

Dark Power:You are faster and your magic is stronger at night.

MAGIC: You can use magic.