Short version of this is don't worry I'm not abandoning this or anything just explaining why I'm taking so long for relatively small chapters.

First I ended up wanting to rewrite chapter 3 about half way through. I tried to write it more broken up to make it easier to read but I ended up hating writing that way so I just stopped. This fic isn't in any danger of being dropped as I love the touhou world too much to do that.

Second off I am having trouble trying to pace this fic out. I feel like I'm moving from place to place to quickly and I'm not sure how to correct this. Hopefully this will get better with time and writing experience. If that's the case I can rewrite the early chapters when I'm better.

Third while english is my first language and I did graduate high school but english was not my favorite class by any means. I'll try to get my paragraphs better spaced but commas/ semicolons are the bane of my existence.

Next up I want to the touhou world proud so I'm being overly critical on myself now. I want to write each of the touhou cast well. I want each to be there own person and I'm having difficulties in thinking I'm doing it well. In this case Akyuu is being troublesome with how little there is on her.(Haven't read any touhou manga)

Lastly I have 3 other stories which I have ideas for that kinda cloud my thoughts. I'm not sure if I should just make one chapter for each and see where it goes or just make a note to write them later.

One story is just a crack fic to make fun of all of the numerous OP/GODLIKE/MULTI-BLOODLINE/DARK/EDGY/COOL/SMART/AMAZING Naruto fics out there. I'm talking about the ones that have him at the age of like 6 have him being the strongest smartest person in the world. You know the ones.

Second was a Bleach/Touhou crossover. I Planned to have Reiuji as a Zanpakuto for an oc and take it all the way through the Quincy war ark. I wanted to write this first but felt I didn't have the skill to write it.

The third was special. Also a Naruto/? fic but of a very unique category. Technically this one is my very first fic and also the first of its kind. Now I wrote the first chapter of this in a notebook before a story with same idea was posted then taken down on this site. If you were fortunate enough to read Naruto: The Strongest Weakest King before the author took it down then you'll get what I mean. Weak Naruto stories just don't exist if you google for weak naruto all you'll find are stories saying how much people well regret thinking he was weak and end up with more OP/Bullcrap stories. It's the story I want to turn out the best but don't know how to start it.

Small issue is me getting new games/ older games getting new content. I'm a gamer that just picked up ark on my pc. Borderlands 2 got new dlc. To top it off Monster hunter Iceborne is coming with AT Kt here as well it all takes so much time away from writing.

Anyway I typed this out to say what's going on and explain. Working 6 days a week really tires me out but I figure I could at least tell you guys something. Stay safe I'll post chapter 3 when I feel like it's good enough. Sorry for making you think a new chapter was posted.