A Fight That Turns Into A Lot More

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Tournament Of Power.

Location: The Null Realm.

Age: 780.

Chapter 1:

The story starts right at the climax of Goku and Kefla's fight in the Tournament of Power:

Going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Goku raised his left knee up upward to halt Kefla's kick. He successfully stopped it but right after that quick exchange he had to immediately block a punch that she threw. Again, Goku evaded the attack and in the preceding moment he grabbed Kefla's wrist in his hand. Maintaining this grip, Goku took the opportunity to launch a punch of his own with his free hand.

Similarly to him, Kefla was quick to react and blocked Goku's punch with her open hand. Clenching down on his hand in the same death lock that he held her wrist in.

At that instant, the two were locked in a heated standstill. Their faces were a mix of great frustration along with hot anger as they glared daggers at one another. Both of them straining with immense effort to get the edge over the other.

Unfortunately for Goku, Kefla was slowly starting to gain the upper hand. With a smirk, the female Saiyan displayed a cocky demonstration of strength by pulling her wrist out of Goku's hand quicker than he expected.

This shocked Goku who looked at her with a stunned look of disbelief. Knowing his confidence was briefly lowered, Kefla's smirk widened and with a seemingly out of nowhere burst of speed used her free hand to punch Goku right in the chest.

This knocked the wind out of Goku and sent him flying backward from the air and towards the ground.

Although it took a little effort, Goku shook off the pain from the surprising blow and stopped himself by landing one hand on the ground and using said hand to propel himself backwards in a flip motion that got him back on his feet.

Though he was back on a stable environment again it did him no favors because as soon as his feet hit the rocky surface, Kefla was right in his face with yet another punch.

Although the last attack caught him by surprise, Goku was not going to get caught up in this one so easily.

Once again, Goku sidestepped the attack and caught her fist with his hand and when Kefla tried to get him with her other hand he caught that one as well in his other hand.

Seeing the situation she was not trapped in, Kefla clenched her teeth and tried forcing her way out of Goku's grasp. However, her efforts were futile as Goku had no intention of letting go and this time his grip tightened with every time she tried to remove her hands from his.

Looking back up at Goku, Kefla saw that he had a dead cold stare. This did not affect her as he she could match his with one of her own that she did in full strides. However, as much as it equally confused her, Kefla's blood started boiling beneath her skin when Goku's expression changed from serious to happy and his mouth went from a flat line to joyous grin.

Actually laughing Goku eagerly commented, "you know Kefla, this whole fight has really surprised me. You are a much tougher opponent than I initially thought. If impressions have any time to be given then I can say without a second thought that you have almost completely blown away everyone else that I have seen thus far."

To anyone else Goku's words would appear genuine. He was truly trying to compliment her, but Kefla did not see it that way.

Although she did not show it, Kefla could not believe that Goku would act in such a manner such as this especially right now in the middle of their fight. It infuriated her on so many levels. Did the fellow Saiyan not understand that this was a conflict of battle and there were very serious stakes in it? Behaving like this would be hitting the highest levels on the risk scale. This was not time for fun and games. However, that is when another questioned formed in her mind: was he doing this on purpose? Could this sudden change in demeanor all be a rouse to lower her guard.

Of course Goku was not in the best condition. The aftermath of everything he had undergone up till this point had clearly taken a toll on him despite his resolve to prove other wise. She on the other hand had entered the affair far later and although she had been fighting him for a short while, she was still fresh.

For all she knew, Goku could be trying to get inside her head and weigh her down so that he could surprise her and get the advantage? Well, if it that was how low he was willing to go to win then he was going to be sourly disappointed.

"If you want to throw around mind games Son Goku than I'll play", Kefla thought sardonically, "although I much rather prefer to kick your ass the proper way, I'm willing to make an acceptation for a cheater like you!"

Letting the anger that had been rising to the surface out, Kefla let it take over and completely blind her.

Powering up, Kefla unleashed her green aurora which exploded out from her body with a rush of power that sent waves of wind creaming into the surrounding area, leaving any unfortunate person to be close by to suffer a collision that sent them flying.

With this sudden action, Kefla was able to fully release her hands from Goku's grip.

Noticing this, Goku recoiled in shock. Still, he was quick to do the same. His own blue aurora surrounded his body and he began defending himself from Kefla's fury.

Without relenting, she assaulted him with jarringly rapid attacks.

Goku was doing his best to evade such an onslaught but he knew he was going to get overwhelmed. When he was able to get some distance between him and Kefla, Goku lifted two fingers up to his head and with a little focus he performed the Instant Transmission. A very useful move; it got him well behind Kefla when he reappeared. This bought him maybe a couple seconds to manifest a plan on what to do next. Obviously a few seconds was not nearly enough of an adequate time slot for coming up with the next move but it was most likely all he was going to get and he had better take advantage of it. Not doing anything at all would offer Kefla the chance to realize what was going on and the results of that would be costly for him.

This time using a simple teleportation act, he got his body a few feet backward, increasing the distance between him and the other and close enough to an incoming boulder behind him. To which then he used a center to propeller himself ahead in quick pace toward Kefla. Positioning his body at a good enough angle he took his right leg and raised it high. When the angle was accurate he launched a kick right for her head.

Kefla was swift in her reaction to Goku's attack. Turning around she exactly pinpoint the kick coming for her skull. Utilizing some of her speed she was able to block it with sufficient ease.

In return for his deed, Goku earned himself a painful retaliation. Right to his upper half.

Her first came up fast; looking to ram into whatever it could get the opportunity to hit. The chest seemed to be the chosen mark and if it got there then it would have given Goku the force that would have shattered his ribs instantly. But with fast enough reflexives he was just barely able to block off some of it with his hand. His hand was able to absorb most of the pressure although doing so left his hand and a small portion of wrist numb. This would render it useless and he did not know long it would take before he could get use back into it. However, that was not even the worst part as Kefla's other hand came for him in the same manner and this time he could not stop it from hitting his chest. The amount of force and pressure build up from that caused saliva mixed with a small trail of blood to come gushing out of his mouth in a violent cough/shout of pain. Along with that, Goku could feel a pair of his ribs crack.

Within seconds of the punch, Kefla backed off a bit from him, and while he was still dazed she ran up and drove her knee right smack into his face. This sent Goku flying back and into the large rock behind him.

Smashing into it, Goku cried out in agony.

Kefla, who was in her Legendary Super Saiyan form, did not waste a moment of time when sending Goku into that large piece of the rock. Back-flipping on to her own piece of rock not to far from where he was.

Goku had gotten himself out the rock by then and despite all the damage he had just taken, he was already trying to get back into a fighting stance.

Kefla did not keep him waiting for very long. Raising her hands, Kefla began to fire numerous KI energy balls at Goku.

With the speed they were coming in, Goku knew he had no chance to move, or teleport out of the way to dodge them. His only hope right at that moment was to try to take them head on. Hoping to at least make at least a few miss to prevent further damage. Getting closer, he tried his best to shake away the rest of the haze from his mind and get his eyesight back into working shape as they came at him.

The first couple were okay enough to smack away, along with a few more of them. Though, as more kept pouring in a seemingly endless fashion from his fused foe, that's when things got a little ugly. With the abundance getting much higher, Goku was unable to do keep up anymore. Shielding himself with his elbows crossed he shifted his legs at angle, he dug his feet into the ground, letting them come at him.

After what seemed liked forever, Kefla finally let up on her onslaught.

Goku after that ordeal was a cut up mess. Cuts and burn marks covered his form from top to bottom and his cloths were cut in many places.

Surprisingly though he was still in his blue form, even after all that. However, in rapid succession his blue hair would go from blue to his regular black and the back again. At this point, Goku was nearing the point of total collapse.

Goku barely got a line of good breathing out from the slight break before Kefla was right back on him with kicks and punches form out of nowhere. He parred with them the best he could, his numb hand creating a greater problem along with the fatigue. He even used his last resort technique for when he got into messes like this: the Kaioken. Nevertheless, it was going to go the same way. He tried punching her but she dogged and simply punched him in the jaw with enough force that knocked the Kaioken out of him after a few short minutes of using it.

"Still got more to give Son Goku. Very nice but I'll care of that", Kefla thought.

He had been holding up fairly well for the most part and had been comparably equal to the fusion even in his injured state. However, that fatigue was starting to take over him and with Kefla coming into the fight fresh and new he was becoming overwhelmed. By this point all he could do was take every one of her blows, getting pummeled in the process.

The pain was excruciating and it only ended when Kefla delivered a kick dead center to his face, sending him flying again and into a pile of rubble.

His spiky blue hair finally receded back into its regular black color. Along with that his blue aurora quickly died out also.

Kefla took a few breaths after letting up herself. The anger that had taken her over before was begging to dissipate.

In front of her, Goku layed face first on the ground almost completely buried in the rubble he had crashed into. He wasn't moving an inch by this point though Kefla couldn't tell whether he was out cold or not.

She wiped a small trail of blood from her lip. Despite mostly being on the defensive, Goku still made attempts to attack her. He actually gotten one on her. He was something else alright, being able to keep up this long with major injury. But Kefla knew that this was a reminder of dangerous he still was.

Now was better than any other for her to finish this so she could go on and save her universe.

She took in a breath and with clenched fists started powering up.

Opposite of her, Goku on the other hand had awakened from a momentary blackout. Coughing, he tried to get up. His body groaned in protest, the pain was excruciating and it had come to the point of rendering him almost immovable. He looked up to see Kefla charging up her power. It was going to unbelievable levels. The green aurora shook the ground and blue streaks of electricity surrounded her and shout out to strike out various places. Goku clenched his teeth in anger, he tried with all his might to get up but all he could manage was getting back on a knee.

His movements did not go unnoticed and soon he was locked in a heated glare with Kefla.

For a tense minute neither spoke, but in a low and tense whisper Kefla asked, "is this really a game to you?"

Not understanding the question, Goku responded with, "what?"

She was quick to answer his question and this time it was in a shout that actually made Goku recoil in shock.

"Idiot!", Kefla shouted, "how can you by so carefree in a fight that is for the future of your universe! Have you no comprehension of what's at stake here!"

It angered her that he would try to pledge ignorance to this.

This whole thing was a matter of survival and Kefla was taking it more than serious. The was a very real chance that she and all her comrades could be wiped out without any warning. That was the circumstances that he faced as well, but right now it seemed to her that he was treating it like a game.

Still seething, Kefla awaited what his next response would be; although she expected it to be just like his last.

However, Goku for the next few seconds was silent and his face went serious and unreadable.

It appeared as though her words had actually reached him and to surprise Kefla once more, he forced himself back on his feet.

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