Ch. 1 – Marines Never Die

Well, here we go again. Lost in Familiar Lands was difficult, but I'll try to continue it, anyway, here's another one for y'all. In Another World with My Smartphone is owned by AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS11, I only own the OCs. See you in the author notes! Note: The beginning will have some insensitive terms but that's how the Marines do.

Raqqa, Syria – 1100 hours, 2017.

"Today's the day we put these goat fuckers down!" Lieutenant Ramirez yelled as he slapped a magazine into his M4A1, a man slapped a fresh magazine into his M9 before he pulled back the slide and replaced it back into his side holster. "Murphy! I want you to lead up Fireteam Zulu and take out the sniper's nest in the western quadrant." Ramirez yelled as the MTVR hit a pothole, Murphy nodded as he pulled back the side bolt on his M110 SASS.

"The SDF will take up the lead after the artillery barrage takes out the key points, then we'll move and clear out our set areas before we regroup at rally point hotel." Ramirez explained as three F-22s flew overhead followed by two Ospreys. "Ready Marines?!" Ramirez yelled, the battalion answered with a resounding 'Hoorah'. The MTVR came to a stop before the back dropped and the Marines jumped out.

Bullets whizzed by overhead as the Marines ran head first into combat, Murphy led the Fireteam down an alley as bullets cracked against the sand wall. "Sergeant, what can we expect?" A shaky private asked as they huffed down the alley. "I'm gonna say the usual: AKs, RPGs, IEDs, and PKMs." Sergeant Murphy said as he slowly checked his corners. "Heads up, boys. Rag hamper, 1 o'clock." Murphy said as he pointed toward a building with that had sandbags in the window with a single slot open, large enough for a rifle barrel.

Murphy dashed across the street into the other alleyway before the other Marines joined him, Zulu slowly stacked up on a side door behind Murphy "Alright, get ready to breach." Murphy said in a hushed tone as he pulled out a flashbang, Private Johnson moved in front of the door and placed a breach strip on the door hinge. "Contact." Johnson said in a hushed tone before he clicked the detonator, the hinges exploded and blew the door into the building.

Murphy pulled the pin and tossed the flashbang into the room before it exploded into a large flash with a large bang. Murphy tilted his rifle to the left, so he was aiming down the canted RDS as he rushed into the building and put down two insurgents. The bullets ripped through their bodies and slammed them into the wall before their bodies slouched down. "Clear left!" Johnson yelled as he checked the corners and the basement stairs.

"Stairs left." Murphy said as he aimed up the stairs and slowly ascended the stairs, a man wearing a keffiyah rounded the corner with an AK in his hand "Die Infidel!" The man yelled before he was riddled with bullets from the Marines who continued up the stairs to the second floor. "Clear. Approaching sniper den now, how copy command?" Murphy asked as he pressed his headset, the radio clicked and crackled "Roger Zulu, Release the Kraken." Commanded responded.

"You heard them, Murphy, it's all you." Johnson said with a grin as they approached the closed room. 'Time to release the kraken.' Murphy said to himself before he kicked the door in, the door clattered to the ground as Zulu raised their rifles and stormed the room. Murphy and Johnson quickly eliminated three insurgents before they secured the room "Kraken to Ramirez, sniper nest is 86'd, I repeat, the sniper nest is 86'd." Murphy said as he radioed the Lieutenant. "10-4 Kraken; rally up on point Hotel. Ramirez out." The Lieutenant said before the feed cut off.

Zulu quickly booked it to the rally point in the middle of Mosul, burning cars and debris littered the courtyard where the 3rd infantry division stood waiting for Zulu. "Good job, Kraken. We're set to link up with the SDF and take out another hardpoint, take Zulu and secure the main building at the end of the street half a click east." Ramirez ordered as he pointed at a map on the hood of a Humvee. Zulu saluted the Lieutenant before they booked it east toward the next hardpoint.

"Let's give these goat fuckers payback for Benghazi." Corporal Jefferson said as he gripped his Benelli M4. Murphy chuckled "Focus that anger down range, Jefferson." Kraken said as he crouched down next to a wall and peaked around the corner. "Gunner box, 11 o'clock high." Murphy said as he pointed up at the barrel sticking out of the window. "Menendez, pop smoke." Murphy said before a rifleman tossed two canister into the middle of the street.

The canister spit out grey smoke and filled the street with a smoke screen "Move, now." Murphy said before he dashed across the street as the mounted gun started to spit hot lead at the Marines. One by one, the Marines made it across the street except for Lance Corporal Michaels who took a round to the shoulder. "Shit, cover me!" Kraken yelled before the Marines opened fire at the window which caused the mounted gun to stop firing.

Murphy slid toward Michaels and grabbed him by the vest before he pulled him into the alley "You're gonna be alright, son." Murphy said as he held his hand down on the corporal's shoulder. Jefferson and Johnson quickly got to work fixing Michaels wound "Sorry sir." Michaels apologized but Murphy shook his head "No son, you did nothing wrong. But hey, that purple heart's gonna look nice on your dress uniform." Murphy said with a chuckle, Michaels chuckled softly "Give them hell for me, sir." Michaels asked the Sergeant who nodded "Hell yeah, they're about to feel the full wrath of the United States Marine Corp." Murphy said as Jefferson and Johnson loaded Michaels up onto a stretcher and booked it back to Rally Point Hotel.

"Sir, it's just me, Private Richardson, and Corporal Davis left." Menendez said as he factored in the number of Marines left. Murphy clenched his fist "Let's send these fuckers to the devil himself." Murphy said, Davis pipped up "We're sending them to see Captain Cunningham?" Davis asked which caused Murphy to crack up "Damn it, Davis, we got work to do." Murphy said as he led the rest of Zulu to the side door.

Murphy applied another door breach and stepped back before he triggered it, he ran in and raised his rifle. Time seemed to slow for Murphy as he watched a pineapple cut MK 2 hand grenade fall from the stairs and bounce onto the floor. "GRENADE!" Murphy yelled as he pushed Davis out of the doorway and leaped onto the grenade. "Murphy!" Menendez yelled before the grenade exploded under Murphy.

Murphy was surrounded by white and a hounding ringing noise in his ear "Ahh, man that hurt. Alright, Davis! Anyone hurt?" Murphy yelled as he looked around the white room. "Where am I?" Murphy asked himself as he looked around the room. "Heaven." A man in a white suit said to the Marine. "Heaven? But I was just in Raqqa." Murphy asked confused, the man nodded "You made the ultimate sacrifice for your comrades. You threw yourself onto a grenade so that they may live to see another day." The man said, Murphy connected two and two together as he looked at the man.

"So that means that you're God." Murphy said to which the man nodded. "You know I'm an atheist, right?" Murphy asked, God nodded "I do, James." God answered, Murphy thought for a moment "So, who doesn't get into Heaven?" James asked, God chuckled "The Scientologists." God said which caused James to chuckle.

"So, I want to make you a proposition that I just made for a kid from Japan that I accidentally struck with lightning. I'll revive you but, in another world, he took his smartphone but what will you want to take?" God asked, James thought for a moment "Well, for one: I need my M110 SASS and, oh let's say, a MP-412 REX, along with my gear. Second: I would like to also take my smartphone with me. Third: I want the same set up you gave him, because I got a feeling you supped him up." James said as he cracked his knuckles. God chuckled "Consider it done." God said with a chuckle.

"Oh, one thing before we do this: Did Fireteam Zulu make it out?" James asked, God smiled "Your sacrifice filled them with determination, Davis and Menendez took out the building before they carried you back to the base. I can tell you this, Cunningham broke down in his office when he found out you sacrificed yourself." God said, James chuckled "So the old man does have a heart." James said with a smile as his gear appeared on a table next to him.

"Alright, hold still. I'm going to increase your physical attributes tenfold, I also fixed your phone to work with the local terrain and it charges via magic. I also took the liberty of fixing your cerebrum so that you can understand that kid and the local language, his name is Touya by the way." God explained as he went to work fixing up Murphy.

"Well, thanks a lot, G-Man. I guess it's true what they say, Marines never die." Murphy said with a chuckle before God snapped his fingers and a large flash of light filled the room. Murphy opened his eyes and found himself laying in a field under a tree, he pushed himself off the ground and grabbed his rifle off the ground along with his bag.

"Man, the big man comes through. I guess consider me a believer." Murphy said to himself before his phone rang, he pulled it out and saw that it said 'G-Man' on the caller ID, he swiped the call button and put it to his ear "Go for Murphy." James said, God chuckled "I put my direct information in your phone, call me anytime, Murphy. I'm rooting for you." God said before he ended the call.

"Alright, let's get to it." Murphy said as he placed his rifle on his back and started to jog down the dirt path but stopped to fish a pair of wireless earbuds out of his bag. He connected them to his phone and placed them in his ears before he pressed play and took off down the road.

For The Glory – All Good Things

Better back down, you're in my domain, got the whole crowd screaming out our name, it's a blowout, it's a hurricane, it's over (before you know it!) Why you shaking? We're a dynasty in the making, we're the royalty, now we're breaking down the enemy, move over (for the soldiers!)

Take a swing, I can take a hit, if we die, it's fine, we live for this, it's all for this!

We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky, gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights. For the glory (for the glory!) For the glory (for the glory!) We celebrate with the city tonight, hear the hometown cheer, it's the ultimate high! For the glory (for the glory!) We do it for the glory (for the glory!)

As Murphy ran, he couldn't shake the feeling of being watched but he looked over his shoulder in time to see a large wolf with a horn on its head leap at him. Murphy ducked in time to grab his revolver and put two in its chest, the boom of the revolver echoed through the silent grasslands as he holstered it.

Yeah, we've waited for our time to come, calculated everything we've done. We've upgraded, now you can't outrun a champion (now you're facing one!) Can you hear them? Yeah, it's all for us, you believe them? Yeah, it's serious, hear the siren? We're victorious, I'm tellin' ya (Can I get a hell yeah?) Hell yeah!

Murphy switched his music off as he approached the outskirts of a city, Murphy looked up at the sign but couldn't read what it said, "Well shit." Murphy said to himself as he walked into the city, he looked around the city and saw people staring at him. Murphy put some pep into his step as he jogged through town with his gear clanging against his body.

"Hey! We had a deal!" A voice yelled from an alley and grabbed James's attention, he turned to see a boy walking down an alley where two thugs stood in front of two girls who looked scared. 'Well G-Man, let's see what I can do.' James thought to himself before he walked past the boy and wrapped his arm around one of the thug's throat before he applied pressure to the man's jugular. "Sorry ladies, mind if I cut in?" James asked before he choked the first thug out and delivered a roundhouse to the second one's head.

The second man slammed into the brick wall before hit the ground like a sack of bricks "Uhh…" A girl with long hair started to say but James held his hand up "Sorry that thing broke in the process, are you girls alright?" James asked as the boy arrived in the alley "Oh, you already took care of them." The boy said, Murphy nodded "Yep." James said as he cracked his knuckles. "Uhh… Well thanks for saving us, I'm Elze Silhoueska and this is my younger twin sister, Linze Silhoueska." Elze said as she introduced the two of them.

"Oh, I'm Touya Mochizuki." Touya said, Murphy looked at him as he thought to himself 'Wait, I gotta work with this pipsqueak? He's like fifteen.' James thought to himself. "I'm Sergeant James Murphy, Marine Corps." James said as he let his mind's preloaded introductions take over, the girls looked confused "Touya, that name is Eashen." Elze asked curious which caused Touya to freeze up. "Uh well…" He started to say before he was cut off by Elze "So why did you come to this town?" She asked Touya who smiled "Oh, I'm looking for the Silver Moon Inn." Touya said, James chuckled to himself as he had completely forgot about finding a place to stay. "Oh, that's the Inn we're staying at." Linze said before the two girls walked out of the alley.

James started to walk behind them before Touya stopped him "You're from America, aren't you?" Touya asked, James nodded "And I take it you're from Japan?" James asked, Touya nodded before the two followed behind the Silhoueska twins toward a large cottage building. Touya walked up to the Inn keeper and put a down payment for a month in advance, he looked back at James who shrugged, Touya sighed "And a month for him as well." Touya said as he placed a couple gold coins on the counter.

James walked up stairs to his room and pulled his gear off, he placed his rifle on the table and his bag on the floor before he went downstairs to rejoin the three others. "And so that's why we were out delivering that crystal deer antler before he swooped in and saved us." Elze said as she gestured to James who sat down next to Touya. "I told you I was against it, but you never listen to me." Linze said with a sigh. "I guess we should only accept requests from proper places like the guild. Should we take the opportunity to register?" Elze asked her sister as James and Touya watched on.

"Um, if you wouldn't mind, could we come with you? I was thinking that we should look for work." Touya asked, Elze perked up "Of course you can. Let's go together. We'll show you the way as thanks for saving us, right?" She asked as she looked at her sister.

*0100 hours*

The Inn was sound asleep, James was fast asleep but tossed and turned in his sleep. "No… Jessie, get down… Jackson, cover fire… uh… oh god there's so much blood." James said in his sleep before he shot awake with a scream and his revolver in his hand, Touya ran in and looked at James "What's wrong?" Touya asked, James grabbed his head and rocked himself back and forth "It… It's nothing, j-just a nightmare." James said as he shook his head, Elze ran in with two large gauntlets on "What's going on?" She asked as she looked ready to fight, Touya shook his head "He had a nightmare, and a bad one at that." Touya said as the sheet fell from James's chest, revealing a series of scars from knife slashes and bullet wounds, a large burn scar covered his side.

"Uh… James, do… do you want to talk about it?" Touya asked, but James shook his head "No, but thank you. I don't think you could comprehend it." James said as he laid back down, Touya nodded as he closed the door behind him.

*The next day – 0700 hours*

James pulled himself out of bed and pulled on his BDUs followed by his IBA gear, he pulled his boots on and laced them up before he walked out of his own room. Touya walked out of his room as James walked by and descended the stairs "Hey James, can I talk to you before the girls wake up." Touya asked, James nodded before Touya followed him downstairs. James sat down at a table while Touya sat across from him, James called the innkeeper over and ordered a black coffee while Touya ordered tea.

"So, what's up, kid?" James asked as the Innkeeper sat down a cup of coffee in front of James. "I wanted to ask… how did you get here? I for instance was struck by lightning by accident." Touya explained as the Marine sipped his black coffee. James nodded his head as he put his mug down "I sacrificed myself during the battle of Raqqa in Syria, we were joining the SDF to fight back ISIS. We had just taken out a sniper nest and had moved on to take out a sentry position. One of my Corporal's was hit and was taken back to the rally point, so we moved in to take out the position. I set a door breach and blew the door in before we charged in, as we ran in, I watched as a grenade dropped from the second floor and it seemed like time slowed to a crawl. I immediately pushed Corporal Davis and Private Menendez out of the doorway before I threw myself onto the grenade. The grenade exploded under me and kept my team alive to fight another day." James explained as he relived his last days on Earth.

"Wow, so why did you end up here?" Touya asked, James scratched his head "The big man up stairs said that I had made the ultimate sacrifice and that it was essentially an act of valor, so he revived me, but he didn't say why." James explained, Touya nodded as he scratched his head. Within hours, the twins descended the stairs and led the duo from Earth to the guildhall.

James and Touya stared at a wall of flyers that were plastered to the wall "Fuck, I can't read this." James said to himself, Touya nodded "Me either." Touya groaned, Elze skipped over to where James and Touya were standing "Any good ones over here?" She asked curiously, James chuckled "Well, we don't seem to be able to read this." James said with a chuckle, Elze and Linze were taken aback "Huh? You mean you can't read?" Elze asked, Touya chuckled nervously "Well… no." Touya said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh, it's a mission to defeat beast monsters in the forest to the east, five one-horned wolves. The reward is 18 copper pieces." Linze explained as she read the flyer. 'So that's what attacked me yesterday.' James thought to himself as he remembered the horned wolf that had attacked him on the road. "If you'd like, we could form a party. You two seem strong, so it'd be nice to have you." Elze said to which Linzie nodded in agreement.

Elze tore the flyer off the wall and went to apply at the counter, Touya realized something quickly as they stood there "Oh, I don't have any weapons." Touya said, Linze looked shocked. "Huh?" She asked confused before Elze returned "Alright, we're all set." Elze said as she stood next to James. "Well, Touya doesn't have any weapons." Linze said which shocked Elze "Huh?" She asked confused.

James pulled the DMR off his back and unbolted the scope from the top rail, he placed the scope into his bag before he flipped up the iron sights "Uhh James, what is that?" Elze asked as they looked at his rifle. "Uhh, it's like a bow and arrow but the arrow is made of metal and is shot out at 2,500 feet per second, same thing for the one on my hip. But the arrows are small." James said as he pulled a bullet from a magazine in his molle vest.

"Wow, where did you get it from?" Linze asked, James chuckled "I got it from a far away place, I will also mention that these both are very loud." James warned as they started to leave for a weapon shop. Touya emerged fifteen minutes later holding a katana in his hand "All right, now we're all set." Elze said as they stood in a semi-circle. "I just noticed but your helmet looks weird, James." Linze said as she gestured to James helmet that had a set of L-3 GPNVG/FLIR pull down optics.

"Oh, these are a form of magic that lets me see at night." James explained as he covered his ass. "Okay, so as usual, you'll be our rear guard, Linzie, and I'll be our vanguard. Touya, you'll be a vanguard with me, right?" Elze asked, Touya nodded "Oh yeah, sure." Touya said. "That's an Eashen sword, isn't it?" Linzie asked, Touya looked down at it "Yeah." Touya said as he held a black card in his hand.

"Don't lose that or your guild card, getting one reissued is a real pain." Elze said, Touya nodded before they headed out, Murphy kept his rifle pointed toward the ground as they walked through the town. After fifteen minutes of walking, they finally arrived in the forest to the east of town, James moved ahead of the group and raised his rifle as they walked through the tree line.

Suddenly, five wolves leaped out of the brush and surrounded the group. Elze immediately threw her fist into the wolf and launched it through the air while Touya decapitated another wolf. James knelt and put two rounds into a wolf that had lunged into the air, Linzie ignited another wolf that was getting ready to attack. "Woah, was that magic?" Touya asked, Linzie nodded with a grin.

James pulled out his 412 Rex and put two rounds into the head of the last wolf, the canine hit the ground and slowly started to bleed onto the ground. James pulled out his knife before he opened the wolves' mouth "Uh James, what are you doing?" Touya asked, James sliced into the gum of the wolves' mouth and removed both fangs "I'm gonna either fashion this into a necklace or use them for something later." James said as he snapped the fangs out of its mouth. "But why?" Linzie asked confused, James chuckled "It's tradition in the Marine Corps that we make a necklace out of the teeth of predators in another land." James explained as the sound bone cracking echoed through the forest.

"Good job, both of you. The job was only to defeat five, but we managed to take down one extra." Elze said as she counted six horns in her hand. James pulled out his 412 and opened the reel, he emptied the shell casings and replaced them with fresh rounds before he closed it again.

James placed the fangs into his pocket before he placed his DMR on his back, he adjusted his bag and his IBA before Elze put the horns in a bag "Alright, let's head back to town." Elze said before the group made their way back to town. After another fifteen minutes of walking, they arrived back at the guild hall, Elze placed the horns onto the counter and pushed them forward "Yes, I can confirm we've received five One-Horned Wolf horns. What about that one?" The guild maid asked, referring to the horn under Touya's arm, Touya smiled "I thought I'd keep it as a memento of our first mission." Touya said, the guild maid smiled "Well, please present your guild cards." The maid said before the four of them placed their cards down.

"Now then, here's your reward, 18 copper coins. That completes your mission." The maid said as she slid a small stack of coins forward. "Well, I'm glad we partnered up with you. We would have had a harder time if it was just us. I think we might make a good party." Elze said as they walked back to the Inn, Linzie smiled "There aren't that many men who can keep up with Sis so easily, you know?" Linzie said, James stifled a laugh as he walked with them. "I was actually pretty nervous." Touya said after he glared at James.

"I never realized they were such ferocious beasts." Touya said as they entered the Inn. "So, I had a favor to ask you two, I'd like you to teach us how to read and write. Not being able to read is rather inconvenient." Touya said, Elze gave him a smug look "Especially when you can't read what your mission is about." Elze said smugly. "If that's the case, then you should have Linze teach you. She's smart, so she's good at teaching others." Elze said as she gestured to her twin sister.

Linze blushed "Th-That's not… true… But if you don't mind me, then…" Linze trailed on, Touya smiled "Thanks. It's a big help." Touya said, James perked up "Can you teach us how to use magic, I want to try using it myself." James said, this caught the twins off guard. "You want us to teach you magic? Do you have any aptitudes?" Elze asked, James and Touya looked at each other. "Aptitudes?" Touya asked confused. "Magic is strongly influenced by the aptitudes you're born with. Those without any aptitudes can never use magic, no matter how hard they try." Linze explained. "Aptitudes, huh?" James said as he looked at his hands. "Eh, it'll be fine." James said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Well, a certain individual gave us his seal of approval and said we'd be able to use magic soon." Touya said, Elze leaned forward "Who was that?" She asked curious which caused Touya to freeze but James slid in and saved him "Uh, someone very important. For me, it was a sacrifice that I earned my seal." James said, Touya exhaled slowly "Is there anyway we can test to see what aptitudes we have?" Touya asked, Linze pulled out a pouch of crystals and dumped them on the table.

"These are spell stones. They amplify, store, and release magical energy. If you use these… maybe water would be easiest to understand. Come forth, water." Linze said as she held the blue crystal over her empty tea cup, a steady stream of water came from the tip of the crystal into the cup. "This is active magic. This spell stone responded to my magical energy and created water." Linze said, Elze grabbed the crystal "By the way… Come forth, Water." Elze said as she held the crystal, but nothing happened.

"If you don't have an aptitude for Water, it turns out like this. This means I can't use Water magic." Elze explained, Touya tilted his head "So you can't use it, even though you're twins?" Touya asked, Elze squinted at him "I'm not proud of it, so don't be so direct about it." Elze said, James shook his head as he spun his Ka-Bar in his hand under the table. "Although Sis can't use Water magic, she can use Fortification magic. By the same token, I can't use that one. I need an aptitude for Fortification. Everyone possesses magical energies, but without an aptitude, you can't use any spells." Linze explained, James rubbed the back of his head "So then if I try that myself, we'll know if I have an aptitude or not?" James asked, Linze nodded "Yes. Hold the spell stone in your hand, focus your mind, and chant 'Come forth: Water.'" Linze explained as she handed him the spell stone.

James stared at the stone before he pointed it at Touya "Come forth: Water." James said before a large stream of water came out of the stone and sprayed Touya in the face. Touya wiped the water off his face with a cloth "Dick." Touya said while the twins giggled. He handed him the stone and pulled out his revolver that he sat on the table "Your turn, Touya." James said with a smirk. "Come forth: Water." Touya said as water came from the crystal in a large stream. "Are there other spell stones?" James asked, Linze and Elze looked shocked. "Th-There are, but… I think we should go outside to test the rest." Linze said in a stunned tone of voice.

The four of them stood up and made their way out the backdoor to an open area, James and Touya took turns testing the crystals which all worked for them. Linze and Elze stared at them in amazement "Who on earth are you two?" Elze asked as she leaned forward on her arms. "This is the first time I've seen anyone capable of using six elements. I can use three myself, but that's still rare, yet you two can use all six, that's incredible." Linze explained as James picked up a hazy white crystal.

"What's that spell stone?" James asked, Linze looked at the stone "That's a spell stone for Null magic. Null magic is special in that it doesn't have any set chants." Linze explained to the Marine. "Huh? Then how do you use it?" Touya asked confused, Linze turned to face both James and Touya "Well, for example, there's Sis's Fortification, which activates just by chanting 'Boost'. There's also 'Power Rise' which increase strength. A rare one would be 'Gate' which allows you to travel long distances." Linze explained, Touya seemed intrigued "Wow, magic that lets you travel long distances sounds really convenient." Touya said, Elze chuckled "Boost is more helpful." Elze said with a grin. "All the men who underestimated me because I'm a woman have paid for it, thanks to that." Elze said as she rested her arms on the table. "Fortification magic, huh? No wonder you're so strong." Touya said as he praised Elze slightly, she closed her eyes and giggled lightly "Yeah." Elze said with a smug grin.

"But how can you tell what kind of Null magic you'll able to use?" James asked, Elze tilted her head slightly "At some point, you just know the name of the spell somehow." Elze said. "Yes. Null magic is also called personal magic, and it's rare for two people to be able to use the same spell." Linze added.

"Then we won't know right away if we an aptitude for Null magic?" Touya asked, Linze shook her head "No, you'll know if you pick up the spell stone and try using some Null magic. Even if the spell doesn't activate, the spell stone should show some kind of change, like glowing or shuddering a bit. Why don't you try the Gate spell you were interested in?" Linze said with optimism.

Touya picked up the stone and stared at it "Gate!" Touya said loudly, the crystal flashed and blinked as a portal opened in the middle of the air. "It worked?" Touya asked confused, Linze stared in amazement "It did." Linze said as she stared at the portal. Touya stepped closer to the portal and placed his hand through the portal slowly before he stuck his head through. James, Elze, and Linze stuck their heads through as well "Hey, it's the forest we were just in." James said.

"The gate spell allows the caster to travel to places they've been before. You must have thought of this place when you used the spell." Linze said as they poked through the portal. "Oh! My turn. Power Rise!" James said after he took the crystal from Touya, the crystal glowed as James's body glowed white.

"Well, how do you feel?" Elze asked, James looked at his hands "I feel something, hey Touya, come here really quick." James said as he cracked his knuckles, Touya backed away slowly from him. The four of them made their way back into the Inn "I still can't believe you two can use all elements. There's something strange about both of you." Elze said, Linze seemed giddy "I've never heard of anyone being able to use all elements. You're incredible, both of you." Linze said with a blush.

Touya chuckled nervously as James leaned against the wall, but the Innkeeper soon grabbed their attention "Hey, sorry to interrupt your fun, but do you have a moment?" Micah asked. "Micah? What is it?" Elze asked confused, she gestured to a girl with smoky grey hair behind her "This girl's called Aer. She works at the café, Parent, but…" Micah explained. "Actually, I'm trying to think of something new to add to our menu." Aer said, Micah nodded "Since you're travelers, we thought you might have some ideas." Micah said.

"Food? Hmm, what would be good?" Elze asked. "Nothing's coming to mind." Linze said before she looked at Touya "How about you, Touya? James? Maybe some native Eashen dishes?" Linze asked. "If you know anything good, please tell me." Aer said with eagerness. "Well, what kind of food are you hoping for?" James asked as he crossed his arms. "Something light to eat, I suppose? Like a dessert, it would be even better if it's popular with women." Aer said, Touya pulled out his phone and opened up chrome "Something women would enjoy? All I can think of are crepes or ice, though." Touya said, Aer seemed confused "Ice? Frozen water?" Aer asked confused.

"No, not that. I meant ice cream." Touya said, the girls looked at him confused "Ice cream?" The girls asked confused. Touya typed into his phone as the girls watched on "What's that?" Linze asked curiously, Touya smiled nervously "Oh, a useful magical item, I suppose." Touya said, James held up his own phone. "We're the only ones who can use them, though." James said as he placed his phone back into his pocket.

"You're gonna need three eggs, 200 milliliters of heavy cream, about 60-80 grams of sugar, and Linze, can you use Ice magic?" Touya asked, Linze nodded "Yes, I can. It's water magic after all." Linze said. "What now? This sounds fun!" Elze asked eagerly. "James, do you have any input?" Touya asked, James pulled his bag off and dug into the back until he pulled out a small jar of long, black beans. "This is vanilla bean grown in the fields of Azerbaijan, a desert area far from here." James said as he passed the vile to Touya.

Thirty minutes of prepping food and mild flirting by James later

"Alright, it's done." Touya said as everyone dug into it. "It's so good." Aer said as she slipped into a state of pure ecstasy. "I've never had anything like this before." Elze said as she gulped down another spoonful. "I think this'll be popular with women. What do you think about adding it to your menu?" Touya asked, Aer smiled in appreciation "Thank you very much! We'll be using this ice cream! I'll try making it one more time!" Aer said enthusiastically.

"I've got a recipe that's great as well." James said as he pushed himself off the wall, but Aer paid him no mind "Thank you again, Touya." Aer said with a smile. "Again, what are you? Not to mention that strange device!" Elze said inquisitively, Linze nodded "I'm really curious, too." Linze said in wonder. Touya chuckled nervously "It's a secret. But thanks to it, I managed to repay you two." Touya said, Linze tilted her head "Repay us?" Linze asked confused, Touya nodded "For teaching us magic. Or something like that." Touya said with a smile, James leaned back against the wall and lowered his head as he crossed his arms 'Man, they don't even want to try baklava?' James thought to himself as he slightly shook his head.

*Four hours later; 1500 hours*

James, Touya, Linze, and Elze had left the town and had moved onto another city, James leaned against the side of the cart while Linze held the reigns, Elze was sound asleep, and Touya took a picture of her. "Dude, that's creepy." James said as he shook his head, Touya stuttered as he put his phone away "It-it's n-not like that." Touya said as he made an excuse. The cart came to a stop and everyone disembarked in the new city "Let's find an inn in this city tonight." Touya said, Elze nodded "Yeah, we have a long way to go before the royal capital." Elze said as she placed her hands on her hips, Touya smiled "Were you two really okay with the request to deliver a letter to the royal capital? Wouldn't the listing beside it to defeat the megaslime be better?" Touya asked, the twins seemed ticked off "No!" The twins yelled in unison, Touya seemed confused "Why not?" Touya asked confused.

"I hate squishy and springy creatures like slimes. It's an inherent dislike!" Elze exclaimed, Linze nodded adamantly. "Besides, those things melt your clothes and stuff. Absolutely no way!" Elze exclaimed, James looked over at Touya who seemed to be imagining something, James shook his head as Elze looked at Linze "Let's grab a meal before going to the inn. I hope there's a place like the Silver Moon." Elze said to her sister, Touya perked up at the mention of the other Inn "In that case, wouldn't it be easier to use Gate to return to the Silver Moon and start from here again tomorrow?" Touya asked, the girls shook their head in unison "No way!" The girls exclaimed.

'Jesus, they really are twins' James thought to himself, he felt his phone go off and looked down at it to see he had a new message… from G-Man, he opened the text message that simply read 'Don't talk about my son like that.' James chuckled and texted him back 'But aren't we all your children? Why can't I talk about my older brother?' James typed before he sent the message and chuckled to himself. James received another text in matter of seconds with a simple message from the G-man '(-_-;)'

"Huh?" Touya said confused before Elze explained their objection "It's better to stay in unfamiliar places and visit unfamiliar stores when you're in an unfamiliar town. You just don't get it." Elze said as Linze nodded again, James scoffed to himself "Not when you're in Kabul." James said to himself as he looked around the town, mainly the rooftops and alleyways.

"Hey, hold it, you!" A voice yelled from a crowd, the group turned around quickly before James took off running toward the crowd "What's going on?" Touya asked as he followed James. James made his way through the crowd and got to the inner circle to see a girl with black hair surrounded by angry thugs. "That girl's wearing an odd outfit." Linze said as she watched in wonder, Touya tilted his head "She's a samurai." Touya said as he watched. "Samurai?" Linze asked confused, James leaned down, so he was close to her "A Samurai is an ancient warrior who followed a code of honor. They were very noble warriors." James explained to the mage.

"Lady, I hear you took real good care of my buddies." One of the thugs yelled, the samurai tilted her head "Oh, you are with the men I turned in to the guards, yes? The fault for that lies with you, it is what you get for running amok." The girl said. "Shut up! Get her!" A thug wielding a stick yelled before he lunged forward, the samurai grabbed him by the wrist and slammed him onto his back.

"I've never seen techniques like that before!" Elze exclaimed as James and Touya watched "That's Jiu-Jitsu." James and Touya said at the same time as the samurai lunged out of the way as a thug swung his sword down toward the ground, the samurai spun around immediately and slammed the wooden staff into the attacker's face and followed it up by slamming her elbow into another thug's ribcage. She readied herself to fight but grabbed her stomach as her stomach roared in hunger.

"Look out! Behind you!" Linze yelled as a man leaped at her from behind and readied his sword to strike, but Touya readied himself "Come forth, Sand! Obstructing Dust Storm: Blind Sand!" Touya yelled as a ring of sand wrapped itself around the attacking swordsman's face and body. "My eyes!" The man exclaimed as James sprinted forward and leaped into the air before he drove his knee down into the man's face, the man was sent flying and clattered to the brick road below. James unsheathed his Ka-Bar and held it in a ready stance as one of the thugs dashed toward the samurai and sliced downward, but James parried the strike and slammed his boot into the thug's kneecap, snapping it backwards. The man dropped to the ground and shrieked in agony; "It's the guards!" One of the thugs yelled as they ran from the scene "Touya! Let's get out of here." Linze said to the teenager, Touya nodded and grabbed the samurai by the hand "All right. You hurry, too." Touya said as he held the samurai's hand which caused her to blush.

"Yeah, I'm here too, guys." James said as he dropped one of the thugs and took up the rear as they ran into an alley. The group came to a stop before they faced the new person "I think we've run far enough now." Touya said as he faced the new girl. The mysterious girl smiled and bowed slightly "I am grateful for your assistance. I am called Kokonoe Yae. Oh, Yae is my given name and Kokonoe is my family name." The girl said as she held up her hand.

"Are you from Eashen, then?" Touya asked, the girl nodded "Indeed. I come from Oedo in Eashen." Yae said, James and Touya looked at each other surprised 'Isn't that in South Korea?' James thought to himself as Touya rubbed the side of his face with his index finger. "I'm Mochizuki Touya. Touya's my given name. Mochizuki's my family name." Touya said, Yae clapped her hands together "Oh! Touya, are you from Eashen, as well?" Yae asked, her question surprised Touya who held his hands up "Oh, no. I'm from a different country that's very similar." Touya said as he made an excuse, his remark surprised Linze and Elze 'Smooth move, exlax.' James thought to himself. "More importantly, you looked a bit unsteady back there." Touya said as he approached the Eashen girl.

"Well, embarrassing though it is, I lost my travel funds on the way here, so…" Yae started to say before her stomach growled loudly. "How about we find a place to eat to continue this conversation." James said as he adjusted his bag and rifle on his back. Touya nodded before the five of them left the alleyway. As they walked down the street, James kept looking up at the rooftops of the buildings they passed, Linze looked to where he was looking but saw nothing, "Uh, James. What are you looking for?" Linze asked confused, her question snapped James out of a state of focus "Huh? Oh, uh. I guess it's just an old habit of mine. It's nothing." James said as he deflected her question.

They quickly found a café and entered to have lunch; they ordered a variety of foods for the table which arrived after about twenty minutes. "I will gladly partake!" Yae exclaimed before she dug into the smorgasbord that was laid out in front of her. "Slow down, there's plenty of food here." James said but his words went unheeded. "So, you're traveling to improve your martial arts, Yae?" Linze asked. "Indeed." Yae said as she chewed her food before she swallowed. "My family has produced generations of warriors. I chose to travel in order to hone my skills." Yae said as she answered Linze's question. "I see." Elze said before Yae continued "Someday, I shall become a swordsman on par with my father and older brother!" Yae said before she continued to stuff her face. 'Jesus this girl can eat.' James thought to himself as he ate some of the food on his plate. "So, Yae, what are you doing after this?" Linze asked as Yae destroyed a bowl of noodles. "For now, I'm planning to head to the royal capital to test my strength." Yae said as she ate a kebab.

"What a coincidence. We're heading to the royal capital for work, as well. Hey, would you like to come with us?" Elze asked as Yae was about to kill a bowl of soup. "Do you truly… mean that?" She asked as she slurped down the soup. "After you've shown me such hospitality… Since it's come to this, please allow me to serve you to the best of my abilities." Yae said as she scarfed down some food that James didn't recognize. "You don't mind, right, Touya?" Linze asked the boy. "Oh, no, I don't." Touya said as the others looked at him.

"It's settled, then." Elze said as Touya counted the money in his sack. "I'm James by the way, nice to meet you." James said to Yae who simply nodded. 'What the actual fuck.' James thought to himself as the three ladies talked amongst themselves. The group left the café and departed the town via horse and cart, Yae and Elze rode up front while Linze, Touya, and James sat in the back of the cart. James kept his rifle in his lap and his head on a swivel. "So, you can handle horses too, Yae?" Touya asked.

Yae nodded "I have trained in the equestrian arts, yes." Yae said, Elze smiled "That means the four of us can trade off. Frankly, it was a bit hard with just me and Linze." Elze said, Touya lowered his head "I'm ashamed." Touya said, Linze shook her head "Heavens, no. Touya, you're a talented mage, aren't you?" Linze said as she held a green book, Elze leaned back and smiled "He can use my own boost, not just Elemental magic." Elze said. "Apparently Touya and James can activate most Null Magic as long as they know the spell name and details about its effects." Linze said as she continued to hold the green book. "Good grief… When he's that all-powerful, it's more exasperating than surprising." Elze said as Linze handed the book to Touya. "But there are many different types of Null Magic, right?" Touya asked as he flipped through the book.

Linze nodded "Yes. It's mostly personal magic, so it's said there are as many types as there are users." Linze said. "So, there's a preposterous number of them, huh?" Touya asked, Linze smiled "But unlike Elemental magic, only certain individuals can use them, so few know exactly what kinds of Null Magic exist. The magic tomes circulating now are all just hobbyists' collections." Linze explained. "Well, there aren't many who'd go out of their way to study magic they can't use themselves." Touya said as he flipped through the pages.

Touya read a few of the spells before he looked up "Yeah, despite how many there are, most are useless." Touya said as he held the book. "Well, you never know when they'll be useful, so what's wrong with learning every one of them you can?" Elze asked as she looked ahead down the road. 'Well, if god boosted our memory then we should have no problem then.' James thought to himself as he remained silent.

"What about you, James?" Touya asked as he handed him the book. "Yeah, let me find one so I can make more bullets." James said as he took the book from Touya. "Bullets?" Elze asked confused, James pulled the magazine from his M110 and pulled a .308 Winchester from the magazine "This is a bullet, more specifically, this is a .308 Winchester round. These are heavy hitting rounds." James said before he replaced the round back into the magazine and the magazine back into the receiver.

"Here's one, a spell to draw distant objects into your hand. That could be useful." Touya said, Linze leaned over and looked at the book. "Why don't you try using it?" Linze asked, Touya closed his eyes as he held his hand out "Aports." Touya said as a glowing sigil formed above his hand, it disappeared and left nothing in his hand.

"Well, that sucked." James said as he leaned back against the side of the cart, Elze turned around and looked at Touya "What did you try drawing toward you?" Elze asked, Touya looked over at Yae as she held the reins "I figured Yae would be surprised if she suddenly lost her katana." Touya said as he continued to hold his hand out, James held his hand up and looked at it "Aports." James said before the same sigil formed on his hand. "Maybe a katana was too heavy for it to work?" Elze said, Touya looked down at the book as he continued to hold his hand out. "It does say it works on small objects. This time I'll picture it clearly." Touya said as he closed his eyes.

"Aports." Touya said after he inhaled slowly, Yae let out a yelp which surprised everyone. "What, what? Touya, what did you take?" Elze asked, James shook his head as Touya lifted his hand. "This. The ribbon tying Yae's hair." Touya said, Linze smiled "It worked, then. Depending on how it's used, that could be convenient or terrifying." Linze said, James chuckled "I'm leaning towards more terrifying." James said as he closed his eyes. "Terrifying?" Touya asked confused, Elze got into Touya's face "Because you'd lose objects without realizing it. You could pickpocket all you want with that spell, right?" Elze asked, Touya looked down as he rubbed his chin "I see. It is scary when you think of it that way.

I guess it could steal money, gems, and things of that nature." Touya said as he thought about it. Elze squinted her eyes at him "Don't go doing it, okay?" Elze warned the boy, Linze leaned closer to him "Please don't do it." Linze pleaded, Touya raised his hands "I won't. But I wonder if you could use this to draw things like underwear to you." Touya said which caused the two girls to shriek.

"I'm just joking." Touya said, James scoffed "No he's not." James said as he stretched out on the bench. Touya glared at him before Yae spoke up "Umm… My hair is blowing about in the wind." Yae said as her jet-black hair flew about in the wind. They pulled off to the side of the road so Linze could retie Yae's hair tie. "Eh, wake me up when you need me." James said as he laid back on the bench and closed his eyes. "Hmm, a spell that reduces friction for a short period of time, Slip." Touya said as he looked up James with a smirk. "I swear to god, Touya. If you use that on me, I will shoot you myself." James said without even opening his eyes, Touya gulped audibly before he turned the page. "Hey James, here's one you could use. Close your eye… well, keep them closed and say the words 'Long Sense'." Touya said, James sighed.

"Fine. Ahem, Long Sense." James stated as his senses expanded, he shot up and stared off into the distance. "James, what is it?" Elze asked, James narrowed his eyes as he scanned the horizon. "Blood, and nearby too. Aports!" James stated as his rifle formed into his grasp. Yae smacked the reins to make the horses go faster, James moved to the far-right corner of the cart as he scanned the horizon with his rifle. As the cart came to a stop, James leaped out of the cart and assessed the situation at hand. "Holy shit, those are some big gators." James said as he raised the rifle and fired, the round struck the green creature in the head. The gator-critter collapsed to the ground in a puddle of purple blood "Hey shit sticks! Over here!" James said as he got their attention.

Suddenly, a fireball flew past James and struck the ground in between the gators, the explosion engulfed the creatures quickly as Elze leaped into the fray and wham bam slammed a gator into the ground. Yae sprinted forward and sliced two across the stomach before she tripped on a rock "Touya!" James yelled; the boy nodded "Slip!" Touya shouted before the gator lost its footing and slammed into the ground. James ran up and put two rounds into its head, he extended his hand to Yae, but she pushed herself up off the ground.

"You have my gratitude." Yae said as she walked up to Touya with the others, the boy smiled "I'm glad you're safe." Touya said in response which caused the girl to blush slightly. James turned around as he heard a roar behind them "Alright ladies, there's still more. That means you too, Touya!" James yelled before he ran headfirst into the fray. "Geez, what's his problem?" Elze asked, Touya sighed slightly "He was trained by some of the most elite soldiers in the world, they're tough and they're effective as hell." Touya said as he watched James engage the gator-critters. "Come forth, dark! I seek a scalebound warrior: Lizardman!" A cloaked man said as his shadow expanded, and a gator-critter crawled out of it. "Oh, you're mine now, pussy." James said as he shot two more critters in the head.

James took off in a dead sprint and slammed the cloaked man to the ground, he pulled his revolver out and stuck it to his head "Give a reason I shouldn't blow your head off!?" James yelled before he shot a round into a tree, the loud boom shook the man to his core as the smoking barrel was placed against his temple again. The man fumbled with his words as tears started to form in his eyes, James shook his head "Pathetic." James said before he pistol-whipped him in the back of the head to knock him out.

After minutes of fighting, they were successful in eliminating the gator-critters from the area, Yae tied the hooded man up with rope and sat him against a tree. Three guys in vomit yellow clothing approached the five travelers "You all saved us back there." A man with brown hair said as he held a large sword in his right hand. Touya shook his head "No. More importantly, is anyone hurt?" Touya asked, the man looked down "Seven guards were killed, if only I had noticed earlier." The man said before the sound of a girl yelling filled the area. "Someone! Is anyone there?!" The voice yelled. James's head jerked to the left as he eyed the cart "There!" He yelled before he took off toward it, he slid to a stop as he came upon a girl with blonde hair crying over a butler with a chest wound. "Severe chest trauma. Hit by an arrow, I'm gonna need a sharp knife, pliers, and some…" James started to say before Touya held his hand over the butler. "Aports!" Touya said as his hand started to glow, and an arrowhead formed in his palm. He held his hand over the wound again "Come forth, light! Soothing comfort: Cure heal!" Touya said as the wound glowed in a bright light, the man's shaking slowed and his breathing returned to normal as he opened his eyes. "The pain is fading?" The man said before he sat up, the girl wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tight hug. "Leim!" The girl exclaimed as she hugged the butler.

"Well, that's good to know." James said as he hopped out of the cart, Touya gave him a smirk "I suggest sticking to what you're best at." Touya said, James turned around and looked at the boy "Oh, and what is that?" James asked as he held the rifle where the magazine met the receiver. "Killing." Touya said before he turned to face the butler again, James chuckled as he looked down at the ground "Yeah… what I'm good at." James said as a pained expression grew across his face.

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