Ch. 7 – 2nd Battalion

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James slowly awoke in the morning in his usual spot under his lovely ladies, James yawned for a moment before Ayumi's long blonde hair fell into his open mouth "Gah! Oh gawd." James said before he pulled the strands of hair from his tongue, Ayumi raised her head from his chest and brushed the hair out of her face "Oops, sorry baby." Ayumi said with a giggle before she kissed him on the lips as her bare chest was pressed against his body. "Damn it! Why are you so hot." James said with a chuckle as he ran his hand down her side to her hips.

"Oooh, someone's feeling frisky this morning." Ayumi said softly as she bit her bottom lip. Naomi had her legs intertwined with his left leg while she laid her head against the left side of his chest while Shelyn laid on top of his chest since she was the lightest. "Unfortunately, we're gonna start going through something Victoria called 'the time of the month' and said we couldn't have sex until it stopped. She gave us these cloth things for it." Naomi said as she held up a wrapped Tampon. James chuckled "Oh, that's fine. I'm excited since it means you're not pregnant. I ain't ready for a kid yet." James said with a chuckle. "She also gave us these tablets to take in the morning since we are 'fucking like rabbits'. Her words, not mine." Ayumi said as she held up a disk of birth control pills.

James sighed in relief at the thought of not being a father "Would... would you ever want to have children with us?" Ayumi asked in a soft, almost hurt tone. James pulled her closer and held her in his arms "Of course, it's just that I want to get everything taken care of first before that." James explained, Ayumi wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. "I love you, James." Ayumi said softly as she lightly bit his lower lip. As James stared into Ayumi's eyes, he heard a soft *ehem*; James looked to his left and saw Shelyn's violet eyes staring back at him "Don't you forget about me." Shelyn said as she puffed out her cheeks and pouted.

"How could I forget about my little Okami." James said as he ran his fingers through her hair before he lightly caressed her fluffy ears, her B-cup chest pressed into his scarred pectorals as she squirmed on top of him. "Well, you can't put yourself inside us but we can still have some fun." Naomi said before she disappeared beneath the sheets. "I want you girls to know something, now that I have the full strength of the 2nd Battalion, nobody will ever threaten your life ever again. Nobody willlllllll..." James started to say before his voice took a sharp octave up as he felt Naomi devour him in one movement.

Shelyn rolled to the side and occupied the spot where Naomi was, James leaned his head back as he felt himself slowly enter her throat for a few seconds before she came up with a gasp while she continued to work his shake weight. Shelyn moved downward to join Naomi in the feast while James pressed his lips into Ayumi's, Shelyn ran her tongue along his pole before she took the tip between her lips and slowly moved down to the base. James held Ayumi's D-Cup breasts in his hands as he kissed her supple lips, his hands slowly kneading them as she moaned into his mouth.

Ayumi kissed James's neck slowly as she worked her way down and took Naomi's place, Naomi moved to James's right side as Ayumi slowly tasted his man meat; Naomi pressed her body into his as she held him and slowly started to kiss his neck while he caressed her soft C-Cup breasts. "You know just where to touch me." Naomi whispered into his ear, the sensation caused the hair on his neck to stand up and his skin to develop goosebumps.

James traced his fingers down her back until he got to her hips and slowly grabbed a handful of her ass "Mmmm, someone's ready to go." Naomi said before she bit her lip and dug her nails into his skin. Ayumi came up with a pop as she continued to polish his hardwood pole "God, I want you to bend me over this bed so bad right now, but we can't." Ayumi said as Shelyn swallowed his pipe. James gritted his teeth as he felt her lips tighten around his rod and turned into a vacuum chamber, James felt his toes start to curl as the Okami threatened to suck the life out of him.

"Shelyn, baby. Easy, save some for us." Ayumi said as she rubbed the wolf girl's head, Shelyn slowly removed him from her mouth with a loud pop and a deep gasp. "Sorry, I got caught in the moment." Shelyn said with a giggle as Ayumi took over again. Shelyn watched as the blonde Kitsune honed her masterful skills on the skin flute, her head bobbed up and down with an almost rhythmic pattern while her right hand twisted at the base. "Oh Ayumi, he's about to cum." Shelyn said as she cheered the Kitsune on. Naomi bit down on his neck lightly as Ayumi ran under tongue under his rod and caused his rifle to discharge.

The kitsune carefully swallowed his salvo as it erupted like Mount Vesuvius raining hellfire on Pompeii, James released the sheets from his death grip as Ayumi slowly removed his snake from her between her lips. "Oh fuck. Oh sweet Jesus." James said as he panted and tried to catch his breath. Ayumi crawled on top of him and laid her head on his chest while Shelyn laid on his left side and Naomi laid on his right, James wrapped his arms around Naomi and Shelyn's waists as he closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.

"So, did Victoria teach you all these words and phrases?" James asked as he looked at the girls, Shelyn nodded with a giggle "She said you'd be into them." Shelyn said innocently, James shook his head with a chuckle 'Damn it, Tori.' James thought to himself as he closed his eyes, he was about to fall asleep when a massive explosion shook the castle and woke James up as the girls clung to his body. "Sorry girls, I gotta go kick their asses real fast." James said as he slid out from underneath Ayumi, James pulled on his BDUs before he tossed the girls their bras and panties. James walked to the door and looked back at the three beautiful women that he gets to call his lovers "Love you, girls." James said before he walked through the door and closed it behind him.

James stepped out of the castle and looked over the plains at a sight he hadn't seen in a long time; the Marines, Yuri, and Roman were running through an obstacle course like the one at the Marine Corps boot camp while Staff Sergeant Jones yelled at them to 'Run faster, my grandmother can move faster than you and she's dead.' James walked up and stood next to the Staff Sergeant "What exploded?" James asked in a monotone voice, Jones shook his head and exhaled forcefully through his nose "Feldman was messing with a hand grenade and nobody did anything until he pulled the pin like an idiot. It's terrifying that he's our Artillery expert." Jones said as he shook his head.

"Fall in." James said as he walked back to the castle, climbed the stairs, and stood at the top of the wall; "Alright you maggots! TOE THE FUCKING LINE! Fall In!" Jones yelled, the Marines abandoned the obstacle course and lined up in front of James, the Marines stood at attention with their right hands firmly at a 45 degree angle. "At ease." James yelled, the Marines dropped their arms and resumed their stance at parade rest while Yuri and Roman stood with their hands behind their backs.

"Now, I'm not gonna bark at you like Cunningham would and I'm not gonna dog you out like Jones would. I'm gonna say this, you're in a new world that doesn't have these technological advances and we are using advanced weaponry in a primitive world. What I'm saying is, please be mindful of what you do; like don't play with a hand grenade when you know for a fact what it does. There are spells out here that have the power to engulf an entire city in a fiery inferno and one of these items may be enchanted with said spell so you never know what you're messing with." James said as he explained the seriousness of their situation.

"Now, let's get down to business and let's talk strategic plans. Foley and Jones, I want you to go to the village of Faybell tomorrow, it's about 4 miles south of here and I want you to see about training the men of the village to be capable fighters. Don't introduce them to firearms yet but get them familiar with the idea of them, if we conscript them as fighters, we'll outfit them with Fusil Mondragon Rifles and Fedorov Avtomat M1916s. Slowly, we'll work them up to using M1 Garands and M14s, but until then we'll have to train them with primitive weapons starting with World War 1." James explained as Fox passed around blueprints for the Mondragon and the Avtomat M1916.

"And from this moment forward, Yuri and Roman. You're Devil Dogs now, welcome to the 2nd Battalion. To quote General John Pershing 'The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle.' Let's prove that quote true." James said before he received as resounding 'Oorah!' from the Marines. "First things first, we need to get you guys battle ready." James said as Pearson opened the main gate, the Marines of the 2nd Battalion marched inside and lined up outside the workshop that was turned into an armory and expanded in size by Fox and Ramirez.

Victoria modeled nylon fabric into tan ballistic plate carriers that she then slid ballistic plates made from dragon scales into the front and back of the vests, Ramirez made covered Advanced Combat Helmets with L-3 GPNVG/FLIR pull down optics. Pearson modeled small bits of dragon scale into ballistic knee and elbow plates that slipped into the Marine BDUs that they were already wearing, Fox handed each Marine an M4a1 outfitted with vertical foregrips, ACOG sights, IR laser sights, muzzle brakes and suppressors that could be swapped out with ease; they were each given seven spare mags so they had eight in total.

They were provided Beretta M9s as sidearms along with two spare mags as well as the standard issue USMC Ka-Bar, the Marines fell back into formation after they received their equipment and stood ready for their next order. "Alright Marines, we got an operation to take on. There's a group called The Black Phantom Company and the financier group called The Jade Wraiths, The Jade Wraiths use child labor to mine gems and minerals to be sold on the black market or in shops whose owner buys from The Jade Wraiths. The Black Phantom Company kidnaps and enslaves people, mainly women and children who are then transported to Sandora to be sold." James said as he pulled up a map of Belfast and Mismede.

"I'm gonna hand it over to Fox who got some of the information personally." James said as Corporal Noah Fox stepped up front and faced the Marines. "So, after beating the merchant to a pulp multiple times, I was able to get a location of a base of operations for The Jade Wraiths. It's a remote mountain town about 7 miles west of here called 'Lunaris', that's where we can find the nearest sector of The Wraiths; if we bust in and interrogate them then they can lead us to the head of operations." Fox explained.

"According to our source, they operate out of a magic item shop called 'The Blue Moon'. I'll be going into the building in disguise as a potential buyer and when I say the code word 'Copacetic', that's when Alpha will blow open the doors and storm the building while Bravo sweeps the area and clear possible mine shafts. We'll be moving in two teams: Alpha will consist of Ramirez, Fox, Elliott, and Yuri; Bravo will consist of Foley, Feldman, Pearson, and Campbell. Jones will be my 'body guard' and Austin will stay back here at the castle to protect the girls along with Azazel." James explained as he broke down the plan.

"One question: Who's Azazel?" Feldman asked, James pointed upward; Feldman looked up to see a purple seven foot tall, three-headed hell hound. Feldman took a deep gulp as he nodded his head "Noted." Feldman said with a squeak. "Any questions?" James asked as he scanned the crowd, a hand shot up from Elliott "Yes sir, what are our ROE's seeing as how we have them out gunned." Elliott said as he looked to his left and right. James nodded "Right... if they attack you, shoot to kill unless you think they might have valuable information." James said, Ramirez chuckled "Well, if there's a mine shaft, it'll make a great body dump." Ramirez said as he fastened his ACH strap.

"If there's no other questions, let's load up and move out." James said as Fox used [Copy] on the Humvee and made an exact duplicate down to the finest scratch, James looked up at the castle windows and saw the girls watching him; Victoria pulled them away from the window as Ramirez loaded their gear into the back of the Humvee. Moments later, his phone buzzed with a message from Victoria 'They're just worried about you.' Victoria said via text message.

James smiled as he slipped his phone into his pocket and climbed into the passenger seat while Fox got into the driver's seat, Elliott and Yuri climbed into the backseat while Ramirez sat in the gunner's seat. Pearson opened the gate and signaled the Humvee's forward, the Humvees slowly lurched forward as they drove out of the castle courtyard and into the open plains; Pearson closed the gate and locked it before he jumped into the gunner's seat of Humvee Bravo.

James pulled up 'Lunaris' on his phone and set a way-point in google maps, the Humvees took off through the plains with Alpha leading the way "Alright Yuri, I know you're specialty is Mass Communications, but I also know you got Spetsnaz training. I'm gonna need your handiwork." James said as he hid his M45 1911 in his waistline. "Da, I'll interrogate them piece by piece." Yuri said as he checked his new gear. After twenty minutes of driving, the Humvees slowed down as they reached the outskirts of Lunaris; the Marines hid the Humvees behind a large stone wall before they quietly infiltrated the town. "Alright, suppressors on." Foley said before the Marines unscrewed the muzzle brakes and replaced them with their suppressors.

Bravo slowly moved into the town as they hugged the mountain that Lunaris was built on, the rest of the mountain rose and almost touched the clouds; the snow softly crunched beneath their boots as they moved deeper into town. Alpha moved in between buildings as Murphy and Jones casually strolled into the town, the town's citizens seemed to rush in doors as the two Marines approached a building named 'The Blue Moon'.

James opened the door and stepped inside with Jones following behind him "Ahh, welcome to The Blue Moon magic shop! What can I do for you?" The shopkeeper asked, James casually browsed the items as he got closer to the counter "I'm looking for a wraith, one made of Jade perhaps?" James asked as he phrased his words subtly. The shopkeeper looked around before he knocked on the floor twice with his foot, a bookshelf slowly opened as a man in a purple fur coat stepped out "Gentlemen, if you'll follow me." The man said as he led them downstairs.

James and Jones walked into an open area that had multiple doors and a lone table in the middle of the room; the man sat down at the table and gestured James to sit across from him. James obliged the man and sat down across from the man in purple "So, you're looking for the Jade Wraiths?" The purple coat man asked, James chuckled as he sat two platinum coins on the table "Yes, I was hoping to find some quality gems." James said as he crossed his arms, the man stroked his puny mustache in thought before retrieved a medium sized box from a end table to his right.

"I've got some quality Citrine, mined right here in Belfast which I can do four silver per caret per stone." The man said as he placed multiple gems on the table. James looked at the gems and then back at the merchant "If I wanted some shit gems, I'd go upstairs. I didn't come all this way for some petty stones, now... do you have something worth my fucking time." James said as he swatted the Citrine gems off the table.

The yellow gems bounced onto the floor and skipped across the cold floor, the man in purple stared at James before he nodded and pulled a slightly large box out. He sat the box on the table and opened the lid to reveal pure, uncut diamonds "Is this more of your fancy?" The purple man asked, James picked up one of the gems and examined it closely "Hmm, tiny tap marks, no deep pecks... these were mined by children, huh?" James asked as he placed the gem back into the box. The purple man seemed to hesitate until James chuckled "You see, I wanted to invest in your business. You got the gems I need and I can supply the labor you need, I also have the man power so you ditch The Black Phantom Company." James said as he leaned forward.

"So, how about we make a deal? Tell me where I can find the head of The Jade Wraiths and I'll be sure to mention that you helped set up this platinum deal." James said as he picked up the platinum coins and set them back down, making the coins clink against each other. The man in purple seemed to get fidgety as he looked around "Listen, how about you show me to the merchandise?" James asked.

The merchant with a horrible taste in fashion looked around before he nodded slowly and led James to one of the side doors "These are a few of the workers we have right now, I hope you'll be able to supply more like them." The merchant said as he showed James to a room full of young children, metal shackles around their ankles and iron collars around their necks. "And these are the ones procured by The Black Phantom Company?" James asked.

The merchant nodded "Yes, the older ones are taken to Sandora while the younger ones get taken to the mines." The merchant explained, James nodded as he examined the children from a distance "And what do you know about a shopkeeper in Canaan, he might have bought gems from you?" James asked, the merchant nodded his head "Ahh yes, Gerard Webb. He's one of our customers." The merchant said.

"Wait, you said our... meaning?" James asked, the merchant chuckled "He buys gems from us and his entertainment from The Black Phantom Company. He bartered for the twins since we were gonna put them in the mines, but he increased his offer and we made a deal; fortunately for us, we keep track of everything so if anything happens, we can track the problem down to the source." The merchant explained as he held up a medium sized black leather book. "Wow, that's convenient." James said before he took the book from the merchant, he man in purple fumbled with his belt as he tried to withdraw a short sword. James tossed the book to Jones before he slammed the merchant against the wall "Here's whats gonna happen. You're gonna point on this map where we can find Damon and the rest of the Jade Wraiths and my friend here is gonna confirm the location in your little black book." James said before he slammed the merchants face onto the table.

Suddenly, multiple doors flew open around them as armed thugs walked out into the room; James looked past the thugs and saw what they were doing in said rooms. Jones peaked a look into one of the rooms and saw multiple teenage girls on the ground and the beds, blood and white fluid trailing down their thighs accompanied by lacerations and bruising. "James... I need you to stay calm." Jones said in a whisper as the thugs continued to fasten their pants. "Jones, close the door behind us." James said as he maintained eye contact with the biggest of the thugs. "Are you here to save these worthless sluts?" A thug with a laceration scar under his right eye asked.

James pressed the merchants head into the table harder as the wood started to crack under the pressure "[Paralyze]." James said under his breath, the merchants body dropped to the ground as James approached the group. "We got you out numbered, twenty-eight of us vs two of you." The biggest thug said as he rested a war hammer on his shoulder, James chuckled "I like those odds. Copacetic." James said as he pressed his throat comms, seconds later the building shook violently as two explosions ripped through the walls followed by bursts of gunfire. The Jade Wraith thugs were startled by the initial explosion and were taken by surprise as Alpha stormed the down the stairs.

James slid the fast forwarded a song on his phone to the 1:50 mark before he used [Speaker] and pressed play.

Hard Corps - The Warrior Song

I am a Marine on the beach, I'm a killin' machine, with a need to bleed you when the light goes green

best believe, I'm in a zone to be, from my Yin to my Yang to my Yang Tze

Put a grin on my chin when you come to me, 'cuz I'll win, I'm one-of-a-kind and I'll bring death

to the place you're about to be: another river of blood runnin' under my feet

James pulled out his M45 1911 and put a single round through the large thugs head, blood and brain matter exploded out the back of his head and coated a thugs face as his thug friends dropped like sacks of rocks around him.

Forged in a fire lit long ago, stand next to me, you'll never stand alone,

I'm last to leave, but the first to go, Hard Corps is the only way I know.

I feed on the fear of the devil inside of the enemy faces in my sight.

Aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like arctic ice...

James spun around and dropped two thugs with long swords as Yuri snapped another thug's neck with one swift move, Ramirez picked up the thug with the laceration scar by the legs before he slammed the man's head down into the stone floor; a bloody crack echoed out as he slammed his boot down into the thug's neck and separated his skull from his spine with a twist. Fox and Elliott grabbed a thug by the legs and pulled in either direction as Yuri got a running start and planted his boot between the man's legs; they dropped the thug to the ground who curled up in the fetal position, Fox pulled out his M9 and put two through his head before he rejoined the onslaught.

I bask in the glow of the rising war, lay waste to the ground of an enemy shore,

wade through the blood spilled on the floor, and if another one stands I'll kill some more

bullet in the breach and a fire in me like a cigarette thrown to gasoline,

if death don't bring you fear then death ain't brought by no Marine.

Two thugs with daggers lunged toward James and attempted to stab the Marine, James grabbed the man's wrist to his left and palm-striked the nub of his elbow inward with a devastating snap before he thrusted the dagger into the man's throat with a twist. James pulled out his MR412 Rex from his side holster and put a .357 Magnum round through the 2nd thug's head.

Come to the nightmare, come to me, deep down in the dark where the devil be

in the maw with the jaws and the razor teeth, where the brimstone burns and the angel weeps

call to the gods if I cross your path and my silhouette hangs like a body bag

hope is a moment now long past, the shadow of death is the one I cast.

"I wonder how Bravo is doing?" Fox asked as the Marines walked through the massacre and double tapped any body that squirmed, the ground shook with violent explosion under their feet. The Marines looked down at the stone floor as a crack slowly formed "Alright Marines! Grab the girls from the rooms and use the spell [Gate] to get them outside. Jones, grab the shackled ones, I got the merchant!" James yelled before the Marines took off in multiple directions as the crack continued to grow larger. Multiple gate portals formed as the Marines carried the victims out of the dungeon that was becoming a ticking time bomb. James grabbed the Merchant, the black book, and the box of uncut diamonds before he opened a [Gate] and stepped through. Jones leaped through the [Gate] with the children as the stone floor finally gave way and dropped the bodies into a mine shaft that tunneled beneath Lunaris.

"Yuri, Elliott, Jones! Get them to the castle, carry the ones who can't walk. Ramirez and Fox, your with me." James said as he pulled his Scar-H from [Storage]. The three Marines sprinted into town and leaped into the pit that would soon become a thug mass grave, blood splashed onto their boots as they landed on the bloodied bodies and took off down the tunnel. The Marines pulled down their optics as they went deeper into the tunnel, the natural light faded from their sight as they entered an open chamber; James looked down and found multiple bodies with 'JW' branded on the sides of their necks along with 5.56 shell casings.

James looked up and signaled right before they slowly moved down the tunnel, clearing their corners and looking for more bodies; as they entered another chamber, the Marines saw multiple white IR lasers pointing out of an adjacent tunnel. James held up his fist and took a knee before he cupped his hands around his mouth "FNG?" James called out, there was a few seconds of silence before one of the unknown individuals responded "Almost killed me!" The Marines responded in unison. James, Ramirez, and Fox stood up as Bravo entered the chamber. "So, who got hog wild with the hand grenades?" James asked as he held his rifle with the barrel pointed down.

"That would be me, sir." Foley said as he stepped forward, James shook his head "We were right above you when the grenade went off, it caused the basement of the shop to collapse. Luckily, we had just finished cleaning house so you took care of the dirty work." James said with a chuckle. "So, what did you find?" Pearson asked while Campbell watched their six. "Well, I got the merchant's little black book that should have all the information we need to find The Black Phantom Company as well as Damon, the head of The Jade Wraiths. Turns out some of Jade Wraith thugs were having a rape-a-thon in the rooms above, Alpha rescued the victims after we slaughtered the pigs and we're gonna see to it that they get the help they need." James explained.

"Oi, what does FNG mean, mate?" Roman asked as he watched the tunnels. "Fucking New Guy." Foley said in his stern, booming voice. "What's the game plan, sir?" Foley asked the Gunnery Sergeant. "Bravo cleared the tunnels, correct?" James asked as he faced the members of Bravo, the Marines nodded "Yes sir, for the most part. When we stormed the tunnels, we found multiple Jade Wraiths which we quickly dispatched but a few got away and alerted the others. When we reached one of the open corridors, there were multiple thugs who seemed be guarding tunnels and there were shackle weights on the ground... big enough for a child." Foley explained.

"So, they grabbed the slaves and booked it in this direction?" James asked, Pearson nodded "Yeah, we were coming down the tunnel in pursuit when you gave out a sign-countersign." Pearson said, James nodded before he pulled out his flashlight and clicked it on, the dark cave illuminated as the Marines disengaged their mounted optics. Fox opened a [Gate] and stepped through, he returned moments later carrying multiple Remington 870 Pump Action Shotguns along with multiple boxes of 12 Gauge buckshot shells. Fox handed a shotgun and a box of shells to each Marine present "Put your rifles on your back and loaded your shotgun." Fox explained before he cocked the forestock, James placed his Scar-H back into [Storage], James loaded a buckshot into the receiver before he cocked the shotgun and loaded seven more shells into the tube mag.

The Marine slowly moved forward as he followed multiple footprints that led in a singular direction, the Marines slowly swept the area as they continued to follow the trail until it ended abruptly at a wall of stone "Quick! Pearson, think RPG games." James said as he turned to face the Private, Pearson seemed to stare into space for a minute before he looked up and pushed his hands against the cold stone. He pushed against the wall as he moved along the face of the wall, he pushed against part of the wall before a low click echoed through the chamber. "Boom! Secret tunnel!" Pearson said with a chuckle. James clicked the flashlight off before he pulled down his optics as the others followed suit.

The Marines slowly pushed into the pitch black tunnel, their boots crushed bits of broken gavel beneath their feet as they moved deeper into the secret chamber; "Hurry up, I think they're coming." A voice said in a hushed whisper in the dark tunnel followed what sounded like muffled screaming. "Ow! She fucking bit me!" A voice exclaimed. "Help us, please!" A small voice yelled before it was silenced by the sound of a punch hitting skin. "Shut up, bitch." A voice said sternly, James peaked around the corner and saw multiple thugs loading young girls shackled in metal chains being stuffed into wooden crates. "Go!" James yelled before the Marines stormed the open chamber, muzzle flashes illuminated the area as IR Sights illuminated their targets before 5.56 ripped through their bodies along with buckshot pellets.

James sprinted forward and spartan kicked a man to the ground before he leveled the barrel of the shotgun at the man's head before he pulled the trigger and eviscerated the thug's head; blood, bone, brain matter, and chunks of human bits sprayed everywhere as James leveled the shotgun, cocked the forestock, and blew another thug into the wall. The man held his abdomen as his entrails fell from his body, one of the Jade Wraith goons ran toward James with an axe ready to swing.

James cocked the shotgun, ejected the spent shell, and blew the man's knee off; the thug hit the ground and screamed bloody murder as he watched blood flow from the area that was once his lower leg. Ramirez walked up and put two 5.56 rounds into the man's chest and one into his head, James looked around at the carnage as the other Marines were helping the girls out of the crates. "You know that this is only the beginning, right?" Ramirez said as he nudged one of the corpses.

A low groaning noise came from the darkness as the Marines picked the last girl up out of the crates, James turned around and saw a man pulling himself out of the pile of corpses "Don't you fucking move!" James yelled as he cornered the man with the barrel of the shotgun aimed at his face. James leaned down and grabbed the man by his shirt "Alright you piece of shit, you're gonna tell me WHERE you were taking those girls." James said as Ramirez, Foley, and Fox surrounded the survivor. "I don't know, we were just told to load them into the cart and go to Dawnmire. That's all I know, I swear." The man said as he pleaded for his life.

"Where is it? What's in Dawnmire?!" James yelled as he pushed the barrel against the man's head, the man cowered in fear as he fumbled his words "I-I-I-I don't know! Mervin was the navigator!" The man said, James cocked the shotgun and ejected a spent shell "Who's Mervin?!" James yelled, the man held up a shaky finger as he pointed at the man who's head was removed via buckshot. "... Ah fuck." James said as he flicked the safety on.

"W-W-W-W-What's gonna hap *Bang*." The man started to say before Fox pulled out his pistol and put one through the man's head. Ramirez approached the girls and took a knee "Hey there girls, I need you to answer a question for me? Do you know where Dawnmire is?" Ramirez asked in his gentle parental tone, a young girl no older than thirteen stepped forward. The young girl had laceration scars on her arms and legs, she wore tattered rags and burlap sacks for shoes "Dawnmire is North of Lunaris, it's about six miles from here." The young girl said as she pointed to a spot on a map found on Mervin's body. "Why were they taking you there, sweetheart?" Ramirez asked as he tilted his head.

"We were going to be sold as sex slaves since they said this mine was done." The young girl said as she held herself closely. James pulled out the Merchant's black book and started flipping through it until he found 'Dawnmire' underlined with the words 'Black Phantom' next to it. "Alright, Feldman, Roman. Take these girls back to the castle, the rest of you follow me." James said before two [Gate]s opened, James, Ramirez, Fox, Foley, and Pearson stepped through to the outskirts of Lunaris where the Humvees were parked. James, Ramirez, and Foley climbed into the original Humvee while Fox and Pearson boarded the second Humvee with Pearson on the mounted M2HB.

Foley pulled out his compass and pointed in the direction of North before James pressed the pedal down, the Humvees screamed across the plains as the untouched fields were ripped apart by the Humvees that raced across them. "Murphy, what's your game plan?" Foley asked as the Humvee tore through tall grass and caused some wild hogs to flee. "Well, if we make it there before The Black Phantom Company, we'll set up an ambush and take them by surprise. We'll set up a two prong trap: IEDs at the end of the road and the entrance, then we line parts of the road with small IEDs that utilize hand grenades as the primary explosive." James explained as the silhouette of a town came into view. The town looked abandoned, homes were dilapidated with broken windows and holes in the roof, the brick roads were fractured and missing bricks in certain spots.

"Dawnmire is a ghost town. Perfect for an ambush, let's get started." James said through his throat comms before the Humvees rounded the corner and parked behind a large brick building. One of the Humvees slowly pulled into an alley between two buildings that resembled storefronts. Pearson unlatched the M2HB from the second Humvee before he carried it to the roof of a three-story building at the end of the road, he grabbed some metal and modeled a swivel mount, he slid the M2 into place before he put the pin into place.

Pearson moved the M2 back and forth as he checked the firing angles, "Hey James! I took the liberty of packing a little surprise in the event we had to get through hard surfaces." Fox said as he waved James over. The Gunnery Sergeant strolled over to the back of the Humvee where Fox was, Fox lifted the hatch and revealed multiple SMAW-D shoulder-launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapons "Let's pack a little extra bang with this ambush." Fox said as he lifted one of the SMAWs out of the crate and rested it on his shoulder.

James walked out and assisted Foley in setting up the ambush charges "Couple SLAM charges ought to do the trick." Foley said as he tossed a charge to the Gunnery Sergeant. James caught the SLAM and twisted the side knob to arm the charge before he hid it under a small pile of bricks. James pushed one of the charges onto the side of a broken carriage before he activated the charge, Foley picked up his bag and ran toward one of the alleys before he planted an M18 Claymore and ran the tension wires so they were at leg height.

"Ramirez! Duct Tape!" James yelled, moments later a silver roll of tape flew from the alley and bounced onto the ground, James picked the tape up and taped a hand grenade to a broken lamp post; he tied some tension wire to the pin and ran it to an anchor in the form of an old nail that he wedged between the bricks. "Eyes up! We got contact!" Pearson said through their comms, James chuckled as he stood up "Alright ladies, showtime." James said as he made his way to one of the storefronts.

Pearson sat down behind the roof ledge while Ramirez climbed into the turret seat, Fox handed a SMAW to James through a broken window before he took his place across the street; Foley moved up to the story window above James as he pressed his back to the wall. The sound of horse hooves clicked against the brick road as along with the sound of multiple footsteps and carriage wheels rolling over the destroyed brick roads. "Hmm, they should be here with the merchandise... are they running late?" A voice asked, the sound of metal on brick clicked against the road as the slavers slowly moved through the derelict town. "I don't know, sir. I don't like the look of this, it's silent... so silent." A slaver in metal armor said as he rested a greatsword on his shoulder.

"Alright, looks like they got three to five carriages, maybe sixty troops, and a few archers." Pearson said in a whisper through their earpieces, James pressed his throat comms and spoke softly "Alright, wait for them to trigger the hand grenade trip wire and then open fire on my go." James said softly as the convoy moved by slowly. Fox picked up a small stone and chucked it out the broken window, the stone smashed through a cracked window and caused it to shatter; the sudden noise alerted the slavers who moved to investigate. Two heavily armored slavers with shields ran forward with their shields raised, the heavies ran through the tension wire that caused them to stumble as it pulled the pin out of the grenade.

"What the...?" The man with the greatsword said as he turned to face the lamp post before the grenade exploded and blew the man's limbs off, the greatsword broke in half and impaled the man to the wall of a wooden building; the man choked on his own blood as the blade had pierced his throat. His right arm and both his legs had been blown off; the slavers stared in horror as the swordsman bled out. The horses got spooked and rose up on their hind legs, the carriage drivers tried to calm them but to no avail.

James pulled his phone out and opened the map as The Oracle pinged, multiple red dots popped up in Dawnmire as well as on the roads outside the ghost town. "Alright boys, let's get evil." James said quietly as one of the slavers stood with their back to the window, he heard a resounding 'Oorah.' through his earpiece. He rose up slowly behind the slaver before he covered the man's mouth and dragged him into abandoned store front, the man struggled as James placed his knee into the man's chest and thrusted his Ka-Bar into the slaver's neck repeatedly; James pulled the knife from the slaver's body as the life left his eyes.

"Bernard! Where'd ya go?!" An armor-clad man yelled as he searched for his friend. The horses sprinted forward, still spooked from the initial explosion before the SLAM charges in the rear exploded and ripped apart the carriage and turned the horses into piles of bloody meat, bone, and fur; the heavies attempted to run but were ripped to shreds by a hail of gunfire courtesy of the M2HB, the .50 BMG rounds ripped through their metal armor like butter and rendered them into unrecognizable shapes.

Fox rose up out of the window with his SMAW on his shoulder as he took aim at the lead carriage, the 83mm rocket leapt from the launcher and impacted the side of the carriage with devastating effect; the carriage exploded into splinters of wood accompanied by a few falling body parts. The second SLAM Charges detonated and ripped the second carriage to splinters along with the old carriage they were mounted on. "What the hell is happening?!" A couple slavers yelled as the chaos and destruction rained down around them. Two of the slaver's goons ran away and turned down an alley as they fled the carnage, the explosion erupted as pink mist sprayed out from the alley like a fresh morning dew.

"Get us out of here!" A man yelled from inside the middle carriage, the driver snapped the reigns before the horses took off sprinting down the war-torn ghost town, the third SLAM charges detonated and cut off the carriages escape as they vaporized the carriage in front; Foley fired downward with his M4a1 and hit the horses in the head, silencing their screams of terror forever. The carriage driver attempted to flee but was met by a hail of gunfire from Ramirez on the M2HB, the fourth carriage had been knocked onto its side from the third wave of SLAM charges as James and Fox climbed out of the storefront windows while Ramirez climbed out of the turret and joined them in surrounding the carriage "Alright cock gobbler, step out of the carriage with your hands up! Try anything funny and we WILL cut you down where you stand!" James yelled as he removed his Scar-H from [Storage].

The carriage door opened before a lone man dressed in black stepped out, he held his hands up as the Marines had their weapons trained on his body; the man looked around at all the chaos and destruction that these five Marines had brought down upon him "So, you work for The Black Phantom Company, correct?" James asked as he kept the barrel trained on the man's head. "Yes, did you do all this just to ask that question?" The man asked with a smirk, James drew the rifle back and slammed the stock into the man's nose.

"You think this is a fucking joke?! We know what you had planned for those girls from Lunaris, we rescued them and killed all the Wraiths there. Now, you're gonna tell me where I can find Damon and the head of the Black Phantom Company." James said as he stared the man down, the man in black scoffed "And what if I don't?" The man asked, James pulled out his M45 1911 and shot the man in the thigh without a second thought.

The representative of the Black Phantoms dropped to the ground and writhed in agony, James knelt next to the man and pressed his finger into the wound which caused him to howl in agony "I want names!" James yelled as he pushed his finger deeper, the man grunted in agony as blood flowed from his wound. "Ramirez, go get Yuri." James said, Ramirez nodded before he walked through a [Gate]. He emerged moments later with the Spetsnaz in tow "Privyet, Comrade! Who do you need killed?" Yuri asked with a chuckle as they approached the man who was slowly bleeding out. "Come forth, Light! Soothing Comfort: [Cure Heal]" James said as he healed the wound but didn't replenish the blood the man lost.

Yuri approached the man slowly as he cracked his knuckles before he dragged the man into the storefront, the Marines stood their in silence before the ear-piercing shriek echoed through the street as Yuri worked his magic; James walked into the room and stood next to the Black Phantom Representative as Yuri prepped his 'tools'. "I'm gonna give you one more chance to tell me what I want to know before I let Yuri have you." James said as he pushed the man's head to the side so he could see Yuri prepping his tools with glee. "Go to hell." The rep said before he spat at the Marine, James wiped the spit off his face before he nodded to Yuri who held a scalpel in his hand.

Yuri grabbed the man's leg and lifted it up before he ran the blade up along the underside of his thigh, the scalpel sliced into the flesh and cut into the sciatic nerve; the man yelled in pain as Yuri rubbed salt in the wound and then stapled the wound closed. "Ahhhhhh! Fuck... you." The man said through gritted teeth. Yuri slipped his fingers into the stapled wound and ripped it back open, the sound of ripping flesh caused the man to get queasy as he continued to lose blood. " Come forth, Light! Soothing Comfort: [Cure Heal]" James said as he healed the man's wounds, the man looked at James weakly and was scared to his core as he saw the devil staring back.

"Are you ready to talk now?" James asked as Yuri cleaned his tools, the man nodded as he pointed to a small book that was covered in his blood. James picked up the book and flipped through it until he found a page with a list of locations including movement manifests that also noted ages, body types, and value. "You make me sick." James said as he pulled out his M45 1911 and pressed it to the man's chin. "I got what I need, Yuri... take him out back." James said as he holstered his pistol while Yuri carried the man outside, James compared the two books with Fox and Ramirez before the sound of three gunshots echoed out from behind the storefront.

"So, what do you think caused this place to become abandoned?" Fox asked as he looked around, Pearson joined them moments later as he carried the M2HB on his shoulder "I think I might know what happened... there was a plague. People were confined to their homes, businesses shut down, anyone who didn't die simply left the town, as it was deemed irredeemable." Pearson explained as he pulled out his phone and showed a picture of multiple graves behind the large building at the end of the road.

"So, what did you find out?" Fox asked as he gestured to the bloody book, James flipped through the book until he found a section of names along with locations "Here's our targets." James said as he pointed to the multiple names and locations. He followed the list of names until he got to one until he got to one that grabbed his attention 'Damon - Kawan, Mismede.'

"Alright boys, found Damon. He's in a town called Kawan in Mismede." James said as he closed the books and placed them into his backpack. "Awesome, but what now?" Ramirez asked, James chuckled as he pulled his phone out "Well, we send these assholes to hell, on the express trip." James said as he readied The Oracle's targeting system, Fox and Pearson took off in separate directions before they returned with the Humvees.

James watched the map as the Oracle pinged again and displayed two dozen red dots that surrounded the ghost town of Dawnmire, James selected 'Ammo Type 2' and tapped on two spots on the map "Alright, let's make like a tree and get the fuck out of here." James said as he climbed into the Humvee, the two Humvees took off down the damaged road and weaved between the carnage before they left Dawnmire. Multiple armor-clad soldiers stood ready to invade the town along with Lizardmen which seemed to number into the hundreds. The Humvees sped through the plains as the town of Dawnmire seemed to become only a speck with a small army surrounding it.

James looked down at his phone as the Humvees came to a stop on a ridge that overlooked the valley that housed Dawnmire and pressed the flashing button, the Marines exited the Humvees and stood on the ridge. Seconds later, the unmistakable sound of whistling echoed throughout the valley before two artillery shells hit the area; two massive flashes of light engulfed the area as the explosions devastated the area. Soldiers were vaporized in an instant as Dawnmire was leveled to the ground, not a single trace of its existence remained along with the armored soldiers; charred bits of metal covered the area which was all that remained of the small army. The ground shook with a violent intensity as the blast wave blew past the Marines as it carried shards of burnt wood and debris along with it.

"Oh oh! Can we make Tsar Bomba?" Yuri asked enthusiastically. "NO!" The Marines yelled in unison as they shot that idea down before it even got off the ground. The Marines stood there on the ridge as they watched the mushroom clouds fill the sky "Alright, let's regroup with the others and make our plan to move against Kawan." James said before the Marines got back into the Humvee and drove through a [Gate] to the castle where the other Marines were.

"Shit, I guess we should contact the king of Belfast about this." James said as he looked around at all the girls who were scared and worried about their current situation. "There's no need, James. Your friend, Jones, alerted us to the situation and I can assure you that we will take good care of these young women." The King of Belfast said as he approached the Gunnery Sergeant, he shook James's hand with enthusiasm and a smile "James, I want to thank you for everything you've done to destroy this slave trade. I am proud to call you an ally and my friend." King Belfast said with a smile as the Marines helped the girls rescued from Lunaris into the back of a few carriages.

"Get Touya to locate their families... if they're still alive." James said in a solemn tone, his mood took a complete 180 as a thought popped into his head "Hey Tristwin, have you heard of Dawnmire?" James asked the King curiously, King Belfast seemed to ponder in thought for a moment before he nodded.

"Yes I have, unfortunately that town was ravaged by a horrid plague. Anyone who got it would die a horrible death, first they'd get a fever, fatigue, a headache, and backache but then they'd get these bumps that would form all over their skin after this red rash would form, it usually started in the face and upper arms. Eventually those bumps would become hard and pop with this disgusting white liquid that smell rancid." The King explained.

"Sounds like Smallpox." James said in a whisper to Ramirez. "Why do you ask?" The king asked, James chuckled "Well... The Black Phantom Company was set to meet members of the Jade Wraiths there. So we ambushed them, got the info we needed, and wiped them out; but it turns out they surrounded the town so we left and then wiped the town from existence along with the troops the Black Phantom Company had brought with them using our weapon called 'The Falling Star of Armageddon'." James explained, Tristwin seemed intrigued "Oh, I'd love to see this Falling Star some time." He said with a smile.

James chuckled "Sir, with all due respect, no you fucking don't. If you saw this thing in action, it would haunt your dreams and make you wish you never knew it existed." James said in a monotone tone of voice. "Gunny! We got a problem!" Elliott yelled from the castle wall, James sighed before he walked up the stairs to the wall that overlooked the vast plains, Elliott handed him the M107 with its Bipod extended. James took a knee and adjusted the dials on the scope as he zoomed in on something in the distance, multiple people in varying colors of armor stood on the ridge about a mile out along with roughly an army one hundred and fifty soldiers strong. "Goddammit! What now?! And how do they keep finding this place?" James asked as he stood up and opened a [Gate].

He walked out of the portal and confronted the armor-clad soldiers "Gentlemen, it would appear you are lost." James said as he pulled out his M45 1911 and racked the slide. There were seven men in different colors of armor: red, green, gold, blue, silver with a golden cross, bronze, and black. The man in black armor stepped forward so he was chest to chest with James "No we're no, you see... you have some things that belong to me and I want them back." The man in black armor said. "You slaughtered my men." The man in green said.

"Oh ho! You must be Damon, right?" James asked, the man crossed his arms and stuck his nose up "So you recognize my excellence?" The man asked, James laughed and clapped his hands together "Oh that's rich... no, I know a dead bitch when I see one. See, I don't know who the rest of you fucks are but I can only assume you work with Sandora and The Black Phantom Company." James said as he pointed to the man in black. "How do you know I work for the..." The man started to ask before James shot him a death glare "Well dipshit, it's cliche as fuck and since every one of your main goons I've killed was wearing black, I can put two and two together." James said.

"So, what's your plan? Gonna storm the castle, kill all of us, rape the girls, and then kidnap them? Does that seem about right?" James asked, the soldiers looked at each other as they started to laugh disgustingly. James sucked in some air through his teeth "Right... so, here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna turn around and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, and you're gonna wait for us to come hunt you down like the rabid dogs you are." James said as he gave them a death glare, the man in silver & gold armor approached him "Listen here, Cur! You will not speak to us like that. *backhands James* You will know your-" The man started to say before James put the pistol to the man's forehead and pulled the trigger.

The back of the man's head exploded and sprayed brain matter onto the man in gold armor, his body dropped to the ground before James stepped on and over the fresh corpse "Right, so thanks to your friend. You signed your death certificate. But, I like to have fun with my prey... I'll let you attempt to storm the castle, you manage to get through and you can have the girls. But if you don't, you will lead us to your operations and watch as we slaughter your dogs, free the girls you've kidnapped, and then you'll be executed. Do you agree?" James asked, the men in the colored armor laughed except for the man in Blue armor as the man in black nodded "Yeah, it's a deal." The leader of the Black Phantoms said as he shook James's hand.

"I'll give you ten minutes to prepare." James said before he walked back through a [Gate]. "Alright Marines! Let's get evil on their asses. Fox on the wall with the M107 along with Ramirez, Feldman on Artillery! Roman, Elliott, and Foley on the wall with M4s. Pearson on the Minigun. Austin, get the girls inside. Sign countersign is Hillshire Farms, Go meat!" James through their throat comms. "Yuri, I want yo-" James started to say as he turned around but found the Spetsnaz was missing, he heard the mistakable sound of someone working in the armory and quickly moved to investigate; James rounded the corner and found Yuri hard at work building something.

"Yuri, what are you doing?" James asked as he approached the Spetsnaz, the object Yuri glowed as it came together in its final form "Comrade, Yuri made Kalashnikov AK-12 as well as Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova! HAHAHA Yuri makes weapons from the Motherland... and soon, vehicles." Yuri said as he clicked a drum mag chambered in 7.62x39mm into the RPK's receiver before he pulled back the charging bolt. "These spells make building weapons so much easier." Yuri said as he admired the craftsmanship on the RPK-74 he built, he attached a rifle sling to the AK-12 and put it over his body so the rifle hugged his back with the barrel pointed downward.

"So, you think you could make a Mosin-Nagant and an SKS?" James asked curiously, Yuri chuckled "Comrade James, if it's from the motherland then I can make it." Yuri said before he quickly built two rifles almost in an instant. "Yuri also take liberty of making special Russian surprise for our friends." Yuri said with a sinister grin as he placed a large cylinder on the table. "When did you make this?" James asked confused, Yuri chuckled "Comrade, that's Yuri's little secret." Yuri said as he held a finger up to his lips. "Yuri, is this...?" James started to ask before Yuri cut him off "Da! Soman Gas, our special friends will be special corpses in under a minute." Yuri said with a smirk, James just stared daggers back at him before he placed the canister into [Storage].

"No Yuri, no chemical weapons. Especially Soman or any Nerve agent. We have guns for a reason, cause they don't." James said as he shook his head. "Prosti! Prosti! It won't happen again, Yuri has another special gift for them." The Russian said as he picked up a box and flipped open the lid to reveal a large rifle that had a bullpup magazine feed system "I present to you, the KSVK 12.7mm Anti-Material Rifle. Yuri's special little present from the motherland." The Spetsnaz said as he lifted the large rifle out of the box. James was about to speak when his radio feed buzzed "They're making their move." Ramirez said through their comms.

"Alright Yuri, we'll finish this later. Get to the roof of the castle and take out the foot soldiers, leave the ones in colored armor to us." James said before he quickly left the armory and sprinted toward the stairs that led to the second floor wall; the Marine pulled out his rifle as he sat down against the wall. He extended the bipod and placed it on the stone wall before he slowly adjusted the knobs on the scope "All Marines, send the hate down range. Avoid killing the ones in colored armor, shoot them in the legs and arms but avoid fatal points. The foot soldiers they brought with them are free game." James said as he ordered weapons free.

The silence of the plains was swiftly replaced by the sound of sporadic gunfire and the crunching of metal armor as 5.56, 7.62, and .50 BMG ripped through them like butter, the barrel of the minigun was spinning at an intense speed as the 7.62x51mm rounds shredded the foot soldiers to pieces. The soldiers on horseback were quickly eviscerated as the stream of bullets cut them down. James pulled out the SKS Yuri built and pulled out the magazine from the receiver, he removed every bullet and lined them up "Enchant: Cure Heal. Program start/Condition: When bullet enters a person's body. Action: Activate 'Cure Heal'/ End program." James said before he loaded the bullets back into the SKS magazine, placed it back into the receiver, and pulled back the charging bolt to chamber a round.

James grabbed his M110 and took aim at the men in colored armor as they charged at the castle, the man in gold armor was sprinting through the plains when a loud boom echoed over the field before the man in gold's leg was ripped from his body. Blood sprayed everywhere as he slammed to the ground screaming agony, two foot soldiers ran to his aid but were cut down immediately by the Marines with M4s. James lifted the SKS up and lined up his sights as another .50 BMG round ripped off his left arm as he tried to stand up, James squeezed the trigger and hit the man with the healing bullet. A white light washed over his body the moment the bullet entered his body, the missing limbs healed and turned to stumps as the man passed out.

James aimed his M110 at Damon who ran near the outskirts of the castle, James took a deep breath in before he squeezed the trigger and hit the man in the back of the left leg, the .308 ripped through the man's knee and caused the man to slam into the ground, Damon rolled over and tried to crawl away but found three snarling heads glaring at him. Damon let out a blood-curdling scream as Azazel sunk his teeth into the man's legs and shook him violently until his legs were detached from his body. The man in green hit the ground and rolled before a healing bullet hit him in the back; the man in blue armor attempted to run but his legs were mangled by a hail of gunfire from Pearson on the minigun. His legs were shredded and reduced to ground beef in a metal sleeve, James's healing bullet pierced the man's armor and ripped into his body before the wounds were healed so the bleeding stopped.

The foot soldiers came to a stop as they watched the massacre that unfolded before them, they slowly dropped their weapons and turned to run but a thunderous boom shook them to their cores before a 155mm shell hit the ground in the middle of the mass group, the shell exploded and ripped them to shreds while others were turned to pink/red mist. Azazel dashed into combat with a thunderous roar as one of the heads swallowed a foot soldier whole. Two Demon Lords rose out of the ground with battle axes in hand, Azazel's summoned creatures sprinted into the fray and started hacking the foot soldiers apart.

The man in red stopped in his tracks alongside the man in bronze who stared at the castle in horror, the two armor-clad men shook their head before they sprinted forward and immediately exploded "Wooo! Landmines baby!" Feldman yelled, bronze slammed to the ground while red slammed into a tree. The men laid in agony before James shot them with the healing bullets, the head of the Black Phantom Company looked around in horror as he dropped his sword and shield before the M107's barrel flashed. The .50 BMG ripped through the man's armor and sent his right arm flying before he dropped to his knees, James walked out of the castle with his SKS in his hands.

James knelt in front of the man in black and stared into his defeated eyes "Now, you'll answer every question we ask." James said before he stepped aside. A second .50 cal round exploded from the barrel of the M107 and ripped the man's other arm off, James raised his SKS and shot the man in the back with the healing bullet. James grabbed the back of the man's armor and guided him into the courtyard while the other Marines picked up the men in colored armored "Azazel! Clean up!" James yelled before the three-headed hellhound ran into the field to devour the corpses. The Marines carried their new captives and sat them against the wall while Elliott and Pearson built a brick building outfitted with jail cells and an interrogation room.

"Alright, take them to the holding cells while we get this shit situated. I got to go check on the girls." James said before he left the newly built building and walked back into the castle "Hillshire Farms!" A female voice yelled from the back rooms, James chuckled before he cleared his throat "Go meat!" James said as he answered the countersign. "Jones, start interrogating them. Get every ounce of information you can get." James said through his throat comms. James looked over the girls who were petrified of the current situation when he noticed a young girl with a weird collar on, James reached for the collar which caused the girl to flinch "It's okay, honey. I just want to see this collar." James said as he lightly touched the collar, he felt an electric current tighten his muscles the moment he touched the collar.

"Hmm... [Aports]." James said as he held his hand out, the collar disappeared from her neck and reappeared in James's hand "[Storage]." James said as he placed the collar into a small portal. "Tracking it via slave collars." James said as he walked around the room and used [Aports] to remove the collars. "Good lord James, I had no idea these HEATHENS were in my country. Whatever you plan on doing, you'll have my support 100% of the way." Tristwin said, James nodded before opened a [Gate] to the outside. James opened another [Gate] as the girls climbed into a large carriage along with Tristwin, the driver snapped the reigns before the horses started to walk through the [Gate].

The [Gate] closed as the last carriage moved through, James turned around and found Ayumi, Naomi, and Shelyn staring at him along with Marilla, Zaleria, Minerva, and Camilla, James walked up to the four young girls and knelt in front of them "Hey girls, I've been thinking about this and I've come up with two possible choices for you: I can find your parents and get you back home, or... you can stay here with us. The choice is yours and if you want to change your mind down the road, that'll be perfectly fine." James explained, Minerva stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck "Thank you... but I know for a fact that our parents are dead, so does Camilla. We just don't want the twins to know, not at their age." Minerva said in a whisper.

"We want to stay here." Marilla and Zaleria said in unison, Naomi giggled as the twins clung to Ayumi and Shelyn "Alright, it's settled then. You girls can stay here as long as you'd like, just know that it's not gonna be quiet around here." James explained as he patted the twins on the head. "Alright, I gotta get to work and finally put these dogs down." James said as he stood up and exited the castle, the Marine left the courtyard and made his way to the newly built brick building. James walked between a wall of cells that housed the men in colored armor, James got to the end of the hall and entered large room that had a metal table and two chairs in the middle of the room.

"Alright, let's begin. Bring in Blue." James said, Pearson and Roman nodded before they left the room. "Elliott and Jones, I want you to go build a tarmac along with a couple hangers." James said, the two Marines clicked their heels together and saluted the Gunnery Sergeant before they left the building to get to work. Pearson and Roman returned moments later and sat Blue down in a chair across from James, Roman used a tie strap to hold the man down since he didn't have legs anymore.

"Alright, you saw what became of your troops when you try to attack us... so you know what we're capable of." James said as he folded his arms on the table and leaned forward slightly "So, let's start with introductions; I want your name, what your affiliation with The Black Phantom Company is, where your operations are located. I want your troop numbers for each operation location, are there captives and if so, how many. Feel free to start at any time." James said as he leaned back in the chair. The man in blue sighed "Do you have a map and some paper?" Blue asked, Fox unrolled a map on the table and sat a stack of papers in front of blue along with a pencil.

"Right, my name is Alonzo Treadway and I head up The Azure Demons, we're located in The Regulus Empire, near the Belfast border. We have five locations: three in Belfast, one in Mismede, and our main location in Regulus. Each location is about two hundred mercenaries strong, we deal in black market trading of weapons and armor, mostly magic items. As for our affiliation, we supply them with weapons and armor in exchange for a cut of their profits. You won't find any captives there." Alonzo explained as he wrote down location after location.

James pulled up the map on his phone and moved to each location before the ping, all locations showed only red dots and zero green dots "These locations... these are just your operation encampments, right?" James asked as he pointed at the map, Alonzo nodded with a deep sigh. "Sir, we injected him with Sodium Pentothal before bringing them in here." Pearson said as he stood at parade rest. James nodded before Roman carried Alonzo back to his cell and returned with Red who was missing his right leg and left arm, the man glared at James as the Marine stared back at him. "You gonna buy me dinner or just stare at me longingly?" James asked as he crossed his arms.

"You're a monster, you know that?" Red said in a condescending tone. "I'm a monster? Bitch, YOU'RE a monster. You tried to storm my castle to kidnap girls to sell as sex slaves... you see, I'm not a monster... I'm a Devil Dog, I am the force that makes the devil himself turn and run, I am the existence that makes evil cower in the shadows... I am HERE to do the Devil's work." James said as he leaned in close to Red on the last sentence.

The marksman sat back in his chair and glared at Red "So, I'll tell you what I told Alonzo. I want your name, what your affiliation with The Black Phantom Company is, where your operations are located. I want your troop numbers for each operation location, are there captives and if so, how many. Feel free to start at any time." James said as he rolled the pencil toward Red.

Red seemed to flinch as he tried to fight back against the Sodium Pentothal "M-m-m-m-my name is Ezra Crogan and I run The Crimson Brotherhood. Ahhhh! What. The. Fuck!" Ezra said before he started to slam his head on the table, Fox grabbed the man by the shoulders and held him back against the chair, Ezra gritted his teeth as he struggled against Fox.

"Alright Ezra, you're going to take this pencil and you're gonna mark your operation locations as well as force sizes... or else I'm gonna start taking off fingers." James said before he placed his Ka-Bar on the table. Fox grabbed Ezra's hand and slammed it on the table as James picked up the Ka-Bar "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I'd prefer to do this the easy way, so how about we do this: you give me the information I want and you might just live." James said as he spun the knife in his hand, Yuri walked up behind Ezra while James was talking and pushed a syringe into his neck before pressing the plunger "Ah! What did you just do?" Ezra asked as he attempted to turn toward James but Fox held him still.

James stepped away before he pressed his throat comms "Bring Alonzo back in." James said quietly, moments later the door opened before Roman carried Alonzo in and sat him in the chair across from Ezra. "Alonzo, long time no see." Ezra said through gritted teeth, Alonzo chuckled "Right, The Crimson Brotherhood. They're from Regulus as well, they carry out assassinations for people, hence the name 'Crimson Brotherhood.' Honestly, they're animals." Alonzo said as he folded his hands on the table. "Why you... I'LL KILL YOU!" Ezra yelled as he tried to break free from Fox's hold. "Ezra, you're a shell of a man. Just tell them what they want and do something good for once." Alonzo said as he shook his head.

"Wait, Alonzo. Do you know all of these people?" James asked as he knelt next to the man in blue armor, Alonzo nodded "Yeah, we were on a collective council called 'The Council of Aegis Obsidian'. I can name everyone here and tell you what you want to know, but I'll do it on one condition: you let me live." Alonzo said as he extended a proposition to the Marine. The Marine was silent for a moment as he considered the proposition; "Fine. But your operations will be shut down, you will tell me everything you know, and you'll help me destroy The Council of Aegis Obsidian... or so help me god, I will bring wrath down upon you the likes this world has never seen." James said as he lowered himself to eye level with Alonzo.

"Deal, it's not like I have much choice." Alonzo said as he gestured to the nubs where his legs used to be. "Alright, this is Ezra Crogan, leader of The Crimson Brotherhood which operates in Regulus, Belfast, and Mismede. They carry out assassinations on persons of power or influence, really anyone who get a contract put out against them. They have three locations here, here, and here." Alonzo said as he marked a location in Belfast, Mismede, and Regulus.

"And force size?" James asked as he looked at the map. "About Seventy-Five to Eighty-Five people per location. I'd be careful considering they're assassins." Alonzo stated as he wrong down some numbers on piece of paper. James dragged the map on his phone over to each location before The Oracle pinged and illuminated the selected areas in numerous red dots "Those are some concentrated numbers." Fox said as he looked over James's shoulder. "YOU CAN KILL US BUT WE'LL NEVER GO...!" Ezra yelled before Fox pulled out his pistol and shot the man in the head, the man's head jerked to the right before his body slammed to the floor.

Roman and Yuri picked up Ezra's body and carried him out of the room before they returned with Bronze whose left arm was blown off as well his left leg up to his kneecap, Roman sat the man down in the chair before Yuri injected him with Sodium Pentothal. "Well well well, if it isn't the coward in Blue... how're you sitting up since you're so spineless." Bronze said as he leaned on the table with his right arm. "Milo Parlow, full of hate and venom as always." Alonzo said with a chuckle. "Milo Parlow heads up The Bronze Bull Syndicate, they're the muscle of Aegis Obsidian. People use them to make a point, whether it be smash up a store or smash their legs, they'll do it. They operate out of two locations and within Alephis itself, the locations are in Belfast, here and here." Alonzo said as he marked two more locations on the map with the name 'Bronze Bull' above it.

"Milo, you used to be a good guy but somewhere down the line, something broke inside you and turned you into this shell of your former self. I know I got into this for the money, but once I saw what the Black Phantom Company was doing, I knew I wanted out. You sit here a broken man and yet, you insult me for saving my own ass." Alonzo said as he shook his head.

James pulled his phone out once again and monitored the two locations as The Oracle pinged again, the locations on either side of Belfast lit up like stoplight at 2am "Wow, that's a lot of people. Force size?" James asked, Milo sighed as he hung his head down "Three Hundred per location not to mention the Sixty or so spread out through Alephis, they have a tattoo of a bull on the back of their necks. I know you're gonna kill me so might as well help out a little." Milo said as his will had been sufficiently broken.

"Alonzo's right, your 'Syndicate' is done but you have a chance to save yourself. You help my people hunt down the Bronze Bull Syndicate and we'll hand you over to the Royal Guard... on the condition you have never partaken in the affairs of the Black Phantom Company and you know what I mean." James said as he stared down the man in Bronze armor. "On my mothers life, I would never do what those savages do to those innocent women and children, it's sick." Milo said disgusted.

"Alright, now what can you tell me about the man in Silver and Gold armor that I killed?" James asked, Alonzo and Milo nodded as they looked at each other "That would be Myles Skidd, he was in charge of weapons distribution so he essentially worked for me. He had no forces or anything so you won't have to worry about him." Alonzo said with a chuckle. "Alright Pearson, bring in the next one." James said a Roman carried Milo back to his cell, Pearson returned with the man in Gold armor who fought against his grasp.

Pearson slammed him down into the chair before he strapped the man into the chair "Well, this is an interesting one. Count Lyle Godkim of the Regulus Empire, oh how the mighty have fallen. Zephyrus would not be pleased to find out what you've been doing. Now, he's gonna be a tough one to get rid of since he has direct connections with Zephyrus, the Emperor of the Regulus Empire." Alonzo explained.

Lyle remained silent as he clenched his fist and stared Alonzo down "So, I'd suggest you take him to the Regulus Empire and take him before Zephyrus." Alonzo said as he crossed his arms, James nodded as he put the map in front of him "So, are you saying this because his forces are woven in with the empire's forces? So, he's the only link to their movements and without him, they're nothing?" James asked, Alonzo nodded "Yeah, I guess so." Alonzo said as he shrugged.

James chuckled as he rubbed his teeth with his tongue "Right, Yuri..." James said before he moved out of the way, Yuri walked up behind Lyle and placed a hand under Lyle's chin while he placed the other on the side of Lyle's head. Yuri turned Lyles head before he twisted it the other direction with a swift movement. Lyle's neck snapped with an audible crack before his body slumped in the chair, Yuri pushed his body over and watched it hit the ground with a metallic thud; Alonzo stared at Yuri who gave him a smirk and a light chuckle.

"Alright, who's next?" James asked as he leaned against the wall. "Green and black, take your pick." Fox said, James chuckled "Save the best for last, bring in Damon." James said as he sighed and stretched his arms, Roman grabbed Lyle by the armor and dragged him out of the room while Pearson carried Damon into the room. Pearson sat the legless man down and strapped into the chair while James leaned against the wall.

"Damon, long time no see. I finally get to meet the leader of the Jade Wraiths, we got one of your informants who gave us everything we needed to know so this is just more of an informal meeting to tell you to go fuck yourself." James said as he held up two books of information. "Damon Baldry, aka the Jolly Torturer. This is one that I despise, with a passion. He got pleasure out of torturing people, especially women." Alonzo said as he tilted his head. James chuckled as he pushed himself off the wall "Well, should we feed him to Azazel?" Fox asked before Yuri jumped in "Wait! Yuri has idea!" Yuri said. "Oh no, when Yuri gets excited, he starts talking in the third person. What's your idea, Yuri?" James asked.

"So, we take this blyat and we make trojan horse out of him. But, Yuri will need Yuri's special surprise." Yuri said with a chuckle, James sighed "Goddammit Yuri! No nerve gas!" James exclaimed, "Chert! You're no fun, Yuri needs to spread his wings and fly." Yuri said faux dramatically, James shook his head "Yuri! That's a war crime!" James exclaimed. "Cyka Blyat! Fine, we turn him into IED." Yuri said as he proposed an alternate idea. "Go on..." James said as he crossed his arms. "So, we take C-4 and place it under armor, we then go to Jade Wraith base and 'return' him to them, but then Boom. We then storm the base and carry out your plan." Yuri said in a hushed tone as he spoke to the Gunnery Sergeant.

"Yuri! No! No nerve gas, no Human IEDs. We do this properly and humanely, well... humanely as possible." James said, considering everything that happened in Dawnmire. "Fuck it, get him out of here and bring in the last one." James said as he tapped his foot, Roman and Pearson picked Damon up by the arms and carried him out of the room before they returned with the man in black armor. Pearson sat him down before Yuri injected him with Sodium Pentothal "So, I would say mark on the map the locations of your bases but that's gonna be impossible." James said as he remarked on the man's nubs. "Oh ha ha ha. Aren't you fucking funny." The man in black said before he spat at James.

Fox grabbed the man by the back of the head and slammed it into the table "I don't think you understand where you're at. You're in the Devil's Lair and he's not happy." Fox said before he stepped back. "You're man in black goes by the name Leon Kirkham, he's a career criminal and a real son of a bitch. This man is responsible for multiple kidnappings, murders, and numerous rapes." Alonzo explained. "Do you know where we can find his operations?" James asked the man in blue armor, Alonzo nodded as he picked up the pencil "So, he has operations in Regulus, Mismede, Belfast, and Sandora. There's one in Regulus which is kind of small so if you crush the other ones, it'll fall apart." Alonzo stated as he marked locations on the map. "All these locations will have hostages so you'll have to infiltrate them." Alonzo explained.

"Aww man, I wanted to shell them into oblivion." Fox said in faux disappointment, James chuckled "Oh well, guess we'll have to settle for obliterating the others." James said sarcastically. "Yuri, go talk to Ramirez about the aerial sat comm array." James said as he dismissed the Russian. "Jones, status report?" James said through his throat comms, the feed was silent for a moment before it buzzed "We've been done for a little while now." Jones stated as James paced back and forth in the dim room. "Pearson, go talk with Jones and Elliott about filling up those hangers." James said before Pearson left the room.

"So... we're putting your plan into motion?" Fox asked as James paced the room, James nodded "Yeah, but should we start with an AC-130 or a Predator Drone?" James asked as he tapped his foot, Fox chuckled "Why not both? Hit them with the full force of the Marine Corps." Fox said as he poured metaphorical gasoline on the burning flame of freedom inside of James. "Hell yeah. Let's hit them with everything." James said as he bumped fists with Fox.

"So, what do we do with him?" Fox asked as Roman leaned against the wall. "Roman, any ideas?" James asked the SAS operative, Roman chuckled "Break his ankles and feed him to the dogs." Roman said while he flipped his Ka-Bar around between his fingers. "I got a better idea, I picked up a little trick from a book of Null Spells." James said as he walked up to Alonzo "So, I'm gonna put my hands on the sides of your head and I'm gonna need you to picture each of the locations that you wrote down." James said as he walked up behind Alonzo. "Alright, ready." Alonzo said before James placed his hands on either side of Alonzo's head; James closed his eyes and focused his mind "[Recall]." James said before Alonzo pictured each of the locations.

"Oh! Oh ho ho ho! This is great!" James said as every location popped up in his mind. "Well well well Leon, the Black Phantom Company is finished. And so are you." James said before he pulled out his MR412 Rex and put a .357 Magnum through Leon's head, the back of the man's head exploded as his body slammed to the ground. "Feed him to Azazel." James said before Roman dragged Leon's corpse out of the building. "Alonzo, I thank you for your help, but I hope you understand you'll have to stay here until we settle this." James said, Alonzo nodded "I understand, happy hunting." Alonzo said before Fox carried the man back to his cell.

James exited the brick building into the sunlight that basked the land; as James looked around he heard the loud hum of jet thrusters, James looked up and saw a large air ship hovering about seven thousand feet above the castle "So, they finished the Airlander 10... which means Yuri finished the Mass Communications Array." James said before he looked to his left and saw another Airlander 10 hovering over the plains. James walked over to the newly built runway that extended six thousand feet that had four hangers built near the start of the runway, the marksman walked into the first hanger that housed a hulking behemoth that was an AC-130U Spooky Gunship.

It was outfitted with a 25mm GAU-12, a 40mm Bofors Cannon, and an M102 105mm Cannon, he opened the side door and found the cockpit was filled with an UAV control system, James looked across the runway and saw the other hanger that housed four MQ-1C Gray Eagle UCAVs "Instead of the MQ-1, they went with the MQ-1C. Very good." James said as he walked out of the hanger. "So, what do you think?" Ramirez asked as he walked up with Elliott, Jones, and Yuri. James pulled his phone out and found the aerial UAVs on his phones map "I made it that they use [Long Sense] and programmed to ping back to The Oracle and vice versa. We also took the liberty of making this central control terminal that is linked to all the UCAVs, but first you'll need to move the Airlander 10's into place so you'll have full control... at least on this side of the world." Yuri explained as he handed a rectangle shaped computer to James.

"Did you model this after the one from Modern Warfare 2?!" James asked confused, Ramirez chuckled "You're damn right we did!" Ramirez exclaimed, James opened the and selected one of the Airlander 10s. He increased the altitude before he selected it to hover over the middle of The Sea of Trees to allow for maximum coverage, the Airlander's thrusters engaged before it flew higher into the sky and disappeared into the distance. James checked his phone minutes later and found that the map was picking up two pings, the marksman selected the second Airlander and sent it east to the border between Belfast and Regulus.

The Gunnery Sergeant watched as a third ping formed and caused The Oracle to have full coverage of the map. "Now, there's something you need to know about the UCAVs; they have three types of ammo which all are enchanted. All are enchanted with [Copy] and [Program] so they'll constantly rearm themselves. There are regular rounds, rounds enchanted with [Explosion], and rounds enchanted with [Mega Explosion]. The MQ-1C's have a special missile that is enchanted with [Prominence] which can engulf an entire city in fire. Now, the third hanger has a surprise I know you'll love." Ramirez explained before Feldman pulled the hanger doors open and revealed six F-22 Raptors, James activated one via the UCAV laptop he held in his hand. The F-22 slowly pulled out of the hanger onto the runway "Go ahead, turn up the thrusters a little." Ramirez said with a smirk.

James shrugged as he slid the slider up and watched as the thrusters ignited its signature blue jet of fire, as the thruster increased its power; James heard the unmistakable sound of Kenny Loggins.

Revvin' up your engine

Listen to her howlin' roar

Metal under tension

Beggin' you to touch and go

"No you fucking didn't?!" James exclaimed in disbelief, Ramirez nodded "Yep, all six of them play Danger Zone when in flight... our enemies will fear the sound of Kenny Loggins coming over the horizon." Ramirez said as James engaged the thruster fully and listened as the music got louder. He released the parking brake and watched as the F-22 screamed down the runway before he pulled back on the small joystick, the Raptor lifted into the air and screamed through the sky; it twisted and turned in the directions James moved the joystick. James watched the screen of the handheld device as he saw live camera feed coming from the cockpit.

He turned the Raptor around and lined it up with the battle scarred field for a gun-run, he pressed a small button on the joystick and watched as the M61 Vulcan spun up. Hot lead rained down from the Raptor and peppered the ground before it pulled up, banked right, and flew over the castle.

Highway to the Danger Zone

Ride into the Danger Zone

James decreased the thrusters as he brought the F-22 down and landed it on the runway, the music's volume decreased as James slowly backed the Raptor back into the Hanger. "They have an autopilot function which will let you focus on the weapons, the Raptors have been programmed with five different flight patterns: Regular flight, Bombing Run, Gun-Run, Dogfight, and Strafe Run. Now, for the fourth hanger. It's a piece of beautiful craftsmanship." Ramirez said as Feldman opened the largest of the four hangers and revealed a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Heavy Bomber.

"Holy shit! It's so beautiful!" James exclaimed as the marveled at the bomber's beauty as it sat in the hanger, ready for action. "The munitions on board are GBU-31 2,000 LBS JDAMs that are enchanted with [Copy] and programmed to be self-replicating, there's also 1,000 LBS JDAMs enchanted with [Mega Explosion]." Ramirez explained, the overwhelming sensation of horror washed over James as he realized what it meant.

"You realize what this means, right? We are the strongest military force in the entire world and nobody knows, so... what's gonna happen when we unleash hell on Sandora?" James asked before everyone realized what this meant. "Oh yeah, by the way. Azazel ate the merchant from Canaan and the one from Lunaris since we got all the information we'll need." Ramirez stated, James couldn't help but chuckle before he stopped when he noticed multiple hatches on a large concrete plot.

"And what are those?" James asked before the group walked over to the concrete, there was an identical plot on the other side of runway; there was a total of twenty hatches, ten on either side. "BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. Together with the Airlander 10's, you can launch a tactical strike almost anywhere with it's guidance system." Ramirez explained as he showed James on the handheld computer that listed all the weapons and drones. "So, I wonder if we'll become a target to other nations or will they want to become allies with us? I guess time will tell." James said before he pulled out his revolver, removed the spent casing, and replaced it with a fresh round.

He placed the revolver back into its holster before he stepped away from the group "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to go to. [Gate]." James said before he opened a portal. "As of this moment, we are on DEFCON 2." James said before he pulled his SCAR-H from [Storage] and walked through the [Gate]. He stepped out of the portal and found himself standing in the middle of a large palace, pillars made of marble lined the walls while a red carpet led to the throne where a obese man sat smoking a pipe. A golden crown sat atop his fat head while he smoked a pipe, a woman with a collar around her neck knelt next to the throne while she held an ashtray, the clothes she wore were so thin that they were practically see through.

The throne was outfitted with flashy armor, a golden helmet sat on one side while a sword inlaid with jewels sat on the other side. Multiple people in black and red robes line the sides of the throne area, most of them stared at James while one snuck a few glances at the enslaved woman while he licked his lips. "And who are you? How did you get in here?" Jabba The Hut asked as he exhaled smoke and slammed the pipe down into the ashtray which caused the girl to flinch.

"My name is Gunnery Sergeant James Murphy and you've sent people to attack me." James said as the slave girl packed the pipe with fresh tobacco, lit it, and handed it back to the overweight man. He reached down and caressed her chin in a repulsive manner while he said something to the girl with a disgusting grin. "Yeah, you've got my property. I assume this is you bringing those whores back?" The man asked, James chuckled as he slowly flicked the safety off. "Is something funny?" The fat king asked, James shook his head "What's your name?" James asked while he stared down the king.

"I am King Abdul Jafar Sandora the III. King of Sandora and conqueror of women." Jafar said with a disgusting chuckle. "Well Jafar, consider this a warning. Release every slave in Sandora or else..." James said as he issued a vague threat. Jafar put on an act as he pretended to be scared "Or-or-or what will happen?" He asked sarcastically, James exhaled before he swiftly raised the rifle up and fired a single round that blew the crown off Jafar's head. Jafar was shaken to his core as the men in robes stared in shock "Next time, I won't miss." James said as he turned the firing mode to full auto. The crown bounced on the ground as it rolled into the corner "You think that's scary? If you decide to go to war with me, you're country will be reduced to ash and you'll be fed to dogs. The slaves will be freed, the slavers will be slaughtered, and your palace will be destroyed." James said in his serious tone of voice.

"Is that a threat?!" Jafar yelled as James turned around to leave, he stopped and turned to face Jafar "No, it's a fucking promise." James said before he walked through the [Gate] and back to the runway where the Marines were. "Alright Marines, let's mobilize. Warlords, move out!" James said before the Marines took off to prep their gear.

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