Amanda stood nervously on the street corner, she was wracked with nerves but was trying to make herself look as attractive and appealing as possible in her revealing outfit, knowing she had to compete and be more successful than the other competition on the street that night. She needed to attract as many customers as possible.

It wasn't something that was new to Amanda, being a sex worker on the street. But it had been so long since John had saved her that she had forgotten what it was like. Normally her trade had been for a fix of Heroine, but now it was strictly cash only, as now she had something more important to work for. But no matter how many times she did it, it didn't make it any easier or make her feel any less nervous, it was dangerous work being a sex worker but she was willing to take the risk.

She thought about John lying in bed at home, terribly sick waiting for her, unaware of what she was doing. She thought about the time she had spent with him since he had saved her from her addiction and self harming, they had gotten so close since then. No matter what horrific things he had put her through she understood that it had been for her own good, to make her appreciate and improve her life. He had been testing her. Amanda thought about all the chemotherapy she had attended with him, all the times she had been there for him when the treatment made him so ill. She had always been there, soothing him and nursing him, it was the least she could do for him in return for what he had done for her.

John had since discovered an experimental genetic therapy in Norway, but his insurance company 'Umbrella Health' was refusing to pay for it. It had broken Amanda's heart to think that there was a possible treatment for him but they were being blocked access. Therefore the burden settled on Amanda's shoulders to raise the money, as she couldn't bear to see him die. If there was even the slightest chance that this therapy could save his life, somehow she would get the money, she cared about him too much to see him loose his cancer battle. The look on Johns face when he told her that the insurance wouldn't pay for the treatment and all hope was lost broke her heart, and seeing his face she knew she would do anything to get him to Norway.

Her heart stopped in her chest when a black car stopped in front of her, 'this was it' she thought 'No need to be nervous you've done it before' He slowly wound down his window, she leaned in and greeted him stating the price, he agreed and she opened the car door and got in. As they quietly drove down the road to a cheap motel, she tried to calculate how much money she had saved up in her head. Amanda's heart skipped a beat when she was almost certain that she was only this job away from the total price, this was it after this one trick she had enough to take John to Norway.

Amanda lay there still and emotionless as the client did whatever he wanted. She tried to take her mind off what was happening and reminding herself that it was all for John, to get him the treatment he deserved. It had almost killed her soothing Johns hot, sweaty brow as he lay curled in a foetus position on his side on the bed in agony being sick into a bowl, it was something no one should have to witness someone they care about go through. And now that she had raised enough money she was filled with hope that maybe finally John would get better and she would never have to see him go through that again.

Her thoughts were disrupted by the disgusting sound of the client reaching his orgasm. She tried to disguise her cringing face as he got up off her and started to get dressed. If she could have poured bleach on herself there and then she would have done. John had told her about Mark Wilson, the man held in a dark room covered in flammable fluid who burnt to death in his game, how she envied that man in that moment, like she wanted her skin to burn off of her to make her feel clean again.

Amanda had never felt as awkward as when the client drove her back to where he had picked her up, he gave her the money when he stopped the car and she clasped it in her hand like her life depended on it. She normally hated this part it made her feel so worthless and expendable. Being brought and then discarded on the road side like a used tissue once he had done what she wanted. But not today, this time was different as she ran back to John she had a huge smile on her face.

Amanda ran as fast as she could back to John, she couldn't wait to tell him that she had raised enough funds for his experimental treatment. She found him fast asleep in his bed; he looked so peaceful laying there it was a shame to wake him. He looked so innocent asleep, looking at him you would never have thought he was capable of creating such sick and twisted games even if they were for the victims own good.
"John…John wake up" She whispered stroking his hair; he grumbled and turned his head towards her slowly opening his eyes. He looked exhausted, tired both mentally and physically, tired of feeling sick and tired of fighting and looked much older than his current years of age. "Sorry for waking you" She apologised "But I've got such great news" Amanda beamed.
"Mmm?" John mumbled, he'd lost hope long ago. It took a lot to get him cheerful now.
"I raised enough money for the experimental treatment" She announced happily, her smile couldn't be bigger if she tried.