The Vonnegut was damaged. Parzival decided to fix the Vonnegut in his hangar. Little Cato was hurt. He was screaming like a 2 year old. "Can you help me heal my son?" Avocato asked. Parzival turned to look at Little Cato. One look at Little Cato and Parzival knew what happened. "Oh shit. The Sixers shot him." Parzival said. "What are The Sixers?" Avocato asked. "The Sixers are IOI (Innovative Online Industries) agents. They are called Sixers because each employee has an employee number and avatar name that is six digits long and starts with the number six. The Sixers are contract-bound employees who are provided with paychecks, food, lodging, retirement, etc. All Sixers, regardless of gender, take on an identical male avatar within the OASIS." Parzival said. "There is a med pack on the west wall of the ship." Parzival said. Avocato and Gary found the med pack. They brought the med pack over to Little Cato. They put gauze over Little Cato's wounds. "Thanks for tending to my wounds, Dad." Little Cato said. "Anything for my son." Avocato said. Avocato and Little Cato hugged. Suddenly, a green skinned alien with a oval shaped body with stubby legs. appeared beside Parzival. Parzival turned his head to the left and saw the green alien. The green alien's name is named Mooncake. Mooncake has the power to destroy planets. He was created when the breach in Final Space was closed. "Who's this floating green alien and why is he in my ship?" Parzival asked. "The green alien is Mooncake." Gary said. "It's real name is E-351." Avocato said. "You're kidding me, right?" Parzival said. "No, I'm not kidding you." Avocato said. "I used to work for the Lord Commander as a bounty hunter." "Who's the Lord Commander?" Parzival asked. "The Lord Commander is a very dangerous alien with telekinetic powers." Gary and Avocato both said. "As long as he does't destroy the OASIS, He's A okay." Parzival said. "What's the OASIS?" Avocato asked. "What you're in right now. The OASIS is a virtual reality universe created by James Halliday. James Halliday was a huge fan of 80's pop culture. He created this universe you're in right in right now." Parzival said. "Wow." Little Cato said. "Yeah i know." Parzival said. Parzival took the Vonnegut to Joe's garage. Joe is a mechanic who fixes intergalactic spaceships. Parzival and his friends got out of the Vonnegut. While the Vonnegut was being fixed, Parzival sent a message to his friend Aech. When the Vonnegut was finished being repaired, Parzival, Gary, Avocato, and Little Cato went inside the ship. Parzival took the Vonnegut back to his hangar, The hangar was called: Falco (after the video game character from Star Fox). Parzival and his friends exited the ship. Wade then looked at the news feeds. The news feeds were bragging how Parzival and 4 other people found the Jade Key. Soon, IOI found out and Nolan Sorrento, the founder of IOI, send the Sixers to the planet Frobozz to play Zork. While that was going on, Wade wondered what the words on the Jade Key meant. Continue your quest by taking a test. What test? Wade thought about it a little longer. Then it hit him. The test That Halliday was talking about was the Voight-Kampff machine. In the movie Blade Runner, the Voight Kampff machine was an interrogation tool. It was located at the Tyrell Building. The Tyrell Building must be in the OASIS. Before Wade had time to figure that out, He got a notification on his scoreboard. The avatar Daito disappeared from the scoreboard. That could only mean one thing: Daito was killed inside the OASIS.

In a galaxy far away from Earth, a aquamarine alien was in a battleship. His name was The Lord Commander. He is pure evil, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that Final Space is closed. The Lord Commander's name used to be Jack. He used to be a friend of John Godspeed. That all changed when a anti matter blast and a energy wave collided with the ship he was in. He became evil after that. The Lord Commander headed towards Earth. He had heard about IOI. He wanted to join forces with IOI to rule the world. The Lord Commander landed on Earth. He got out of his ship. The Lord Commander made his way to IOI headquarters. The Lord Commander used his telekinetic powers to burst open the doors of IOI headquarters. He was looking for Nolan Sorrento, head of IOI The Lord Commander soon spotted Nolan in his office. He flew towards Nolan's office. When Nolan saw The Lord Commander, he freaked out. "Who are you?" Nolan said. "I'm The Lord Commander." The Lord Commander said. "I want to make a deal concerning your company." The Lord Commander said. "What do you have in mind?" Nolan asked. "I want to take over IOI." The Lord Commander said. "You're crazy." Nolan said. "Am I?" The Lord Commander said. The Lord Commander's eyes turned a deep yellow. When that happens, his telekinetic powers have activated. The Lord Commander telekinetically lifted Nolan up in the air. "Alright, we have a deal. You can be my partner. Just don't hurt me." Nolan said. "I want hurt you." The Lord Commander said. "we have a deal. I'll hire you as a IOI agent under one condition: you must never kill my employees, got it." Nolan said. The Lord Commander thought over a minute. "Yes, I'll do it." The Lord Commander said. "Great." Nolan said. The Lord Commander works for IOI.

Next chapter: Wade finds out what Daito's real name was and the fact that he was killed in the real world. He finds a clue to the second key by watching the movie Blade Runner.