Baby Blue Chapter 6

They opened the door to the apartment to find a large white box. The label was marked. "BABY CRIB" in bold characters.

Misato peeked around a corner with a smirk on her face.

"Tadaimasu!" Asuka called to her, trying to put on a cheery mood for their guardian.

"Konnichiwa!" Misato called from her position down that hall. "I got you a crib for the baby!"

"Sugoi!" Asuka said. "Where are we going to put it?!"

"I was thinking we could move Shinji into your room and put it in there." Misato said cheerfully.

"Ok! O, lets set it up right now!" Asuka said excitedly.

Shinji picked up the box and carried it into his room, followed closely by the two women. They moved the futon out of his room and into Asuka's and then set to assembling the crib.

Three hours and lots of instruction manuals later, they stood to admire their work. The crib was white and simple, made of wood.

"Oo, I can't wait!" Asuka said happily.


"This must be dealt with Ritsuko." A cold voice said.

"I know, Ikari-san. I know." Ritsuko replied. "I just think it's our best bet to just let her have the baby."

"They are opening their souls too much. Their synch ratios will end up dropping." Gendo said indifferently.

"Could we just wait and see? If their synch ratios drop then we'll do something about it." Ritsuko suggested.

"I suppose that would be the logical choice. Very well, you are excused." Gendo resumed to stare off into infinity as he so often did. Ritsuko gladly left. 'Damn him, I wish he would just go to hell. He doesn't let anything soften him, not even his own grandchild!' She thought angrily.


The three had just completed moving all of Shinji's belongings into Asuka's room, and Asuka and Misato were discussing the paint color for the walls. Shinji got up quietly and went out onto the porch.

'Damnit, I know he's going to try to do something to our kid. It was too easy.' Shinji thought. 'If he tries to make us get an abortion or something..... I swear I will kill him this time. No one's going to stop me.'

"Shinji-kun?" Asuka was behind him now on the porch and slid the door closed. He was startled out of his thoughts.

"Hai?" he said, looking over at her as she joined him leaning on the railing.

"It's all going to be okay. No one's going to touch our baby." She said seriously.

"Asuka, Gendo has ways, this is his game, it's what he does." Shinji said helplessly. "We have to fight this with all we've got, I'm even willing to run away with you. I've avoided them before."

Asuka smiled warmly at him. "I'm glad to hear you say that Shinji. You're right, this is a war. It may be hard, but we WILL outsmart them." Her expression hardened.

"Right, we have to have a plan." Shinji said, turning to face her.

Little known to both pilots, Misato was listening to their conversation from inside the apartment. As they discussed their plan, Misato got up and left the apartment for another night in some bar somewhere. Misato mentally added herself to the list of people that wanted Gendo Ikari dead.

"Then it's decided?" the discussion was nearing an end out on the porch as they agreed on the best course of action.



"Ikari, Langely?" Gendo's voice was cold as ice as he glared at the synch ratios.

"Hai?" Their voices rang in unison through the com.

"It seems that both of you're synch ratios have fallen 50%." As he said this, both synch ratios jumped around wildly signifying a wave of fear. They settled back on what they were.

"Miss Langely? I believe your pregnancy is the cause of this." He spat. "I will schedule a date for the abortion."

At this, Asuka's synch ratio jumped up exponentially. 100%. 150%. 200%. 300%.

"Ikari!" Maya called frantically, her eyes shooting from the now shaking Unit-02 to the readout monitors. "Her synch ratio is reaching dangerous levels! This happened with Shinji before, sir. The results were disastrous!"

Gendo smirked calmly, turning his attention to the quaking Unit 02. It looked like it had way too much caffeine or something the way it was shaking. Suddenly, a red fist shot into the glass right in front of Gendo.

"YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME!" Asuka yelled, her voice magnified by the dangerously high synch ratio.

"Mr. Ikari! Shinji's synch ratio it reaching dangerous levels as well!" Maya squeaked. Shinji's synch ratio was reaching 400%, though not equaling Asuka's current 800%.

Asuka punched the glass, she dug at the glass, she tore the glass. Whatever she could do to kill that man that dare threaten her child. Part of her reaction was instigated by her eva, which has instinctual behavior. Something similar to this was happening to Shinji and his Eva was shaking in anger as well.

"YOU HEAR ME!!!!!" Asuka paused her tearing for a moment. "NO ONE WILL TOUCH MY CHILD!"

"I do not believe that you have a choice, Asuka." Gendo smiled and walked out of the room. Turning right before he got to the door he added. "Shut off the evas until they calm down. As for Rei, let her go home."


The evas were shut off and both pilots were left in the dark to fume.

'Dammit. Damn that man. He'd kill his own grandson for his job. DAMMIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM!' Shinji fumed.

Asuka was having a harder time calming down. She kicked the LCD display in front of her and it made a satisfying crack. She screamed.


"They won't let you out, not until you both calm down." Misato said soothingly.


About an hour later, both pilots had completely calmed down and they were let out. Immediately upon setting foot in the hallway, she sprinted to Shinji and practicality knocked him down in hug, sobbing the whole way.

"Our plan will work, the child will be ok." Shinji whispered so quietly into her ear that she almost didn't hear it. He put his arms around her and just held her there. They stayed like that for about 20 minutes when Misato tapped Shinji on the shoulder motioning to the door. He nodded.

Asuka refused to let go of Shinji, so Misato got their clothes and let them ride home in their plug suits. The car was silent the whole way back to Misato's apartment.


"Ok, Asuka, it's time." Both pilots took out their cell phones, removed the batteries and threw them out of the window (making sure there was no one below). Then, Shinji took out two airtight plastic bags filled with brand new clothing for each of them, including shoes, socks and underwear. Shinji even included a purse for Asuka. Asuka followed him as he carried them into the bathroom and slid the door shut.

Being too tired to care, Asuka let Shinji wash her thoroughly from head to toe. He then moved onto himself, scrubbing his white skin. They got out of the shower, careful not to touch anything. Shinji got a pair of scissors out of a drawer and cut 7 inches off of Asuka's hair. Then he got out two packages of hair dye, dark brown for Asuka and blonde for himself.

After finishing a fairly messy job of dyeing, he made sure to clean all traces of dye from everywhere. He spiked his own hair and just let Asuka's be. They got dressed in their brand new clothing that had never been touched by either of them. He then got out a roll of masking tape and taped every possible surface of the bathroom, after telling Asuka not to touch anything. Then, he got out another airtight plastic bag that had a backpack in it. He got it out and put it on his back. Inside were assorted food items, a large amount of money, extra clothing (also brand new) two more packages of hair dye and some other random items her thought he might need.

They then tiptoed past Misato's door and out into the hallway. Shinji had been smart enough to take the hair dye containers and dump them in a dumpster clear across town.

"Now, the second step is, we need to get out of here." Shinji whispered.

"Right." Asuka was starting to wake up now. This whole thing was reminding her of some secret agent movie and it was kind of fun despite how dangerous it was.

They walked out onto the street casually and walked to the train station. Shinji went up to the window.

"Two tickets to Tendo, Iwate please." He said to the man behind the glass. Their plan was to go to Tendo and then take a plane from there to Goryokaku, Hokkaido. Then they would get on a train and go to Setana, which was about 50 miles from Goryokaku in the Hiyama district. Setana was a very small town in Hokkaido with a population of about 3,000. (based on an actual map of Japan, if you happened to have a map you could trace their route, airports and all.)


After getting on that first train, the ride went smoothly until they got off the plane in Goryokaku.

Shinji stepped lightly off the plane in Goryokaku when he spotted them. Two NERV agents talking quietly in a corner. He pointed them silently out to Asuka and he felt her muscles tense up.

He pulled her the other way quickly, walking as fast as he could down the hall without arousing suspicion.

"It's ok. They didn't see us." Shinji whispered. He had been careful not to let either of them use their names for the entire trip, just in case.

Asuka let her breath out that she hadn't realized she was holding. She rubbed her stomach subconsciously. Shinji saw this and smiled.

They left the airport without seeing any more NERV agents. Just in case, each put on a hat to shield their faces from any unwanted attention.

After a short walk to the train station, they bought to tickets for Setana and departed smoothly.


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