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It was a grey morning when Lucius Malfoy woke up on his last day in Azkaban. He was hoping to see sunshine through the small window at the top of his cell, but at least today would be the last time he would wake in the small cage.

As bad as the last year had been- his trial, Narcissa divorcing him and moving to Italy, living in a cold, dank, prison with nothing but rats and letters from Draco and Harry Potter to keep him company, he was thankful for his light sentence. He knew he should have served more time. The only thing that saved him was his lack of wand for the last nine months of the war, including the Final Battle, and the detailed information he gave on every Death Eater that was still alive.

Being the reason so many of his old 'brothers' were now in Azkaban had not made him very popular inside the prison. He had dealt with more than his fair share of beatings, hunger from his food being stolen, and his beautiful hair being cut off multiple times. The Dementors may have been banished, but the Aurors weren't exactly sympathetic to Death Eaters when most of them had lost family and friends in the war so they didn't stop the fights.

"Prisoner Malfoy." Lucius looked up to see the warden at his cell. "You're being released today, come on and get your stuff."

Grabbing the stack of letters he had already bundled together last night, Lucius made his way to the cell door. He could not wait to be out of this hellhole and sleep in a room that had four walls, and none of them made from bars.

They walked in silence until the reached to rooms designated for visitors. The warden stopped him before opening the door, "Good luck Prisoner. I hope I never see you again."

Lucius gave a small smile, "I promise you won't."

Hermione sat with Draco in one of the visitor's rooms as the waited for his father to be escorted to them. After she and Harry had testified on his behalf last year, the three of them decided to let the past stay there and move forward. With Narcissa in Italy and Lucius in Azkaban, Draco spend a lot of time with her and Harry. Hermione was never able to restore her parents memories, so they were three teenagers on their own.

Their friendship quickly grew and the three of them moved in together into a large penthouse flat in London. They got lucky and were able to find a place in the Whitehall neighborhood, just a few minutes' walk from the Leaky Cauldron, the Ministry, and St James' Park. It was on the top two stories of an old palace that had been hidden from Muggles for years. The current owner had married a Muggleborn and they had renovated everything with the latest Muggle innovations.

The most shocking development in the trio's friendship happened six months ago on New Year's Eve, when Draco kissed Harry. They had been together ever since. That was also the end of their friendship with Ron and Ginny Weasley. They had both struggled with the new-found friendship; Ron couldn't get past the 'bullying' and refused to accept that he and Harry fought with Draco as much as he fought with them, and Ginny said she wouldn't ever be friends with a Malfoy after the diary incident. A romantic relationship between Harry and Draco was too much for the two gingers and Hermione hadn't seen them since.

It wasn't easy for Hermione to lose the two of them from her life, but she was tired of having to deal with the drama of friends that hated her new friend. She would try to spend time with the two youngest Weasley's, but they would spend the majority of their time with her trying to convince her how evil Draco was. It got to the point that she was ready to walk away from them when they decided to end the friendship. She knew from her conversations with Harry that he felt the same way.

Reaching out, Hermione placed her hand on Draco's bouncing thigh, "Draco, are you sure you want me to be here? I can wait outside and let you have a few minutes alone with him. The Ministry will never know."

"No, I don't want to take any chances with the terms of his parole." Draco put his hand on hers, squeezing lightly.

Lucius had been sentenced to one year in Azkaban, followed by one year in the Muggle Immersion Program, then three years of probation. Hermione worked in the Muggle Relations office at the Ministry of Magic and, while they had other mentors that could be assigned to the elder Malfoy, Hermione had volunteered to be Lucius 'Muggle Mentor' for the next year. Draco wanted to have his father close to him, and he was required to live with his mentor. By Hermione being his mentor, he could live in their flat. And since Draco owned the flat and wouldn't let her pay rent, she felt like it was her way of paying him back.

The program was fairly simple: Live in a home with electricity and modern Muggle appliances, learn to travel by Muggle means, learn to shop using Muggle money, wear Muggle clothing, and interact with Muggles as much as possible. The hope was that if witches and wizards could see how similar they are to Muggles, another blood status war could be avoided.

The door opened, and Hermione had to bite her tongue to keep the gasp that wanted to escape in her mouth. She knew Lucius would be in prison rags, but she was not prepared for him to look so different. Uneven, shaggy, dull hair had replaced his normal long, shiny locks. He was thinner than any man his size had a right to be. His skin was grey and he had an overall aura of neglect about him. She couldn't tell if the color of his skin was from being in a dark place for so long or if was layers of filth on him. Draco had her hand in a death grip and she could feel his anguish through their physical connection.

His voice broke, "Father?"

Standing quickly, Hermione turned around and walked to the other side of the small room to give them as much privacy as she could. Using a technique she learned in Primary school when she wanted to block out the sound of the bullies around her, she hummed the 'Smurfs' theme song as loud as possible in her head.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder after a few minutes she turned around, "Hermione, I know you have met, but let me formally introduce you to my father, Lucius Malfoy."

"Hello Mr. Malfoy. I am looking forward to getting to know you better over the next year." She stuck her hand out to shake his, but he just looked at it.

"I apologize, I am quite dirty, and I would rather not touch your skin until I have been able to bathe." Lucius' eyes were filled with shame as he explained.

"Well, let's get you home and cleaned up then. Were you able to read everything about the mentorship program?"


"Well, then you know as your mentor I will have to Apparate you out of here, instead of Draco. And then we must be to the Ministry within six hours. Any questions before we leave?"


Their flat had a private lift that entered a lobby in front of their door, so they made this the Apparition point for their house. Once inside there was a long hallway before opening into a large sitting area. You couldn't see it from the entryway, but the entire back wall of the flat was glass and opened to a wide terrace that looked out over the Northern part of St James' Park. To the left was a large kitchen and dining room, and to the right was the library.

This floor also included the Master Suite that included a sitting area, two full en-suite bathrooms, and two dressing rooms. When they first moved in, Harry and Hermione could not fathom why anyone would need two bathrooms in a Master Suite. After Harry moved into the room with Draco, he understood. That man took the longest showers in the world. There was another bedroom with en-suite that was set up as a home office, a cloak room, laundry room, and a powder room on this floor.

Since Harry had moved to the lower floor with Draco, Hermione was on the top floor by herself. There was a stairway from the hallway below that came into a sitting room on the upper floor. The glass wall from the lower floor continued onto this floor as well. There was a narrower terrace, but it ran the entire length of the flat. There were only four doors off this sitting room; a powder room, Harry's old bedroom and en-suite , Hermione's room and en-suite , and another set of stairs that led to a rooftop garden.

The upper floor was smaller than the lower floor, but Hermione loved it. Both her room and the smaller room which would now be Lucius' shared the glass wall with the sitting room and had doors onto the terrace. Harry and Draco typically did not come up stairs, so she also had the rooftop garden to herself most of the time. She and Harry had purchased a grill so they would cook out there occasionally, but for the most part, it was her domain.

Arriving home, Draco unlocked the door and led them into the flat. Stopping before going down the hallway he turned to Lucius, "Welcome home Father. Let me give you the tour."

Hermione could see Lucius stiffen beside her. She guessed that, while he did want to see the place, he wanted to bathe more, but didn't want to hurt Draco's feelings.

"Draco, I'm sure he'd prefer to take the tour after a long shower. I'll take him to his room."

"Of course. Sorry Father, I'm just so excited you're home."

Lucius smiled at his son, "I'm happy to be here too."

Stepping out into the second story sitting room, Lucius stopped short seeing the glass wall across the room. Even on this grey day, it let in so much light. After a year of only being able to see a sliver of the sky, this was like a gift from Merlin himself.

"Your room is here on the left, Mr. Malfoy." Hermione directed him.

"Lucius, please. I have never seen a glass wall before. Do all Muggle homes have them Miss Granger?"

"Please, call her Hermione. It is not a common feature, but you will see them in high-rise flats, or in penthouses like this one." Hermione led him towards his room. "There is a bedroom on the lower floor that we use as an office. Draco had wanted to give you that room, but I thought you might like this one more, even if it is a little smaller. That room only has two normal sized windows."

Walking into the room behind her, Lucius had to agree with Hermione that this room was better. He would sleep in a broom cupboard if it had a glass wall like this room did. Looking around the room, he could tell Hermione had set this room up; Draco would never put a bed in the middle of the room.

"I know the room is not how a bedroom would traditionally be set up, but I figured you would want to face the window, at least for a while. That pony wall is not permanent, I conjured it, so we can remove it at any time."

She had placed the low wall to run part way into the room and placed his bed on it so when he laid in bed, he would look out onto the terrace and park. On the other side of the wall was a bookshelf and a chaise lounge.

"I agree with you, this is not traditional, but I like it. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Let me show you how to turn on your shower, since it doesn't work by magic like you are used to, then I will leave you to it."

Finally feeling human again, Lucius walked out of his bathroom an hour later. He had needed to wash his hair and body multiple times before the water finally ran down the drain free of dirt. Wrapped in the bathrobe that hung by the shower, he looked around his dressing room but only found one drawer containing a few pairs of boxers. Slipping a pair on he went into his bedroom and found Draco sitting on his chaise.

"Hello son. Am I meant to just wear undergarments today?"

"You look better. I had a few things of my own for you to wear until we could take you shopping, but you've lost so much weight. I guess we can't use any magic on anything you'll be using until after you have been to the Ministry. Hermione found an outfit for you, but I wanted to watch your face when you saw it."

"Merlin, I forgot what a little shit you could be. Where is it?"

"It's on your bed."

Walking over to his bed, Lucius saw a folded bundle of black clothes that seemed harmless enough. He picked up the soft cotton shirt, trying to figure out what a 'Led Zeppelin' was, and put it on. The black trousers, were a heavy material and ripped along the legs.

"Hermione thought I'd like trousers that are destroyed?"

"It's a style Father. Put them on, I want to see how you look." Draco, the damn kid, was laughing at him.

It took a few tries to put them on before he could do it without putting his foot through one of the many holes. Draco brought him over a pair of socks and black boots to wear.

Lucius walked to the mirror in his dressing room. "Fuck, I look like an idiot."

Hermione was on the roof when Draco and Lucius came out for lunch. Draco's eyes were filled with mirth, and Lucius looked highly annoyed.

"Is everything okay Lucius?"

"Not to sound ungrateful Hermione, but I am not a fan of these clothes."

Hermione laughed, "I didn't think you would be. But we won't have time for a large shopping trip before we go to the Ministry. I just grabbed something I thought would fit you"

"Where did you find them? You don't keep the clothes of past lovers in your dressing room do you?"

"Well, I have kissed Harry and Draco and I do sleep in their Quidditch jerseys, so I guess I do." Hermione chuckled at the sightly shocked look on Lucius' face. "Harry and I are doing some work on his Godfather's old house. We're donating a lot of his old clothes. I just happened to still have a bag of his clothes I'd washed but hadn't donated yet."

"Are you telling me I'm wearing Sirius Black's old clothes?"

"You are Father, and you look quite fit." Draco winked at him.

"Son, I'm okay with you being a pouf, but keep your eyes off my ass. I know your Mother was a Black, but Malfoy's don't believe in incest."

Hermione couldn't help laughing at the father son duo. She calmed down as she saw Lucius' eyes moving between the two of them.


"You said you've kissed my son and Harry. Are all three of you dating each other? Will you be giving me my heir?"

Blushing, Hermione sputtered and Draco answered. "We kissed during drinking games, we're not together. And I'm your heir Father."


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