The war between the riders and hunters/flyers had ended. No bodies even had to be removed as the dragons took care of that. Dagur was energized with all the excitement and took out some hunters and flyers, himself. He saw one about to shoot Toothless with a dragon root arrow and incapcitated him. Some hunters from the ships fired catapults at him and the Nightfury returned the favor by shooting them. When it all was over, he looked at the others, sadly. Sighing, he went to go back to the cell.

"Hold on." Heather said, "What you did was crazy, but it was clever too. Being unpredictable can help a lot in battle plans." She approached the council, "I revoke my complaint against Dagur the Deranged. He has led us well before and, I believe, he can again." The elders eyed him, contemplating. He smiled, nervously. "Therapy. Do weekly therapy to talk out your issues and this entire charge can be acquitted." He thanked them and left.

"I'm really sorry, Dagur. This all got out of hand. I know you'd never hurt me or any of us." Heather apologized. Dagur rubbed the back of his neck, "Can't say I blame you too much for being a bit wary of me. I just gotta find someone to talk to now." Fishlegs poked his head up, "I can be your therapist. I've read a lot of books on psychology and some say that I am a very good listener." Dagur laughed, "It's set then, Fishy." As the others walked away, he stopped Fishlegs, "Thanks." he added, sincerely. "No problem at all." Ingerman told him.

More time passed and Dagur reigned, wonderfully, as chief of the Berserkers. His talks with Fishlegs helped him work out a lot of anger that had been stored inside of him. He and Toothless still had some hesitations, but they were learning to get along. No longer did he have terrible nightmares. He was a far more stable man, but one that still was deranged.

Dagur could not just come up with another moniker, now could he?