Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid ran down the beach to finally find Clyde standing by a secluded area of the beach, waiting for his friends. As they approached, Lincoln waved, "Hey, Clyde!"

Clyde smiled, "Lincoln!", before noticing Ronnie Anne, "Oh! Hey, Ronnie Anne! Didn't expect to see you." Ronnie Anne grinned, "Good to see you guys, again." Gesturing to Sid, Ronnie Anne said, "Clyde, this is my friend, Sid."

Clyde introduced, "Nice to meet you! I'm Clyde, Lincoln's best friend." The two shook hands, "Any best friend of my best friend's friend is a friend of mine!" Sid smiled, "Thanks..." She then gave a confused look about what he just said, "I think."

Confused, Ronnie Anne asked Lincoln, "What's all this about?" Lincoln smiled knowingly, "Ronnie Anne, how would you like to go on…", looking back and forth, as if to make sure no one was listening, "A sea monster hunt?"

Back with the teenagers, Luna finished a song for Lily, who was still hugging Mr. Coconuts.

If you're happy and you know it

Then your face will surely show it

If you're happy and you know it

Clap your hands

Lily giggled and clapped excitedly. Suddenly, Lucy walked over, "Hey, Luna." As Luna recoiled in surprise, Lucy placed Edwin on the blanket, "Can you watch Edwin for me?" Luna shrugged, "Sure thing, Luce." As Lucy disappeared, Luna joked, "With any luck, Lincoln might ask me to watch Bun-Bun next." Lily looked at Edwin and whined softly, scared of the vampire bust and hugging Mr. Coconuts even tighter.

As Luna strummed, she hears a familiar British voice, "Hey, Luna!" Turning her head, to see her roadie and pal, Chunk, "Hey, Chunk! What are you doing here, dude?"

"I'm here for the music fest, mate." He points over his shoulder, "And I'm not the only one."

To Luna's surprise, she saw Sam and her friends, all of whom were in their swimwear, with Sullivan (or "Sully" as he was known) in black trunks, Madison (or "Mazzy", as she was known) in a purple one piece, and Sam herself wearing jean shorts and a blue bikini top.

Luna would have said hi, but she was too entranced by how cute Sam looked. Blushing, she went, "Ba… ba… ba… ba…", before slapping herself, "I mean… hey, Sam!", and giving her friends the goats, "Sup, dudes?"

Sam and her friends sat down with Luna and Lily, "Hey, Luna!" Chunk told Luna, "I found these kids broken down on the side of the road and decided to give 'em a lift." Sam smiled, "Your friend is a life saver, dude! If he hadn't come along, we would've had to walk all the way here!" Luna grinned, "Sweet! Thanks, Chunk!", to which the burly man shrugged, "No worries, Love. Any mate of Luna's is a mate of mine."

Lily waddled over to Sam, "Tam! Tam!" Sam picked up Lily and sat the little baby on her left leg, "Hi, Lily!" Sam playfully made baby talk at Lily, making the tot laugh uncontrollably. Sam chuckled, "She's so cute! I'll trade you my bro for her."

Luna chuckled, "Sorry, Sam.", as she ruffled Lily's little tuft of hair, "This little girl ain't for sell."

Chunk sat next to Mr. Coconuts and Edwin, asking, "Got yourself an audience, I see?"

"Yeah," Luna joked, "But as my sister would say, one's dead and the other's a little wooden." After they all share a laugh, Luna asked, "I was actually about to sing the ABC's for Lily. I think I could use some back up."

Sam nodded, "No problem!", asking Lily, "Would you like that, Lily?" Lily claps, "Poo-Poo!" Luna chuckled, "I'll take that as a 'yes'."

As Luna began to strum, Joey finally woke up from his nose bleed coma. He stands up and rubs his head, "What happened?" Tad explained, "You got a nose bleed and passed out."

Cringing, he went "Oh. Right.", before he re-joined his friends, all relieved to see him alright, "Sorry about that, you guys. I don't know what came over…" He stopped himself as he saw Carlota again, seeing the same vision he did before passing out. He blushes and stammers, "Ba… ba… ba…"

Lori smiled, "Glad you're OK, Joey!" Yanking her phone out, she yelled, "Graduate selfie!" Everyone gathered into a group… except for Chaz. Concerned, Leni asked the portly boy, "Chaz, why aren't you taking a picture with them?" Chaz sighed, "It's just for graduates. I… I didn't graduate." At this, Leni gasped, "Oh, right! I guess that's why I didn't see you at Lori's graduation."

Chaz rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah. Everyone felt bad for me, so they invited me along anyway." Noticing how sad he looked, Leni smiled and wrapped her arms as best she could around him. He smiles, "Thanks, Leni." He returns the hug, "Chaz like hugs." Leni giggled and joined his speaking in the third person, "Leni like hugs, too."

As the group of high schoolers finished their selfie, Carlota asked Joey, "Are you OK? You took a pretty nasty spill there." Joey couldn't muster the words and started speaking in gibberish. Carlota looks perplexed by his words, "Pardon?"

Joey choked out an introduction, "I-I'm J-J-Joey!" In response to this, Carlota giggled, "Well, J-J-Joey, I'm Carlota. Bobby's cousin."

As she reached out her hand for Joey to shake, he felt his knees begin to shake, "Uh….. I GOTTA TALK TO BOBBY!" He rushed off, leaving Carlota to shrug at his behavior.

Lori and Bobby were hugging each other, Lori cooing, "Oh, Boo Boo Bear. I can't wait to spend some quality time with you." "Me too, babe." Bobby feels a tap on his shoulder and looks to see Joey, "Hey, Joe! What's up, bro?"

Joey gulped; this was not an easy question to ask, but, well, it didn't hurt… "Uh, Bobby… Is your cousin… seeing anyone?" Bobby shook his head, "No. Why?" Joey hesitated to answer, but it was Lori who caught on and asks, "Joey… do you like Carlota?", to which Joey blushed, "Maybe."

Lori, being the teenage girl that she is, gushed, "OMG! That is literally so adorable!" Joey sighed, looking over at Carlota, "I don't know what it is. I just took one look at her and… well, you saw the blood. She's more beautiful than a straight A+ report card."

Bobby tells him, "So, go talk to her, bro."

Joey shook his head, "I can't! I tried to, but I got so nervous. My knees were shaking, my hands were sweating like crazy, I was getting tongue-tied." He groans, "Who am I kidding? A girl like her would never go for a guy like me."

Lori assured the nerdy teen, "Sure, she would! Carlota is a very sweet girl; she doesn't care what you look like, just as long as you're sweet, too." To emphasise her point, Lori pointed towards Chaz and Leni, "Just like my sister, Leni!" Joey asked, still sounding unsure, "Are you sure?"

Lori chuckled, "Sure, I'm sure! You just need a little help!" Turning to Bobby, she asked, "Bobby, I know we said we'd spend time together, but first, what do you say we help Joey?" Bobby thought out loud, "Well, it's a little weird playing matchmaker for my cousin," He takes Lori's hands and smiled, "But for you, babe, anything!"

"Yes!" Lori told Joey, "Let's get started."

Back over at Lisa and Darcy, Darcy put the finishing touches on her little castle, putting a small flag on top of it, "And that's how you make a sand castle!", before turning to Lisa and asks, "How's yours coming along, Lis…" Her jaw dropped at what she saw, "Woah."

Lisa had constructed a huge replica of an actual castle, "Do you like it? It's Bodiam Castle of East Sussex, England." She pulls out some architecture blueprints, "I already made a composite sketch for Neuschwanstein Castle next. A suitable second castle, wouldn't you say?"

Darcy smiled and hugged Lisa, "SANDCASTLE TWINS!" Suddenly, the two friends noticed a turtle inside the castle, "Look! A turtle!"

Lisa notices the turtle taking refuge in her castle, "I'll be."


The two friends hugged each other. It was impossible not to get lost in the occasion; they'd been present for something marvellous. The turtle would return to the sea, her eggs would hatch and, hopefully, one of them, however many years later would return to this very beach.

The exhausted mother turtle hauled her way back into the sea. She had done this every two years for most of her life; however, hauling herself back into water still wasn't easy. She wasn't built for living on land; the only reason she came to land was to nest.

Eventually, the waves picked her up and she was back in the ocean again. Back in her home environment, she began to swim around in search of food. The mother turtle suddenly froze. She sensed a predator nearby; a very large one, too.

She was fast.

It was faster.

Sorry for the whopping wait; things got in the way.

So the prehistoric sea monsters are starting to come into the narrative; well, one in particular is. This is your first introduction to Leviathan.