The rise of the Hypocritical Hero and the Shield

A crossover between The Raising of the Shield Hero and Fate/Stay Night

Author notes: This Shirou is one from the best Happy End as well as after Chaldea when he became a Demi Servant of his own ancestor.

Basicaly this Shirou is an amalgamation of every and any possible Shirou Emiya there is (Yes,that includes the alter one, he seems like he was the result of the Super Hero end in the VN, at least from what I could gather)

Chapter 1: The Summoning

I was at a loss for words, I was in London with Rin as I was making a meal for her, Saber and myself. Now for some reason I was in a rather large audience hall, next to me where 4 other persons, all 4 where boys around highschool/college age and looked as confussed as me as well.

This is not the first time I was summoned or would be summoned.

I was someone who became/would become a heroic spirit sometime in the future. However, that would be after my death so I could ascend into the throne of heroes, so this is the first time I would be summoned when alive. Blame Zelretch for me knowing this, there are WAY too many Emiyas.

I readied over 10 blueprints of swords into the front of my mind in case things got violent. My time at the Clock Tower as well as working for the Church shown me to be most cautious and had already seen potential scape routes.

The people around looked confused as well and then I noticed it, the 4 others had in their hands weapons, well 3 of them did, one had a small shield, however as soon as I saw it, I saw the potential of them as well as their drawbacks.

All 4 weapons got recorded into Unlimited Blade Works as I saw the 2 most important looking people in the audience hall besides than many priests and probably nobles looking at us aghast. Apparently there was to be only 4 heroes and I was an unexpected extra. I could hear the murmurs of the audience with my reinforced senses.

One was a regal old man with ostentatious decorations and beside him a red haired woman who claimed that the 4 other boys where the heroes and had been called to protect this world from a catastrophic event named the waves.

As for the one I pegged as a king and the red haired female that looked like his daughter, looked at the 4, I noticed the look of disgust and hatred towards the one with the Shield, albeit they hid it well, but after dealing with the fake priest, Gilgamesh and Archer I learned to pick those things up. Not only that but due to the weapon hanging by her hip I was able to confirm who she really was.

After introducing themselves and pleaded to the 4 after which they accepted as they had nothing else, as after their services where no longer needed they would, supposedly, send them back home. Or rather, they HAD to fight to go back. Of course not without asking for compensation for their services.

The people flocked towards the ones with the spear, the sword, and the bow, while the one with the Shield was left all alone.

"It is no wonder, if they form a party they look for someone with attack capabilities, however they seem to forget that a weapon is useless if you are dead" I thought to myself as I remember the many times I got saved by Rho Aias and how Gudao was saved by his Pettit demi-servant Mash.

The princess (who hid this fact, but was clear to my eyes as I saw the history of her weapon) Melty was about to speak, however I moved towards the one with a shield. "I am Emiya Shiro and you?"

"Naofumi Iwatani, thanks for joining me" he said sincerely grateful to have someone join him.

Then she smiled to all, however her smile did not reach her eyes when she saw Naofumi and now myself.

Then came to address the elephant in the room. Myself. There was whispering that I had no such thing as a legendary weapon or some rot.

The king asked the priests for answers, only 4 heroes should have been summoned, yet a 5th person was here as well.

The priests were befuddled, as they have done the ritual as it was written, there was a slight disturbance but they soldiered on, as it would be quite catastrofic to fail at summoning them, they could been dispersed to lord knows where, even by a active volcano or something. Not only that but they had gone and did the summining of all heroes in here, rather than each country summoning a hero, something that was ordered by the queen, the true ruler.

However they disobeyed as a way to convert the 3 heroes into their puppets, just give them the information they needed and obscuring anything that did not suit this kingdom human supremacy center ideology.

They had no idea how it had happened, as it was only 4 heroes, and it has been that way from the time this ritual was set. I was bound the same way the other 4 were, I could (supposely) go back home, once the waves are stopped.

I had my own suspicions on how this came to be, mainly one culprit that had the ability to manipulate and travel through parallel worlds, one that was an unrepentant prankster who had a longer life than common sense.

I played dumb and said I would help Naofumi and that way I would earn my keep as the kid had no clue what was going on and had 0 experience in combat from what I could see.

To me Naofumi was like myself when I got thrown to the deep end of the pool called the holy Grail war whole not knowing how to swim.

She asked on joining us, as her fire magic would surely benefit us, or so she claimed. She said it was a pitty that the shield only had a single other person who was a civilian.

I could smell the fire magic from her as well as what I found out was wind, it (her fire magic) had a rather strong intensity, however I had my reservations about her but the young guy accepted her.

The spear hero was rather angry that Naofumi accepted the girl and that I was foolish to go with Naofumi, that I should go with the others as they had offensive combat abilities and could keep me safe.

Should I laugh or be angry I wonder?

I simply raised my eyebrow, they had no idea what I can do, nor did they have any experience fighting beings of the level of Servants or even Dead Apostles, or even the beasts of Gaia.

I shot him down and I was mocked and given pitiful looks, but I knew I done the right choice, this kid… he was just too kind.

He was naive and trusting.

I did not wish to see that broken by these people, if I could, I would at least protect him from the worst and if not train him so he can stand on his own when Rin manages to find me.

With a bag of silver coins we went to town, looking for lodgings, it was hard for me as I could not understand the language, however Naofumi could.

I knew it was due to his shield, also I noted that no one bothered to explain to him anything about the sacred weapon he held, with it we slowly began to learn the language so reading wouldn't be a problem for either once we find someone to teach us.

We booked a two single rooms at a local Inn as to lessen expenditure and then we asked for a blacksmith. Me and Naofumi would share a room and the princess in hidding could have her own room, as it wouldn't do to have a lady with 2 unknown males, heroes or not.

The owner of the blacksmith/weapon shop greeted us, he was a rough looking man with a black beard and a bald head, he had several scars that looked like it came from fighting monsters, he welcomed us heartily and introduced himself as Erhard and we began to examine his wares, I felt like a kid in a candy store as I recorded everything of value in Unlimited Blade Works, most of these swords were just regular ones, but there were a fair few that could be low grade Noble Phantasm to a high grade mystic codes.

The princess asked Naofumi to pick the sword up and try it.

Naofumi wanted to get a sword but I quickly stopped him from making a painful mistake. "You can't use it… your shield will not allow it." I told him as I held his hand before he grabbed the sword.

"Eh?! what do you mean?" Naofumi asked in shock.

"Your shield is special, it won't let you use anything other than itself, if you equip any weapon the Shield will punish you by shocking you" Shirou said.

"Oh man… how am I supposed to fight and get stronger?" Naofumi lamented.

I heard the princess tsk angry her plan failed.

"I recommend buying some armor, due to the shield's inherent defensive properties." I explained.

The man in the counter whistled "You got a good eye there, how did you know about the shield's lore?"

Naofumi blinked, that was right! even he did not know and no one bothered to tell him.

"That is not important, however I will need some armor as well, for my friend maybe an armor that has high defensive capabilities while not being too cumbersome, allowing for freedom of movement, while in my case just leather will do, as tough as you can make it." I said, "Just… no red, please" I said with an awkward smile.

As soon as we had finished asking for Naofumi's armor Malty decided to leave, saying she was bored, however the look in her eyes worried me. She was planning something

He gave a look to us and nodded,"Sure thing, give me 16 days and I should have something done by then"

I thanked the man and we both left. "That is the drawback that comes with it" I said telling him about his shield.

This was a huge blow to him, "H-how will I be able to grow and defend myself with just a shield?" He asked.

"How about we do a light training regimen? I will help you learn how to fight and that way you will grow into a capable fighter" I said as to distract him as I grabbed a couple of well made knives.

I paid 10 silver coins and got change back, we left towards an empty pasture and told him to stretch a bit while I did the same.

"Since you use a shield your defensive abilities are rather high, meaning you would need to be attacked critically to even do normal damage." I explained to him, "that also comes with the inherent thinking that you can't attack"

"But, isn't a shield used for defending?" He asked.

"Yes, however you are thinking too narrowly, look at the edges, with enough speed or force you could cut someone, if you sharpened it that is" I explained.

"T-Thats true" he said as if that revelation shocked him.

"Also, the shield can be used to stun enemies by smashing it in their temple… or even as a diversion," I said as I grabbed a round barrel lid.

He got close to Naofumi with the "shield" up.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Look down" I said.

There was a knife that had slid on his side.

"Of course you can't do this, as any other weapon you use would cause your shield to shock you to submittion and use only it, however you still have your legs, a good hit in between someone legs will stun and possibly cripple anyone of the Male variety" I said with a pained grin.

"Now, I will teach you the most important part of battle" I said.

"And that would be?" Naofumi asked.

"Being able to weather killing intent" I said as I unleashed it.

P.O.V Naofumi

Shirou was helping me become a greater fighter and then he asked about the most important part of a battle, weathering killing intent.

"What do you-" I stopped mid sentence.

It was heavy, I felt like I was in a sea of syrup, the air was cold, a dark cold presence behind me.

It felt like death was behind me with its scythe at my neck.

My vision began to darken, posibly tunnel vision, my body was shivering and I sweated profusely.

Shirou slowly walked up to me.

slowly, deliberately. It was a normal walk, like someone simply going to the stoee running errands.

I was crying, I was hyperventilating.

And then… it all stopped.

Due to the sudden stop of that oppressive feeling I felt to the floor, like a puppet whose strings got cut.

"Never forget that feeling, until you are able to act like normal even under that oppressive feeling, that is when you will be able to become a fine warrior" Shirou said to me.

"H-How? How can you do that?" I asked in shock, unable to reconcile the God honest fear of death I felt with the kind and easygoing person who joined me.

He simply smiled and said, "Come now, I will teach you some ways to use your shield properly"

And so we began, with the knives he would attack me and then he would instruct me how I should block, how to position the shield as to make attacks slip and be able to counter in one fell swoop as well as training my kinetic vision to be able to catch the movement of fast moving objects, such as projectiles or the like.

We spend many days doing so, and I was growing, it seems that in this world we are quantified and assigned Levels, my level was around 14 while his was, unreadable?

It looked like a bug to be honest "#$%?!€£¥₩ "

In the display it said his name "Emiya Shirou" as a member of my party as well as a title "Hero of Wrought Iron"

And rather than SP he had a different bar that said OD.

I blinked at that. Why that title, I was told there were only 4 heros.

Shirou was an enigma. He was a GREAT fighter, even the blacksmith guy told me so, "he has a presence, and he knows how to pick his steel" he said.

Also… this guy, he knew how to cook.

He had appropriated the kitchen at the Inn we were staying and cooked such a delicious meal that the Innkeeper made a deal to give us a discount if Shirou cooked.

Every day we would have an intense physical training as he taught me throws and grapples and how to use my shield in both offence and defence, then we had the psychological part as he subjected me to killing intent, I would still freeze at it, but at least I could now be able to act after a few seconds. "You need to be able to fully resist it, but as you are now I supposed that is all we can do," he said.

He said that it was mostly because I realised that it was training and wouldn't be lethal. I had to agree even if I did not fully believe it as it felt very much dangerous.

After a 20 minute break we went back to combat training.

It was really something, Shirou would see any and all openings and exploit them, he would hit me with the handle of the knife rather violently "since we can't use killing intent it would be better to have you fear pain"

It made sense in a twisted way.

Still, when I tried it on him I simply got my ass handed to me.

The sound of metal on metal, of steel against steel, it made such a charming music as my efforts where paying off.

After I had sufficiently leveled up I decided to go hunting for monsters.

The whole thing seemed like a MMORPG for me, every one had an HP/SP and level

The first monsters we fought were called Balloons.

It took a while but I managed to kill them, who knew a shield could hold an edge?

"Many old stories tell tales of heroes who used shield for both offence and defence… I mean, if you know Greek mythology the greatest example would be the story of the hero Ajax and his shield" Shirou said with a smug grin.

To be honest I was a bit of a NEET… save for one E… as I had employment, but it was mostly as a freeter. I spend most time playing games and reading. Training with Shirou was the first time I ever done such strenuous activity. My muscles were sore as high heaven, Shirou had to carry me back to the Inn

I got hit a lot but due to the high defense stats that was given by the shield, the damage was merely scraps, both Shirou and myself had become rather well known to most people and they even greeted us warmly and Shirou would go out of his way to help anyone who required his help.

He was weird, he never asked for anything in return, however even if it was weird it was part of him and he was kind.

However good things don't last.

It was on the 3rd week… when she and her father made me taste hell.

That bitch and trash.

Chapter end

Author Notes 2: Hello everyone I am back with a new crossover, hopefully I gotten things better than before, pardon my making it short but I hope it suffices for now, the reason I have been AWOL is due to my mental health, I am suffering from severe clinical depression on top of my slight case of autism, also I am working on my original light novel, as well as working on my YouTube channel "Haseo's Animation"

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