Weekend Detention

By Kabuki & Sylvia

May 2003

Disclaimer: We don't own Yu-gi-oh or the Overlook Hotel.  This is a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh and Stephen King's The Shining.  Watch the movie and you'll understand.  Not for small children, there will be violence, gore, and mild cursing.

Summary:  Yugi and the gang spend a weekend of detention in the Overlook Hotel, recently purchased by Pegasus.  Horror and fright runs amuck as Mokuba discovers he has a special gift, but he's not quite sure who he can trust.


Part 1:

Even though they'd only left the school an hour ago, Mokuba was already bored. He stared out the window, counting telephone poles and wishing he could be anywhere but in detention. It seemed there had been many duelists after the Battle City Tournament that had simply missed too much school.  He and his big brother, despite Seto's arguments, were packed onto a bus and sent away for weekend detention with others who'd rather duel than attend class. Even as Mokuba looked around the bus, he was rather surprised that he knew everyone there.  There was that dice-guy that liked Pegasus, the dog-boy that hung around Yugi all the time, the shark-head motorcycle-riding guy, the girl that always talked about friendship, and Yugi himself.  It had actually been quite a sight to see the handful of championship duelists and their friends board a bus together.  Surprisingly, it had been a rather quiet ride.  No one seemed to want to acknowledge the fact that they'd missed so much school.  Mokuba scowled as he once again lost to the wolf-man on his Gameboy, already bored with the supposedly action-packed game. After watching his brother duel so many times, most videogames seemed pretty lame.  Even though Mokuba wasn't a duelist, he still attended every duel his brother participated in, and therefore missed the same amount of school.  After all the difficulties the two brothers had, including Mokuba being kidnapped at least twice, Mokuba couldn't stand to be away from his big brother. He knew Seto felt the same way – even now Seto was sitting to his right having amicably given up the window seat to his shaggy-haired brother.

He had just decided that his game sucked, and was about to roll down the window and chunk the boring Gameboy outside, when a familiar face peered over the back of the seat in front of him. "Hi Mokuba!"

"Hi Yugi. I never imagined there would be so many duelists on this bus.  I guess even you missed a lot of school, huh?"

"Yeah." Yugi shrugged, more ashamed of being caught than of having missed class so many times.  "My Grandpa's been pretty mad about it, but it's ok. If I want to be a Master Duelist, I have to duel."  Yugi glanced at the boy's companion and smiled. "Right, Seto?"

Seto was typing away on his laptop, trying to explain to certain CEOs why he wouldn't be present for the important meeting Saturday morning. He looked up a little sharply, his eyes narrowing at the insipid little King of Games. "Yugi, I'm working here."

"Ah, sorry. I just wanted to know, are you two here for the weekend too?"

Seto sighed, and Mokuba could hear the grating tone in his brother's voice.  "Everyone's here for the weekend, Yugi. That's why it's called Weekend Detention."


There was silence and Yugi looked as though he were about to slip down into his seat again, probably wishing he hadn't turned around to start conversation, until Mokuba spoke up. "Does anyone know where we're going?"

Seto snorted. "My guess is Alcatraz judging from the length of time we've been on this bus."

Yugi shook his head and looked at Mokuba, his violet eyes large and friendly. "I head the professors mention the name of some hotel.  The Overlook Hotel, I think?  Anyway, we're supposed to be given specific chores, and we've gotta take care of the place until detention's over."

Mokuba brightened, his Gameboy forgotten. "A hotel? Really?"  Visions of his trip to Disney World last year came to his mind.  He imagined Mickey himself aiding the small boy off the bus to stay in a Magical Kingdom.  He thought of his big brother, not short tempered and irritated as he was last time, but happy and carefree with a bag of cotton candy in one hand and mouse ears on his head, while he smiled and laughed as he pointed to the next ride.  "This'll be great!"

Seto stopped his typing abruptly, giving his younger brother a displeasing look.  "It's not gonna be like Disney World, Mokuba."  He turned back to the screen, closing a few windows and opening others, muttering under his breath, "Thank god…"

"Yeah, and we're gonna have chores, too." Yugi's expression looked a little displeased, but his usual optimistic personality shone through.  Mokuba's face soured, the glorious images of Disney World melting away. 

"What kind of chores?" Mokuba glanced to his older brother warily.

"Who knows," Seto rolled his eyes. "Anyway that can't be right, Yugi. A hotel would be open for business and we were specifically told the place would be deserted."

"Well," Yugi glared at the older Kaiba, clearly annoyed, "That's just what I've heard."

"Huh, well you must've heard wrong."

Joey yawned, his blond head rising up on Yugi's left as he rubbed sleep from his eyes. "Ugh, what's all the racket?"

"Great, the dog's awake."

"Hey! Watch it Mr. Rich Brat Kaiba, I'm no dog so stop callin' me that!"

"Whatever you say, Fluffy."

Duke Devlin, roused from his metallic music banging through his headphones, eyed Joey suspiciously from beneath his mass of dark hair. He plucked the ridiculously loud headphones off his ears, turning down the sound on his CD player to join the taunting.  "What's up? The puppy's doing tricks again?"

"Grrr… I'll get you for that someday, Dice-boy!"

"It seems Yugi-boy has yet to get you a muzzle, my dear little pup."

"Why don't ya come over here and say that, ya big Pegasus-lovin' coward!"

Mokuba and Yugi exchanged glances and rolled their eyes. It had been a terrible choice on the part of the school to include Devlin, Seto, and Joey on a bus together. Mokuba shook his head. "Looks to be a long weekend."

Tea turned around in her seat as she closed her novel, "Speaking of Pegasus, guys, you know what I heard from the professors?"

Devlin smiled eagerly as he looked toward Tea.  "What about Pegasus?  What did they say?"

Seto smirked, closing his program, thankful to have at last arranged for the company to take care of itself while he was away.  "Hm, hopefully a date for his funeral.  You could bring flowers, Devlin, how nice.  Maybe he finally keeled over from liver failure."

Devlin glared in his direction. "That's not funny, Kaiba.  You shouldn't joke about things like that.  For all you know, it could happen!"

Kaiba smiled, "Well then all the more reason to discuss it."  Tea cleared her throat in annoyance, garnering the attention of the group.

"Anyway, like I was saying, they said that the hotel we have to go to is actually owned by Pegasus."

"Since when did Pegasus become interested in hotel chains?" Yugi cocked his head to the side, his spiky hair dangerously close to Joey's eyes.

"Well, rumor has it that he's gonna make it into a casino, once he can legalize gambling around here."

"Hah!" Kaiba laughed, "He just wants an excuse to have a bunch of liquor in one spot.  Either that or he wants to be one of the dancing girls."

"Grr, Shut up, Kaiba!" Devlin was on his feet glaring at the elder Kaiba.  Seto for his part didn't move, and as the two stared each other down, Mokuba felt extremely uncomfortable.  He wasn't sure if he wanted to spend the weekend with someone who idolized Pegasus so much.  Joey's bark of laughter ended the battle of wills.

"Look who's the dog now, Devlin!  Go on, growl again, it's hilarious!  Maybe I could strap a sign on your back that says 'Beware of Dog!'"

"I'm going to beat the hell out of you, Joey, if you don't be quiet!"  Devlin's fists were balled tight, but Tristan pulled the dice-loving duelist back into his seat.

"Calm down, Devlin!  If we're going to spend a weekend together, we might as well start learning to get along.  You know it won't get any easier."

Devlin sighed in agreement, crossing his arms in resigned silence.  Mokuba shook his head again, at this rate everyone could expect many more awkward silences before Weekend Detention came to a close.  They were all shocked as the bus came to a halt near a seemingly deserted dirt pathway that lead off into the dense forest.

"Big brother, where's the hotel?"

Kaiba smirked at Yugi.  "I told you there wasn't a hotel."  He smiled down at Mokuba who clutched his arm nervously.  "Obviously we're just going to have to camp."

"Obviously, you're mistaken, Mister Kaiba."  All eyes turned to the head of the bus where a thin woman with blond hair pulled into an overly tight ponytail with small black sunglasses stood.  She was wearing a black business suit with tennis shoes.  "Welcome, everyone to Weekend Detention.  My name is Ms. Clarissa Sweeney and I am here to introduce you to where you will call home for the next few days."  The duelists eyed the woman warily and then Mokuba spoke up.

"Are we gonna have to camp?"  The woman smiled, carefully adjusting her sunglasses.  "No, young Mokuba, you will be given a place to stay soon enough.  Now please, if each of you will form a line and come forward one at a time, we can disembark and prepare to head towards the place where you will be serving your detention this weekend."  The group was hesitant at first, but Yugi was the first to stand and step forward.  He smiled amicably at the woman, even though his eyes took her in with careful consideration.  Ms. Sweeney smiled back at him, and then lifted a metal detector to sweep over his body.

"What gives, lady?!  Ya afraid we're gonna shoot up the place?"  Joey was already on his feet ready to defend his friend should anything happen.

"No, Mister Wheeler, we're simply taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the group of you actually spends the weekend doing work instead of fooling around with your electronic gizmos and gadgets."  She swept the machine over Yugi's chest, and everyone on the bus became nervous as the woman lifted the Millenium Puzzle from young Yugi's chest.  "What in the world is this?  Yugi Motoh, are you trying to slip something by?"

"No, ma'am!"  Yugi tried to snatch the puzzle back, but the woman held it back out of his reach.  "Please, I need my puzzle!"

"A puzzle?" the woman gave Yugi a look, turning the golden pyramid over in her hands as though a closer inspection might reveal it had a microphone or secret transmitter.  "It doesn't look like any puzzle I've ever seen.  We'll have to keep it here."  Yugi couldn't help himself.

"No!" he cried, his voice becoming desperate.  "You can't!  I have to have my puzzle!  Please, I need it!"

"Oh?  And why is that?  What is it for?"  She stared down at the boy, an untrusting scowl covering her features.  Yugi was speechless.

"I… uh-" he blinked.

"He wets the bed without it!" Yugi turned to stare at Joey who merely shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.  "Course he don't wanna tell ya, but it's true.  I'm his best friend, and I don't want to share a bed with him if he's gonna be wettin' it every night.  Trust me, it won't be pretty!"  Devlin burst out laughing as Tristan elbowed him in the side.

Ms. Sweeney grimaced at the puzzle, and then nearly shoved it into Yugi's eager hands.  "Fine.  Keep it.  I don't think it's electronic anyway."  She cleared her throat, changing her focus to the rest of the group as Yugi moved gratefully toward the front of the bus awaiting the others.  "Next!"  Nobody moved as she glared at them, and then Tea jumped up and went forward.

Sweeney swept her up and down, even checking her bookbag, but only found a cell phone, which she confiscated.  Tea shrugged, obviously not bothered, and then turned to the others.  "This is why books are so much more important than electrical equipment!"  She smiled triumphantly, but Sweeney leveled her with a glare.

"You have books, eh?  Fork 'em over."

"Huh?" Tea gasped.  "But why?"

"Because you'll sit around and read them like an indolent young student instead of doing your chores."  She smiled cruelly.  "I doubt they're school books."  Kaiba chuckled under his breath.

"Nice going Tea!  I'll be sure to remember that little doctrine on the superiority of books.  I bet they don't mention how to keep your loud mouth shut, though, do they?"  Sweeney glared at the elder Kaiba.

"You're next, Seto.  Get up here."  Kaiba sighed, frustrated.  As Seto walked up, Ms. Sweeney gave the laptop a firm stare.  "Well, hand it over." Kaiba's eyes narrowed.

"I am the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation, KaibaCorp, as if you hadn't heard of it.  I need my laptop and my equipment in order to ensure that my company runs smoothly while I am away on this idiotic trip.  If I do not have these things, millions of dollars will be lost in stock across the country.  You don't really want to be held responsible for that, now, do you Ms. Sweeney?"  He sneered at her, and attempted to push his way by, but Sweeney held her arm out.  Kaiba growled in the back of his throat.

"Hand it over, Kaiba."

"How many times do I have to explain it to you, Missy?  Want me to phone up my lawyers and let them explain it in a lawsuit?  I'm sure they'd be more than happy -"

"Being under the supervision of the school and a registered student, you are first and foremost liable to the school itself and *not* to your company, no matter how important you think you are."  She produced a small stun gun from her belt, which Kaiba only now realized was filled with guns, a nightstick, and – was that a grenade he spied tucked in there?  His eyes grew wide as she pushed a button on the stun gun, a small arc of white electric charge pulsing between the two metal spikes.  "Don't make me have to use this." 

Kaiba glared at her.  "You wouldn't dare."  Ms. Sweeny smiled, advancing upon him with her hand outstretched for the laptop.

"Try me."  Kaiba smiled as he backed away.  Tea and Yugi stared openmouthed behind her, and Mokuba looked ready to pounce on the lady if his big brother got hurt.  Kaiba glanced in the direction of his younger brother, and frowned, realizing the danger he might put him in if he continued.  He closed his eyes and sighed, holding the laptop out for Sweeney to snatch from him.

"Fine."  He moved to go past her again, but the woman blocked him once more.  "Now what?"  She produced the metal detector again, and swept him up and down, removing all sorts of electrical gadgets and strange objects even Mokuba didn't realize his brother possessed.  Finally, he was allowed to pass, and he roughly pushed between Tea and Yugi, disembarking from the bus.

Mokuba rushed up next, anxious to speak with his big brother, but Sweeney stopped him.  The boy sighed and held out his Gameboy, and then allowed him to scan him, rushing off when she nodded an affirmation that he could pass.

Joey stood up and moved forward, already fishing through his pockets.  Sweeney readied the metal detector but stared confused as Joey produced a handful of change.  He rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed.  "I think this is all the metal I got, but I could have sworn I had more.  Where do you want me to put it?  Want me to label it?  I need it back later when this is all over, ya know.  Ya can't just go around stealing people's money even if the school does need funding."  Yugi laughed as Sweeney closed the boy's hand in disgust.  She swept him up and down, even though there was nothing else to confiscate from the boy.

"I don't need your pocket change, Mister Wheeler.  Put it away, and get out of my sight."  Joey shrugged, seemingly pleased that he was able to hang on to his change.

"See Yug?  Ya just gotta know how to speak to 'em!"  Sweeney rolled her eyes, and turned to Yugi and the group.

"Would you please disembark while I finish scanning the rest of the students?"  Yugi nodded reluctantly as the three left the vehicle.