Chapter One: Alice & Jasper

"Mrs. Alice Hale..." The PA called from the kitchen.

Her body spurred into gooseflesh at the sound of lover's smooth voice. Unbidden, a sly smile that demonstrated the edge of her teeth creeps onto her face. Alice saunters her way towards her lover, anticipation making her core tighten. She slides her hand through the open door way, heels clacking against the expensive flooring.

The moonlight shines through the kitchen's windows and onto the counter, making the granite finish shine in the darkness of the evening. Her eyes glimmer. Her silk red robe slides from her shoulders revealing, the curvature of her pale back. She pressed the assistant call button, responding in a dazed state.

"Yes, Mr. Hale?" She breathes.

Jasper's voice was filled with steely command, "You're needed in the office."

Alice's hand travels it's way to her stomach as if flips and turns with arousal. "Coming..." she chokes, out of breath.

The moment she spins on her heel she runs slips directly into Jasper's chest. Quickly, Alice stumbles back, eyes blown as she cranes her neck to meet eyes with Jasper. His gaze pierces her soul as he approaches her. An alluring moan escapes Alice's lip, and Jasper feels the want within himself grow. He traces his hands down to the small of her waist, pulling her into him. He can feel her heart beating rapidly as he places a soft kiss against her neck. Alice is only wearing a red silk robe with lace trimming, and the robe is barely on her at all. His gaze rakes her from head to toe, and he feels pleased with himself as she flushes under the weight of his eyes.

Jasper traces his fingers alongside her hips, before dancing his finger along her neck. He marvels at her forest eyes as they sparkle in the moonlit room.

"You are so…fucking beautiful..." He yanks out the band holding her ponytail, her neck snapping back to follow his hand. Her curly brunette hair falls down around his grip, tangling in his grasp. Her bangs slide back into place on her forehead. With another small tug that elicits a moan from his partner, Jasper shifts his grip back to her hips.

Alice slots her hands on either side of his smooth face, kissing him slowly. When she pulls away, a trial of saliva connects their lips. "I am to please…" she whispers, lithe shoulders dropping as she catches her lips between her teeth, disconnecting their mouths from each other.

He steps back, teasing her by running his hands through his shaggy bronze hair. He bumps his forehead against hers. "I've been waiting for you all day…" He hisses, lips caressing the shell of her ear. "Work was so lonely without you there to keep me tonight..."

He settles himself behind, the sound of his belt unbuckling loud in the tense silence. His finishes undoing his belt, pants pooling around his feet. His length, already dripping precum, presses against her spine. She gasps as his hands making their way towards her shoulders. Removing her robe with nimble fingers, he plants another kiss. "...I'm going to enjoy making love until I can't even remember what being without you feels like."

He cups Alice's breasts, another kiss landing on her neck. Her small body pressed against his. She moans in pleasure as he holds her hips in a tight grip. "Oh my God." She breathes as he bends her over the counter. He reels a hand back and smacks it against her ass, cupping the redden flesh possessively.

He growls through clenched teeth "Is that mine, pretty girl?"

"Yes, sir..." She exclaims as he spanks her once more. He began kissing her back, pulling his arms over his head to rid himself of his shirt, revealing toned abs.

He grabs the shirt and wrapped it from underneath Alice's stomach, using it to bring her body closer to his. "Keep your head down pretty those legs. Yes...that's it. Good girl." He licks his hand reached underneath them to massage her clit.

"Jasper!" She moans, her voice shattered with pleasure. "Please...I need you..." A mischievous grin stretches upon Jasper's face as his mouths works her ear. She spread her cheeks wider as he pistons his hips forehead until he's inside of her.

"Fuck!" Jasper groans, brutalizing his pace. Her body rides up more against the counter. Her breasts sway uncontrollably to the point that Jasper holds them in support.

"Cum for me baby..." He hisses. "I want to feel all of you on me..." Alice's neck and back have been coated in hickies and purpling bruises by now, her knees given out beneath her. His weight is the only thing keeping her upright.

"Fuccck!" Her voice raises in pitch, head and hair swinging backwards as she reaches her climax. "I'm fucking cum-m-ming..."

Jasper grips her neck in his larger palm, bring her upwards and continuing to fuck her until he completes inside her.

He turns her around and scoops her into her arms. "I fucking missed you, baby."

She giggles, nuzzling into him. "I missed you more. Don't ever leave me so long again."

His smile is gentle, "No more business trips for me for the rest of the year, Matter of fact...I'm taking off the rest of the weekend. Just me and my girl."

"But babe what about my sister's" She pouts.

"Oh they can come over. But I don't see the reason'll be a little preoccupied with me."

Alice gasps, scandalized. "Jasper!" she scolds.

Jasper laughs, giving his wife another kiss. "Hush." He orders.

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