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Hope dies and you wander, The otherworld, it makes you. Dreams, they rip asunder, The otherworld, it hates you. Otherworld - FFX soundtrack

Chapter 1 - Distant Memories

The four men sat next to the bottom of one of the many beautiful waterfalls that surrounded the Farplane.

"Don't start crying again son, we'll figure out a way to bring ya' back t' life so ya' can see her again, ain't that right Braska?"

"Indeed," replied the dead High Summoner, "I won't let my Yuna lose you, I would rather become a fiend than allow something like that to occur." The older man clapped the young blonde man on the back reassuringly.

"If you had had a real body then you could do what I did for those ten and a half long years," said the man who had been an excommunicated monk of Yevon and a legendary Guardian before the end of Sin. He adjusted his worn, gray collar and turned to look at his friend, the father of the boy that they were trying to help. "Jecht, would you and Tidus help me guard Braska once again?"

"Guard em' from what?" asked the tanned blitzball star. "We're in the Farplane now buddy, nothing here is gonna to try an' hurt him."

"True enough, but I believe that we may have a better chance of doing this if you are with us."

"Whadd'ya mean?"

"I have an idea that might end up helping the boy and myself as well."

At this Jecht, Braska, and the boy all turned to him curiously. "You want to go back too Auron? But I thought that the only reason that you stayed behind was to keep your promises to look after me and Yuna."

"It is for those promises, and another, that I wish to return. Besides, with me around I am certain that you wouldn't return to your old self; I worked hard to turn you from a crybaby into a man, I wouldn't want for all of that work to be undone by a woman's skillful hands." Jecht and Braska couldn't help but chuckle at Auron's comment; even Tidus was unable to keep from smiling at the jest.

"Wow, I think that's a first, Auron cracked a joke," laughed Jecht.

"Please Auron, explain your idea; I don't wish to get caught up in one of your reckless adventures again."

Auron thought for a moment before turning to Braska and going over the details of his plan to restore life to Tidus and himself.

* * * * * * * * * *

The four of them walked through the fields of grass and flowers, over the tranquil mountains, and around the serene falls in their search for the one person who might have an idea as to how to return to the living world. Finally, they came to a small forest that was filled with the spirits of all of the dead Guado. That is where they found him, Jyscal Guado, the one person to have ever escaped from the Farplane. The former Maester quickly recognized them all.

"Ah, if it is not Lord High Summoner Braska and his Guardians, with the one who defeated my deranged son so many times as well, I thank you for your deeds young man. Why do you all visit me now though? Has another catastrophe befallen Spira?"

"Nay Sir," said Braska, "We come to you now seeking your wisdom. The boy, Tidus, has great need to return to the land of the living and you are the only one who has ever succeeded at doing so."

"I too desire to return," intoned Auron.

"Why do you seek to go back there boy, what unfinished business drives you to return?"

Tidus answered quickly and with passion, "I have to see Yuna again, she needs me, and I need her! I only had about six months of life outside of the dream world and it wasn't enough."

"Love can indeed be a very powerful reason to live, it is part of what keeps the unsent from becoming fiends." The Maester paused for a moment before continuing, "And what drives you Sir Auron?"

"I seek to continue my duties as Guardian to Yuna and the boy."

"No other reasons?"

"None that are the concern of any but me."

The Maester nodded with a smile, "Very well then, I suppose that your intentions are good enough to warrant such a thing as this. To return to the living land you must reach the plateau that the living that visit this place stand on. You much reach it without the aid of the pyre flies and then you must leave the Farplane by means of the stairs. Crossing the threshold will be difficult and painful but if you make it through without giving in to the pain then you will have returned to Spira as an unsent. If you give in to the pain then you will eventually loose yourself and become a fiend. Be warned though, should you die there or if you are sent by a summoner, you will return here and nothing you do will ever allow you to go back again."

The four visitors nodded their heads in understanding.

"Thanks guy, I want my boy here to have a second chance, thanks for givin' it to em'," came Jecht's typically informal response.

The Guado Maester nodded and smiled before waving to them, knowing their wish for a quick departure, "Live well you two."

* * * * * * * * *

The two of them slowly climbed up the slippery cliff that lay hidden behind the central waterfall of the Farplane. After several days of ceaseless climbing the dead men reached their goal, the summit. They were rather lucky since it was the middle of the night and no one would think of wandering around Guadosalam after dark. They slowly walked down the steps, neither of them really sure if the plan would work. They reached the threshold and, with murmured prayers to the departed Fayth, crossed.

Agony, unlike any that they had experienced in their lives, coursed through their forms. They grit their teeth and pushed with all of their will towards Spira, towards their home. After what seemed like hours of pain they managed to break through and tumbled down the stairs to the landing that Auron had sat on months before.

To Be Continued.