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If I could open The heavens above I'd be with you. If I could hold you Again in my arms I would tell you, That I love you. Silent World - Donna Lewis

Chapter 2 - Heart Ache

She woke up crying, the same way she went to sleep. Her first and last thoughts of the day were always the same: why did he have to go? She missed him so much, missed his kindness, his strength, his calming presence. He had promised her that they would be together but he knew the whole time that he was going to disappear in the end. Why did he say that they would be together when he knew that they weren't? How could he be so cruel to her? His image floated through her consciousness, torturing her with memories of him comforting her through her tears, memories of him with his strong arms wrapped around her, memories of his surprisingly gentle kisses.

"Why did you leave me.?" she asked the empty room.

* * * * * * * * *

While in front of the others she put on a fa├žade of tranquility that none of them could see through. Of course if they really tried they would have probably noticed but they were all too busy trying to get the world working without Yevon. Wakka was trying to keep people distracted by scheduling a blitzball tournament every week, Kimahri was helping the Ronso to rebuild their homes in Gagazet, Lulu was working to get the Guado to believe in the evil of their former leader, and she and her cousin were trying to get the world to put aside its prejudice against the Al'bhed. Everyone was so busy trying to keep the world from falling off its axis that they hardly ever saw each other and when they did manage a visit they only barely paid attention to one another. It was a blessing and a curse for her. She wanted to tell them all the truth so bad, to tell them how much it hurt to be living without him, but she couldn't, she had to be strong and happy, she wasn't allowed to be sad; Sin was no more; no one was allowed to be sad. She shook her head bitterly as she dressed: the Calm still wasn't worth it, not if she had to live through it without him. She almost broke down into tears again but managed to control herself. She did her hair up in her usual style, remembering how he had liked it and the innocent look that it gave her. She sighed and finished getting ready for the bright new day.

* * * * * * * * *

"Hey girl, that Lulu lady sent us a message for ya', said it was important. Said that there was something there that everyone had to come see." The bald Al'bhed looked at her for a moment, worry written across his face. She almost smiled; at least there was one person who could see that she wasn't as happy as she appeared to be.

"Well, why are we still here then?"

"Well, I didn't know if ya' were up for the trip." He turned to Brother, "Mad'c ku! Yeehaa!"

The Airship turned and sped off in the direction of the Guado city.

* * * * * * * * *

The Airship was unable to dock in the Guado town so it went to the next closest place, the Moonflow. Cid stayed behind with the ship while she ran to meet the others. A thousand thoughts raced through her head as she moved through the jungle, avoiding the delay of fighting some of the fiends that roamed about with practiced ease. After half an hour of running she reached the entrance to the city and paused to catch her breath, no need to let everyone know how out of shape she had gotten.

The sight that greeted her when she actually entered the city stole her breath away. In front of her stood Lulu, Wakka, and Kimahri who were watching as Yuna and Tidus held one another in a warm, happy embrace. Standing next to Tidus was the man who had haunted her dreams for weeks, the man that she loved, and the man that had sworn to protect her forever. She stood there in shock for several moments before Wakka saw her out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey, Rikku, you okay?" asked the dense blitzball player.

Lulu turned to her and noticed the strange look of shock, confusion, and joy that lit her face. "What is wrong?"

There was only one word that the pretty Al'bhed girl could bring to her lips, "A-Auron.?" before she fainted dead away.

To Be Continued.