Prologue: A small focus.

This story takes place with almost all the characters in the series. I tried to be loyal to Blindspot and the wonderful characters created by Martin Gero. Apart from that, the timeline is not respected in this Fanfiction. The story happens after Sandstorm has been defeated but Mayfair is not dead. Allie is very present and seven months pregnant. Allie, Patterson, Jane, and Tasha are really very close friends. Allie just met a man, Connor, with whom she feels good and is ready to start a relationship. With the help of Tasha and Patterson, she does all for Jane and Kurt to confess their feelings. Roman is not very present in the team, but he occasionally works with them and a consultant status like his sister. He is free and relearns to live like a normal person. He can get along well with everyone even if they're not really close. This narrative is purely based on the relationship between Reade and Zapata. It is not really an alternative universe since this fiction and based on the events of the series, but I take freedoms.