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The City of Beacon. A popular city in Vale where opportunities are abundant. Prestigious schools, top of the line hospitals with the best doctors and nurses, and a plethora of shops, museums, and companies. The Beacon Police Department known for keeping peace and order throughout the city, making it also known as the most secure and safest place in all of Vale. Schnee Dust Corporation, the world's most powerful Dust Company's main offices is located in Beacon, with Jacques Schnee as its CEO. The Schnees own most of the museums, hospitals and even the police because of their powerful ties. In addition, they are facing a huge threat to their secrets and wealth.

Beacon Museum of History earlier held its grand opening, with pictures and paintings made by artists in Beacon depicting how their beloved city became what it is today. Books and documents also support the history behind it. Moreover, tonight, said museum surrounded by the BPD.

"Damn it, this is the 3rd time this week!" a begrudged detective yelled while stepping outside their police car. The entrance surrounded by rows of guns pointed towards the door.

"Whoa, chill out there detective! She's just getting on your nerves." said the sergeant, offering the detective a cup of coffee, which the detective rejected.

"I can't drink coffee right now. I want results first." replied the detective. "Is the team already here?"

"Yep, we're all just waiting for you. Let's go, Nora is getting a little bit antsy."

"Red Rose Thief, you are not escaping tonight. All of you, stand guard and secure all entrances!" the detective ordered the other officers as they entered the museum.

Inside the museum, a lone figure is standing in front of the curator's office. The Red Rose Thief wore a cavalier hat, with black and red feather plume and held in place by a red rose pin, covering her black hair with red streaks. Her black corset vest and white blouse covered by a red ankle-length tailcoat, with black lace trimmings. She also wore black shorts, knee-high black stockings, and low heel black boots, walking with confident strides as she walks to the office door. The door reads "Dr. Oobleck" as she opened the door and entered, her masquerade mask resembling a rose, with the eyeholes covered by silver double-sided lenses.

The Red Rose Thief was surprised when she entered the office, as it was full of empty coffee cups and sachets of instant coffee. Papers and folders strewn across the desk. Books on the shelves now lie on the carpeted floor. The pitcher plant next to the corner of the room toppled over.

'Hey Red. How's your evening?' said an unenthusiastic voice on a mini headset on the right ear of Red.

"Not good. They got to the doctor's office first. And they took the file." replied Red, searching for any sign of clue as to what happened.

'Hmm... Well, the Queen requests us to retreat for now. She also said that the files we need might be found in His palace.'

Red shrugged and walked out of the room, when she heard the sounds of running and a lot shouting.

"Hey Midnight, the detective is here with her squad." Red casually said to her support.

'So... I'm guessing you're giving another 'performance'?' Midnight asked as if they were not expecting it.

"What do you think?" Red snapped. "Sigh, sorry, just still a little upset about our mission. Oh well, time to let off some steam." Red gave a smirked as she walked to the middle of the hallway, and stood with one foot in front of her, right hand on the tip of her cavalier hat, tipping it a bit so that'll cover her eyes just a little bit. She pulled off her silver rapier that was hidden behind her coat, and held it steadily with her left hand.

'Knock em dead, Red.' Midnight cheered with a slight hint of amusement.

"They won't expect a thing." Red replied with a smirk on her lips.

The detective and her team reached the hallway where the Red Rose Thief is and was surprised to see her standing there, as if waiting for them to arrive.

"Red Rose Thief! You are under arrest! You'll pay for your crimes." The detective said as she pointed a customized desert eagle. The barrel has a silver rose engraving with its petals wilting. The grip of the gun has black and red metal linings. The other officers pointed their weapons at the thief.

"Good evening officers and my dear detective, fancy seeing you at this time of day." The thief greeted back with a taunting curtsy, which agitated the detective even further.

"Oh shut it! You're coming with us. Yang, get her!" the detective ordered Yang, the sergeant, as Yang approaches the thief, Midnight's voice came through Red's earpiece.

'Red, run as soon as the alarms go off!' Midnight said to Red. As soon as Yang was near Red, the museum alarms rang out, Red lowered herself and sweeped Yang's leg while they were distracted by the alarms, grabbed a small smoke grenade from her bag, and dropped it and took off further into the hallway. The detective noticed what Red had done and helped Yang up.

"Jaune, Nora, go back downstairs and get everyone to cover all the exits and climb up the fire exits! Cut her off! Ren, Pyrrha and Yang, you're all with me!" ordered the detective and chased the red clothed pilferer.

Red ran and ran, trying to think of a way to escape her pursuers. As she turned to the end of the hallway, she bolted to the fire exit door and ran upstairs. The police still hot on her heels, she ran to the highest floor and trapped the door with smoke bombs. As soon as the police caught up to her, the bombs that triggered when they opened the door, incapacitating Pyrrha, Ren and Yang with its powerful gas.

"*cough* *cough* What the hell is in these bombs..." Yang exclaimed while falling on to her knees from being exposed to the smoke.

"They're laced with some sort of drug... I need some rest..." Ren said as he crawled towards the wall and leaned on it. Pyrrha soon fell on her knees as well, tried to help Yang up, and noticed that the detective is still chasing after the elusive thief. Pyrrha tried to call out to her but she felt too tired to call her. The detective seemed unaffected by the drug-laced smoke and kept on the thief's trail as the reach the rooftop.

Red opened the door and ran to the edge of the building and look for any ways of escape. She looked down and saw that it was a 50-foot drop to the ground. As she turned around, the detective burst out of the door, she just came in and pointed her gun at the thief.

"I told you, you're coming with us, thief! You've got nowhere to run." the tireless detective said, still pointed her gun to Red.

"I'm surprised you're not affected by the smoke." Red said honestly, raising her arms to surrender.

"I've suspected you might do something like that so i brought a mask. Now turn around slowly and bring your arms behind your back." Red did as she was told but as soon as her hands are near her back, she step onto the ledge, did a somersault, flipping over behind the detective, and did another sweep and the detective's legs gave way. Just as the detective was about to hit the ground, she rolled forwards and sprinted towards the thief, extending her right leg for a roundhouse kick towards Red's face. Red ducks down and blocks the oncoming left hook. Red grabbed the detective's left wrist, pulled her close and kissed the detective on the lips. Both were surprised with what they did. The detective was so surprised that her face gone through million shades of red, rivaling the thief's clothing. While they were kissing, Red slip a diamond necklace, she stole from a few nights before into the detective's pocket. She pulled away from the kiss, leaving the poor detective breathless.

"Wh-wha-wha-what! Did you just kissed me?!" the detective was flustered, looking like a red headless chicken squawking nonsense. The thief took opportunity of this distraction, ran to the other end of the building, and jumped off.

"Thanks for the good night kiss, detective!" Red shouted back as she fired a grappling hook from her holster and swings from the building across the museum and landed in a balcony. She tipped her hat and another curtsy and took off again, escaping into the night.

The detective was so surprised that she forgot to exhale a breath she held as the rest of her team followed her into the rooftop.

"Ruby! Where did she go? Are you okay? Your face looked so red!" Yang shaked her sister out of control, concerned for the young detective.

"Ya-Yang, I-I'm fi-fine!" Ruby stopped her elder sister from shaking her. "She got away... Again. But she did return the necklace she stole from Weiss." she said as she noticed and took out the necklace from her pocket.

"Ruby, are you sure you're okay?" Pyrrha approached Ruby, placing a hand on the young detective's shoulder.

"Yeah Pyrrha... Just planning on what she'll do next..." Ruby assured as she gazed to the balcony that she last saw the red thief. "I'm going to give Weiss a call about her necklace." she said as she stepped away from her officers who left her to do what she want.

Ruby took out her phone, clicked on Weiss' profile and pressed call. A voice soon spoke through the phone.

'Hello Ruby.' the voice of Weiss said, making Ruby smile.

"Heya Weiss. Uh, I got your necklace back."

'Oh, thank you Ruby. I was wondering if you could return it to me personally. Would it be fine with you?' Weiss cooed.

"Of course Weiss, I'll see ya later. And I... Uhm, I love you." Ruby shyly said.

'*giggle* Dolt. I love you too. See you later.' replied Weiss and dropped the call. Ruby and the rest of her team went down the museum, ready to call the whole operation off as Red carefully eyeing them from the building she escaped from. She slipped back her phone into her front pocket and gone down to the alleyway where Midnight is waiting for her.

"Did you just seriously kissed her?" asked 'Midnight' with a barely noticeable smirk. She was wearing a purple hoodie that fades to black towards the end of the hoodie. The back of her hoodie are decorated with belladonna flowers that are colored white. Her ebony black hair is messy, topped with a black ribbon, covering her faunus heritage. Her black ripped denim pants fit her athletic figure nicely, and her black combat shoes complete her look. Her amber eyes seemingly glow slightly in the dark. Red, embarrassed that she forgot that Midnight was watching her explained herself.

"I-I didn't know what else to do. I can't think of anything to distract her."

"So you decided kissing her was gonna do it?" She chuckled, infuriating Red.

"Oh hush you!" Red snapped at her accomplice. She took off her hat and her black and red wig, revealing her real hair, a beautiful shade of alabaster white that reaches to her back. She took out a small tiara, fixing her hair into a ponytail, offset to her left, and placed the tiara too hold her side ponytail in place. She removed her mask to reveal a pair of ice blue eyes. Her gaze is seemingly entrancing to anyone who looks at her. Her scar running down her right eye just adds to her beauty. "Blake, we need to get back to my mansion before Ruby notices I'm gone. Or else, she'll suspect me." 'Red' said to Blake, as she starts to take off her coat and folding it neatly and letting it hang on her arm.

"C'mon then Weiss, let's go. I'll drive." Blake said, as she opened the door of Schnee family car, and guided Weiss to her seat. After Weiss sat down, Blake closed the door, opened the door to the driver's seat, and drove her employer to her mansion.

'Why did I ever agree to this sort of life?' Weiss thought to herself as they drove into the night, letting her tired aching legs get the best of her.