3 months ago…

Weiss Schnee is the heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation, a company dedicated on making the lives of people much easier with their invention called Dust. By turning the elements into a form of powder, designed to be carried much easier than using the raw materials. By using Fire dust, a few sprinkles of it to any flammable object will set it ablaze, making it perfect for camping, survival kits and many more. Ice Dust does not thaw; therefore, they can be stored without the need of a freezer and still be able to create ice. Earth Dust helps reduce the need to mine for stone by producing pillars of rocks with minerals. Life was easier with Dust and Beacon is the main location to find the company that produces it.

Woken up from her slumber by her alarm clock, she got up, fixed her bed and did her morning stretches. Her large room adorned with monochromatic furniture, a crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling. Her desk next to the balcony door are decorated with multiple books, ranging from mathematics, accounting, language textbooks and dozen notebooks, along with a small drawer of different pens and pencils. The warm white rug covering the floor gives Weiss a ticklish sensation, which she liked. She opened her white wardrobe and pulled out her bathrobes, and entered her bathroom next to the wardrobe to shower. After a long and relaxing shower, she put on her bathrobes, took her hairdryer and stood in front of the mirror, checking for any sign of blemishes. Once satisfied, she picked up a brush and with the hairdryer, she carefully brushed her hair while drying it at the same time. When she was done, Weiss got out of her bathroom, opened the wardrobe once again and prepared her outfit, a white double-breasted jacket with blue cuffs, and a pair of designer jeans along with a white blouse. Finally done dressing up, she placed a small tiara and placed it on her hair to prevent her side ponytail from being undone. After another thorough check up on the mirror, she opened the door and stepped outside her room.

The Schnee Mansion she lives in is one of many properties the Schnee Family own. Weiss received this mansion because it was nearby her school, where she chose to study to be a detective. Weiss had always admired her elder sister, Winter, whom was a detective for the Beacon Police Department before she moved to Atlas City. Their father, Jacques Schnee did not liked what his beloved heiress to be like her sister, so he assigned a personal bodyguard to always keep an eye on Weiss and report to him what the young heiress is doing or plan to do. When Weiss first heard of this, she was infuriated at her father, trying to keep her from living out her life and being a puppet for his own desires. So each day, she tries to do something rebellious; sneaking out at night, meeting up with friends her father told her to stay away from, and to the simplest things such as doing her ponytail skewed.

Weiss headed down to the dining room to see if her maids prepared her any breakfast, which they did. Content with what she saw, she moved over to the table, pushed a small remote and a rather large flat screen television came down from the ceiling, allowing her to watch the news while she ate. As soon as the screen went on, it immediately showed a news report about rumors that her father's company is abusing the Faunus workforce, by not providing benefits that employees should have, overworking them with the minimal salary, and even worse, is that there are rumors of enslaving Faunus children to work in the mines.

'This is sickening.' Weiss thought as she flipped through another channel. Her opinion on the Faunus is what drove her to be a detective. Thinking she could look through what is happening behind the scenes, thinking that her father's subordinates are the ones that are abusing the Faunus, not her father. Despite not liking her father very well, she still loves him as her father therefore; she cannot imagine him being very evil. She stopped on one channel that was reporting about a break-in.

'BREAKING NEWS! A mysterious thief broke in a Schnee owned bank!' This caught Weiss' attention. She raised the volume of the television. 'The surprising twist of this break-in, according to the police, is that the thief did not steal a single amount of Lien, but rather left a calling card in the form of a rose with a letter attached: "Bring your best detectives, because I'll be back for my score! Signed, The Red Rose Thief." The criminal is said to be dangerous that even common criminals fear the masked thief. ..' Weiss tuned out from listening a little while later. The name however, sounded familiar to Weiss but she cannot remember why.

Her thoughts came to a halt when a woman with black hair and wore a black suit entered to the dining room. Her black ribbon made her look like a cat, and her amber eyes did not help. The woman approached Weiss and bowed lowly, making Weiss wonder who she was.

"Good morning Ms. Schnee. Your father, Mr. Jacques Schnee, has appointed me to be your personal chaperone." The woman in black looked up from her bow before standing up straight again. "My name is Blake Belladonna, pleasure to be of service to you, Ms. Schnee." Blake extended her hand to shake Weiss' hand.

Weiss gently took the hand and shook it. 'Father must have sent her to spy on me again.' Weiss thought, thinking of any reason why. Probably because she caused another headache to her father the other night. Her father was pushing her to look for a partner by setting her up on dates with the sons of the board members and other company owners, which she all turned down.

Unexpectedly, Blake pulled Weiss closer to whisper into her ear.

'Ms. Schnee, you can trust me, I may have been ordered by your father to watch over you, but I won't report you.'

Weiss quickly pushed her away. "I'll believe that when I see it. And just as you know, you also work for me, so I can fire you just as quickly." She threatened.

"I understand. I'm sorry for scaring you Ms. Schnee." Blake said, seemingly feeling guilty for scaring the heiress. Weiss let out a small groan in annoyance.

"First of all, just call me Weiss. You may start with that to earn my trust." Blake smiled when Weiss finished.

"I understand, Weiss."

"Now that's better. Now, I suppose you're also here to take me to the academy?"

"That is correct. Are you ready to leave?"

"Yes actually. Go get my bag over there and place it in the car. I'll be back." Weiss said as she entered into another room, picking up a small periwinkle blue notebook and placed it in her pocket. She then left to the front door, not even bothering to lock it because the maids will probably do it for her anyways. She approached the Schnee Family car in the garage outside, which is actually a limousine. Blake was waiting for her with the car door open. As soon as she slipped in, Blake closed the door gently, rushed to the driver's seat, and drove out of the mansion gates and onto the road.

Once they were in the main city, Weiss was staring out at the window, looking for anything remotely interesting. Blake seemed to notice and tried to turn the radio on to let some music fill the silence. She did not notice that the volume was set to the maximum volume. As soon as the radio turned on and the music played, it was so loud that Weiss had to cover her ears. Then she noticed something. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but the ribbon on top of Blake moved. She thought she saw them press flat against Blake's head, until Blake fixed the volume.

Before Weiss could ask about what she saw, she did not realize that they already arrived in the academy. Blake got out of her seat, opened the door for her employer. Weiss stood up and walked towards the academy, leaving Blake to her own devices.

Weiss entered the academy, greeted by the cold chill air of the air conditioning unit. The tiles of the hallway squeaky clean, made sure by the academy's staff. The walls made of mahogany wood. It was a comfortable looking place, even if it's an academy for criminology. And there was one more thing that made Weiss feel comfortable in here.

"Weiss! You're here!" a voice called out, snapping Weiss out of her thinking.

"Good morning Ruby." Weiss greeted back with a warm smile. Ruby Rose, a classmate of hers in becoming a detective in the making. Her red streaked hair despite looking like a bad case of bed head. Her silver, hopeful eyes that cheer her up even in the bleakest moments. Her baggy overused crimson red hoodie and skinny jeans, seems to make her look more adorable to Weiss. Not that she would admit it. Ever since she met Ruby and their friends, she changed. She no longer acted like a brat. She was kinder and more considerate of how other people feel but only to those she deemed as her friend. It was a work in progress, but just like what Ruby told her 'One little baby step at a time.'

And as days went by, being with Ruby made her feel something she never thought she had. She felt smitten by the young prodigy. Was it her eyes? Her smile? Her cheery demeanor? She cannot think of an answer, but she just wants to be close to her. What she didn't know that Ruby felt the same way.

The two young women went to their class together. Many other students were rushing to get good seats, but they took their time, knowing that they'd end up seating next to each other. As they sat down, talking about what they did in the weekends, the door opened and entered their instructor and started their lessons. A moment later, Ruby tapped Weiss on the shoulder.

"Hey Weiss, my sister wants me to invite you to come to her birthday celebration tonight. Do you want to go?" Ruby asked, letting the heiress think for a second before giving an answer. But before she could, Ruby went on, rambling. "I mean it's fine if you can't because you know, you're busy and all, with the studying. But I was hoping you would go –" before Ruby could continue on, Weiss, placed a finger on her lip, and she gave Ruby a smile.

"I am thankful, and yes, I would go. But where are we celebrating anyway?" Weiss asked

"Awesome! Oh, just near the bank just at the corner of the street. There's a small diner there that serves good food." Ruby replied. 'That's the place where the Red Rose Thief will strike again.' Weiss thought.

"Oy, you two! Pay attention or it's detention to the both of you!" their instructor finally noticed the two of them talking. The girls said their apologies and paid attention back to class.

After 6 hours of school, It was now 6:30 pm. Classes are now flooding out with students wanting to get home and rest. The two girls went down the stairs before Weiss stopped Ruby for a moment.

"Ruby, you go on ahead, I'm going to tell my uhm… assistant that I will be going home on my own."

"Okay Weiss, be careful and see ya there!" Ruby waved goodbye and walked on ahead to the diner they're supposed to go.

Weiss walked to the school parking area, noticing that only a few cars were left in the parking lot, including her limousine. Blake noticed her approaching from inside the car and opened the door to step out before Weiss stopped her.

"Blake, you head on home, I will be going out somewhere with my friends. I will return home on my own accord." She commanded her chaperone with doubts that she will report to her father, but don't have it in her heart to let the woman wait for her for who knows how many hours.

"Understood Ms… Uhm Weiss. Have a pleasant evening and good night." Blake nodded from the car, closed the door, started the engines and left the parking lot. 'Please Oum, don't let my father find out.' she prayed out before heading out to the diner.

When she entered the diner, she already spotted her group of friends. Yang Xiao Long, the half-sister of Ruby, Jaune Arc, a blonde haired man who's talking with a red headed amazoness, Pyrrha Nikos, A silent Asian man with black hair and a streak of pink on one of his bangs named Lie Ren, trying to keep his childhood best friend from eating all the cakes, Nora Valkyrie. They were all police officers, except for her and Ruby, as both of them haven't graduated yet.

"Oh heya Ice Queen! Thank you for coming to my birthday bash!" Yang greeted to Weiss, catching everyone's attention. The others greeted her with cheers!

"Hey Weiss."

"Hello again~!"

"Evening, Weiss."


"Good evening everyone and thank you for inviting me." Weiss thanked them by doing a small curtsy and sat beside Ruby. "And I told you Yang, stop calling me that!" Weiss called back to Yang's teasing which everyone laughed at. Even Weiss.

After the rest of the food arrived, Weiss couldn't help but think about what her life is now. She's happy. She has her friends. She has the best best friend one could ever ask for in Ruby. Then Ruby looked at her and gave her that smile again.

"Hey Weiss, thank you again for coming." Ruby said.

"You're welcome Ruby." Weiss replied. 'Anything for you.' She thought to herself, blushing at the idea of it. However, she forgot that she was with her friends. Friends that seem to have an eye for mischief.

"Awwww look at those two love birds!" Nora exclaimed, pointing at the now two blushing girls.

"I knew my sister would be able to one day thaw the ice queen's heart." Yang smirked while batting her eyelashes.

"Yaaaaaaannnngggg!" Ruby whined. She ended up looking like a child being told that she can't have cookies for dinner. Her height didn't help at all. Before Weiss could add to the fuel of the teasing, Pyrrha stepped in and stopped the teasing from escalating.

"Okay guys, that's enough. It's time to blow the cake." That seemed to distract the others. Weiss mouthed a thank you and Pyrrha smiled.

"Alright Yang, make a wish!" cheered Ruby as Yang paused for a moment before blowing the candles of her cake. Everyone cheered and clapped.

"So what did you wish for?" Nora asked. Yang gave a thoughtful look before looking at the two younger people with them.

"I wished that these two will graduate with flying colors." Yang announced, with a thumbs up directed to both Ruby and Weiss.

"Aww thanks sis!" Ruby hugged Yang.

"Now let's get eating, I'm starving." said Jaune as he took a spare plate and took what food that was nearest to him. Everyone did the same thing and enjoyed their dinner.

After eating an unhealthy amount of fast food dinner, the rest of the gang went their separate ways. They thank for the meal, congratulated Yang again for her 25th birthday and went home, except for Yang, Ruby and Weiss. Yang rode on her motorcycle, pulled in her sister for a hug, and whispered something to Ruby. Weiss wondered what Yang told Ruby, she could only guess as to why Ruby blushed like a tomato and said something along the lines of "No, I'm not gonna sleep in her home!" and Yang's response of "Remember to wear protection!" and a sly grin. She then sped off before Ruby could make another comeback.

"Uhm, sorry about my sister. You know how she is." Ruby said.

"It's okay. I'm used to her brutish ways. And I didn't take any offense to what she said." Weiss assured. 'Especially with the fact that all she said was true.' Weiss answered in her thoughts. They were walking when Ruby suddenly stopped, completely shocked.

"Oh darn! I left my bag in the diner. Can ya wait for me Weiss, I'll be back in a jiffy!" Ruby said as she took off.

"Be careful!" Weiss called out, but Ruby was already out of earshot. Weiss sighed at her companion's childish behavior but to her, it adds to the cuteness she sees in Ruby. She looked at her watch and noticed that it was already 10 pm, and how the street she is in was desolate, except for a single limousine parked nearby. She noticed that it was her limousine and wondered why it was there.

'Why is Blake here? She couldn't possibly be spying on us?' She thought angrily, thinking that her father had indeed sent her just to keep her from "Being around incompetent gold diggers." She stomped to the car and knocked on the driver's seat window, but she didn't get any response. She decided to peer into the window and saw that Blake wasn't inside the car. She did notice that a paper bag was in the passenger seat. She fished out her own set of keys to the limo, opened the car and looked inside the bag. She saw a cavalier hat with black and red feathers, a black corset vest, a rather expensive looking red tailcoat that reached to her ankles and was decorated with black lace trimmings, a pair of rather fashionable modest black shorts and a pair of black leather gloves that were thin. And when she lifted the clothing, she found a pair of black knee high stockings and a pair of black low-heeled boots. Beneath them was a letter with the Schnee Family symbol, a white snowflake. She opened the letter and found out it was from Winter, with her signature clean and elegant writing style she recognized after seeing it countless times during her lessons from Winter herself. She read the letter.

"Dearest Weiss,

How have you been? It has been ages since the last time we wrote to each other. I apologize, my work schedule had been hectic, that is why I have not been able to reply as soon as I could. I would be glad to hear more from you my dear sister.



PS: I have also sent you a few garments from Atlas. I think you would love these and will look stunning on you. And father will be livid when he sees the outfit because of the color. He hates the color red."

Weiss giggled from the contents of the letter. Despite having trouble and having a busy schedule, she still found time to sent her a letter and send her gifts. And she did love the outfit. Deciding that she couldn't wait any longer, she went to the nearby restroom and changed there. Once she saw how she looked, she thought 'Winter is correct, I do look stunning in these. And that father will be furious when he sees me wearing this.' She could see it in her mind how red her father will be, after all, Jacques thinks to himself as a perfect and pure human being, so white and blue suites him. The color of the clothes Winter sent was the total opposite, being black and red. And she did noticed that this was similar to Ruby's own choice of color. Satisfied with how she looked, she walked back to the car to keep her jacket and jeans when she heard an alarm ring out from the street. She ran to the scene, thinking about Ruby and if she was safe.

What she found was the bank, all the windows broken and the door wide open, as if someone used explosions to get in. She reached out for her phone and called the police, who would be arriving in a few minutes and told her to wait there. After pocketing her phone, she looked for Ruby, after noticing that the diner was close and no one was inside. She suspected that Ruby must have been inside. Then she heard a cough. Someone was inside. 'Ruby!' she thought. She ran inside the bank, with no care for her safety. She noticed a woman with a purple hoodie who had red and black streaks of hair was lying down near the window. She ran to the side of the woman, and woke her up, only ended up being surprised that it was Blake. The wig she was wearing dropped onto the floor, revealing her black hair, and a pair of cat ears.

"Blake?! You're a Faunus?! Are you okay?! What are you doing here?!" She bombarded the weakened cat Faunus with her questions.

"Weiss, listen to me, your friend Ruby is inside, she did not notice me lying down here, but there are two very bad people there and I'm worried what will happen to her!" As soon as Blake explained to her, Weiss' almost went into panic, caring about the safety of Ruby, because of the redhead's heroic courage and stubbornness, that it always lead her to trouble. Weiss thought of how to save Ruby and then she remembered about the news earlier. 'The Red Rose Thief. Even common criminals fear the thief.' She noticed her outfit was in the shade of red and black, almost making her look like the real Red Rose Thief. That's when she decided to disguise herself as the thief. What the criminals do not know won't hurt them.

"Blake, I need you to go and get help, I've already called for the police, wait right outside, okay? I'll go save Ruby." She said as Blake nodded. Weiss picked up the black wig with red streaks, similar to Ruby's hair and tucked her white hair inside to cover it all especially with the hat. Now she looked like a different person, except for her uncovered face. Blake stood up and was about to leave before she handed Weiss a mask.

"Here, use this so no one would recognize you." Blake said before running outside. Weiss noticed the intricate detailed masquerade mask. It was shaped like a rose with silver lenses to cover the eyes. 'Why did Blake have this kind of mask?' she asked herself, before deciding that it was not the time to think about it now, for she had to save someone she cared about dearly, as she wore the mask, making her completely unrecognizable. She then proceeded to head deeper into the bank. She noticed the vault door open and stepped in, noticing that the room is larger than it seems. She found Ruby lying on the ground unconscious, and up further ahead were two men who was wearing a black suit and carried two machetes. The two men were stuffing their bags with a lot Lien. 'I can't help Ruby if they are still there.' She thought. She then noticed a bar of steel, as thin as a rapier that was jutting out on the side. 'Good thing I was taught how to fence.' She stealthily crept towards the pole, reaching out to grab it. After she got hold of it, she pulled it out as quietly as possible, but as soon as she did, a small amount of rubble that held the bar of steel in place crumbled, echoing loudly and grabbing the attention of the two goons who immediately turned around.

"Who the hell are you?" Asked one of the goons, raising their machetes to strike. 'Think Weiss, think!' She quickly assumed a basic fencing stance before answering the question.

"I am the one they call the Red Rose Thief. And I suggest you surrender to me, or you'll regret it." She announced proudly, standing in front of Ruby's body to shield her from harm. However, the threat only just made the two goons laugh, slightly making her annoyed.

"Hahaha, you've gotta be kiddin me. You're the so called Red Rose Thief? You're such a small fry! No run along before we hurt you real bad, small fry!" The other goon replied, approaching Weiss.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Weiss said before raising her arm and placing it above her chest, and shot out forward, going for a thrust towards the goon. The goon was surprised with Weiss' speed and took the hit. He raised his arm to attack back, but Weiss quickly parried the attack, making the goon loose his hold on his weapon. Weiss took advantage of this, and swung the steel bar to the side of the head of the man, knocking him to the side. The other goon then rushed forwards, trying to use brute force to fight Weiss. However, Weiss flipped backwards, dodging the charge and then ran towards the back of the man, and jumped and kick off from his back knocking the man down to the ground. Weiss carried her maneuver in the air, landing gracefully on the ground, and assumed a defensive stance, ready for anything. The man pushed himself from the ground, standing up, and charged again, this time swung his machete towards Weiss' side hard. Weiss quickly ducked down, dodging the blade completely before rising up to roundhouse kick the head, delivered two swings of her own weapon to the right knee and the man's side, and knocked him back down to the ground, making him unconscious just like the other goon.

After the fight, once Weiss was sure the two men will not be standing up, looked for a way to held them in place, dropped her weapon and looked for some rope. She found a roll of duct tape from an office table and tied the two goons' limbs securing them for the police. After that, she dusted herself off, cleaning her clothes before hearing a sound of a gun cocking.

"You! Turn around slowly with your arms raised!" The female voice said. She recognized the voice very well.

'Oh no… Ruby.' She said to herself as she did what Ruby ordered her to do. Once she turned around, she saw Ruby, with a gun raised to her face, with her finger on the trigger, threatening to pull it. Her eyes that she was used of seeing full of joy, are now full of rage. For the first time ever, Weiss was scared of Ruby, she never saw Ruby like this.

"Look, I-" Weiss tried to explain before Ruby shot towards the ground, just at the left of Weiss, scaring Weiss to silence.

"Shut it, you lowlife! I've waited for so long to meet you, Red Rose Thief!" Ruby yelled out. 'What is wrong with Ruby?!' She desperately thought of a reason.

"You're under arrest. Now I suggest you to not do anything before I… Before I hurt you!" It was clear that whatever happened to Ruby, she was serious about it. But before Ruby could say another word, a small ball was thrown into the room, nearby Ruby's feet. The ball exploded, releasing a cloud of smoke, distracting Ruby. A voice yelled out from outside the vault that snapped Weiss's train of thought, just enough for Weiss to act.

"RUN!" the voice said, as Weiss took of quickly towards the exit, ran outside, and finding that it was Blake who threw the smoke grenade. They ran out of the bank, and Weiss followed Blake who ran to the street and into the car. After locking themselves in the car, Blake started the engine and took off, taking Weiss around the corner to hide from the incoming police.

Weiss started to panic, scared out of her wit from what happened to her. She did not imagine herself to be threatened by Ruby, who she known to almost never hurt a fly and who was full of kindness. Blake calmed Weiss down before she started crying.

"Weiss! Weiss. Listen to me. Breathe, okay? Just breathe." Blake told her, which she did after a few minutes. She clung to Blake, who let her hugged her, as she soothed her with her voice, telling her over and over again that she's fine. After calming herself down, she straightened herself.

"Blake… Tell me, what were you doing in the bank? Weiss asked. Blake sighed, looking down for a bit, before looking up to Weiss and answered her question with a straight look.

"Weiss Schnee, I am the Red Rose Thief."