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"Weiss Schnee, I am the Red Rose Thief."

Weiss was flabbergasted. She'd never expected Blake to be a thief. 'Is it because she's a faunus? No! That's stereotyping.' is what is going through her head right now. Before she could come up with an answer to her own question, Blake already knew what ran in her mind.

"No, I don't steal to get myself ahead in life. I never once stole any lien from anyone. I promise I'll explain more later, if you'd let me. Right now, Ruby will probably be looking for you, and we can't let her suspect you." Blake said. Weiss then immediately remembered what happened earlier and how it scared her. Blake could notice the fear in Weiss' eyes.

"Weiss, please… We can't be caught. You'll have to trust me."

"Trust you?! You're a thief!" Weiss shouted, making Blake wince. What Weiss said was true. Who would trust a thief?

'But she did save my life… And if it weren't for her, I'd probably be in jail… Or worse…'

Weiss calmed herself down, by breathing. She closed her eyes and then looked at Blake once again. Blake's cat ears were pressed flatly against her head, and her eyes look guilty of what she brought Weiss into.

"Blake Belladonna. Do I have your word that you would not betray me?" Weiss asked Blake. Blake looked surprised of what she said.

"I don't understand why you'd liste-" Weiss interrupted Blake before she finished her sentence.

"Just answer the question, yes or no!"

"Ye-yes! You have my word…" Blake said, clutching her chest.

"*Sigh* Alright… Let me change back first… I'll be back." Weiss opened her car door and looked outside to see if anyone would spot her. When she was sure, it was safe; she picked up the bag with her clothes earlier and ran to the restroom again. It didn't take almost 2 minutes before she finished changing back, folding her outfit back into the bag and ran back to the car. She opened the car trunk and hid the bag there before closing it. She walked to the driver's seat and knocked. The window rolled down.

"I'll be heading back there and talk with Ruby. Follow me after 5 minutes." Blake nodded and closed the window again. Then Weiss walked out of the parking lot, and returned to the scene of the crime. The police were already investigating. Weiss saw the two men she knocked out earlier, handcuffed and locked inside a police car before said police car took off to take the two criminals to the station. A medic, who was checking if Ruby had any injuries, on the other hand was a detective who looked like he was in his early forties. The detective wore a grey dress shirt that has a long tail, a pair of black dress pants along with matching black dress shoes. He also wore shoulder holsters, with his gun, sitting neatly on its holster. The detective has a graying black hair and slight stubble along his jawline. His dull red eyes showed tiredness and stress. Weiss approached the two until she was in earshot.

"… Hey there pipsqueak , what happened to ya? Care to tell me?" The detective said. Ruby nodded, her eyes kind of glinting with excitement.

"Sure thing, uncle Qrow." Ruby said. 'Uncle Qrow?' Weiss surprised with what she heard.

"So I was going to get my bag I left at the diner right there." Ruby pointed towards the end of the street, and saw Weiss. "Oh Weiss, there you are!" Ruby greeted, smiling again at her. Weiss, still can't help but remember what happened earlier. The detective, Qrow, then approached Weiss.

"Hey, you. Were you involved with the crime?" He interrogated. Before Weiss could answer him, Ruby assured Qrow that she was not involved.

"No, uncle Qrow, she was with me earlier in the diner. She was my uhm, my date when we celebrated Yang's birthday." Ruby said. Weiss blushed at what Ruby said, making her completely forgot about why she was here. 'THAT DOLT! GIVING ME HEART ATTACKS ONE AFTER ANOTHER!'

"Well well, looks like pipsqueak here got herself a girlfriend." Qrow smirked. Ruby blushed but did not made any further comments about it. Qrow then continued with his questions to Ruby. "Alright, so your friend here wasn't involved. Continue with what you were telling me." Ruby then explained how she ended up in the bank.

"As I was saying, I was going to get my bag when I heard a loud bang from the bank. Then the alarms went off. I investigated to see what happened. While I was there, they knocked me out." Ruby finished. What Ruby said made Weiss look at her suspiciously. 'Why didn't she say anything about the Red Rose Thief?' was gone through her head.

"Alright then kiddo. What you did was a good thing, but don't let yourself get hurt over it, kay? I'm not gonna let you end up like… You know who." Qrow said, Ruby suddenly looked sad.

"I know uncle Qrow… I'm sorry."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it. It's okay. You're training to be a detective like me, so that's to be expected. But don't forget that you always need backup." Qrow said, rubbing his niece's head affectionately, pulling Ruby cheering her up.

"Okay uncle Qrow, I'll remember it!" Ruby grinned. 'It's moments like these that made me like her. As if nothing can make her feel sad for such a long time.' Weiss thought.

"Welp, I best be going, I just came here to pick up those fools. Take care of yourself kiddo." he told Ruby, before shifting his attention to Weiss. "And you best take care of my niece, Schnee."

"Ho-how did you know?" Weiss looked surprised but forgot the most obvious characteristic of a Schnee.

Qrow pointed at her hair. "Well, your hair is white. It's not a very common hair color now is it?"

Weiss opened her mouth to say something, but Qrow, quickly dismissed her.

"I'll be going now Ruby, so take care heading home." Qrow waved goodbye to Ruby and walked off.

"So uhm, hehe, sorry about my uncle. He's just like that. But he's nice, I promise."

"Well… he seemed… eccentric."

"Yeah, sorry…"

"It's alright Ruby.

"Uhm, Weiss, are you okay?" Ruby asked, looking curiously at Weiss.

"What do you mean? I'm f-fine." Weiss assured her to the best of her abilities, even though it was a lie. Even though she knows Ruby would never hurt her, she still can't shake the feeling of fear she felt when she was staring down the barrel of Ruby's gun.

"Weiss, your eyes looks red… Are you sure you're okay?" Ruby now started to look worried. Weiss wished she could confide with her friend but how could she, when she's the one who made her this feel this way in the first place. On one hand, she knows she has feelings for Ruby. Yet on the other, Ruby almost killed her, although unintentional. This time she had to choose. Tell the truth or reveal her secret; that the one of the reasons she was scared not only because of that her life is in danger, but also because did not want to see Ruby look angry. And because she does love her.

"I was just… crying earlier. I was worried that something happened to you Ruby." Weiss confessed. Ruby blushed to a shade of pink when she heard what Weiss had to say. "I've known you for a long time now, I know you could be such a dummy and get yourself hurt. I don't have a lot of friends, and you're my special best friend Ruby. You're the first friend I had ever since I was young…"

"Weiss, I… I'm sorry I almost got into trouble. It's just… I thought that the Thief would be here. But I promise you Weiss, I would never let myself get into trouble. I promise." Ruby said with a smile on her face. It made Weiss feel a bit better. 'I need to learn more about Ruby. There has to be a reason why she's like that earlier.'

After a few minutes, Blake arrived with the car. Ruby offered to accompany Weiss home, which Weiss accepted. And soon they are now standing in front of Weiss' door bidding each other good night.

"So, uh, good night Weiss. And see you tomorrow." Ruby said before Weiss stopped her.

"Ruby wait, I had something to ask you. And can you promise me you won't be mad?

"What is it, Weiss?"

"Ruby, I heard news that the Red Rose Thief would be at the bank… Was that why you investigated the bank and did not call for back up." Ruby was in shock. 'I guess I was right.' Weiss thought to herself, waiting for Ruby's answer.

"I… forgot that you're also a detective in the making… Yeah, you were right, Weiss. I was there to find her." Ruby confessed with downcast eyes.

"But why Ruby? I… want to know. You promised me you won't find yourself in trouble so I need you to tell me… Please…"

"Alright Weiss… I will tell you. It was back when I was a kid… Me and my mom were living together just outside the city. She was also a detective and she was investigating a theft…" Ruby explained, looking at Weiss' reaction. And when she looked at her, she could tell Weiss already figured out the answer.

"Yeah… She was… Well, she's in a better place now… And that thief will pay for her crimes… I swore it to mom. " Ruby's eyes started watering, reminding her of her past. Weiss couldn't take it anymore and hugged Ruby.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to remind you of that…"

"Hehe, it's okay Weiss," Ruby said, pulling away from the hug, and held Weiss' hands. "Mom said I should always be brave and never remain sad, because people will always need someone to cheer them up. So I have to be brave."

"Sigh, you're impossible…" Weiss smirked. "But I am glad you are what you are. Never stop being like that." Weiss placed a kiss on Ruby's cheek, making Ruby blush bright pink. "Good night, Ruby." Weiss said.

"Good night, Weiss." Ruby said before heading back to the gate out of the mansion. Blake offered Ruby a ride home but declined, saying, "Yang will just pick me up when I call her." Blake and Weiss went inside the mansion, soon after Ruby left.

Weiss approached Blake, as soon as they entered. "Don't think you're going anywhere. Not until you explained yourself." Blake let out a sigh before straightening herself and looked back at Weiss.

"I wasn't trying to. I did promise you I'd talk. So, what do you want to know about?"

"The whole thief fiasco. Are you here to steal from me?" Weiss accused.

"Not at all. I don't steal for money. But would you believe I steal for something greater?"

"What are you talking about? Weren't you there to steal all of the lien in the bank?" Weiss eyeing Blake suspiciously.

"No. Instead, I was there to steal evidence. Evidence about under the table dealings with the Schnee Corporation and less than respectable people."

"I don't understand. My father would never do something like that!" Weiss shouted, making Blake wince. Blake just shrugged and kept going.

"That's not what I've seen tell me. Have you seen how the faunus are being treated? We've been treated like slaves, lower than human beings. Our salaries have been reduced lower than the lowest possible salary ever made by anyone. And that's not the worst of all…" Blake paused to calm herself down before continuing with what she's saying. Weiss looked at her with the same shocked look on her face from what she heard from Blake.

"… The worst of all was the mine shafts… Not only the faunus there are working every day with their lives always on the risk, starving almost to death and are always unhealthy from the fumes from the mines… I became a thief to reveal to the world how the faunus are… no, how are we treated by humans. I believe I can change their views and gather support to turn our lives around…"

"Then one day," Blake continued, "I've been offered a job; The Red Rose Thief job by someone under the codename Queen. She promised me that if I do this, she'll help me make the world a better place for humans and faunus. After all, we don't steal money, or hurt anyone. Just gather information and evidence."

"Blake, I'm sorry… I didn't know… I… I don't condone the mistreatment towards the faunus." Weiss said, before continuing on. "And if my father is indeed involved… I promise that once I've taken my seat at the Schnee Corporation, I'll make changes right away… You have my word on that."

"Thank you, Weiss. I'm glad we have your support but, I fear it might be too late if we were to wait for it to happen…" Blake said frankly. "It needs to stop now before people die."

And for another time tonight, a conundrum has presented itself to her. After thinking for a moment, she looked at Blake and asked "What do you plan to do?"

"Well, I would continue my life as the Thief and as your personal chauffer." This gave Weiss an idea.

"You know Blake, all my life I was raised as a princess by my father, wanting me to be his perfect successor. He wants me to be like him, cold and analytical, only needing the results and getting it through any means possible and as efficient as possible. I want to believe that my father is innocent… But deep down, I think I already knew. That's why I became a detective like my sister… To find out the truth. He didn't want that… So I rebelled against my father. Even with the smallest things like the way I style my hair, it's all for getting back at my father. I want to change how the entire world sees the Schnee Family name. I see the faunus should be respected and treated the same as humans. And so if there is a way of getting to that goal as soon as possible, I would grab that opportunity."

"What are you trying to say, Weiss?" Blake now curious as to what is Weiss is getting at.

"Blake, I want to take over your job, as the Red Rose Thief." Weiss decided, leaving Blake surprised even more, as Weiss continued on. "You will have to teach me your ways, and I'll do my best to adapt to them. And I want you to promise me that you'll help me uncover what happened to Ruby's mom. For her sake."

Blake gave herself some time to think before saying, "Okay… I accept your decision. I'll have to consult with Queen of course, but I'm sure she'd be glad to get the help of a Schnee."

Weiss then seemed content and left out a smirk. "So, when do we start?"

"Tomorrow, if you'd like. And tell me all the skills that you can bring for our cause."

"Sure. For now, I've had enough of all these surprises. I need to sleep. Good night Blake."

"Good night, Weiss. See you in the morning." Blake waved off Weiss, as she walked up stairs, leaving Blake to think 'I guess, this means that this will be the start of change. A Schnee, leading the charge? Sounds something we'd never expect.' She thought before heading to bed.

In the precinct…

Qrow steps out of the precinct, walking to the parking lot, tired of all the paperwork he had to do. Then, he pulled out his phone, pressed an unknown contact from his list and pressed call. After a short while, the call picks up.

"Hey, I've got something to report… Yeah, Red showed up. One of my officers interrogated them and described her… What? Shewants me to keep the secret from her princess? But why?.. *sigh* Alright, alright. If that's what she wants. I'll watch over her. But tell her that Red may not be as who she thinks… Oh, she already knew. Well, that makes my job easier then… Alright, I'm gonna go now… Yeah yeah, 'Love live the Queen' or whatever it was." Then Qrow dropped the call.

"*Sigh* Well that's gonna make things complicated." Qrow said to himself before walking back inside the precinct.