Starfy couldn't really discribe how he how feeling at the moment. He had gotten news that he was getting a little sister, and he was excited!

However, worry filled his head as he saw his mom got brought into Pufftop Palace's emergency room. That was worrying, and it did not help that he could hear his mom crying out in pain. He wanted to go in, but his father told him not to follow.

The 3 year old star tried to take his mind off it by playing with his toys, but it did little to truly relax him.

Yet still...he was going to be an older sibling. He was so...happy!

After what he thought was an eternity of waiting, a guard came out. "Prince Starfy, the king said you're allowed in."

Immediately, he was escorted to the room where his mom was. He could see her. She was crying...yet smiling. This confused him. Why was she smiling if she was sad?

Noticing her son had entered the room, Mama Star gave him a nod. "Sweetie, please get on the bed."

With a little help from a guard, Starfy was on the bed. "Meet your little sister Starly."

Starfy looked at the cloth, confusing him until the thing inside began to shuffle to reveal his younger sister.

Starfy felt so...happy just looking at her. She was peacefully asleep, looking like a adorable bundle of joy.

Then she opened her eyes. She looked at her older brother, meeting him for the first time. The two stared at one another.

Then Starly began to reach out for her brother, making curious noises as he did. Starfy put his stubby hand on her stubby hand.

The moment he touched it, she wanted to be held by him. Mama Star held her out to him. "Go ahead...hold her. Just don't drop her."

He did so, and just looking at his baby sister's face, whom yawned, and then snuggled into his chest to sleep. Starfy had a flurry of emotion hit him hard.

Tears went down his face, but he wasn't saddened. He was happy. He was big brother now...and he'll love his little sister forever.

With a gentle hug to not wake her up, Starfy made a task for himself; protect his little sister at all cost.

Nothing will change his mind on that.