Hi. I want to check in after two years of absence. I'm alive but not posting any more chapters. My reasons for this are complex and foggy, but I think I can finally put some words to the major ones. First, I must admit that I've been lazy about publishing. I had several work-in-progress chapters for my stories, but I never came around to finish what I started. At times, I think that I have the same problem as David Benioff, the writer of Game of Thrones, which is to finish what I've started.

Second, I've grown dissatisfied with my Dimensional Cinema stories as a whole. It wasn't about the quality but where they stand among the millions of fanfictions. This spin-off was created in tribute to SirAttlich, who I was lucky to learn a great deal from two years ago while I was actively writing. Before I disclose the reason, I want to briefly thank him for his help even till now for helping me get a little bit closer to realizing what I want to do. Now back to the topic, I feel as if these Dimensional Cinema stories were never my own. It felt like a by-product of someone else's work. Many of the audience members that came to these stories were some of Attlich's own audience. I know it may sound selfish of me, but I want to make my own mark. I want a reaction story where I feel in control. I want to feel safe to place my name as large as John Hancock on a work I'm proud of. Sadly, with this story, I can't say that I can do that. Therefore, I am finally declaring this book to be canceled effectively today. For those who have waited two years for an update, I'm sorry to disappoint. I wish I could have said something else.

Thirdly, even after accepting that this story has to be canceled, I still don't know the next step. A part of me worries that whatever story I create will be abandoned just like the others. I already started a different reaction story based on a different series, but I'm already feeling detached and unmotivated. In that case, I can't say that I'll come back to writing and publishing a new story anytime soon. I'll still be here wandering through other people's creations.

I'm sorry for those who have been waiting for a new chapter. I'm sorry for those who waited for two years for a new product. I'm sorry that this short note is all I can do. I'll be signing off quietly. If the worst happens, maybe this will be the last time. I will admit that I silently hope that I can write again. Not a day went by in the last two years that I haven't thought about this story. Not a single day. My heart wants to continue, but my mind is too tired.

I'm sorry.