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Theft Through Seduction - Kitty Cat Trap

It was a good hunt. The shikon no tama shard embedded in his left arm doubled his swordmanship skills. His victims stood no chance against his new found powers. They had yet another reason to fear this cat demon. He stretched out on a tree branch and stared up at the moon. Well satisfied from his meal, he began to contemplate about the jewel. He could only imagine how much more his skills could be increased with more shards, but for now he had to be satisfied. He need not become greedy, he was not the only demon who longed for more jewel shards. Not to mention there was rumor about a hanyou and a human girl trying to recollect the shards. He doubted they would get very far.

Sitting up, he looked around below him when he caught a sound beneath him. His eyes revealed the slim form of a woman walking slowly,almost seductively, towards his direction. As she drew near more of her features were exposed. Half of her hair was up and the rest was left to swing at her hips. It's dark black color seemed only to enhance her soft violet eyes. Or maybe it was the contrast of the moon that drew him to stare into those depths, he couldn't tell which. Her regal face was smooth and full of color. Her lips seemed to demand to be kissed. Her white kimono, decorated with discreet violet flowers, left him wondering what he would find beneath it.

Well, it looked like his night just got better. She would soon learn how unwise it was to walk the forest alone late at night. There were all kinds of wild demon lurking about, anxious to take a helpless human girl and make her their own. It was up to him to give her...protection. And as her payment for his hospitality, she would become his mistress for the rest of her life. Satisfied with his plan, he jumped down and landed smoothly on his feet in front of her.

Stopping, she looked up at her guest. Glancing at his arms, she caught a faint glow of a light. Pressing her lips together, she looked back up at his face. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"My dear lady, it is I who have come to help you."

"I am in no need of any help."

"Oh but I disagree. It is not safe to walk around late at night in the forest. Alone at that. Therefore I am taking it upon myself to escort you to your destination." He walked closer to her and placed his hand on her arm. He felt a small jolt of energy when he touched her and looked in her face to see if she had felt it. Her expression gave nothing away. He saw no fear, no concern, no type of interest.

"I have no destination." She stared into his eyes and noticed they appeared to be getting heavy. On cue, she slid her gaze down to his lips and licked her own before returning her eyes to his.

"Well then, I'll take you with me and make you mine. This way you will always be safe." She started to take a step back but he grabbed her and brought his lips to hers.

"Are you sure the jewel shard is this way?" Inuyasha brought his nose to the air, catching the scent of a cat demon. He wrinkled his nose and hoped that this demon was the one with the shard.

"I'm sure. But why couldn't we have waited until morning to go looking for the shard? I'm tired."

"Quit complaining! We can't risk losing a shard once we find one. Besides I smell a demon up ahead and I think it has the shard."

"Is it close by?"

"Yeah, its pretty close. Hold on Kagome, I'm gonna pick up the pace." So saying, he began to run faster, moving quickly and quiety through the trees.

"Wait Inuyasha, stop! I can't sense the jewel anymore. It vanished."

Inuyasha haulted immediately, almost losing his footing when he landed on a tree branch. "What do you mean vanished? The shard just can't vanish, quit being stupid!"

"I'm not stupid! The shard is gone!"

"Maybe you're brains broken and you never sensed a shard. But we are sure as hell going to find out!" Taking off again, Inuyasha soon reached the demon and landed in a tree above him. "I think he's sleeping." He jumped down and landed soundlessly a few feet from the demon. Crouching down, he let Kagome climb off his back.

"I don't understand...the shard was just here."

Inuyasha sniffed, smelling a hint of human in the air. It was faint and he couldn't tell which direction it had gone. He leaned over the demon and sniffed him, picking up a small scent of the human. "That's weird. Hey you, wake up." He ruthlessly kicked the demon once, giving him help to wake up.

The demon stirred and looked up, a confused look plastered on his face as he looked around. He looked down at his clothes, suprised to be fully dressed instead of lying half naked over the girl. Quickly, he rose to his feet and looked around him as if searching for something. "Where did she go? What did you do with her?"

"I don't know where or who this girl is that you speak of. But if she was really here, I think she ran off with your jewel shard if you had one." Inuyasha looked pitifully at the demon, trying to control his anger.

"The jewel shard!" Panicing, the cat lifted up the sleeve of his left arm, only to reveal that his shard was infact gone. "How could this be! She was here...right here, lying beneath me, begging for me to take her..."

Kagome and Inuyasha both stared at the demon blankly, wondering how he could come up with such a story. "You were dreaming. You fell asleep and you let some human make off with the jewel before I could! How stupid can you be!"

"That wench! She'll pay for this, I will hunt her down and make her pay!" The demon took his full form and disappeared into the trees, anxious to get his revenge.

Disappointed that he did not question the demon futher, Kagome turned to Inuyasha. "Well, that was pointless. Lets go back to Kaede's, Inuyasha, I'm tired."

"Yeah whatever, what a waste." Bending over again, he let Kagome climb on his back and took off.

She watched, hidden behind the trees, as the hanyou and the girl disappeared into the night. The cat left in the opposite direction, eager to find the one who was responsible for his loss. He would have trouble finding her, no matter how hard he looked. He was nothing to worry about. The hanyou and the girl were a different story. But no matter, she would avoid them for as long as possible. The chances of them having another close encounter such as this would have to become slimmer, she would see to that. For now, there was no use worring about such things. Turning, she walked deeper into the woods, following the light of the moon.