A dish best served cold

The man woke up tied naked to an old iron cot, and looked over to see his original victim calmly sitting and watching him with an odd soft smile on her face.

"Finally awake. Would you like to tell me who hired you to capture and torture me?" she asked calmly.

"Why, you going to torture it out of me? Not going to work, I have been trained by the best to withstand anything and I doubt that you could stomach what you would need to do to make me break."

"Have it your way." She calmly flipped back my lip and dropped a tiny white pill between my lip and gum, walked over to a small table and flipped on a boom box and left the room. The pounding beat of some horrible atonal Japanese crap started up at full volume.

Shortly, the worst headache of my life kicked in. The feeling that someone was crushing my skull was bad enough, but the screeches, strange flutes and drums were relentless. After what seemed like an eternity of pain I finally passed out.

I drifted awake again, the wisps of residual pain clouding my head.

"Again, who hired you?"

She had some sort of electrodes. Easy, they trained me to take zapping, my balls were not going to be happy, but I know I can take it. She walks over and sticks the pads to my stomach, one on each side of my navel. The fuck?

"One of the worse pains is labor. Have fun." She taps the TENS unit with 1 hour and walks off, leaving me with the worst stomach cramp of my life. I ride the pain out as the unit pulses. Holy shit and I have an hour to go. I whimper as the next pulse kicks in.

"Suck it up, butter cup. Women do this for hours when they deliver. Now, who hired you?"

"No, nothing you can do to break me"

She walks over, taps another session into the TENS unit and pulls out another of those damned pills. "Last chance. I think I have some Justin Bieber and Spice Girls here..."


Authors Note:
The white pills are nitroglycerin when used cause a hellish migraine like headache. The Chinese had a program in one of their hospitals for husbands to get a taste of labor using Neuro stimulation. While unpleasant, neither method in itself would actually damage the person. Bieber and Spice Girls on the other hand...the atonal Japanese stuff is Noh opera. Google it, I dare you snicker