Hello everyone. Before anyone questions me no, I have not forgotten about my other stories but I just wanted to start this one as soon as possible. Pokémon was the first thing I read when I started reading fanfic. That said it is also true that it is very hard to find to good Pokémon fanfic nowadays (well if you know one please let me know.

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Pokémon talking: "Welcome"

Pokémon thinking: "Welcome"

Humans taking: "Welcome"

Humans thinking: "Welcome"

Chapter 1


A boy of around 7 years of age was walking at the roads of pallet town. The boy has messy black hair thunderbolt like mark on his cheeks and hazel eyes. Small teardrops made their way down scarred cheeks and fell with a soft splat onto the ground. This kid was Ash Ketchum and reason he was crying is Gary Oak. Being grandson of a well-known figure like Samuel Oak or professor Oak as his respectfully addressed, has made quite arrogant person who looks down upon everyone of their age specially Ash who never trues to attract any unnecessary attention to him only for Gary to make fun of him again and again in public or in front of admirers.

Today was again one of days when he when in Oak ranch to learn from how to take care of Pokémon when Gary arrived with his fan club and began to belittle Ash. Not able to take it any more of Gary's mocking Ash ran away from there as fast as his little feet can take him away from there.

Just as he was thinking that why is Gary so mean to him, his head jerked toward the wave of strong emotions he felt. You see ash is a very gifted person ever since he was little he can sense emotion of everyone around him this power more effective on Pokémon whose emotion are not so hard to read as humans. This power allows him to interact and connect with any Pokémon very easily. Only his parents and professor Oak knows about this power of his and they banned him from telling about this to anyone.

Even though his mother has strictly told him to never enter the forest alone Ash ignored her warning entered the forest from where waves of emotions were coming. After walking deep in forest Ash found himself in clearing with a pond nearby, but it's not the beauty of nature that caught his attention. In front of are two Pokémon from who ash felt the waves of emotion was coming from both of them are feline Pokémon . Both them were radiating various emotions but the bigger of the two was radiating stronger emotion.

He can feel that the larger one was angry and confused at the same time. While Ash is quiet bright child his lessons has not covered many things yet, which is reason he was not able to recognize either of the Pokémon.

The larger of two is a bipedal, humanoid creature with some feline features. It is primarily gray with a long, purple tail. On top of its head are two short, blunt horns, and it has purple eyes. A tube extends from the back of its skull to the top of its spine, bypassing its neck. It has a defined chest and shoulders, which resemble a breastplate. The three digits on each hand and foot have spherical tips. Its tail is thick at the base, but thins before ending in a small bulb. The smaller one is a pink, bipedal Pokémon with mammalian features. It has a rounded, wide snout, triangular ears, and large, blue eyes. It has short arms with three-fingered paws and large hind paws with oval markings on the soles. Its tail is long and thin with an ovoid tip.

"What are you doing here human?" A deep male voice said to Ash. He looked around to see if anyone else other than them is there but when he found none his attention again when toward Pokémon duo in front of him. Apparently both of them has noticed arrival of a human. The smaller looked at him with curiosity and he can also feel little caution coming from it while the larger one glaring at him. For some reason it's anger has increased even more of that is possible.

Suddenly he was flung back and fell on his rear hard. Ash stood again nursing his back and sprained elbow and glared at the larger Pokémon who threw him with his psychic attack. "That was really mean! Why did you do that? I only wanted to help when I sensed that someone is in pain." Ash shouted at the larger Pokémon.

Despite his hatred toward humans and natural born Pokémon Mewtwo would never attack a human child but currently his mind is clouded with anger, grief and many confusing emotions. After escaping from Team Rockets lab and taking all clone Pokémon with him he decided to live away from humans. When they started their new life all the natural Pokémon shunned cloned ones because their different coloring and odd behaviors but, they still had each other to rely on so that didn't affect them much.

Unfortunately it was not end of their misery. You see unlike natural born, clones has very short life span not to mention they need higher intake of vitamins just to live their limited life span fully. When last of his friends died Mewtwo overcame with rage decided to attack nearest human settlement but before he can do that Mew, who sensed his rage from far away, came to console him only to be lashed at by her clone brother. Than he declared that he will destroy all Pokemons and Humans from that one thing led to another resulting their fight.

Their last attack was so powerful that it's explosion knocked both of them unconscious but somehow they found themselves in this unknown place after waking up. He was broken from his musing when he heard the human boy talking with Mew. Noticing gaze of Mewtwo on himself he waved at Mewtwo who simply shifted his gaze in different direction. Mewtwo was thinking if he should chase this boy away after erasing his memory about him or he should hypnotize him to do his bidding.

He quickly jumped back when he sensed a presence near him. He turned toward the culprit who was the same annoying human boy. Rage again filled Mewtwo when he thought that the human was trying to attack him. Mewtwo was about to throw Ash again by but he hardly had any energy for it thanks to his previous fight with Mew. He cursed Mew internally even though Mewtwo is powerful he doesn't has much experience like Mew who is actually several centuries old.

Ash was quickly by Mewtwo's side examining him for any sign of injury, infection, etc just like taught by his mother and professor Oak. "What do you think you are doing human? Keep your hands away from me!"

"Ugh. Will you be quite for few minutes I am trying to find what happened to you." Ash retorted back. Mewtwo would have said something else but he knew it was futile. He don't even have energy to move his fingers and also he can't sense any malice coming from the boy.

"Your injuries are quite serious only way to heal them fast is having you treated by Professor Oak. Same goes for you too you are also ingredients heavily Mew." Ash said to both Pokemon.

"I will not let another human touch me!"

"Mew, Mew"

Ash pouted seeing both of them denying to go to Oak for treatment. Ash can't leave them in such condition for poacher or other to catch them easily. As he was thinking what to do he remembered one of the lessons of professor Oak and ran into the forest. Both Pokemon looked at each other at this odd behavior and shrugged their shoulders. Humans are weird.

Ash came back running after few minutes with some blue colour berries. " Here eat this it will you recover faster. It is not as good as treatment but is still quite good." He said offering the berries to both of them. Mew who has been around for several recognized these berries as Oran berry and quickly began to munch . on other hand Mewtwo was not knowledgeable about such things so he was quite wary of eating it. Though he did ate them eventually seeing as it is not effecting Mew negatively.

"I have brought more in case you are hungry." Saying that he poured lots of berries between them. "Ok. I am going my home or my mom will be worry for me." He only took few steps before he turned to Mewtwo "I am Ash Ketchum, what is your name."


He replied after pause of few minutes. Hearing him talk normally for once brought smile on Ash's face. After promising to meet them again the next day he ran away toward his home.

(Line break)


Just like he promised Ash came to meet them again. "Human don't go shouting our name like that. Do you intent to invite all the lurking poachers here?" hearing that Ash closed his mouth with both of his hands.

"Oops. Sorry, I was just excited." With that he turned to Mew "I didn't knew that you are legendary Pokémon. I was going through the book Professor gave me, when I read about you in it but, I didn't find anything about you Mewtwo. Are you evolve form of Mew?"

As soon as he asked that question he again felt storm of emotions coming from Mewtwo like yesterday. Knowing that he has placed his foot on landmine he tried to pacify The large feline Pokémon. "um, Forget about what I asked you?"

"I am not evolved form of Mew but I am her clone?" with that Mewtwo told Ash everything about him from his birth to how he ended up here. His talk with Ambertwo before she disappeared from his dreams and than later death of his cloned friends. Ash heard Mewtwo's story without interrupting him even once. After Mewtwo was done Ash went in front of him and bowed deeply surprising the both feline Pokemons. "I am sorry many people of my race has hurt you very bad."

Not just Mewtwo but even Mew was stunned by action of this human. Maybe it was because this human is yet to mature that he is so pure, but still they will still trust him. This marked the start of a beautiful friendship and prologue of Journey of a legend.

Naruria out-