Pokémon talking: "Welcome"

Pokémon thinking: "Welcome"

Humans taking: "Welcome"

Humans thinking: "Welcome"

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon If I did he would have aged at least couple of years. I mean come on he is of 10 years since 20 years!


Hissed a serpentine Pokémon that resembles a cobra. It has narrow eyes and several sharp teeth. Just below its head is a large hood with a face-like pattern. The pattern has two red and yellow eyespots outlined in black, a wide black streak resembling an upturned mouth, and a black V-shaped stripe above the eyespots. This Pokemon is arbok but this arbok was different from its species. This Arbok is not only larger than it's species but it is also golden in colour.

Currently this arbok is hissing at Ash and Pikachu. Just looking at the cobra Pokemon ash can say that it is probably at quite high level. If Ash was like any other rookie trainer his chance of winning would have been very slim but thankfully, he is not.

"Pikachu use Swift attack" following his trainer's command Pikachu fired several golden stars from his mouth at arbok.

Arbok opened its mouth and released a spray of multiple purple darts from its mouth effectively countering the mouse Pokemon's attack.

"pikachu use agility to get close than use iron tail." Pikachu's whole body glowed for a moment before he ran forward on all four toward arbok. He was moving so fast that he was leaving afterimages as if flying.

Just as he was with in few matres from arbok he jumped and did a front flip with glowing tail and slammed it on arbok's head/hood. Much to Ash and pikachu's surprise arbok quickly recovered from pikachu's previous attack and head butted pikachu throwing him back.

Before either of side can do anything arbok hissed with electricity coursing through his body and became paralyzed. It was effect pikachu's static ability. Ash grinned and threw Pokeball at arbok. Since the cobra Pokemon was already paralyzed he didn't struggle and was easily captured.

Ash picked pokeball and scanned arbok's pokeball.

(Arbok: The cobra Pokemon)

(This Pokémon is terrifically strong in order to constrict things with its body. It can even flatten steel oil drums. Once Arbok wraps its body around its foe, escaping its crunching embrace is impossible. This arbok is male and has ability intimidate)

(This Pokemon knows moves: Glare, wrap, crunch, poison sting, dark pulse, screech, haze, fire fang, ice fang, dragon tail, hyper beam,dig)

(Egg moves disable, poison tail, poison fang has been unlocked.)


Pikachu who was now on his shoulder poked him at the side of his head. Ash turned around to see what Pikachu needed, and saw the electric mouse pointing up towards the sky.

When Ash looked up, his jaw almost dropped. There, in the sky, was a large rainbow stretching across the sky. What caught their attention, though, wasn't the rainbow itself, but the Pokémon that was flying high in the sky that seemed to be making the rainbow and spreading it further as it flew. Ash knew what the Pokémon was as soon as he looked at it. He recognized it from all the Pokémon books and teachings from Professor Oak he had over the years. This Pokémon had not been seen by human eyes in hundreds of years. The Pokémon was none other than the fabled and legendary Rainbow Pokémon... Ho-Oh. Its feathers are predominantly gold and red, with yellow tail-feathers, a white underside, and green feathers at the tip of its wings. Ho-Oh has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a feathered, yellow crest on its head. Ho-Oh's wings are prismatic, causing it to trail a rainbow behind it. It has darkly colored feet and legs with four toes and long talons.

He called both Mew and Mewtwo to witness this beautiful scene. Mewtwo looked at Ho-oh with awe. Even though he himself is a legendary Pokemon he cannot help but be awed and respect Ho-oh. They watched Ho-oh till disappeared at the horizon. Getting out of daze he recalled both mewtwo and new to move forward before something caught his eye. There played a rainbow colored feather in front him on the ground.

He picked the feather with a smile and decided to continue heading to Viridian City.


"Pikachu use Thunder punch on meowth!" adhering to his trainer's command pikachu charged at meowth with his surrounded with yellow ball of electricity.

Meowth creates a purple energy sword in the palm/paw of one of its hands and met pikachu's Thunder punch with his Night slash. After trying to over power each other for a while both jumped back and canceled their attack.

Ash was even more determined to catch this Meowth now. A meowth can only learn Night slash at a very high level and for this meowth to be this strong without a trainer shows how immense it's potential is.

Meowth attacked pikachu with glowing tail. "Pikachu use Mimic." Just like meowth pikachu's tailed also glowed and countered his move. Both Pokemon jumped back from each after their last exchange. "Pikachu finish this with Thunder."

Pikachu's whole body cackled with electricity before he fired a stream of yellow electricity at his opponent but much to shock of Ash and pikachu, meowth fired his own thunder attack to counter pikachu's.

"Now I want to catch this meowth even more." Ash was even more excited after witnessing meowth perform thunder. "okay pikachu get a bit serious. Use Agility into Wild charge."

Pikachu ran toward meowth at all four clocked in electricity. He was so fast that before meowth can do anything he slammed into meowth and sent it skidding back. Meowth tried to get up but Ash decided to end the match.

"Pikachu end this with zap cannon." Pikachu formed a yellow orb of electricity with red center between his hands and fired at opponent. Meowth was already to weak did last attack and closed its eyes excepting his fate. At least it will be with a competent trainer.

Zap cannon slammed into meowth knocking it out. Ash quickly threw a Pokeball at fallen Pokemon. Pokeball sucked the scratch cat Pokemon. It shook twice before stopping with a ding showing its successful capture.

Ash picked the Pokeball and pointed his pokedex at it.

(Meowth: The Scratch cat Pokemon)

(Meowth withdraws its sharp claws into its paws to slinkily sneak about without making any incriminating footsteps. For some reason, this Pokémon loves shiny coins that glitter with light. This meowth is female and has ability Technician.)

(This Pokemon knows moves : Slash, fury swipes, night slash, hyper voice, payday, iron tail, thunder, shadow ball, shadow claw, dark pulse)

Ash didn't get much time to ponder on his new Pokemon when a he heard someone scream which probably came from a girl. "Looks like someone is in trouble. Let's go pikachu."

Ash quickly called out Salamence and climbed on it's back. He told Salamence the situation and pointed him to fly fast toward the direction from where the scream came from.

Thanks to Salamence Ash quickly arrive at the place where the scream came from. Near a large river a girl with orange hair with a ponytail to the side wearing a yellow shirt with red straps with blue shorts and red sneakers was cradling a purple starfish like Pokemon with a gem in its center while cowering from a red Gyarados who was bout to fire a hydro pump at her.

"Salamence block that hydro pump with your own." Salamence opens its mouth as a blue ball of water forms in front of its mouth then, he fired a powerful jet of water at gyarados effectively canceling its attack. Gyarados grew even more roar in anger at Salamence in anger who roared back in answer.

"Salamence Ariel ace." Salamence flew toward his opponent with white streaks surrounding his body and rammed on gyarados. "Now use Dragon claw" Salamence's claw became surrounded in light green aura as he slashed his opponent repeatedly with it.

Having enough this gyarados stopped it's opponent with a well a headbutt. That followed by firing a ice beam at the dragon Pokemon.

"Salamence dodge and finish this with dragon breath" following his trainer's command he evaded the ice type attack and shot a stream of pale purple fire at his opponent. Gyarados was not able to react on time and was hit by the powerful dragon type move.

Not wasting this chance ash threw a Pokeball at capture. The Pokeball shook twice after absorbing gyarados before stopping with a ding signifying a successful capture. Ash smiled as he picked gyarados's Pokeball "Welcome to the team Gyarados." He scanned gyarados's Pokeball.

(Gyarados: The Atrocious Pokemon)

(Once Gyarados goes on a rampage, its ferociously violent blood doesn't calm until it has burned everything down. There are records of this Pokémon's rampages lasting a whole month. This Gyarados is Female and has ability Intimidate)

(This Pokemon knows the moves: Hyper beam, hydro pump, ice beam, dragon rage, aqua tail, hurricane, flame thrower, tackle, dark pulse.)

Ash can't help but whistle at gyarados's move set. Putting thoughts of his latest capture at back of his mind he turned his attention to the girl who was still on the ground cradling her Pokemon at looking at him with wide eyes.

"Are you alright? Your not injured are you?" he asked the orange haired girl as he approached her to check her on any injuries.

"*sigh* I am not hurt thanks to starmie but same cannot be said for him and my poor bike." he sweetdroped when he found a charred bike, probably this girl's, laying not far from here. It was probably victim of gyarados's thunder or flamethrower. It was probably former than the latter.

Ash began to apply hyper potion on starmie while giving few soothing words whenever it hissed. After he was done he turned to orange hair girl, "I have healed him as much as possible but you should still have it checked at Pokemon center. Oh, I am Ash Ketchum and this is my buddy Pikachu."


"And that is Salamence"

Misty was quite surprised how Ash was easily able to handle the situation where even a experienced trainer will get panic after seeing a angered gyarados or a heavily injured Pokemon . "Thanks for your help Ash. I am Misty Water flower."

"Nice to meet you, Misty, and no problem!... If you don't me asking... Why did that Gyarados attack you?" Misty scratched her cheeks in embarrassment "Well, I was actually fishing for Water-Type Pokémon, and I ended up drawing the attention of Gyarados and you know the rest."

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Misty. Gyarados is a very difficult Pokémon to handle, and anybody could have made the same mistake. " Ash said trying to comfortable the red head.

Misty returned the smile that Ash was giving, and said, " You and Salamence and are something else to be able to deal with a angry Gyarados like that."

Ash scratched the back of his head and laughed sheepishly. "Actually... I just started out on my Pokémon Journey today. Pikachu here is my starter pokemon." Misty's was both embarrassed and stunned this newbie trainer was able to defeat a high level gyarados when someone Luke her with much more experience, couldn't even scratch it.

"If you want, you can come with me and Pikachu to Viridian City. I'm sure Salamence won't mind carrying your bike while taking us to Viridian city." Ash offered to improve her rapidly declining mood.

Misty smiled and got up. "Thanks, Ash.

Ash stood as Salamence landed beside him and climbed on his back and than looked at Misty, "Hop-on, this is faster than walking." Misty was bit hesitant at first but after seeing the reassuring smile on Ash's face she climbed on its back.(An- To misty haters don't worry she is not paired with ash).


Thanks to Salamence they quickly reached Virdian city. To avoid getting any unwanted attention to themselves they decided to land at a unpopulated place and walk rest of way to Pokemon center. They didn't walk for long before they heard a voice on intercom.

Attention all citizens! The criminal organization Team Rocket has been spotted people are advised to keep their Pokémon in their Pokéballs and report any suspicious characters!

Ash (who was carrying his red head companion's bike) and Misty stopped when they heard the announcement. They were not able to think for long when they heard a voice addressing them. "You there, halt!" They turned to see Officer Jenny walking right at them looking suspicious

"How can we help you officer Jenny?" Ash asked

"Yes as a matter of fact you can. Can you explain to me why you have that Pikachu out of it's Pokéball?" she asked hands on her hips.

"Well you see Officer, pikachu doesn't likes staying in his Pokeball so he always stays outside." Jenny nodded at his answer. There several such Pokemon who don't like staying in Pokeball.

"I see, do you have any I.D.?" she asked

Ash took out his pokedex and gave it to Jenny. From what he learned from professor oak it is regarded as I.D for all the trainers. She clicked a button and it began speaking.

[I am Dexter. A Pokédex programed by Professor Samuel Oak for Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town. My function is to provide information about Pokémon species and their habitats. If lost or stolen I cannot be replaced.]

She smiled and gave it back to him, "Sorry about that. Make sure you be careful young man there are Team Rocket crooks running around the area." She warned them. Misty just showed her an small card from behind Ash from which Jenny understood who she is.

After saying goodbye to Officer Jenny they rushed at Pokemon center.


Ash and Misty went to the Pokécenter nearby, and walked in the front doors, up to Nurse Joy who was positioned behind the counter. She saw them and smiled. "Hello, young Trainers, and welcome to the Viridian City Pokémon Center! How may I help you?"

Ash spoke up while unclipping all his Pokéballs and laying them in front of the kind nurse. "Can we please have two rooms for the night and can you also please heal up my Pokémon, Nurse Joy?"

Misty chimed in while handing over her Pokéballs. "Me too, please, nurse joy."

Nurse Joy smiled and then took the Pokéballs and Pikachu, placing them on a wheel cart for Chansey to take away. She then grabbed two room keys, and gave them to the children. "Enjoy your stay! Please pick up your Pokémon tomorrow morning."

Ash said good-bye to Pikachu and then he turned to Misty. "Hey Misty, I have to go call my mom and Professor Oak and let them know I finally made it safe and sound, okay?"

Misty just nodded her head. "Okay, Ash. Talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight!"

Ash was already walking for the rooms of the Pokémon Center with phone as he waved back to her. "Night!" He walked up to one of the video phones and dialed his house first.

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered.

"Mom, its me Ash!"

"Ashy how are you!"

"I'm good, I made it to Viridian City."

"Already? Your father didn't even make there until three days later but then again he was never good with directions to begin with." She laughed at the thought of Ash's father.

They talked for while before he called professor Oak but not before Delia reminding Ash to wear his underwear much to latter's embarrassment. He picked up after a few rings, and after seeing Ash's face, a big smile grew on his face. "Ash, my boy! You are already at Viridian City yet?" Professor asked in amazement. Ash nodded with a smile and told professor about his adventures till now.

"Well, it looks like you and your Pokemon are having quite a good time and now thanks to you I not only won my bet with Gary, I will also have a shiny gyarados to study!" professor said in excitement. Ash smiled at his mentor/grandfather figure's excitement. Apparently Gary and his grandfather had a bet in which grandson of Oak said that Ash will not be able to catch more than two Pokemon where as professor, under whom Ash has learned everything better against him.

"Professor... You'll never guess what Pokémon I saw on Route 1 just before I came into Viridian." Ash brought a rainbow clouded feather infront of camera for professor to see. On other side of call Professor's jaw dropped to ground. "A-Ash that's r-rainbow wing which comes from where did you get it?" Ash held back his chuckles and explained how he met Ho-oh with stupefied Professor Oak.

"That's amazing Ash! You are probably first person who have seen Ho-oh in last few centuries and first person to receive Rainbow wing since its disappearance. Be careful to whom you show it Ash." Professor advised Ash. Ash nodded in response.

"Okay my boy, be safe and enjoy your journey."

Ash waved back. "Will do, Professor. Bye!"

After that was said, Ash hanged the call and went back into the Pokémon Center, heading off to bed so he could get rested for anything that could come his way the next day.





Just few after Ash went to sleep, the alert signal of Pokemon center rang waking and alerting all the residents of the center. Ash quickly went toward lobby were he met Nurse Joy and Misty. Both of them had grim face. Upon asking Nurse Joy told him that someone from Team Rocket has broken into Pokemon Center.

While Ash and Misty where contemplating how to catch these thief's whole building shook from an explosion and following it two Pokéballs came down from the ceiling causing smoke to appear.

Ash caught hands of both Misty and Joy and took them at the corner of room where there was least smoke and chances ambushes were also little.

"Oh, we have a smart one Jessie." Came a masculine voice from the smoke.

"It seems so James." Canes a feminine voice. Ash and company didn't had to wait longer as smoke cleared they saw three figures. A man with shoulder length blue hair and green eyes, a women with Long red hair which defying every logic is styled like an arc and last person was a meowth standing between them. Both human were in their around twenty and had worn uniform of Team Rocket.

Being most hot headed one first to speak was a certain water type red headed trainer, "Who are you?!" Ash sweat dropped at Misty's question doesn't that uniform with big R tells everything. Just as though this Situation can't go anymore absurd all three member be a can their introduction….in form of motto.

(An- Nope. No way in hell I am going to Write that stupid motto or whatever they call it.)

Idiots. All three of them but what caught Ash's interest is Meowth because it was able to speak human language. Although he did learned that several powerful Pokemon can communicate with human through telepathy but Meowth was not using telepathy but he was speaking human language.

He was broken from his musing when both Jessie and James called out a Ekans and Koffing. Misty called out her Staryu for battle. Ash was about to call one of his own when he realized that he gave all of his pokemon to nurse joy except Mew duo.


With a shout came out of corridor and jumped in front of Ash facing both poison type.

"When these idiots showed up I contacted pikachu and Salamence for your aid. Salamence stayed back to protect other Pokemon." Mewtwo informed ash via telepathy while still being in Pokeball.

"Thanks buddy" Ash thanked Mewtwo mentally and cleared his mind for his first Pokemon battle as a trainer.

"Pikachu use Extreme speed and iron tail on Koffing." Pikachu's body was surrounded in green aura as he charged at his opponent. Seeing Electric mouse Pokemon approaching James ordered his koffing, " Koffing stop that rodent use sludge bomb."

No matter how much koffing tried none of the sludge bomb hit pikachu. Whenever a attack is about to hit him pikachu will disappear and appear at other place. It didn'tlong for pikachu slip in from attack and hit koffing with his Extreme speed.

"Pikachu use Iron tail on koffing and throw it at Ekans." With a speed a that koffing was unable pikachu quickly covered the distance between them and slammed his glowing tail on it and sending it toward Ekans like a cannon ball. Ekans who was fighting Staryu was unable to dodge living cannon ball aka Koffing.

"You aren't going to steal anything today Team Rocket" he growled at them. Pikachu Thunderbolt."

"Staryu blast them off. Use Watergun !"

Both attacks slammed on team rocket blasting them sky high. "Now that's care of let's go to sleep." They all agreed and went back toward their rooms leaving whole messed to be cleaned during day.

And cut-

Ash's current team:-






Pidgeotto (M)

Arbok(M) [Shiny]


Gyarados(F) [Shiny]

Naruria out-