AN: Sorry for the long wait but I had a lot of things to do as I have a life! Due to this, this chapter is long and over 5k! BTW, I had to make James and Lily half-siblings for a reason and so Harry and Hermione are going to cousins. I know it changes the original story line but it had to be done.

Anyway cue the story!

James Potter is a known heartthrob of the Hogwarts Class 1979 for both males and females. With his messy, jet-black hair and irresistible hazel brown eyes, he is one of the most desirable males of that year. But, unfortunately, for the females, James Potter came out and spoke out his true sexual preference (he is gay) to everyone in the Gryffindor Common Room one night in May in his 6th year by standing on the table. Both witches and wizards were surprised were, of course, surprised by that especially when Lily Evans stated 'way ago, little brother!' which shocked the residents of Gryffindor even further.

Not many knew that Lilly Evans was the older half-sister of James Potter due to Fleamont Potter and Renee Dresden (nee Evans) was in an unhappy relationship with their respective significant other. For Fleamont, it was because he and Euphemia Potter (nee Sayre) were betrothed despite Fleamont hating Euphemia but Euphemia liked Fleamont. But for Renee, it was a different story. Renee married her husband, Fiarello, out of love but after their honeymoon, Fiarello started drinking and shagging any woman he saw is worthy of him and it resulted in Fiarello conceiving Petunia Willow Howell-Dresden with some random Muggle, Willow Holly Howell. Fleamont and Renee both met in Hogwarts, with Fleamont as a 2nd year and Renee as a 1st year, both in Gryffindor and Fleamont as her mentor. Both Renee and Fleamont liked each other and stolen kisses from each other and kept their relationship status with each other as 'friends with benefits' in school. One night after Fleamont Potter's 37th birthday, he went to Renee's house to talk and, after a few drinks, shagged which resulted in the concievement of Lillian 'Lily' Renee Artemis Evans on March 30th 1959 and Lily was born on the 30th January 1960. Soon, after Euphemia spiked her husband's drink so it contained Amortentia keyed herself which would last for an hour but it ended while they were having sex and seconds just before he released himself in her so when James Fleamont Charles Alastor Potter was born on 27th March 1960, he is still capable of love. The reason why both Lily and James know is when both of them were 3 and Renee, Lily's mother, got murdered by Lily's stepfather and the police found her will which stated 'if I die, Lillian Renee Artemis Evans shall go to her biological father, Fleamont Charlus Henry Albus Potter, and he has my permission to use our daughter's trust vault for her private tuition. If her father is unable to, Petunia Willow Howell-Dresden, my stepdaughter, could go to her biological aunt's house, Hope Hayley Lupin nee Howell' and so she went to live with her father, stepmother and younger half-brother or in Petunia's case, to her aunt and uncle's house to live and be raised with Remus Lupin. Though Lily was a consequence on her husband's affair, Euphemia Potter still loved Lily as if she was her daughter.

But what shocked all of the different years in the Gryffindor Common Room more was when James jumped down from the table and pulled Sirius Black close to him and murmur in his ear.

"I think we should tell everyone about our relationship," James muttered and discreetly weaved his right hand into Sirius' left hand.

"Only if you're fine with it," Remus spoke huskily into his lover's ear before continuing a bit louder and facing the room." I, Sirius Orion Alphard Cygnus Black III, am proud to say that I am dating one James Fleamont Charlus Alastor Potter for a year!" When he finished speaking Sirius pulled his now not-so-secret boyfriend in his arms and captured his lips into a kiss of great passion. An echo of 'awww!' through the room by the females and males of the older Gryffindors and the younger lions covered their eyes and said 'ew.' When the couple in question pulled apart, they sat on a couch nearest to them and sat down. James placed his head on his boyfriend's lap so he could look up to his lover while Sirius played with his jet-black hair.

"Sei l'uoma dei miei sogni Jamie," Sirius muttered seductively so only James can hear it. James blushed since he learned Italian since it was required that a Potter (by birth) should know the following languages along with English: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Greek; before Hogwarts. (You're the man of my dreams-Italian)

"Always such a charmer, mi amor" James stated knowing Sirius would know he called him 'love' in Spanish. Sirius smirked amorously and tilted James' head up and captured his lips into his own.

"Oh my God, Jamie, come here!" A voice which belonged to James' half-sister shouted which interrupted their musing the couple knew that if Lily called James by his pet name, it is good news.

James went over to Lily, who was sitting on the couch in the middle of the common room and saw her with a letter in her dainty hands and an unopened package in her lap.

"What is it, Lils?" James asked as he sat next to his sister and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Read the letter which Father sent us," Lily said with the Potter grin on her face, her red locks sparkling in the light, and passed the letter in question in his awaiting hands.

James opened the letter and recognised the masculine handwriting and read the letter. It stated:

"Dear Lily and James,

How are you both? I certainly hope you both don't team up and, Merlin forbid, prank. With your book smarts, Lily, and your prank skills, James, I feel so sorry for Hogwarts if you both team up.

Now, the reason I am writing to you both is to tell you that the Federation of Child Heritage finally agreed to change your, Lily's, surname from 'Evans' to 'Potter' so you two can control both Potter and Peverall seats when me and your step-/mother die with you, Lily, being Heiress Peverall and you, James, being Heir Potter along with both of you being the Heir/-ess Gryffindor, Slytherin, Le Fay and Emrys but when you both children, they will still inherit all of titles along with any titles your husbands have (yes James, your mother and I both know that you are gay) But when the time comes, Lily will inherit the titles of Lady Peverall, Slytherin and Emrys and James will inherit the titles of Lord Potter, Gryffindor and Le Fay-this is explained in our wills.

You two might have noticed that I have included a package in this Owl and it contains two mirrors. The mirror with lilies engraved into its silver metal with a pink garnet on top of the handle is, obviously, Lily's and the one with a massive Stag engraved on the golden back with a teal aquamarine on top of the handle is James'. The mirrors are enchanted to allow you two communicate to each other and to other Potters by birth such as me or your uncle Charles and his daughter Faith. We Potters made this mirrors which are personalised as a present for reaching to our NEWT years as a tradition for generations; the mirrors has many enchantments so you cannot lose it. They are traditionally personalised to their animagus form, something to do with their name or something to do with their talents such as mine is has the Fleamont Family Crest on the back of mine, Faith has a potions bottle due to her talent in Potions when she went to Beauxbatons. The mirrors have spells which allow you to enlarge it and shrink it by saying 'semper fidelis' –our family motto meaning always faithful. To activate it, you say the name of the person you want to talk to and their face will appear.

Your step-/mother and I love you both equally and don't you ever forget it. Whenever you two have any questions, use the mirror.

Love from,

Your Father, Fleamont C.H.A Potter"

"Lily Potter, future Lady to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Peverall, Slytherin and Emrys... It has a nice ring to it," James said bemused and saw that Lily opened the package and took out their mirrors and placed James' on his lap.

"So does James Potter, future Lord to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Gryffindor and Le Fay. Listen, Jamie, I want to talk to you privately. Perhaps with the mirrors when we go to bed? It is very important," Lily said, her emerald green eyes lacked its usual sparkle of energy but seemed to have a sparkle of the solemn element to it.

"Sure Lils, tonight?" James asked. With a nod of conferment, James gave a brotherly kiss on her cheek and walked to his friends (Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew- 5th Year, Fabian and Gideon Prewett- 6th Year) and lover.

"What did Lills want? Is that a mirror?" Remus asked and his eyes widened when he saw a stag engraved into the back of the golden mirror. "Does your father know about your animagus form?"

"Lily wanted to show me a letter which our Father sent us and it stated that Lily's surname has legally changed from 'Evans' to 'Potter' now. Our father also sent me and Lily a mirror each as it is tradition to give a Potter a mirror in their first year in NEWT level. It has enchantments which allow us to shrink and enlarge when we say the family motto. The mirrors are personalised to the giver so I am assuming my father knows I am an animagus." James said while looking at the mirror and muttering the family motto and pocketed it. He smirked while he looked at Remus and said "Does that answer your questions, Moony?"

He saw Remus nodding his head but soon he saw Fabian's grey eyes are drifting away to, more specifically, Lily Potter. James knew that his older half-sister is heartthrob much like himself but for a different reason. Lily has sinful dark red locks which, that day, was plaited into a messy fishtail and a few ringlets framed her face and her emerald green eyes sparkled in the dim light as she laughed with her friends at the other side of the common room. The Potters are known for their aristocratic looks and Lily and he were no different. James saw Lily occasionally blush when she and Fabian look at each other. Perhaps she has a crush on Fabian? Even if James would not know if Lily really had a crush on Fabian, he certainly knew that his best friend had a crush on his older half-sister. If possible, Fabian's crush increased after the International Duelling Competition (which is only for 15-18) back in March of that year. Lily, being a gifted duellist, attends a Duelling Club every year in the summer, since their first year at Hogwarts, and she fought in the finals and beat her friend from the Duelling Club (Viktor Semyonov) which made Hogwarts win the Cup.

"Fabian you are staring again," Peter said discreetly and waved his left hand in front of Fabian's face.

"You should really ask her out soon or other blokes will," Gideon told his younger twin brother while patting his brother's left leg.

"It is not like I would ever have a chance. She is pretty, beautiful amazing duellist...intelligent and I am just average," Fabian told the others miserably and his friends exchanged glances.

"Fab, you are not average. You have 10 OWLs which are all Os, you were in the semi-finals of the Duelling Competition and even I can admit that you have grown into a handsome chap." Remus said encouragingly.

"Truer words have never been spoken," Sirius said while wiping invisible tears out of his eyes with his finger.

"You already reserved a table at The Three Broomsticks for 2 and if I know my half-sister, I know for a fact she likes you." James said.

"Now get over there and ask her out!" Gideon exclaimed and pushed Fabian in the direction of Lily. "We are right behind you!"

He walked to the direction of Lily and glanced over his shoulder to see his friends encouraging him with thumbs up before taking a quiet deep breath and cleared his throat when he was of hearing radius.

"Um... can I speak to you in private, Lily?" Fabian asked flustered and he was sure that you wouldn't be able to see his hair line.

"Sure," Lily said while she heard her friends giggling as Fabian guided her away her friends.

"What is it?" Lily spoke but not in a tone of annoyance but merely of pure curiosity.

"Um...I was wondering if you would liketogotoHogsmeadewithmetomorrow." Fabian asked while blushing when he realised he jumbled up his words.

"I didn't quite hear that sweetheart," Lily said while giggling in a cute way.

"I said 'would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?'" Fabian said while his blushing increased when Lily said 'sweetheart'.

"What like a date?" Lily asked while blushing herself at the idea of going to Hogsmeade with her crush alone.

"Yeah...if that is cool with you," Fabian stated while nervously rubbing his neck.

"Of course I will, silly!" Lily said while grinning and went up on her toes and kissed his left check before going to her friends with a broad grin on her face. Following her example, Fabian went to his friends with a grin on his face.

"From that grin, I am assuming she said yes?" James asked with a knowing look. When the group saw Fabian nodding his head, James ran up to the 5th Year Boy's dorms and brought a bottle of Firewhiskey and 6 cups down.

"Let's give a toast to the newest couple of Hogwarts!" James said after he poured everyone a cup of the well-known alcohol and brought his own cup in the middle of their makeshift circle. Soon all of them brought their cups towards the middle and they all bumped their cups together in unison while saying 'Cheers!' and downing their own cups while ignoring the burning of their throats. They made it a tradition to do that ever since they all met on the Hogwarts Express and something big happens such as a prank gone well or a member has a new girlfriend or boyfriend but before James turned 14, it was Butterbeer instead of Firewhiskey. The last time they did this for the pranking section was last week was when the group pulled a prank on the Hufflepuffs so they would insult everyone minus themselves for 24 hours. The last time they did this for the dating option was when Remus asked out his long time crush Severna Snape 3 months ago. Even though she was a Slytherin, the Marauders and the Prewett twins knew that Remus liked her for a long time and that Lily was her friend ever since they met in Diagon Alley at age 5.

After talking about which team might win the British and Irish Quidditch League, the boys saw a paper bird flying toward James saying that Lily would use the mirror at 10pm to discuss. He wrote his reply and made an origami bird before muttering a spell (vivi salvus) so it came alive and saw it flying to Lily.

10 o'clock soon came and James in his pyjamas said his half-sister's name and saw her freckled face inside the mirror.

"Lils, what did you want to talk about?" James asked.

"You know before I was sent to live with you, I mainly lived with my mother and grandparents?" Lily spoke while holding a blanket which her grandmother made for her before she went to Hogwarts for her first year.

"Yeah, but you still visit your grandparents for at a week before you go Duelling Club." James said with concern in his eyes when he saw Lily's emerald-green eyes showed sadness.

"I found out that yesterday my grandmother and grandfather died and that they left me everything. When I last saw them they seemed fine but it turned out they have been terminally ill since we started our 5th Year!" Lily said and when she finished, he saw tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Lily, I don't know what to tell you but to go to the will hearing and when they are buried to visit them on their birthdays and Christmas. But the thing that you should now is that their legacy still lives on-in you. Tell you what, Fabian and I will escort you to Gringotts and you can get your heritage" James said sympathetically and when he heard no crying from the other side of the mirror.

"Thank you Jamie," Lily said after sniffing he nose. He smiled sheepishly and subconsciously brushed his hair with his hand. "Hey did Fabian tell you that-"

"That you two are going to Hogsmeade together? Yeah, we persuaded him to ask you out." James smirked slightly when he told her.

They talked for another 20 minutes before Lily yawned and they both decided to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday and it was also the students in and above 3rd year (who got their forms signed) can go to Hogsmeade. Fabian leaned against the wall as he hesitantly waited near the exit of the Gryffindor Common Room. He wore an unbuttoned blue shirt which went over a white t-shirt. The t-shirt had a picture of a brain on it and above it said 'warning: brains at work' in black ink. He also wore light-brown trousers. His style went well with his 6 foot appearance.

Soon he saw Lily walk down the stairs elegantly. She wore her coffee-brown khaki jacket which went over a plain white shirt. She also wore a long red plaid skirt which a chain on it with charms attached to it. Under her skirt, she wore black pantyhose which had rose patterns and she wore coffee brown stilettos. Her hair was tied up into a messy bun which had a few locks out and she had a pastel pink headband (which had a bow on it in the middle) on and her face had a limited amount of makeup minus mascara and a light amount of eye shadow.

"You look beautiful milady," Fabian said to Lily. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

"Why thank you good sir." Lily told him as she blushed. "You look as handsome as ever."

"Shall we go milady?" Fabian asked and handed out his hand.

"We shall," Lily said as placed her dainty hand on top of his hand and together went to Hogsmeade.

The couple went to Hogsmeade and got to The Three Broomsticks around noon after going to Zonko's Joke Shop (for Fabian), Tomes and Scrolls (for Lily) and Honeydukes to stock up on sweets. Despite it not being a romantic place, Fabian and Lily still enjoyed their time together.

"Fabian, I enjoyed today." Lily stated while they walked together to the couches, hand in hand.

"So did me. But I thought that going to The Three Broomsticks would make you hate me because I heard girls say that a pub is not romantic enough and-"Fabian rambled before Lily silenced him with a kiss.

The action shocked him but he soon felt his eyes fluttering down as he deepened their kiss. Their lips fit perfectly and he could distantly taste the Butterbeer on her lips as his tongue entered her mouth. Inside both of them, they both felt fireworks emitting off as they snogged. They snogged for what seemed like a couple of hours until they had a desperate need of oxygen. They broke off and he muttered "if that is the way you are going to shut me up, I will never stop talking around you" in her ear.

"I don't care if most girls think the pub is not a place for a date but I am not like most girls. We could have gone to the Forbidden Forest for a date and I wouldn't care as long I am with you." Lily said then she pecked his cheek.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Fabian spluttered out quickly before he realised what he said and he turned bright red.

"Of course I will," Lily answered and kissed him but more passionately then their previously.

They kissed for ages before they heard a distant wolf whistles which brought them back to reality. They saw their friends who were behind them and each of them had a different facial expression: Remus and Severna with a smile plastered on their faces while James and Sirius with grins and Gideon smirking. The couple in question turned bright red and walked quickly towards carriages to Hogwarts.

When they arrived to Hogwarts, Lily got pulled from her boyfriend's arms to Severna.

"So spill girl, how was the date?" Severna asked as she told Severna via the book (which Eileen Snape nee Prince (Severna's mother) made for them for Christmas) and when the book is being written in, its twin (Severna has it) has it written in as well so they can both communicate that way.

"We went to Zonko's then to Tombs and Scrolls then to Honeydukes and then to the pub because we both like a casual date." Lily giggled and sighed. "He gave me a charm of a heart which had both of our initials inside of it there as well. When we walked back, I kissed him and he asked me to be his girlfriend and we kissed again."

"That is so romantic!" Severna sighed in a love-sick manner.

They talked as they went by the Black Lake before lying on the ground and looking at the clouds.

Fabian and Lily went on lots of dates after that day and with each passing day; they fell in love with each other. After Fabian graduated, he and his twin founded a magazine called 'Chic' which is a fashion magazine and it sky rocketed while both Muggle and Magical folk wonder what the famous celebrities say and the designer brands' new fashion are shown in the magazine. Their subscribers get a copy every month for just 5 or 1 Galleon and 7 Knuts. Currently, their business made headlines in the Muggle news for being the fastest growing media sensation of the year. But their business didn't let them stop seeing their girlfriends (Lily Potter and a Muggleborn Ravenclaw witch which graduated with them, Rosaline Jennings).

But Lily and Fabian's relationship was not the only couple who blossomed that year. Many others did and one of them was Severna and Remus' as they are the prime example that Gryffindors and Slytherins can love each other as they did and are set to be married as Remus proposed to her on her 18th birthday (9th January). Another one was James and Sirius who is set to be married after Sirius proposed to James at his birthday (27th March). By the time Remus, Fabian and Sirius proposed, they dated their lover for either 2 years or 3 years.

It was on her 18th birthday when he proposed to her and she of course said 'yes!' and the 3 couples were set to marry 3 days after the other. James and Sirius were married first (with Remus as best man and Lily as the maid of honour) and then Severna and Remus but Severna kept her maiden name (with Lily as the maid of honour and Sirius as the best man) the finally Lily and Fabian but Lily also kept her maiden name (with Severna as the maid of honour and Gideon as best man) all marriages took place in September 1978.

The Maunders plus the Prewett twins and Lily and Severna joined the Order of the Phoenix after their weddings and they worked well together. When Severna and Lily both found out they were pregnant, they concealed their pregnancies with the glamour charm. It was the 19th September 1979 when Severna birthed the first child of a Maunder who was named 'Aimee Severna Lillian Snape-Lupin' then Lily gave birth to the newest Prewett named 'Hermione Lillian Severna Potter-Prewett' on 26th November 1979. It was around that time, James found out he was pregnant with his and Sirius' baby and Albus Dumbledore found out a new prophecy by Sybill Trelawney:

'The one with power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those who thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...'

James Potter and Alice Longbottom (nee Flint) were sent to Madam Poppy Pomfrey to see when their due dates were and to everyone's shock; they were both due in the end of July-the 7th month.

Soon the time James would give birth on the 31st of July. After 4 hours of agonising pain, James birthed a boy named 'Hadrian 'Harry' James Sirius Regulus Potter-Black'- the second child born to 2 of the Maunders. Fabian and Lily were named Hadrian's godparents and Remus was deemed Hadrian's blood adoptive uncle along with Severna as his blood adoptive aunt. But as Lily, Fabian, Remus and Severna (along with baby Hermione and Aimee) turned to leave so they can leave the new parents some alone time, Severna said a prophecy which will forever change the next generation's lives.

'The one who is cursed with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord is sired by regal and traitor blood... the one who possesses the power to rid the Titian Lord and Giants born to mischief and the wilderness... both shall meet in Hogwarts...their destinies tied together with Wisdom's son, the Sea Prince and a Royal's daughter... the 5 beings with different heritages will save the Wizarding, Muggle/Mortal and Immortal's worlds... all born in the height of the Wizarding War or the height of the Siege of Boston, they will be united and save their worlds from peril..'

The prophecy was recorded and sent to department of Mysteries before Severna, a spy for the light, told the Order of the Phoenix that Voldemort found out the 1st prophecy and wants to rid Hadrian from the face of the Earth. She then said that Voldemort ordered the deaths of the Prewett twins so they can get the Potter siblings and that Voldemort is planning to get werewolves on his side- the dark side.

To say the Order of the Phoenix was shocked is an understatement, they were aghast by the news that Voldemort was planning that. To lose a few of the members (Marlene McKinnon, Edgar Bones and Benjy Fenwick) due to an attack was heart breaking but a few more would damage them. Lily and Fabian were shocked that their relationship and marriage got to Voldemort as it was not publicised so they figured that Voldemort himself has a tattle-teller. Remus was horrified that Voldemort wants to manipulate him to join the dark side just because he is a registered werewolf.

Meanwhile, Peter Pettigrew subconsciously rubbed his clothed left inner forearm because under it was a glamored Dark Mark. Perhaps he should transform again and go to the Lestrange Manor or get James and Sirius to go and hide in a safe house as well as Remus along with Severna (but she allowed to go to the Death Eater meetings) and Lily and Fabian and Gideon all chosen by Dumbledore himself. A lot of people suggested being their Secret Keepers and the fake ones but only Alastor Moody were appointed the role as the real Secret Keeper for the Potter-Prewetts while the decoy was Arabella Figg, Aberforth Dumbledore is the real Secret Keeper for the Snape-Lupins but the decoy is Rubeus Hagrid and for the Potter-Blacks, Peter Pettigrew is the real Secret Keeper while the decoy is Sturgis Podmore. The Potter-Blacks are staying in Godric's Hollow, the Snape-Lupins in Muggle London and the Potter-Prewetts in Magical Paris. Peter felt like everything was going occurring to plan.

On 31st October 1981, Fleamont and Euphemia babysat Hadrian while James and Sirius went to a date so they can have a night out. But when they came back, the house was in ruins and James' parents dead with Fleamont near the cot where Hadrian cried until Sirius held him.

While James tried to soothe Harry, he saw a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Muttering a spell which allows the conjurer to see the last spell done on a person and indeed it was the Killing Curse or Avada Kedavra.

"The cursed scar," James breathed and he felt tears prickling in his eyes. He lost his parents and now the beginnings of Trelawney's prophecy have begun. James buried his face in Sirius' shoulder and wrapped his arms around his neck, Sirius knew that Pettigrew did this and he will pay.

Meanwhile, the witches and wizards in Godric's Hollow heard an explosion after a green light being emitted around the place where they knew the Potter-Blacks resided and knew that Voldemort had died. And so, sent a lot of letters to the Evening Prophet via owls telling them that the end of the Wizarding War. Raising their glasses of wine together, the Magical folk of Britain celebrated the dying reign of terror and Hadrian Potter-Black defeating 'You-Know-Who' when the Evening Prophet wrote it. All over the country, there was murmurs of 'To Hadrian Potter-Black, the boy-who-lived' into the night sky as the adults toasted.

AN: (23/07/2019) For those who read it first, I only changed the prophey and the names of the children from the Snape-Lupins and Potter-Prewetts.

Here is the orginal prophecy:

'A son cursed with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord arises with the daughter of mischief and the moon...they shall conjure up a way to save those in the Magical, Immortal and Mortal realms from the dangers that sparks in them...the boy born as the seventh month dies, the girl born as the eighth month dies...blessed by the Elements, both shall join forces to rid the Dark Lord and the Titan King along with the Giants...the son cursed with power to vanquish the Dork Lord arises with the daughter of mischief and the moon shall end the reigns of the Dark Lord, the Titian King and the Giants...'