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The Gods were looking into the Wizarding World when a boy (named Hadrian Potter-Black) was born at the early hours of the last day of July and a prophecy was being spoken by one of the boy's aunts.

'The one who is cursed with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord is sired by regal and traitor blood... the one who possesses the power to rid the Titian Lord and Giants born to mischief and the wilderness... both shall meet in Hogwarts...their destinies tied together with Wisdom's son, the Sea Prince and a Royal's daughter... the 5 beings with different heritages will save the Wizarding, Muggle/Mortal and Immortal's worlds... all born in the height of the Wizarding War or the height of the Siege of Boston, they will be united and save their worlds from peril..'

Both Artemis and Hermes were shocked when they heard one of their titles was mentioned in the prophecy and they briefly looked at each other quickly with pure terror in their eyes. Would their father finally find out about their relationship? Poseidon looked at his niece and nephew with sympathy in his eyes and then looked at his brother, Zeus, and saw his normally serious demeanour become as dark as a thundercloud and immediately knew that Zeus would finally know about the secret which only he, Hecate, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes and Artemis only know about- Andromeda Barrault, daughter of Hermes and Artemis. Apollo also noticed the change in his father's appearance and whispered in his younger twin sister's ear 'you are so screwed...' in a sympathetic tone.

"Hermes! Artemis! Come here right now! Rest of you are dismissed!" Zeus roared. They knew said gods were in trouble due to Zeus not using their titles of Lord or Lady. Ares and Hera both had a wicked grin on their faces before they ambled out of the room. The other gods ran out of the door due to them not wanting to be in the radius of Zeus' rage but only Poseidon, Hecate, Aphrodite and Apollo gave the couple supportive smiles before rushing out the room.

"Why was that prophecy talking about you two having a daughter?" Zeus asked in a strangely calm voice despite his electric blue eyes mirroring his anger.

"I don't know Father," Hermes said, his voice higher than usual.

"Then why are you two always so happy?" Zeus questioned and he raised his black eyebrow and his dark, clouded, electric, blue eyes stilled showed his anger.

"Umm... Britain won the Men's 1500 metres," Artemis told her father, hoping to change the topic. But, unfortunately, Zeus knew there was a change in the relationship between the half-siblings.

"I don't care about the Mortals winning medals for pointless tasks!" Zeus roared and distantly, the trio could hear thunder crackling as Zeus gripped tighter to his sacred Thunderbolt.

"I know that you two are in a relationship! In fact, it is not even a relationship; it is a fucking scandal!" Zeus raged on. "You each have both made an oath! Artemis, you made an oath about being a virgin forever! I am pretty sure that Hermes made that not possible anymore! Hermes, you made an oath of not having sex with any goddesses and now look at what you do! You two went against your oaths and thus, you two are forbidden to ever see each other and only in our meetings at the end of each month are you ever allowed to see each other!" By the end of the rant, he was panting hard.

"What!" and "Father!" was his only responses.

"Get out!" Zeus shouted at their faces and the two ran out of the throne room. The two went to Hermes' room and went inside his secret room which he attached so the two can meet secretly.

"What should we do? I am going to miss kissing your lustre thighs," Hermes muttered as his eyes roamed over the body which he was lucky to have sex with over and over again- the body which fit into his perfectly. He looked over the curves which he probably never send kisses over again and leave love bites.

"Perhaps, we have sex one more time. You are, after all, the god of mischief," Artemis said with a flirtatious wink.

"I am, aren't I?" Hermes said playfully before he licked and trailed a line of butterfly kisses down her throat which caused her to shudder at his touch.

"," Artemis moaned out as his hands meandered to her hips and slowly unbuttoned her blouse while randomly kissing a part of her chest as he went up.

"Does the lady want to see what the god of mischief can do to her lustrous body?" Hermes asked as he licked his lips intentionally as his eyes roamed her body again, her curves visible when he finally unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

"Yes she does," Artemis said breathlessly.

"Good," Hermes stated before unhooking her bra and started to show Artemis his love for her for the last time.

Artemis strolled through the woods where the camp which herself and her Huntresses live while on the move. Her mood went from happy to despair after her July meeting in Olympus; her Huntresses thought Hermes broke up with her (they knew about the relationship when Zoe Nightshade saw them kissing and confronted Artemis in front of her fellow Hunters) but soon realised that said God would never do that, seeing the lustful looks which Hermes keeps sending her while licking his lips seductively.

Only a fool would not see that the forbidden love of Hermes and Artemis was good for both parties. Hermes would never know that he had a side of him which let him see that not all women are dependant of sex and nothing more in a relationship before his relationship with Artemis. Artemis would never know that not every man is as whimsical as she thought they would be before her relationship with Hermes.

"Would you trade drachma for your thoughts?" A familiar masculine voice said from the direction of the forest.

"Hey Apollo," Artemis said with a rather forced smile appearing on her face as she faced her twin brother who was sitting on a tree branch.

"What is wrong, little sis?" Apollo asked and jumped from the branch.

"Don't call me that! You were born 3 minutes before me!" Artemis growled out, her father's infamous temper showing through. Apollo smirked and put out his hands in mock surrender.

"It is Father- he told me and Hermes to not date anymore," Artemis said after calming down. "He figured out we were dating and now saying that we are only allowed to see each other only in the monthly meetings." By the end of her reasoning of being alone, Apollo saw teardrops flowing down her cheek and pulled her into a hug.

After a few minutes of Apollo comforting his twin sister, he suggested her to sleep which she did after they went to her tent.

5 years went past since the prophecy had been spoken and soon every God and Goddess realised that both Hermes and Artemis will have a child or already had a child together. It had been a few weeks since the day Zeus forbid any relationship of Hermes and Artemis beyond one closely resembling what siblings have. But soon after that meeting, Zeus saw how miserable they were so he gave them permission to date again.

Soon the August meeting arrived and every God and Goddess arrived. Every God was stunned to see Artemis sporting a ring on her index finger of her left hand. Why was the infamous supposed Virgin Goddess wearing a ring? But they suspected it was Hermes who gifted it to her.

The ring was a white gold diamond heart cage ring with 2 encased heart stones. Said encased heart stones were either a genuine diamond (for Hermes' April birth) or a blue sapphire (for Artemis' September birth). To say all the gods were surprised that she was sporting it was an understatement. They were downright flabbergasted at the revelation that Hermes would buy his lover a ring which costs $1892.02. All the gods knew that Hermes would never buy his immortal lovers any jewellery much less an engagement ring not even for his mortal lovers.

"Is everybody here?" When no one said anything, Zeus spoke again with an authorial tone. "We have a few announcements to make before the actual meeting." He pulls out a roll of parchment and cleared his throat before speaking. "Firstly, Hermes and Artemis finally got engaged and that their daughter, Andromeda, turned 7 on the 20th." Applause occurred and a few gods patted Hermes on the back while Artemis showed a picture of young Andromeda blowing candles of her Minnie Mouse cake. "Secondly, Hecate informed me that Hadrian Potter-Black performed his first-ever accidental magic a week ago when he was 5." Applause erupted again but it seemed to be more forced the previous. "Finally, Aphrodite and Hephaestus got their unofficial divorce finalised at the beginning of the month." Applause roared again but mostly it was the male gods minus Hermes and Hephaestus due to the Goddess of Love finally being available (not like it stopped her shagging every man she lays her eyes on and every god there at some point had sex with her senselessly). "Now that is over, the meeting shall actually start."

Andromeda Barrault loved talking to her immortal parents due to the bracelet which had since as far as she could remember. Now she was 8, she can officially go to Camp Half-Blood despite technically being a Goddess but due to being blood adopted by her half-sister, she is a twice-blessed demigoddess. She got Apparated by her guardian/half-brother-in-law, Robin Barrault, to the bottom of Half-Blood Hill. Despite knowing she would stay there every summer until she was 18, she still felt sad for leaving her half-sister, half-brother-in-law and half-nephews behind. After a tear-filled goodbye and hug, she walked up to the hill and she took in her surroundings.

Everything was so calm and peaceful...why?

Andromeda looked down quickly at her wrists and saw her weapon charm bracelet on her left along with her silver-studded shackle bracelet and seashell beaded bracelet were both on her right. Her weapon charm bracelet was charmed so that if she were to touch a charm, the charm will enlarge so she could use it. So far, on her bracelet, her bow (with an infinite amount of arrows) and her sword were on it. But when she gets her wand (when she gets to go Hogwarts), it will be on the bracelet as well. The charm bracelet was gifted to her by her immortal father, Hermes, on her 8th birthday. Her silver-studded shackle bracelet was a going-away present from her half-nephews. Her seashell beaded bracelet was gifted to her when she was born and it had charms on so it would grow while she did.

When she reached the top of the hill, she took a deep breath and, with her suitcase on tow, she entered Camp Half-Blood.