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Vale: Goodbye in Latin

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Being Accepted

After having seen the farmhouse through the trees her first instinct was to search it for supplies and some place to rest. But she'd froze when the teen had come racing out of the house and across the property. His sudden and unexpected appearance made her freeze as she waited for someone else to follow after him but no one appeared. So she had followed him at a slow pace so not to make her companions agitated. He wasn't exactly covering up his trail so she didn't have to worry about loosing him. Still it had been a rather boring few hours, until they had come to that clearing. Michonne had expected the hunting/dressing of the animal and possibly the speaking to ones self as she felt the need to do that to sometimes just so she could hear something other than the forest around her and her shambling companions. What she had not been prepared for was the shadows surrounding the boy to swirl and then erupt to present a nearly solid cloaked figure. The need to creep forward was strong but wasn't sure how to do that without alerting both parties to her presences. If she were being honest, it was something of a relief to run into a mage again. Her whole family had often remarked on how their race had practically vanished after a decade; most of her family had been able to use some forms of the Craft except her. But that was fine by her. She was used to not having a blatant skill of the craft. Yet, her own magic had given her the innate ability to correctly judge people and situations around her. It had made her a good strategist.

It was odd watching someone so short standing up to an imposing figure, as the cloaked figure was nearly fix and half feet tall to the ravens five foot seven. Michonne watched with muted amusement as the teen clearly began to scold and rant at the cloaked figure that floated before him. Creeping around the clearing until she was a bit closer and it was a better vantage points. Still, she watched on as the teens rant came to an end before he huffed and rattle something off. Michonne couldn't hear what was exchanged and watched the two of them sort of nod to each other before the spectre vanished. As the teen was making sure everything set to go again, Michonne picked her way through the foliage as she made her way closer. She so badly wanted to ask him questions and she'd need to be closer to that. But she wasn't really sure how well the paranoid teen would take the fact that he'd been followed. Though he was probably going to be put out after being confronted by a weapon in a just a few moments. Michonne quietly made her way towards the teen, she got nearly half a dozen feet of him and drew her sword. Surprise filled her as the teen spun to face her, catching her off guard though her sword never wavered. Though she was surprised to see a bow and arrow notched and aimed at her as well. However it was the look in the teens eyes that let her relax minutely. It spoke of defense and a need to be as non-confrontational as possible. It was self-preservation at its finest and Michonne was startled to see it on someone so young, but given the world they lived in perhaps it was better that way.

Ignoring the arrow aimed at her, Michonne stepped closer to the teen so that they could speak softer to not alert any nearby walkers. "What are you doing out here by yourself, kid?"

The teen studied her for several long seconds before lowing his bow and scanning the field around them. Michonne realized that he was looking for a group. Had he been ambushed like that before? Once he was assured that no one was going to spring out, the raven turned back to her only to tense again when he caught sight of her walkers. There were several glances that bounced between her and them before the teen lowered his bow completely and scowled. "I'm not a kid. Bloody hell."

Michonne was thrown by the soft British accent that greeted her and sit showed as she froze for a few seconds. It had been ages since she'd come across anyone who still had a foreign accent. Did that mean he'd come over just before everything happened? Without further prompting the teen turned around and continued on his way, gesturing for her to come along. Michonne liked that he wasn't demanding her to follow, though they probably both knew he wouldn't be able to unless he used his ability. Not one to pass up on an opportunity to sate her curiosity, Michonne followed, tugging her walkers along. There were so many things going through her at the moment, so many things to say to someone with abilities like his. What do you say to someone the world would have seen as a the ultimate weapon, but to her and her people, would have been seen as an ancient god compared to how magic was used today. Yet, she wasn't even sure he would be willing to answer those types of questions, even if he had some of his own. He didn't look like the type to open up easily. Which meant he'd been alone a long time. Some of her more pressing ones were: how did he survive, how long exactly had he been alone, what was his name? There was just no stopping her mind as it created hundreds of questions and topics as her curiosity grew the longer the two of them walked in silence. It was only a matter of time before one of them broke the silence. Though Michonne had to hand it to the teen for being as strong as he was.

The duo, well quartet, walked for roughly thirty minutes in silence before the teen stopped, "Hold on a moment."

Again, the soft British accent came and it made Michonne's heart ache for the world they'd lost. Still, she stopped beside him as he pulled out a creased map. It looked like he checked it often. He checked it quickly and then stowed it away. It was almost squirrel like. As if he were afraid she'd steal it from him. "What's your name, kid?"

"Hadrian. Not a kid." He groused.

"That your real name?" She asked, brow raised and everything. It sounded like it could be his real name or a newly given name. She'd run into people who had gotten rid of their real names in place of something more unique.

"Yes." He snapped, before sighing. "Sorry. I wasn't expecting to run into more people."

Michonne shrugged and decided not to push him on it for a moment. "Are we going in the same direction?"

The teen nodded and stayed silent, though he was attentive and barely relaxed as they trekked through the rest of the field for a couple of hours before coming to a forest. It was densely populated and Michonne noted the hesitancy in the teen. "Hadrian?"

It jolted the raven out of his mind as he turned to face her, "What?"

"Is there something wrong with the trees? You've been staring at them for a few minutes."

Instead of answering her, Hadrian just huffed and stalked off into the trees as he muttered to himself. Michonne sighed and followed after the enigma. Though she should have figured that her curiosity would be met with resistance. But her own innate ability was urging her into helping the teen and the teen clearly needed some help. Like therapy kind of help. Good thing she'd been in enough of it and had organized enough of them to know how to help Hadrian a bit. Though she expected it to be an uphill battle if his response to her questions had him clamming up. He was also probably going through puberty too, the poor kid, and- actually, now that Michonne thought about it she didn't really know how old Hadrian was. She had just assumed. That would be a safe question to ask though. But more than the care the kid obviously needed, she couldn't help but be curious about where they were headed. Michonne assumed it wasn't a town, since the mere glimpse of the map hadn't shown any town looking areas so where could he be taking them? Why was he being so secretive about the map? Deciding not to loose any momentum she'd gained with her new companion, the lawyer cleared her throat.

"How old are you?"

The teen jerked slightly, probably having been caught up in his thoughts. "If its past July then sixteen, otherwise I'm not too sure."

"Where about the UK are you from?"

"Surrey, England."

Michonne nodded along, showing she'd heard. "How long have you been a nomad?"

Hadrian seemed to pause at her question, before turning to face her completely. "Nomad? What makes you think I'm a nomad?"

"Please," Michonne smiled and scoffed, "You scream nomad. You haven't been with a group in some time and I bet even when you were with a group you weren't really with them. Were you?"

It took a few moments but the teen puffed out an indignant breath, "Guess that makes me a nomad. So why are you following? Your obviously a nomad as well."

This time Michonne paused. That was a question she hadn't expected so she wasn't exactly sure what to tell the teen. Should she tell him it was because of his magical abilities? She'd been told all the old stories about how most of the world had treated those with magic and decided against just springing it on him. So she went the opposite direction, "Your very tall friend made me curious. But he was gone by the time I had finished checking on the walkers."

Hadrian went rigid almost immediately and Michonne was worried that she'd crossed a line already. "Y-you saw it?"

"Hmm? Yes, the large black cloak was hard to miss." Michonne admitted as she scanned the trees around them. Though the two walkers would warn her if others were nearby. "So it wasn't human? What did you summon?"

The teen turned on her, stopping her short. "What?!"

Michonne caught the panicked look in the teens eyes as he stared at her, "Its been a long time since true mages existed."

The panic subsided and another look took its place, one she couldn't really identify. "What do you mean by 'true mages'? I'm a wizard."

"Yeah, that's what the musical community used to go by about a hundred years ago, before they began to disappear. The last of them died out ten years ago." Michonne said softly, "It was a sad day for those that had magic in their blood, like my family. But then, they're mostly gone now too."

"A hundred years?!" Hadrian gasped out. The teen was pale and seemed to be having trouble breathing, "That can't be, I was jus-but how- I don't understand."

The utterly crushed look in the teens eyes nearly broke Michonnes heart, she hadn't know that he'd been unaware of their history. "I'm so sorry Hadrian. I thought you knew."

Shaking his head quickly, the teen dried his cheeks and then turned and started walking back through the trees and Michonne let him. She wouldn't push him for anymore answers and honestly she'd felt bad about dumping all that on him. But there wasn't much she could do until he'd come to terms with everything that he'd just swallowed. As the hours ticked on in silence as they made their way through the trees, then another field before coming to another dense section of trees. Michonne was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to ask where they were going and sighed mulishly. The teen hadn't spoken one word to her since the first set of trees and honestly Michonne was starting to think she might need to smack Hadrian across the back of his head. Perhaps it would jolt him out of whatever depression funk he'd let himself drift off into. It begged the question of how often the teen let himself drift like this.

Nodding decisively the samurai pulled her arm back and swung out. The resounding whack of her hand meeting his head was satisfying for some reason and it jolted the teen, "If your done brooding, I'd like to know where we are going."

However the teen just stood aside and gestured for her to go ahead of him, so she tied the walker duo up. It made her slightly suspicious that he was allowing her to go first, especially since she'd just smack the crap out of his head. But she did as he asked and went through the break in the trees only to stop in shock. Before her stood a barbed wire topped chain-link fence that had another barb topped fence that guarded them from a medium sized brick building. Michonne wasn't exactly sure what it was, but it looked like a prison. Didn't the teen know that places like this were bad ideas, but then, most people don't have his abilities. Still, she was impressed by how intact it was. "It's a Prison, right?"

"West Georgia Correctional Facility." Harry murmured as he looked over what he could from their position. "Its a viable option for permeant residence."

"How'd you know this was here?"

She was met with a shrug, "I saw it on one of my maps. It was after the group I had been traveling with got separated by an inferi herd."

"Do you need to find them"

"No." Hadrian snorted, "That group is a spot of bad luck. Like a bad penny that comes back to haunt you."

The two studied the Prison and its yard some more before retreating back into the tree line. Not bothering to hide the fact she'd been spying on him, "Are we headed back to the Farmhouse?"

It startled the teen slightly before he sighed, "Bloody hell woman, how long have you been watching me?"

"Not long," She admitted freely, it wouldn't hurt anything. "Just since you existed the farmhouse to come here. I thought it was an abandoned property."

Once again she was nearly left behind because the teen left in a bit of a huff and was once again muttering to himself almost angrily. Michonne was sure that she'd be witnessing some sort of practicing soon, just so he could prove she'd been a fluke. Teen boys were so delicate. "I suppose that's alright, so long as you don't make a habit of it."

This drew a soft chuckle out of Michonne. Oh yes, this boy was like no one else she'd ever met. Not even her family had been this easy to be around. Perhaps that was because he had the full use of magic and that hadn't been possibly in a while. Though she was also sure that once they got back to the farmhouse, Hadrian would be pouncing on her for more details on what had happened to their people. Michonne sliced down a few walkers along the way when they dissolved back into silence, and she was reluctantly impressed with the speed and efficiency the kid used when ending the walkers. Made her sad that he needed it, and had obviously been on his own to be that good. It took several more hours of walking with minimal breaks to get back to the farmhouse as quickly as they could, not wanting to be out at night. As they neared the house, Michonne steeled herself up for an interrogation. Even as she tied her walkers to the porch, she took the time to study the teen as he cut down the few walkers that were milling around the house before leading her inside. She just had a feeling that it would be a night that was full of sock and surprise. Michonne just hoped that he stuck around tomorrow.


Harry was still trying to process the fact the samurai woman following him, had been doing so without him noticing since that morning! Moody would be very upset with him and scolding him for his lack of Constant Vigilance. But really, the woman moved nearly as silently as he did, even with her two pet inferi. The teen kept the samurai in his sights until they were both in the house again. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, but his magic hadn't reacted to anyone like the way it was reacting to her. He needed to know why that was and figure out if she was like him somehow. Silence filled the space as the Samurai claimed a seat and watched him move around the front rooms. Harry supposed he should unpack a few things, just in case she felt like staying before Harry turned to face her completely. Yet, no matter how comforting her presence felt to his magic he couldn't help be be suspicious of her appearance. Especially since he'd been holed up here for a few days already and hadn't run into anyone else. What were the odd of someone just accidentally running into him? The teen also wanted to know where her group was and why she had inferi on chains. So many things to ask. Curiosity bubbled up inside of him and it was an odd feeling that Harry wasn't used to having. Though Merle and Darryl had come close but they didn't make his magic hum like she did. It just viewed them as kindred spirits, when they weren't trying to keep him hostage in the group.

"What are you doing out here?"

The woman stared in surprise before shrugging, "Wandering just like everyone else that doesn't have a community these days. Its not really all that common. Though I was planning on scavenging this house when I saw you earlier."

Harry kept eye contact and couldn't sense a lie, "What's your name, then? You never said."

"My name is Michonne," She smirked at him, Harry didn't like that he was amusing her. "Who was that you were speaking with? I didn't get a real good look at him with that cloak on. He must have been hotter than hell in it."

Through the woman's rambling, Harry had frozen as he stared at her in shock. Of all the things she could have asked him, he had not been expecting to try and lie his way around being Death's master. How had she expected him to answer that? It took a few moments for Harry to realize his magic was vibrating in agitation and it made the teen defensive with the need to throttle his magic. There was no way he wanted to talk about Death until he understood the very brief overview of the magical communities extinction. Harry couldn't be the last one. He just couldn't be. Even Fate wasn't that much of a bitch though she could be that cruel, couldn't she? Still, he stared at her for several moments before standing abruptly and moving away from the table and her piecing gaze. It was like being under an interrogation and Harry didn't like that. The heavy sigh alerted him to his pseudo-guests exasperation at his avoidance and it made him smile. At least he was still able to irritate people! Harry began to prepare dinner for them, pulling some things from the cupboards and his bag. Soup and bread. It was a very simple meal but it would be hearty enough to fill them up longer than most meals. Or at least he thought so.

"Why aren't we eating the deer from earlier?" She asked, tone full of curiosity as she accepted the bowl and bread from him.

Her second question froze him, had she seen him use magic? "I don't have a deer."

Michonne snorted, before trying some of the soup. She motioned for him to sit down. "I'm going to be honest with you Hadrian. I'm a squib. Not that it bothered my family much. Is it just you?"

Harry slumped into a chair, of all the people left, he'd come across a squib? "A squib? So there is still magic here?"

With a shake of her head, Michonne took a few more bites before responding. "Not in the way your thinking, Hadrian. Magic still exists so much so that magical creatures still exist, potions ingredients can still be found and the earth is still full of magic. But other than a handful of squibs, your it."

That floored Harry for a moment, before he mechanically began eating with her. He didn't really want to know more until he'd had something to eat. They had done a lot of walking with not much eating or breaks. "I'm alone in the fact I don't have a group. We can have the deer another day."

After that, he avoided looking at the woman. He wanted to be able to eat his dinner in peace and not drowning in sorrow. The house was nearly silent except for the tinkling of their silverware hitting the bowls. Harry had to admit to himself, when he wasn't being questioned that being with someone in semi-companionable silence was rather nice. He hadn't had the chance to really experience this at the quarry because everyone had been afraid of him and he hadn't with the Greene's because some of the group complained, so he'd opted not to. He wondered if it would have been this comfortable with others, if he'd gotten along with them. Harry was quick to steer himself away from those thoughts and turned back to his meal, only to realize he'd nearly finished it as he'd thought. When he looked up he was startled to see Michonne staring at him and it had Harry leaning back in his chair. How long had she been looking at him like that? It was mildly disconcerting. But maybe that was the whole point? He didn't know, and Harry was sure he was just working himself up into a frenzy looking for a negative in the other.


Giving his own heavy sigh, the teen turned back to look at her. "I'm not really sure what he. Not really. Other than he is very annoying and he speaks in riddles. Though he says I'm his Master, that title makes me very uncomfortable and so I suppose he could be classified as an employee? I'm not all that sure how to define the being."

Michonne just gave him an unamused look. It eerily reminded him of Molly at that moment and Harry wanted to look away but he couldn't. "Stop avoiding answering Hadrian."

While he hated being forced into doing anything, Harry could admit that he'd felt just a bit lighter the longer he spoke to her. Perhaps everyone was right and he shouldn't have been alone? How close had he come to loosing his mind? Could he have become like Bellatrix? The mere thought made him blanche and he shuddered before shoving that image into a roaring flame.

"He is Death." Harry shuddered as his magic wrapped itself around him protectively. It felt so wrong to be talking about any of this with someone that he didn't know. But who else was he supposed to tell about this? Michonne had been more understanding since they'd met than anyone else he'd come across, including the Quarry group. "And because I collected certain relics, I am his Master. Though I'm still not really sure what that means."

"I knew you were magical the moment I saw Him appear beside you. There was no way you could have been anything else and I had to approach you. Its been ages since someone with real magic has been alive." Michonne says in a nonchalant way, as if it was something she saw everyday. It was making Harry a little hysterical. "Does he approach you often?"

Shaking his head softly, "No, he comes and goes as he damn well pleases. Its bloody impossible to get him to appear. You only managed to see him because I all but screamed at him to appear before me."

"Doesn't sound like someone who would be responsible for peoples deaths." She commented.

"No, he speaks in circles and riddles. Sometimes I swear he could be a child, but then he opens his mouth." Harry complained momentarily, before he sat up straighter. She didn't need to hear about that.

"What school did you attend, if you don't mind my asking." Michonne asked as she picked at her bread.

Harry snorted, "Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The samurai whistled lowly, "That's a very long way from home. How did you get here?"

Harry cleared his throat after a few moments of fidgeting, "That's actually something I wanted to talk to you about. Could you explain to me about the fall of my people? My memory appears to fractured or scattered, things that I remember happening just months ago seem to have happened a long time ago for you. To be honest, I don't really understand anything."

"Our people, Hadrian. You aren't alone right now. Our magic is just different." She said softly, Harry tensed before relaxing. Right, Michonne was a squib. He had to stop thinking like he was the last one. "To be honest, a lot of the history has been forgotten by those that aren't magical, simply because the no-mages don't really believes in magic or care for that matter. The magic that was used before the collapse was usually fake and filled with illusions, or frauds pretending to see something for money. Sometimes there would be real magic users or psychics, but they were few and far between. Around a hundred years ago there was a massive battle at one of the Magical Schools in Europe. Its name isn't remembered anywhere no is its location. But we know it is linked since shortly after that time Scotland and Britain were the first to report the bizarre cases to the ICW.

"At the end of the battle, there is a rumor that the figurehead disappeared into darkness before he could receive medical care. It was speculated that this meant he died or became Dark so he went into hiding. But no one really knows. But it was after the persons disappearance that some kind of thrum was felt through every magical being. It had every Magical community up in arms because they all thought they were being attack. It took a while before they realized that the thrum they'd felt was gradually becoming muted. With nothing happening, they ignored it and lived life as usual. It was about four or five years later, I can't remember exactly, that reports started coming in about random Wizards and Witches in the U.K. dying. No one had any idea what to do or what was causing it. But the reports weren't overly excessive just a handful or two more than usual each year.

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was the cause of all this? His disappearance into that black hole had killed all his friends and his people? "Did they find a cure or a way to stop it?"

Michonne shook her head, "They didn't. It began to rapidly escalate until whole family units were dying off or going into hiding and then dying. Everyone began panicking. My family and I sheltered in the city for the most part as long as we could until the news report came that changed everything. The MACUSA and ICW ignored the signs and people started fleeing their countries trying to find somewhere that was safe from whatever was killing magicals. But then we heard reports of the same illness that was killing us, was turning the no-maj into zombies. It seemed like what little hope there had been for our people dwindled when we found it killing off all the humans, just differently.

"Oh Merlin, the inferi were a product?"

This time he got a nod. "My family came to America when one of our own members died, twenty years later I was born, though I don't have enough magic for a wand I can still sense its presence and when its being used. But my parents loved me anyway and they were scared because the number of those dying were increasing and it had spread to all the continents. No where was safe any more, and it just made everything worse. It was like everyone had just stopped living." Harry watched through barely restrained tears as Michonne took a deep breath. He hated how her voice had caught on that word and how it made his throat and eyes burn with the need to cry for their suffering. The teen had hoped that magicals simply hadn't existed in this world, so that they would have to suffer. Only to be told something much worse. It wasn't bloody fair!

"Stopped living?" Merlin, Harry hoped that didn't mean what he thought it did. Some of those had to be children.

"I don't think they all committed suicide, but I'm sure some did, but they just sort of survived and it drove most of them crazy. I'm sure there are more of us left than just two people. The number of those with magic was in the double digits until ten years ago when that number most likely dwindled to single digits. There were several rumors going around at the time that only Squibs were surviving and my parents were so hopeful that I would survive. Everyone else I'd known with magic died the year after that theory came out. And I haven't really run into anyone else other than you with the talent." Michonne shrugged, uncoiling her shoulders and relaxing back into the chair.

"What happened next?" He was desperate for something food to come out of this. Something.

The look she gave him made Harry flinch in his chair. It was full of pity and sadness, "Nothing happened after that Hadrian. The only thing that happened next was the continuation of the apocalypse via zombies. There was nothing left to do but for those of us alive to survive." She stared at him sympathetically and Harry hated seeing it in her eyes. "I'm so sorry that you didn't-"

Harry stood suddenly, interrupting her midsentence, as his heart thundered in his chest and his mind raced to all sorts of conclusions for their disappearances. "Surely something came next! You said that some of them vanished, so what if they are still alive? What if they went into hiding? We won't be the only ones left."

"Hadrian, sit down." Michonne was watching him in the way that Hermione did when he had acted like a Hippogriff about something. So he sat. "Listen. I understand you don't want to accept this. I'm so sorry that you have to. But it is true Hadrian, I swear. Of course the governments looked for bunkers but none were ever found. It has been over ten years with no word. Surely if there were survivors we would have heard or found them by now but there is nothing we can do for any of them anymore. Its going to get better, eventually. I can't promise when but it will."

Standing more slowly this time, Harry turned and moved into the living room. He had to get away from her. He couldn't take the pity in her eyes as he finally came to the realization that everything he had been asking and wondering about had been gone since he'd defeated the Dark Lord. He could feel his chest tightening and his magic churning in his chest as his mind replayed the conversation with pictures and faces that he didn't know but could imagine. His grief overwhelmed him at the thought of their people dying. It had been his fault! The whole thing had started with his defeat of Lord Voldemort! Harry screamed and raged, his magic exploded out of him like a bomb. It rocked the house, shattered what glass was left and made almost everything in the room explode outward. Harry fell to his knees and cried for the pain that everyone must have gone through. For the pain and fear the children would have experienced because of his success. The ambient magic in the room swirled around him in frenzied, erratic swirls. Static would gather occasionally before fizzing out. How could things end up this way? Why was he here?

It took some time for Harry to calm down and for his magic to become less destructive but no less visible. It was hard accept the fact he'd never see his family again. That he'd never know who their descendants were or if there were any survivors. It tore at something in him, but not enough to make his magic go haywire again. A few more deep breathes had his magic becoming almost lazy, though it lingered in the air. It was surprising when someone knelt beside him and given the content hum of his magic, Michonne had come into the room. Harry didn't bother protesting or moving. All of that would require more energy than he had at that moment. It felt like every inch of him was sore and let himself mourn for the community he'd never get to be apart of again. Of no longer being able to enjoy flying or quidditch. Or simply wandering through the magical villages. For the first time since meeting Michonne, Harry was glad to have been stalked by her. Otherwise he would've never known what had happened to the others and it probably would have hurt more if he'd kept assuming they were in hiding. It was better this way, but Harry didn't think it mattered much anymore. Still, the duo were content to just sit there together for a while. No words were exchanged, there were none needed and they both knew why. Sometimes there was solace in companionable silence.

What felt like ages later, after the stiffness had set in did the duo move. Harry sighed and slowly unwound himself from the crouched huddled position he'd been in. Stretching and groaning as his muscles protested in soreness. "I'm sorry, if I scared you but thank you for sitting with me. I think I needed that more than I'd let myself know."

"I didn't feel or hear anything Hadrian," She smiled and the looked around the room while chuckling softly, "It looks like an explosion went off in here though."

"Bloody Hell!" Harry yelped as he took in the damage. Shaking his head, Harry pulled the Elder want. He didn't want to take forever with this and he knew the wand would get the job done in one go. "Reparo."

The unlikely duo stood and watched as everything in the room zoomed together and fixed themselves, the knickknacks fixed and arranged themselves neatly. The glass to the windows repaired themselves seamlessly and seemed to shine a bit more. Everything happened within the space of ten seconds and Harry was warmed by the fascination on Michonnes face and her smile. "Do you use magic a lot? You're very good at it."

Harry cleared his throat and shook his hair out, "No, I actually do most things the muggle way. I lived that way most my life. You. . uh. . you can call me Harry, if you'd like."

"Muggle. Must be British slang?" At his nod, Michonne returned to kitchen and Harry followed after her. "So, how long have you been alone?"

"A while. I kept running into the same group a bunch of times, but pretty much since the bombings." The way she said nothing about his name and moved on to something else made the teen relax more. Harry shrugged as he fiddled around with his bag before grabbing them a few more waters and two bags of individual chips for each of them before joining the woman at the table. "Its actually been nice being on my own. Besides the one group I have the unfortunate luck of running into, I've run into several others though more often than not they were hostile groups."

Michonne nodded in acknowledgement, so Harry was sure she knew exactly what he'd meant. "There's a lot of those around lately. The few I've seen are always going after the smaller, less aggressive communities."

"The worst I came across, wasn't that long ago, was a group of Cannibals!" He stage whispered the last word, as if it was taboo enough to summon them, even though the thought made him snort. "Before they'd even spoken to me, they were deciding how to cook or eat me!"

Even though the horror on his face was greatly dramatized, Michonne seemed to bubble up with laughter as she took him as he told her of how he'd gotten his latest war wounds. How he'd gone from the Cannibals, to another bad group only to run into a group of were-creatures of some kind. She just laughed, and Harry couldn't help but join in despite the fact he felt like his reputation was being ruined. After being prodded into continuing, he told her about finding Sophia, the little girl from the Quarry group and how he'd returned her to her group only to fall ill to his wounds. Michonne had made a passing comment about him sticking around. To Harry's horror and chagrin, Michonne laughed, as he told her about passing out before actually reaching the Farmhouse and how he'd been on bed rest for a few days. But then how the Dixon brothers would start following him the moment he stepped out of the house, or randomly appear when he was sneaking away. Michonne was nearly in tears until he got to the Inferi barn and its massacre which led to days of tension before one night a herd had invaded the farm, driving the Quarry and the Greene's from the property. How he'd gotten separated and was back to being a nomad only to run into another herd and returning to the farmhouse.

"Do you know what caused the herd to head in your direction?" Michonne asked after they'd been quiet for a while.

Harry shrugged, "To be honest I hadn't really thought about it. I'd thought the first shot was a pre-emptive shot to buy the group some time. Perhaps not, though."

"Did you notice anyone missing as the group fled?"

"No, I thought they'd all gotten out. There were two that didn't, Patricia was dead and Andrea and been bitten." Harry said softly.

Michonne touched his hand lightly before withdrawing it. "I'm sorry."

"Its fine. I plan to cremate them before I move on." Harry explained, "I have them ready to go, they are under a preservation charm so nothing will happen to their bodies."

"I understand." And Harry felt like she did understand. Like she knew how important it was to do this for the people they'd known. He wished the Quarry group understood that. But perhaps it was because they were something like kin.


"Harry." The use of his name startled him for a moment, before he slouched back in his seat. "What's your agenda with the prison Hadrian?"

Harry thought about it for a few minutes, before looking at Michonne. "I plan on renovating and fortifying the Prison into a new city. When we get enough people there would be a system and people would have jobs or designations. I want to build a community, a kind of safe haven or pit stop for those who want it. Until the cities can be reclaimed."

Michonne stared at him for several moments, studying him and Harry had to admit it was unnerving. But this was what he wanted. He wanted there to be places for people to live or pit stop in until things get better. Her questing stare just made the ravenette more determined to know if Michonne was going to stick around and help him or move on. It didn't really matter, he'd do it whether she was there or not. It was his goal. Harry just hoped that she didn't call him crazy and leave, not after they had connected after his mini-break down. The teen wanted to know if she knew things he didn't, having grown up with magic throughout her life and much longer. Harry had always hoped to find someone who was like him. Though they hadn't gone through the same situations or the same trials, their experiences and scars had led them to the same place. It had made them into similar people and Harry wondered if she knew that.

'Most interesting, my Master.' The cold, creeping voice stated. Though there was no shape or mass, the two occupants could hear its voice. 'Entertaining is abundant when observing my Master. You will find your books with the rest and an important decision to be made is looming. Vale, my Master.'