Hey all! Welcome to "Watashi no Gutaika no Yume". As the summary reads (though a little expanded): Two months after the last battle, Vash is taking care of the paralyzed Knives. He takes it upon himself to teach his brother to like humans, so he begins bringing his brother to a daycare daily. A little girl there meets Knives and immediately takes to the Plant. She dubs Knives her 'friend' and Knives slowly begins to think of her as his.

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"Vash, why have you brought me here?" Knives asked calmly as his brother wheeled him into the large daycare.

"Because I want you to understand that humans are good people," Vash answered, sitting himself down on a small, kiddie chair.

"Good people?" Knives asked in a slightly strained tone, "How can you say they are good people? They are disgusting beasts! A waste of resources! They should all be destroyed!"

"Knives! There are children present! Please lay off with the destruction talk," Vash chided his brother.

"I don't give a damn about any human children! If they were Plants, it would be another matter entirely but they are human and therefore I don't care about them! If I had my gun with me and if I were not paralyzed," Knives threw an angry hand down in a gesture to pointing out the crude wheelchair he was strapped in, "I would kill them all!"

"Knives, yelling about killing people isn't going to get you anywhere. I am going to continue these daily daycare visits until you learn to tolerate, if not love, humans."

"You talk nonsense, brother. You will be the one who will learn in the end. But you will not learn the lesson you wish to teach me! You will learn the true nature of these pathetic beasts and then you will join me on a mission to destroy them all!" Knives threw back his head and laughed maniacally.

Vash sighed. Will you never change, brother of mine? It's not that hard… or is it? For one who has hated humans for so long, it might be hard to change your ways… very hard…

Did you think something, Vash? Knives thought to his brother.

"No, it was nothing," Vash answered aloud and turned as he saw a little girl approaching.

"Hello!" she said cheerfully, grinning widely.

"Hello!" Vash greeted her.

"Why're you in that wheelchair?" she asked Knives.

"I'm paralyzed from the waist down," he growled. It was obviously a sore subject for him.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"What do you want, you scum?" Knives growled, slightly annoyed.

"I want to be your friend!" the girl announced.

"My friend?! I don't have any friends! Especially human friends. Now why don't you go kill yourself and do me a favor? Or I can do it for you, if you'd prefer that…" Knives said, smiling devilishly.

"Wha… what'd I do?" the girl sniffled and burst into tears.

"It's nothing, kid. He's just a cranky guy," Vash said, pulling the girl into a hug, "There, there. It's nothing to cry about. Really." Vash pulled a handkerchief out of a pocket and dried the girl's eyes, "How about you go do something for him? To make him happy and not so cranky?"

"Like what?" she sniffled a few more times but her eyes brightened.

"I don't know… make something pretty. Use your imagination!" Vash smiled.

"All right!" she bounced off to a nearby table and pulled out some construction paper and crayons, giggling to herself.

Vash watched the child as she sat there, grinning to herself and chatting with the other children as she worked on her little project. She had brown eyes and long black hair that was styled in a way that reminded him of Rem's. She also seemed to have a carefree personality like Milly's but different in some ways.

"Why did you have to encourage it?" Knives sighed.

"You really should be nicer to children, Knives. They have very fragile egos and feelings and just a few wrong words can hurt them."

Knives arched an eyebrow at his twin, "Does it look like I care?"

"Ummm… no?"

"That's because I don't."

"But Knives! She's so kawaii! Look at her!" Vash pointed at the little girl crafting energetically at her table, "How could you not care about such an adorable child?"

Knives gave his brother a blank look, "When I think of what you could have been if that Rem hadn't interfered with you, I wish I could go back in time and kill her again…"

"What did you say?" Vash hissed, his eyes narrowing.

"You know how I feel about that human woman, Vash. Don't act surprised."

Vash glared at his brother for a few minutes as he breathed deeply. Then, he broke into a grin. "That's another one of my goals, brother! To make you understand just how truly wonderful Rem was!"

"You must have been hit on the head pretty hard to believe that you could actually convince me that Rem is a person worthy of my respect."

"You're not a lost cause yet, Knives," Vash smiled at his brother who just glared back.

"I'm back, Person-san and Angry Man-san!" the little child announced as she ran back to them, hiding something behind her back. She opened her mouth to say something but then closed it. She leaned over close to Vash's ear and whispered, "What's his name?"

"Knives," the Plant answered.

She wrinkled her nose and whispered again, "That's a funny name."

"Better then Angry Man-san."

"Maybe…" The little girl stood up straight and bounced over to Knives' chair. "Knives-san! I made you a present!" The little girl held up a paper necklace, decorated with little smiley faces, stars and hearts in many different colors, many of them clashing and not making the crude, little creation look any better.

"That is the most-" Knives started but paused as he saw the look on his brother's face as he sat behind the girl. Knives, please… be nice to her, the other Plant begged telepathically, his green eyes pleading with his brother. Knives looked at his options. On one hand, he could tell the child off, make her cry and perhaps emotionally scar her forever, with him deriving a great amount of pleasure from this event.

On the other hand, he could do as his brother wished and lie to the girl about how it looked. What this would accomplish was his brother's happiness and maybe… Vash would leave him alone about being nice to humans for a bit. Knives steeled himself and, through gritted teeth, muttered, "It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Then Knives froze in what could almost be called fear as he saw a look come over her face.

The girl's mouth dropped open and big stars popped into her eyes. She jumped into Knives' lap, threw her little arms around his neck and planted a large kiss on his cheek. With a huge smile, she hugged his neck and exclaimed, "Oh, Knives-sama! You're so wonderful! I want to be your friend for forever and ever!"

Knives' eyes widened in amazement as she fastened her necklace around his neck, all the while babbling about how nice he was and how they were going to have lots of fun. How can she attach to a person that quickly? All I did was lie about the necklace… does something that small mean that much to a child? How vulnerable… how easily manipulated… Now I see how Nicholas D. Wolfwood was so impressionable…

"Th-thank you…" he mumbled in a confused voice as the girl clambered down from his lap.

"No problem!" she grinned, "C'mon Knives-sama! Let's go draw pictures together!" she grabbed his hand.

"Oh… okay…" Knives blinked.

"I'm sorry, but we have to go home," Vash interrupted, "We could only stay for a half hour."

"But… but… I want to play with Knives-sama!" the little girl's eyes started to tear.

"We'll be back tomorrow!" Vash said hurriedly, "Don't cry! Why don't you draw pictures for Knives so tomorrow you can show them to him?"

"Good idea, Person-san!" she bounced up and down, "Fun!"

"My name's Vash," the Plant pointed out.

"Okay, Person-san! Buh bye! See you tomorrow!" she gave Knives' arm a hug and bounced off.

Knives turned to his twin and stared at him for a bit. He finally said, "Is that normal?"

"Um… I don't know…" Vash was a little confused himself. The little girl seemed very subject to the mood of the moment. Vash was glad she was a child and still able to change her ways before adulthood. A woman like that would be one he would walk five iles to avoid. She probably has a hair-trigger temper too…

"Oh! I forgot!" the girl seemed to appear out of nowhere; making the two Plants jump in surprise.

"Forgot what?" Vash asked.

"My name!" she smiled.

"Well, what is it?" Knives asked in an irked tone.

"Guess!" she grinned.

Vash groaned, "Do you know how many names there are out there?"

"Lots and lots!"

"Can you tell us how long it would take for us to find your name by just guessing randomly?"

"Um… a long time?"

"Yes. So give us a hint!"

"Ok! It begins with a 'y' and ends with a 'ume'!"

"Yume?" Knives growled, a little irritated. He did not like guessing games.

"Wow! Knives-sama guessed it! He's so smart and wonderful! I love him so much!" the girl, now known as Yume, jumped into Knives' lap once more and gave him another breath-taking, literally, hug. Then she jumped off and disappeared back to her table.

Knives blinked and Vash looked at him. "You've been getting a lot of hugs lately."


"Ready to go home?"

"You mean, am I ready to go back to your home?"

"Yeah, that's what I meant."

"As long as those two annoying humans there do not try to talk to me, yes."

"Well, I happened to notice that you didn't really mind talking to that little girl," Vash smiled craftily. Knives glared back. "Okay, okay. I'll drop it." With a grin, Vash wheeled his brother out of the daycare center and back to the home he and the Insurance girls had made.

Yume hurried over to a window and watched the twins make their way down the street. With a faint smile, she sighed, her breath condensing on the window. "See you tomorrow, Knives-sama…" She sat down at the table again and began to draw.


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