Prologue... Yuusuke vs. Enk

It twos the dawn of the seventh day in the month of December... A thin blanket of snow covered the earth and all appeared peaceful. Winters bitter sweet sorrow hung defiantly within the air... As usual, the trees were withered, their branches bare. The music of songbirds muted by migrational patterns. Yuusuke was on assignment, and not liking it...

"Blasted spirits... Its too damn cold out! They're supposed to be from hell aren't they?" Shivers, his teeth clattering loudly. He had been walking through the park for a good hour, and his toes where beginning to numb, and so far he hadn't seen a thing. A scream pierces the serenity of the winters day. Yuusuke stands at alert, looking around him. He starts off towards the scream, but slips on a patch of ice, falling and tumbling down the steep snow coated hill. "Ahh! Oww, eee! Ack!" And, he runs face first into a tree... Whee?

"Agh!" Rolls over onto his back... Spirits, no problem, demons, piece of cake... Trees... Now theres a challenge. He sits up, standing painfully to his feet, leaning against the tree to catch his breath. "Stupid tree..." He sighs, slamming his fists against the trunk... It was then that the tree let out a soft groan, shifting about. "Gah!" He bounds back from the tree...

The tree turns, as it does Yuusuke notices its branches dripping with blood, staining the snow beneath it. Behind it, now in sight, is the mangled half eaten body of a lifeless woman. "Holy s***! What the hell is that thing?!" He cries in a nervous tone. Two deep eyes, as black as drowning pools, gaze back at him, filled with malignance and hatred... A gaping maw seeping the newly devoured flesh.

A branch rushes forward towards Yuusuke's throat, he ducks back, slipping in the snow he falls. A branch comes sweeping down to his forehead, he roles to the side. He bounds to his feet as a second branch lunges for his chest, he slashes it aside, shattering the tip to splinters. A horrible scream fills the air, filled with every furry a forest ever beheld. Yuusuke falls to his knees, his hands covering his ears. "Agh!" He screams, blood wetting his finger tips.

A branch comes around and pierces through his left shoulder, a spray of blood staining through the snow. "Gah!" Tears glisten in his eyes, the branch twisting and bending within the wound. "Ahh!" He reaches forward with a shaking hand, and grasps the branch, he concentrates on his spirit energy, raising it into his fist... He sends a powerful jolt through the branch, shocking the tree. The branch retracts with a sharp painful jolt... "Gah!" He stares down at the earth blankly, blood seeping from his wound, tears freezing on his cheeks.

The tree glares down upon him with eyes depicting the force of a thousand stones... He opens his maw, and lets loose another unholy wail which pierces the winters day... Yuusuke falls back, screaming in anguish. He closes his eyes tightly, pointing his finger at the tall tree he concentrates deeply, his head screams with echoes, threatening to explode. A blue aura engulfs his hand, and a flare of light bursts into the tree's face. The tree falls back, its branches vanishing to ash, its screams quieted... The tree shudders softly in the ray, and vanishes into oblivion... Its ashes the only remnants. Yuusuke falls back into the snow, breathing heavily the cold harsh air... "I knew those trees were a force to be reckoned with.." He manages a smirk, chucklingly softly before he blacks out.