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Severus Snape sat gloomily on the clinic bed, his short legs swinging over the edge of the too large bed and he was completely embarrassed and unhappy.

It was not fair at all. He could not believe this was happening to him. Not now, not here, not him. Not at all.

He felt his mind perfectly rational, no matter what they said! He was still an old man, the man resented to himself, if only because no one would listen. Bloody people!

This was another year and quite routine in the bitter life of Severus Snape.

He would resent it, but he did not expect anything different.

Yes, a lot had changed in the few years since the war, but Severus Snape was a man of routine. No matter how much he was called out to celebrate his heroism in the wizarding world, that no door would be locked in his face, the dark man preferred to spend the rest of his miserable life in his dungeons in Hogwarts.

It was just another thing he was preventing. But fate would not have given him peace. of course not.

At first the irritating Granger forced him to swallow a bezoar and draw time until he was properly treated, and after that, the vile Potter just had to thank him in public.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Severus sighed gloomily. And now that too.

He thought of the potion mixture that had been blamed for the situation. He remembered how he looked between her and the two other cauldrons he was working on at the time, various components scattered on the table. And realized to his horror, that he was not sure which one he had put into a mixture.

How could he let it happen? Potions require serious attention and concentration that has never disappointed him.

It was not good.

And what was worse, if this potion went wrong, Poppy would not let him hear the end. The witch was so sure he could not effort himself that way.

Severus snorted, exactly what she had done.

He grabbed his wand to conceal the suspect content that had been created, resigned to the double work he had to do, but before he could lift the stick, the potion exploded, covering the potion manager and all around him.

Those moments were the worst thing Severus had felt for years, a pure torment that felt like a double Cruciatus curse.

He did not hear the commotion or the explosion. He heard nothing through the loud reduction in his ears and the shriek in his head. His dark vision and all his limbs felt as though they were falling apart. He did not know if he screamed, if his throat could contain it at all.

When he woke up later, he found himself in the infirmary. Madame Pomfrey leans over him and Minerva looks at him closely.

"You're finally awake, young man! Do you know how you frightened us?"

Severus felt all his limbs shouting in protest, but firmly rolled his eyes, "Poppy, calm down, it was just a little mistake..."

"A little mistake?!" Cried the medwitch, "You've been unconscious for hours, we've found you covered in an unknown fluid!"

"Yes, it was a little mistake, now forgive me when I go back to work." The potion manager was getting up from his bed, only to fall back to the cushions, when there was a firmness pushing his chest.

"Oh, no, you're not going anywhere, Severus Tobias Snape!" She cried in a firm voice that gave no room for argument. "You stay here until I tell you otherwise! Are you hear, young man?"

Severus snorted, "If it were up to you, I'd spend my whole life here."

"Maybe that's what you're going to do, given that you've kept yourself out of therapy for very long years, your body is full of different and shocking injuries!"

Severus grumbled angrily and noticed the look of the two women. "What's that?" Demanded, he really did not have the strength for it. His body throbbing with dull pain and his head felt as if he were drowning in cotton.

Minerva looked at him appraisingly. "There are some... disruptions."

"Disruptions?" The patient repeated. "What happened to my potions laboratory?"

McGonagall grimaced. "Well, many of the potions have been damaged, as well as many other items, and the elves have begun to work on the reconstruction, but they assume it will take at least two weeks to return the site properly for reuse."

The black eyes widened in disbelief at the words, "Two weeks?" He returned in shock.

"Yes, but that's not what we should have told you." The old witch looked away from her young colleague.

"I will not have a potion laboratory for two weeks?" Severus repeated, his mind remained fixed on the bitter news he had received.

"As things look at this point, more than that."

"More?" Snape echoed after her.

"Do you know what was in the potion that hurt you?"


"So you do not even know how to neutralize it?"

Severus shook his head slowly, a terrible suspicion creeping into his heart.

"So it seems a lot more." Minerva concluded.

Severus squinted, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Your total lack of logic when it comes to understanding what is right and what is not, is what!" The medwitch broke into the professors' conversation and examined it with a critical eye.

"I know very well what I can do!"


Severus looked between the two women and squinted, "Tell me already!"

"Severus, it seems that the potion you were brewing had unexpected side effects..." Minerva sighed, "Maybe you should see for yourself." With a wave of a wand, she realized before him a mirror.

Severus's eyes widened in disbelief, "No..."

In front of him, the figure that looked back, was not of the patronizing man in his mid-forties. No, the face they looked at was ridiculously small and childish.

"No student of mine will now be deterred by a scowl!" Wailed the little professor.

"Severus, I do not think this specific problem will be at the top of your mind right now, especially since you are a young boy who can't teach a class... We will have to find a place where you can be until we find a solution..."

"It's not fair!"

"Right, young man, not fair at all." Madam Pomfrey scolded him. "And who is to blame for this, ah? How many times have I told you not to do more than one potion at a time? Not to mention that you should have taken a break! You do not sleep enough, almost not eat! Oh, yeah, and don't dare look at me like that, I aware of it! How do you think you can follow the instructions exactly?"

"I know exactly what I have to do!"

"And that's why you're stuck in this tiny child's body right now?"

Severus folded his arms and glared at her.

Minerva was quick to separate the two sides of the quarrel.

"It does not matter right now. Severus, you've got a family that will adopt you until we find a way to get you back in. You are now a young child who needs proper care."

"I do not need a adoptive family, I'm an adult, Minerva!" The little boy growled at her.

"You definitely need. Your current body is affect your mental state, you may soon want some toys, too." Poppy added.

"There's no way!" Severus said, horrified.

"On second thought, you probably will not change much, even when you are an adult, you behave very childish in certain areas."

"No, I'm not!"

"Now, Severus, be a big boy and stop making scenes." Reprimanded the headmistress in a terminal tone.

That's how, Severus Snape found himself sitting on the too large bed for his tiny body, and was waiting frantically for the representative of his adoptive family for the near future.

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