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Chapter 1 Union of the Sky and Sea [Kingdom Hearts Extra: Get it?]

Years ago, during the clash between light and darkness, darkness won. It won't be the same this time.

Third Person POV [Kingdom Hearts Extra: This is the first time the story's in Third Person POV.]

It was Valentine's Day, and as clique as it might be, this was the day Keyblade wielders Sora and Kairi would be wed.

In one room, Sora was getting ready with all his groomsmen. This included Riku (who was his best man), Roxas, Ven, Terra, Donald, Goofy, Mickey.

Sora was wearing a white, long sleeved dress shirt that was buttoned up; black dress pants; black, knee length boots; a black, long sleeved blazer that was unbuttoned; a red sash and his necklace.

Everybody else was wearing the same outfit but with different colour sashes. Riku's was very dark purple, Roxas' was black, Ven's was green, Terra's was yellow, Donald's was bronze, Goofy's was silver and Mickey's was gold.

Riku walked up to Sora and put his hand on his shoulder.

"How you feeling", the former asked.

"Ready to marry the love of my life." [Kingdom Hearts Extra: (squeals) Only about three hundred words into the story and I'm already squealing.]


In another room, all the bridesmaids were getting ready. This included Naminé (who was the maid of honour), Xion and Aqua. [Kingdom Hearts Extra: So Sora has seven groomsmen But Kairi only has three bridesmaids? Fascinating.]

Kit and Chirithy were also there because they were going to be the flower girl and ring bearers respectively.

Naminé was wearing a white, sleeveless, knee length dress and silver flats.

Her hair was tied into a side bun and she was wearing a headpiece like the one Kairi wore in her Princess Form. [Kingdom Hearts Extra: Yes. That's what I'm calling it.]

She was wearing white eyeshadow; black mascara; rose pink blush and rose pink lipgloss.

Her nails were painted white.

Everybody else was wearing the same outfit except Xion's dress was black and Aqua's was blue.

Kit was wearing a white, knee length dress with long, lace sleeves and white sandals.

Her hair was tied into a braid and she was wearing a white flower band.

Chirithy was wearing a light green flower band.

"How do I look?"

With that everybody turned their heads...and gained looks of shock in their eyes.

Kairi was wearing a white, sleeveless, foot length dress with silver stars on the hem; silver flats and her signature necklace.

Her hair was wavy and loose.

She was wearing white eyeshadow; black mascara; rose pink blush and rose pink lipgloss. [Kingdom Hearts Extra: No!]

"Kairi", Naminé said in awe. "You look amazing!"

"It's just missing one thing", Xion stated.

With that she brought out a silver tiara with a white wedding veil and put it on Kairi's head.

"There", she said. "Now you look like a bride." [Kingdom Hearts Extra: Not yet.]

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Can I come in", a male voice asked.

"Come in dad", Kairi replied.

With that Kairi's father walked into the room...and covered his mouth when his hands when he saw his daughter.

"Am I dreaming", he asked. "Is my daughter wearing a wedding dress?"

"She's beautiful isn't she", Aqua asked.

"The most beautiful girl ever", Kairi's father stated before kissing his daughter's hand. "Are you ready honey."

"I am."


And that's how Sora and Kairi found themselves at the altar.

"Do you Kairi take Sora to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"And do you Sora take Kairi to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Then with the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

With that...Sora and Kairi shared their first kiss...and were married.


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