We had set sail for Berk a few hours prior and were almost there. I was so excited to show my friend Hiccup and the others my new position. There, also, was the matter of learning whether or not they had a new army in the making. Very important. We docked and Herald introduced me. He really does do a good job at announcements and I made a mental note to award him later.

They seemed surprised to learn that I was the new chief and who could blame them? It was a fun new thing for us all! Anyway, I saw Hiccup and threw a knife at him. Not to kill him or anything, but to make sure his reflexes were still sharp [laughs]. I mentioned their new army and they denied having one. My sources are to be trusted, though, and I was reluctant to just take Stoick's word. I never got along with that guy too much. I let them know that if they were lying, I would be forced to send in my armada and wipe them out.

We went back to discussing the treaty and get this? They were hesitant about giving me the tour! Talked about how my father never found it necessary. Well, as I am not my father, I did find it necessary. Maybe next time you want to be inconspicuous, be less adamant on not showing people around. So they finally realized that I was not going to give on the matter and conceded.

The armory was first and-I will admit-they had some pretty cool weapons. Gobber has always made good killing machines. They began talking about how our tribes would still be in peace and how I had to sign the paper. It was so boring! And they sounded just like my ol' man. They mentioned a Zippleback, accidentally, and I prepared to attack. Supposedly, it was nothing and I went outside.

Hiccup was waiting out there in the most peculiar position. His arms were above his head. He was, probably, just really happy to see me again. We reminisced on me almost drowning him in the water.[laughs] I mean, there are Scauldrons. You know, water dragons. You do not want to find out that you cannot prevent someone from drowning you, when they are out for blood. He was always a good sport about it, though.

Thinking about good times grew old and I noticed his lack of a shin. We laughed about how ridiculous it would be if he had lost it fighting the Red Death. How would he not just get stepped on by a claw? He denied everything about training the dragons too. Hiccup reminded us about the traditional feast and we started to leave, but not before hearing a roar. We turned to see the one legged viking claiming that it came from his stomach. Stoick insisted we go to the hall for the feast too soon for me comment on that.

I tried to propose a toast to death in battle-referring to our enemies, obviously- but Stoick had to make it all sentimental and toasted Oswald. Gobber kept trying to shove that treaty down my throat as if I would attack them any second otherwise. Maybe minute, but not second. I complied and sought to call forth the dragon blood. They claimed that sense they killed so many dragons, that there were none left to use. Load of yak dung. And that was proven when a Zippleback barged in the room.

It was, clearly, a sign that we each could have one head to slay and I chased after the beast. Calling on my armada, we caught the Zippleback. I raised my sword to kill the dragon, but Stoick had the nerve to stop me. I suppose he was right and it is customary to kill the dragon together, so we went to their killing arena. Something that, no doubt, had not been used in a while.

I raised my weapon again, but was stopped by a dragon attack. A Gronckle, Monstrous Nightmare, and Deadly Nadder flew in and attacked my men. Gobber tried to protect me from the beasts, but I am not one to be protected. I ran to behead that Zippleback like I had decided I would and it blasted me. Still, I was undeterred and threw a spear at one of the heads. A perfect shot, I might add. It was intercepted by another dragon. A Nightfury!

I was in shock and Hiccup arrived to help me attack the dragon. He hit me, by accident, with his shield and kept trying to convince me to retreat. But how could I? Leaving is a coward's move and to leave Hiccup, Hiccup, of all people to fight in my stead is even worse! He told me that my people needed me and was right. They had lost too many leaders already and I am irreplaceable. I told Gobber to consider the treaty signed and left, hoping my little friend would be okay.

On our route back to Berserker Island, I thought about how I needed to understand dragons. Learn how they attack, sleep, just live. I decided that I would go to Dragon Island and stay there until I learned enough about the beasts. About that Nightfury.