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A Cowboy's Sunset

Chapter One

Andy shivered as he lay in the bed of the apartment which he now shared with his girlfriend of the past three years. He pulled the blankets tighter to him and noticed that Claire wasn't there. He took shaky breaths as he managed to sit and looked across at the medicine that she had left him as well as a note telling him that she loved him.

Andy sighed, his mother was going to come visit them soon and he wanted to look a little better and act much better so that she didn't worry about him…or the fact that his bones could be seen through his skin…or the fact that he had lost all of his hair…or the fact that though the doctors had said his condition was improving, they were very gradual steps.

He had matured a lot since he had started college four and a half years ago and though he was sick, he was currently studying through an online course for a master's in psychology. It was tough, especially in his current condition but it gave him motivation to keep going.

Years ago, in his freshman year of college, Andy had gotten into an accident where he had had to have a blood transfusion however the blood contained the HIV virus. His mother had later sued the hospital to deal with her grief and anger at what had happened to her son and therefore his treatment was covered by the settlement deal. He had been driving his car down a dangerous path when he had nearly crashed into somebody who was recklessly riding a bicycle. As he swerve the car, it fell into a ditch before rolling onto its top and left him unconscious. Fortunately the cyclist was able to contact the hospital but that had been where he had been infected by the virus.

He had met Claire just after the accident. She had been volunteering at the hospital and had supported him during his physical therapy. They both had a love of helping others, of being kind and understanding and supportive and most of all positive. Even though he now had developed AIDS which was slowly going into remission, Andy remained positive.

He sat up and grabbed his computer for one of his online classes before going to get some of the food that his doctor had recommended. He needed to figure out how to prove to his mother that her worry shouldn't increase. He had to try to look a bit better and act as if he could look after himself.

Andy dressed in a loose sweater and shirt with jeans and put a baseball cap over his bald head before setting up the computer. He looked at the time on the computer before hearing a noise at the door. He didn't expect Claire to be back, especially since she knew that he had a class.

He still had fifteen minutes or so before he had to be in the live chatroom so he could at least greet Claire. He stood up and walked over to his girlfriend who had long and slightly wavy blonde hair. "Hi," he told her with a smile before seeing a strange blue bag in her hands. "New grocery store."

"Not groceries exactly," Claire told him before taking out two toys and Andy's eyes widened as he saw they were a Bo Peep doll and a sheriff Woody doll. He hadn't seen one of those for a long time. "I saw these two in a thrift shop," she told him and Andy slowly picked up the Woody doll. It was definitely used but it brought back so many nostalgic feelings of his childhood. He let his thumb run over the doll's face and smiled. "I used to have a Bo Peep like this when I was a little girl and I've seen all those pictures of you when you were a child."

"Thanks," Andy said with a weak smile. As childish as it might sound, this was just what he needed. Something to connect him with his past and motivate him in the future.

Once Woody was by himself, he spluttered, trying to keep any sound to a minimum. "Where are we?" he asked and noticed that Bo was gone despite her having been bought alongside him. He looked around and his eyes went over to the young man on the computer. He seemed familiar and Woody had a feeling that he was meant to be in this apartment.

He wouldn't really be able to explore whilst being in the same room as the man and he was reminded slightly of when he had met Jessie. The man seemed different somehow despite there being this familiarity to him. He was missing hair and was pale and skinny. He paused as he saw the man focus more on his computer.

"Okay," the instructor said and Woody looked at the computer, trying his best to not expose himself to anyone, "Let me just check that everyone is here," he said and Woody remained silent and still. He could at least figure out what he was doing here but it would make sense were he to have been bought accidentally, maybe he would be able to escape with Bo.

"Carter Michelle?" the instructor asked after having gone through about three names, "Collins Theresa?" Okay, Woody had to remain still. After each name there was a response but Woody just wanted out. He had spent so much time believing that he would belong to a child that belonging to an adult as some type of collectible would just feel strange.

"Davis Andy," the instructor called and Woody felt himself freeze. He looked at the young man suspiciously. It couldn't be, could it? Woody was beginning to see all the similarities between this man and the one he had seen drive off to college but there was a lot that had changed as well.

"Present," Andy replied and Woody took a silent breath in. He had been reunited with Andy as if he was always supposed to be his toy and that made him happy. Bonnie hadn't given him the love that Andy had. His health though, his health didn't seem that good. Woody's eyes went to the medicine bottles and other medical equipment and froze.

What had happened to Andy?

End of Chapter One

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