Chapter Seven

Woody looked at his friends in disbelief. Of course, he could understand, it had been hard for him to see Andy as himself too with all the weight he had lost and the fact that the brown hair had gone and that he was older and constantly tired. Still, the toys should be rejoicing that they were with Andy and hadn't gone with some toy collector who wanted to put them in a Japanese museum.

"Don't you guys remember Andy," Woody said as he gestured to the door and looked at Slinky and Rex who were still gazing at him as if he had lost his mind. Buzz however was trying to figure this out. This was obviously the Woody that he had known and Woody didn't have the commands that he did, he didn't have a reset button but maybe he was delusional. Maybe this was some type of toy purgatory.

"Well, yeah, Woody, course we remember Andy," Slinky said before jumping down from the table and onto the ground looking around. "And you're right. This does seem to be Molly's old room but that adult, he sure didn't look like Andy."

"Well," Woody said a little nervous and uncomfortable, "Well, yes, yes that is true but -"

"You're saying that he might have been taken over by some aliens or some kind of galactic mission to get rid of the real Woody or to hypnotize him," Rex said and Woody sighed. He sat down and pushed his back to the wall just watching them.

"If that's Andy, then I want to know what happens because the Andy that I happen to remember -" Buzz started and Woody sighed. He hated to think about what he was going to say. He didn't want to admit it to himself but he had seen Andy get worse for a moment and he had put that type of stress on top of his already fragile experience.

"He's sick. It's this really grave illness that he has," Woody said and Buzz stared at him confused. Slinky stared up at them, in his mind, a sickness would explain the things that he had questions about. However, Rex still seemed in a high energy mood.

"Well then why can't we get him tissues, or soup, soup cures everything," he told them and Buzz shook his head.

"Soup can sometimes only be partially effective. It can relieve some of the problems that an illness might cause but it certainly doesn't make one all better. No, this particular strain of illness is foreign to me. Is it a poisoning, an intentional takedown?" Buzz asked and Woody shook his head.

"I don't believe it's anything of the kind," the cowboy told them. "He's just…sometimes people just get ill. I think that's what happened here," he commented and Slinky looked at him confused. This wasn't like a cold that Andy had once had whilst standing out in the rain. This was something very different.

"So, what's it called?" Rex asked and then began panicking again, "Is it some kind of mutation or alien flu virus," he said and looked around. "Maybe it's an alien flu virus that mutates a person into a toy," his eyes widened but then he stopped and was able to rub his chin with his tiny little arm. "Though if that really is Andy and he became a toy, that would be pretty cool. We could all hang out and have adventures. I'm sure if his mother knew, he'd be able to move around as a toy too. No restrictions."

"No, Rex," Woody shook his head, "He's not going to turn into a toy. It's called HIV. From what I've heard, he had a blood transfer after some kind of accident but the blood wasn't from a healthy person and he contracted the illness."

"Contracted?" Rex asked, "He met with a contractor who -"

"It means he caught the illness because the method of giving his body new blood wasn't clean," Buzz told him and Rex blinked. He didn't like the idea of blood. Blood appeared in some of the video games that he had played with Trixie but toys didn't bleed. Only things that were considered properly alive had blood. It made him squeamish just to think of the unfamiliar substance.

"That must be real bad," Slinky sympathized, looking very upset over what had happened. However, he stopped and blinked. "It still doesn't explain why the two of you are talking. I mean, the illness can't be so bad that he can accept the truth without a little uncertainty. Course, Andy's always been a good owner, I can't imagine any toys wanting to kill him."

"Of course not," Woody said as he stood up, ready to defend Andy's honor if need be. "I wouldn't let any rogue toys hurt him anyway and he rescued you from the garage sale so that's a good thing, we can be together again. Sounds fun, right, guys?" he asked and Buzz sighed and closed his eyes.

The space ranger nodded, he just wished that Jessie was there with them. He really had fallen head over heels in love with the cowgirl.



Jessie sighed as she sat on the ground in Bonnie's room. They had lost some good friends that day including toys she had spent over a decade with as well as toys that she had met with Bonnie and she was still here. She was here with the craft projects that Bonnie made, with Hamm, with the Potato Heads. She just felt lost. Buzz had been a constant presence in her life and now he wasn't there any longer, she might never get to see him again.

Bullseye licked her cheek and then nudged her cheek with his nose. He took a few steps back and tilted his head to the side to ask if she was okay. Jessie threw her arms around the horse she had been with for longer than any of the other toys and pulled him towards her.

"You could go," Dollie said from the corner of the room and Jessie looked up at her. Could she do that to Bonnie? Bonnie loved her but Bonnie was growing up and it was possible that the same thing that happened with Emily could happen here as well. At least she could go with Buzz, find their own way through life together.

Neither one of them was weak, they were strategic and could definitely build a life for themselves. Jessie looked around at the toys who were nodding and Jessie turned to Bullseye taking his head in her hands and looked into her eyes.

"I don't think I could do it without you, Bullseye," she whispered and wrapped her arms around him. "You think you can do this with me?" she asked and Bullseye nodded before looking around at all of the other toys. They would probably never see their old friends again but he would be with Jessie. Sometimes it was worth risking what you had to be with someone who you loved the most.

"Okay, let's do it." Jessie grinned before pausing, she needed to find the directions of where to go since she had never been this far from Andy's house. "Let's go back to Andy," Jessie told her old friend.

Jessie kept her head bowed as she returned to the yard where they had once played with the young boy. He had such a kind and loving heart and was extremely imaginative which had always let play time be some of the most exciting moments of her life. She did regret leaving Bonnie but maybe she would have believed that she was accidentally sold. Woody had once told her the story of Daisy who had been able to replace a favorite toy with another. Jessie could only wish the same for Bonnie.

Jessie saw Bullseye happily running around in a circle. She knew he loved playing with the flowers when they had been played with here. He enjoyed the different smells but Jessie often wondered why he didn't talk, why they hadn't allowed him to talk but then he hadn't spoken on Woody's Roundup. That didn't stop him from having a kind heart and love for others.

Jessie looked around and found a few stones. She tried to throw them to the window but they just made a slight tapping noise. Nothing else could be heard. Jessie sighed before seeing there was a crack in one of the windows. She could try to hide herself enough before she got in contact with Buzz. She saw the new Andy leave the living room and walk to the kitchen. "Okay, Bullseye, we gotta be real quiet," she told him and Bullseye watched her before nodding, starting to follow her.

Jessie kept a watch on the shadows and saw Bullseye trying to run across the room. She heard a cough and the poor horse stopped, they both dropped to the ground but Bullseye wasn't aware that one of his hooves could be seen. Jessie tried to move over and grab him, tuck him back, but the new Andy's foot swept against the horse.

This was sure to get them into trouble. Toys that didn't belong here being here. Andy hadn't purchased them and they hadn't been on sale either. She took slow breaths and closed her eyes, pushing herself further into the shadows as she saw the new Andy pick up Bullseye very gently.

"H-Hey," he said as he looked at the horse and noticed the faded letters of Bonnie's name on his hooves. He sat down, taking a couple of pills and looked at the horse, sitting him up in his hand. He gently used his fingertip to pet him. "Sorry boy, did I hurt you?" he asked as Jessie looked at them. Had he lost his mind? He was talking to his toys. How was Woody taking this change?

"I know you're alive, Bullseye," Andy said and Bullseye very carefully looked at him before looking straight forward and trying to be stiff. Andy smiled as he took the horse up to the room. He didn't recognize Jessie who was just staring at them. Bullseye appeared to be trapped but Andy wasn't hurting him. Should she try to rescue him?

Jessie wanted to get to Buzz but hoped he could find her. Bullseye would let him know that she was there, wouldn't he?



As Andy returned, he gently stroked Bullseye again before setting him next to Woody. He knelt down, making sure not to wake Claire up. "Just until the morning please," he said to Bullseye, "She can't know…" he said as he saw the toys watching him. He didn't want for Claire to know that he had gone insane but if it was this or him not being here any longer….well, he could get therapy to deal with this.

Bullseye nodded and then looked around to the other toys who were there. He started to dance happily when he saw Woody and then turned to Buzz. He nudged him with his head and then nudged his head to the side. Buzz looked at him confused.

"Jessie's with you?" Woody asked in a whisper and Bullseye nodded.

It didn't take more than that for Buzz to find a way to leave the room. He ran off to reunite with his love. He couldn't believe that she had left Bonnie but he wanted to be with her. He wanted to stay with her especially when she was scared. Woody watched him go. Was it okay for Jessie to be here when she was Bonnie's favorite toy? Woody hadn't been able to leave Andy when Bo had left. He felt a responsibility to him then just as he felt a responsibility to him now.

End of Chapter Seven

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