A/N: Only read this if you've seen Toy Story 4, or at the very least, knows how it ends. This will be chocked full of spoilers for the movie.

Chapter One: Where to Next?

Bonnie was all grown up. 18 years old and heading off to an arts university, ready to start her new life, ready for whatever lied ahead. She spent that summer cleaning out her room, separating what was coming with her from what was getting left behind. One of the last items she pulled from her closet was a large wicker basket, a large wicker basket that had been sitting in that closet for nearly six years now, with those inside left to live there.

She opened the basket and took a look inside. Yep, they were all still there, just how she remembered them. For the most part, anyway. From what she could recall she used to have a cowboy, that cowboy was lost on her family's road trip to Grand Basin when she was five. All that remained of the doll was the sheriff star that she always liked pinning to her Jessie doll. The loss of the sheriff never really affected her, he never was her favorite.

She took the different toys out one by one, what was quickly noticeable was that each toy was going in a separate pile. The Buzz Lightyear action figure in one, the plush unicorn in the other, the green tyrannosaurus toy with the space ranger, the blue triceratops with the unicorn, and so on. She started picking up the toys from one pile, first the purple haired rag doll, the lederhosen clad hedgehog, and others into one box, and when the last toy, a plastic spork craft she had made in kindergarten, was placed in the box, she smiled proudly at her decision.

"These are going to go great on my bookshelf in my apartment." She deduced as she closed up the box. She looked at the other pile of toys, she wasn't entirely sure what to do with those. They were important to her, and there was some part of her that wanted to bring them along with her, but the toys she was already bringing was cutting it close enough for an eighteen year old with an apartment. She pondered selling them to make a buck or two, but she didn't feel right separating them more than she already had. Giving them to the daycare? No, some of those were quite vintage. She didn't want to run the risk of having them broken. She wasn't sure what to do.

"Hm," she pondered before an idea occurred to her. She took out her cell phone and opened a social media site, she searched up a name. Andy Davis. After filtering through a couple different results, he found the one who appeared to be the Andy who gave her his toys all those years ago. He seemed to be married with a set of twin boys. Those old toys would be perfect for them, she decided. So she sent him a message.

/Hey, I'm not sure if you remember me, but when you were going off to college you gave me your old toys. I'm heading off to university pretty soon and I was wondering if your boys would appreciate them?/ She sent, and awaited response. A few hours later Andy did respond to her message.

/Sure!/ He said, and proceeded to give her his mailing address. She grinned and picked up Andy's toys and placed them in a separate box, and wrote Andy's address on it. She'd be driving it to the post office the next morning. With that, she decided she'd leave her room to go about her day. As soon as she left, the inhabitants of the two boxes came to life and climbed out.

"Go figure, the second we get taken outta that dusty old closet, we get put in boxes!" Mr. Potato Head griped. "Oh look, that box is marked college, lemme guess, our box is off to Goodwill?"

"On the contrary, Potato Head." Hamm spoke up, looking at the box. "There's a mailing address on it."

"We're getting shipped?" Jessie asked.

"By the looks of it." Hamm nodded. "To... Andy Davis!" He remarked.

"We're getting mailed to Andy?" Rex exclaimed. "Suddenly I don't want to cry out in panic anymore!"

"I don't believe it." Buzz remarked. "Back to Andy's."

"Wonder what Woody would've thought about that." Dolly spoke up, Woody's name being spoke seemed to silence the crowd a little, almost as if even though it were thirteen years ago that Woody left the group, and even though they were all happy for him, the wound was still somewhat fresh.

"I wonder what Andy's going to think when he opens up that box and Woody isn't there." Buttercup mumbled. "After all, wasn't he his favorite?"

"Yep." Forky spoke up, answering Buttercup's question.

"I think that's debatable." Buzz shook his head replied to Buttercup's question and Forky's statement.

"No debate about it, you never sat inside the college box." Potato Head nudged Buzz's leg.

"An' you did?" Slinky Dog chuckled. "Buttercup's got a point, Andy's not gonna be too pleased when Woody isn't there." He said glumly, looking down.

"Slinky, it'll be alright." Buzz assured him. "Sure, it would be nice if Woody could come with us, but you've got to remember that he's okay."

"Buzz is right," Jessie nodded. "We all miss Woody, and I'm sure Andy will be disappointed when Woody's not there, but Woody will always be with him the same way Woody's always with us." She backed up Buzz's statement before looking down fondly at her old friend's sheriff star.

"Exactly." Buzz nodded, smiling at Jessie and holding her hand in his.

"C'mon everyone, let's have one more fun day together before we go our own ways tomorrow, how about it?" Dolly offered, much to the approval of all the other toys. The toys all parted into their own groups for one last day of hanging around Bonnie's old room before they had to part ways come the next morning.

As Bonnie slept that night, slowly and silently, one of the cardboard boxes opened up and the red haired cowgirl doll, Jessie, crept out. She quietly made her way across the room and climbed up on the windowsill. She sighed softly as she looked at all the stars in the sky and the big, bright moon.

"Y'know," a familiar voice behind Jessie said. "No matter where he is, he's still under the same stars each night." She turned to see Buzz, who had decided to join her on the windowsill.

"Yeah, but it doesn't make me miss him any less." Jessie shrugged. "Buzz, y'ever wonder what it would have been like if maybe you and I went with them?" She asked.

"I've thought about it." Buzz admitted as he sat down beside her. "But... our place was still with Bonnie at that time. Unfortunately enough for us, Woody's place just wasn't." He reasoned. "Besides, Woody is one thing, but all three of us just going missing?

"True." She nodded. "You think he ever thinks about us?" She asked.

"I'm sure of it." He nodded. "Woody's path may have separated from ours, but that doesn't mean he loves us any less."

"You're right." Jessie nodded, smiling a bit. "Thanks, Buzz."

"Anything for you, Jessie." He kissed her cheek softly. "You coming back to the box?" He asked as he stood up once more.

"Just give me a few more minutes." Jessie nodded, smiling fondly at her space ranger as he walked back to the box. Once he was inside, she removed the sheriff's badge from her bosom and looked down at it, watching it gleam under the glow of the moon.

"Woody, I don't know where you are, but... I hope your new path is treating you okay." She looked down at the badge before pinning it back to her chest and slowly strolling back to the box.

"So then I was like, why don't you roll on back to the J.C Penny clearance aisle before I transform you into a parts lot, kapish?" Bunny relayed a story as he, Ducky, Duke Caboom, Giggle McDimples, Bo and her sheep, and Woody walked from the carnival after another long day of doing just what they'd been doing for thirteen years now, getting toys to new kids.

"I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, but threats aren't really what we're about." Bo reminded Bunny.

"This guy had it coming, one of them Transformer knock-offs giving some Duplos a hard time." Bunny defended his actions.

"Y'coulda led with that." Woody mentioned. "How are you doing, Bo?" He asked, looking at her with a soft smile.

"Fine." She nodded. "I need to find a new tape roll for my arm though, down to my last strip." She held up the empty roll. "There's an arts and crafts store nearby, I might try and sneak in there when it closes up for the night." She said as the crew huddled into the place they called home, for this location anyway. It was a wooden playhouse in a playground, scale wise it was like a mansion for the toys.

"Sweet Pierre Trudeau, I am beat." Duke remarked as he took off his helmet and yawned. "Where is this carnival off to next?"

"We ship out to Fargo next week." Bo said as she pet her sheep, the girls slowly nodding off to sleep.

"Sweet, sunny Fargo." Ducky said fondly as he plunked himself down to rest.

"Ducky, Fargo's in North Dakota, that place's summer is an Emeryville winter." Bunny informed him.

"What!?" Ducky exclaimed. "I say we sit this trip out, hitch a ride in a Ship-It truck headed to Miami."

"We're not going to Miami." Bo shook her head but chuckled fondly. "North Dakota will be nice."

"Doesn't matter where we're headed, as long as we're together." Woody smiled as he held Bo's hand in his. Bo smiled softly and planted a kiss on her sheriff's cheek. The two laid back in the grass and sighed softly, Woody tipped his sheriff's hat down over his eyes as the crew drifted off for some rest.

"I'll miss the card games, buddy." Buttercup said to Hamm as Andy's toys said one last goodbye before Bonnie took their box to the post office. "You ever wind up at Cal-Arts, look us up."

"You got it." Hamm nodded before glancing over at Rex, who was saying a tearful goodbye to Trixie.

"Rexingball93, I'll be sure to look you up." Trixie assured him. "We can video call every Thursday night."

"You gonna be okay in that box, Jess?" Dolly looked up at Jessie as she held her ponytail in her hands, something she always did when she felt anxious.

"Yeah," she nodded. "I still have Buzz, Bullseye, and everyone else with me after all." She assured Dolly. "Besides, we're just getting shipped, it's not like we're going in a storage locker." She reasoned.

"So this is about the cowboy, huh?" Dolly inferred, if it wasn't the box, that was the next most likely thing on her mind. "Don't worry, I'm sure he's okay." She smiled up at her. "Woody's always been a capable cowboy."

"Bonnie's coming, everyone into their boxes!" Mrs. Potato Head called, the toys gave one last hug, handshake, or nod goodbye and they piled into their boxes.

"It was certainly nice of Andy to give me the money for shipping, who knew a box of toys to Vermont was so pricey?" Bonnie remarked as she taped up the box and took it out to her car, setting it carefully in the passenger's seat before driving off to the post office.

"Even after we got RC out of the storm, the water had already damaged his electronics." Woody relayed to Bo the next morning as the gang made their way back to the carnival. "Andy tried driving him a couple days later and he didn't work."

"Did mom throw him away?" Bo asked.

"No, she was taking a trip to a thrift store that day anyway, dropped him off there, the Barrel of Monkeys with him." Woody told her.

"Wow, no Lenny, no Monkeys, rescues must have gotten a lot harder after that point." Bo remarked.

"Well, no, there weren't really anymore rescues after that." Woody told her. "Up until the whole Sunnyside fiasco you and RC were pretty much the last ones to go."

"You ever think about them?" Bo asked.

"Who?" Woody asked.

"All the toys Andy gave away." Bo explained. "Wheezy, Rocky, Mr. Mike, all of them."

"Sure, all the time." Woody nodded. "But, at the same time, looking back I know it was for the best. After all, what were they going to do if I could have rescued them? Sit around in the attic? That's no life for a toy."

"Amen to that one." Giggle nodded. "I spent fifteen years in a box in a garage before being hauled off to Second Chance. Worst of all there was a book covering my pet patrol play set and keeping it shut, I couldn't get out." She said, shuddering a little at the memory.

"I'm sorry." Woody said to Giggle. "Jessie would know just how you felt."

"She's the cowgirl, right?" Giggle asked. "Bo told me about some of the toys from Danny's house."

"Andy." Woody corrected. "But yeah, I met her after I got stolen from a yard sale a long time ago, we were supposed to go to a toy museum in Japan."

"Japan?" Giggle asked. "Konishi Toy Museum by chance?"

"Yeah, how do you know that?" Woody asked.

"Mr. Konishi was one of Margaret's contacts, if a toy at Second Chance sat around long enough, she'd call Mr. Konishi and asked if he wanted it for his museum, I knew a Jolly Chimp that got sent there." She explained.

"Huh, small world." Woody remarked. "Oh! Giggle, did I ever tell you about how I met Buzz?"

"Several times, Sheriff." Giggle replied flatly, clearly tired of hearing that story.

"Oh, humor him, he likes to tell stories." Bo scolded playfully.

"I for one, would love to hear that story again." Ducky mentioned to Woody. "Cracks me up to hear about Lightyear thinking he's a real space ranger."

"Alright," Woody chuckled a bit. "So, the year was 1995, and up until that point, Bo was the new toy in the room..." He trailed off into his story as they walked down the path, telling the toys every little detail of that fateful birthday party when he met Buzz Lightyear.

"Wait a second, you told me the spider baby had four claw arms." Bo remarked as Woody told the story.

"Did I? I'm pretty sure I always said two." Woody replied. "Maybe I was just trying to impress you." He admitted.

"The fact you and Buzz made it out of Sid's room alive impressed me enough, sheriff." Bo giggled.

"That kid took toys apart an' Frankensteined them into new toys?" Bunny asked. "That's fluffed up."

"Get to the Mrs. Nesbitt part already, that's my favorite!" Ducky exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly.

"That Skunkmobile would really come in handy right now, Lambchops!" Duke interrupted with a panicked tone. "We've got company!" He pointed to a man walking down the same path.

"Everyone into the bushes, now!" Giggle jumped, pointing to a nearby shrub. Duke quickly drove his motorcycle into the shrubbery, Giggle hopping behind. Billy, Goat, and Gruff bleated as they scurried into the bush, Bo following behind with Woody with her.

"Help! I'm stuck!" Ducky called, his foot had gotten stuck under a root and Bunny's pulling couldn't get him out.

"For crying out loud." Woody grumbled as he scurried out to free the plush duck, once Ducky and Bunny were secured in the shrub, Bo held out her crook to Woody to grab hold, and just moments before she pulled him in, he was spotted.

"What in the world?" The man said, causing Woody to drop down, Bo too, unfortunately dropping down so she was exposed too.

"Would you look at that." The man remarked as he picked the two up. "A 1957 Woody's Roundup Sheriff Woody doll and what looks to be a 1976 Little Bo Peep lamp figurine. These are terrific finds." He grinned, placing the two dolls carefully in his bag and walking back to his car.

"Oh, fluff." Ducky remarked as the others peered on from the bush.