DATE(S) OF INVESTIGATION: June 5th and 6th, 1999

AGENTS ASSIGNED: Special Agent Fox Mulder and Special Agent Dana Scully


STATUS: Closed due to lack of substantial evidence.


After investigating this case, while there was unquestionably a fair amount of paranormal oddities that could be tied to the occult and/or dark magic, all of those affected by the case no longer had a desire for us to pursue it. This was due to their untimely deaths, more than likely associated to the strange occurrences.


Most of the evidence Agent Mulder and I were able to accumulate over the span of the case were either too unconventional or too nondescript to come to a rational conclusion for this case. That, compiled with the deaths of those who were living in fear, has led us to deem this case closed.


REPORT COMPLETED: June 8th, 1999


It took them an hour to navigate Skinner's skepticism and get him to sign off on the report. Between Scully's willingness to give up on a case after just two days with it and Mulder's apparent willingness to go along with that decision, Skinner wasn't able to make heads or tails of their unusual behavior.

"You don't need to investigate this any further?" he asked for what felt to them like the tenth time since sitting down across from him.

"Sir, there's nothing more to investigate. The evidence we have doesn't point to anything," Scully replied.

"Besides, there isn't anyone actively wanting this case solved anymore. Everyone who was affected is now dead," Mulder sighed.

"Not you though?" Skinner asked. He felt Scully freeze at the same time as he did and Skinner must've noticed their stunned reactions. "I mean, you of all people don't want to find out what this was?"

Letting out a heavy breath of irritation at himself for overreacting, he answered, "I got all the answers I needed. The case is over, sir."

Skinner looked between them skeptically before signing off on the form. "Thank you, sir," Scully stated while moving to stand up.

"Not yet," he commanded, raising a hand to stop them. He set his pen down and removed his glasses. "Off the record," he asked, concerned, "Are you two all right?"

"We're fine, thank you for your concern," Mulder replied. Skinner looked at Scully and waited for her confirmation of that fact until finally dismissing them.

They'd made it to the door before he stopped them again. "And agents," he waited for them to look at him to continue, "if you need to take time off, I'll approve it. No questions asked.."

"Thank you, sir," Scully smiled softly.

Should they have? Yes. Did they? No.

Taking time off would have meant admitting something about this case bothered them, and, if there was one thing he and Scully were good at, it was repressing their emotions. At least, in the office they were.

For the entirety of the first week they got back, he'd get calls from her in the middle of the night. Almost all the calls were around two in the morning. All of them began with an anxiety riddled Scully asking, not being able to fully calm the quivering of her voice, "Mulder, um, are you okay?"

Without fail, he'd press the phone closer to his ear, the plastic still warm from him holding it and contemplating dialling her number for the past hour, and respond, "I am now."

After reassuring her he was fine, they would inevitably end up talking for hours about miscellaneous subjects. What she got from the grocery store, what movie he watched while trying to fall asleep, anything to keep her from thinking of him almost being killed and to keep him from thinking about what would have happened if that knife had been within his reach.

He appreciated that symbiotic nature of their relationship. What helped him, helped her and vice versa. Especially since it seemed she could only fall asleep to the sound of his voice droning on and on and he just so happened to enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of her even breathing.

However, that was the extent to which they really talked about what they were dealing with. By the time they got into work the next day, both wearing bags under their eyes as residual evidence of their two a.m. phone calls, they were back to business as usual.

But the case's effect on them wasn't the only thing they were repressing. They still hadn't talked about what they were going to do with their feelings exposed and out in the open. Flashes of a previous hallway admission followed by a turbulent few months were at the forefront of his memory. It seemed in character for them to pretend like what had happened in Bakersfield was brought upon by stress and fear, but he knew that wasn't what either of them wanted. They were standing at the precipice of something they'd always wanted, but they didn't know what to do.

There were small, baby steps forward. He could recognize at least that was happening. He caught her staring at him throughout the day, so lost in thought that even him looking straight back at her didn't seem to register. When she was snapped back into reality, she didn't try to deny she'd been staring. Instead, she offered a sweet smile and resumed her work. Small progress.

Last Thursday he'd spent the entire day building up the courage to kiss her. He knew she wouldn't be mad, he knew she'd reciprocate, he just needed to do it. At the end of the work day, he ran and put his hand on the door before she had a chance to walk out of it.

He'd been thinking of it all day. She'd go to leave, he'd slide smoothly in front of the door, she'd ask him what he was doing, he'd say something smooth, then he'd cup her face in his hands and kiss her.

He eyebrows shot up and she turned to him with a bemused smile. "Yes, Mulder?"

Suddenly his mouth felt dry and his palms felt sweaty. "I-um," he stammered. Then, like the idiot he sometimes thought he was, he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her to him in an awkward hug.

Luckily, something about this must have been charming to her because she reciprocated the hug and laughed into his chest. Well, this wasn't the worst thing that could have happened.

She pulled back sooner than he'd wanted her to, but before moving to the door, she stood up on her tip toes and placed a kiss to his jaw. When he looked back down at her, he saw a shy smile spread across her face as a blush dusted her cheeks. "Um, see you later."

"Later," he replied, watching her leave.

A few hours passed before he realized if he'd dipped his head down, he could have kissed her properly like she'd probably been aiming for.


But today was going to be different. Today he was going to be bold. It's been two weeks since the case, and he was going to ask Scully out. She hadn't been calling him as much in the middle of the night and he began to fear they were starting to drift away. Never again.

"Scully," he asked, standing as she did when it was time to go.

"Yeah?" she responded, going to the coat rack to grab her purse.

"Do you want to come over tonight?" he asked, walking around the desk to stand closer to her.

She stopped, hands still on the strap of her purse as she looked at him with pleased surprise. "Sure. Any special occasion?"

"A date," he blurted without even a semblance of eloquence. Her eyebrows raised at his honesty and he added, "We could drink and maybe watch a movie or something?"

Something akin to adoration filled her gaze and it made her smile all the more wonderful as she replied, "I'd love that."

Taking a chance, he bent down and placed a kiss, not all that different from a few weeks ago, on her lips. He felt her sharp intake of breath against his cheek followed by her lips pressing back against his own, tilting her head to get a better angle. They remained like that for a moment or two, occasionally changing the pressure of their kiss before inevitably breaking apart for air.

They locked eyes and laughed breathily at their mutual surprise that they actually kissed in the middle of their office. Scully took a step forward and he thought she was going to kiss him, but instead, she placed her hand on the side of his face and wiped away the traces of her lipstick off his lips. He was enjoying the feeling of her fingers on his mouth to hear what she'd said. "Hmm?" he hummed.

She laughed again and pulled her hand away. "I said, is eight thirty okay?"

"Perfect," he nodded. He had a lot of cleaning to do.

She grinned and started walking away, casually stating, "It's a date."

"It's a date," he repeated in disbelief as he watched her leave.

Mulder's Apartment

2630 Hegal Place Apartment #42

Alexandria, VA 23242

June 22nd, 1999


He took a shower, cleaned every inch of the apartment, and made sure he had everything he might need, before he realized he hadn't picked up the one thing he said he'd have. Beer. He ran down the street and picked up a case of Shiner Bock and made it just in time for Scully to be early.

"Come in," he shouted.

He heard the door open and close softly, followed by a low whistling sound. "Wow Mulder, the place looks really nice."

"So, Scully, what'll it be tonight?" he asked, pulling two beers out of the fridge and subsequently fumbling around to find his bottle opener. "Beetlejuice, Jaws, The Omen?" The Lone Gunmen had recently burned him a ton of movies illegally to add to his collection, and he was eager to show Scully he was willing to watch movies that didn't involve space or aliens.

He heard her shoes come off at the doorway before he heard the sound of her nylons sliding across the hardwood towards him. When he found the bottle opener, he turned and saw she was leaning against the entryway of the kitchen, all her weight on one foot as the other lightly drew noncommittal lines onto the floor. "Could we instead?" she asked, picking at the wood of the door jamb.

Her request didn't altogether surprise him, but her apparent nervousness did. "Yeah, of course," he nodded. "Do you still…" he trailed off, holding up a Shiner.

"Yeah," she nodded, watching as he opened two and carried them to the couch before offering her one and sitting down.

She took it with a small thanks and brought the bottle to her lips, taking a generous gulp. She lowered the glass into her lap while she swallowed and played with the neck of the bottle and the condensation gathering there as Mulder took a drink of his own. "Is everything okay?" he started, prompting her to speak.

"I just wanted to apologize for if I made things uncomfortable, if what I said made you reveal things you weren't ready for during such a stressful time," she admitted, looking him straight in the eye.

She wasn't going to do this. Not this time. "Scully," he began severely, sitting upright in his seat. "You were right about everything you said. I was sick of pretending and I don't for a moment regret anything we said or did." They didn't really 'do' much of anything, but he felt like that needed to be said too. A smile broke out across her face and he didn't know how to read that. "What?"

"That's not where I was going with this, but thank you for that," she chuckled.

He suddenly felt embarrassed for jumping to conclusions and laughed with her, "I'm sorry, it's just we're usually so bad at-"

"-talking about our feelings?" she finished.

"Yeah," he agreed. She took another sip of her drink and that was confirmation enough that she agreed with that sentiment. "I'm sorry, please continue."

"While I'm happy with developments that were made, I can't help but feel bad that while you were dealing with a personal trauma, I was unloading all that on you. You had enough on your plate without me adding to it," she explained.

He drew one leg up on the couch so he could sit sideways and face her, resting one arm along the back of the couch. "I needed you and you were by my side every step of the way," he reassured.

She smiled at this but moved to dismiss him, "Yeah, but-"

"No buts', Scully. We wouldn't be us if we didn't have awful timing," he joked, though his statement was true. They honestly were awful at making things easy for themselves.

She smiled and looked towards her lap, continuing to nervously play with the beer, only now she was trying to peel the dandelion-colored label from the glass. He noticed now she'd gone home and changed into a different outfit. Her skirt was still black, but it was a little shorter and more form-fitting. She'd changed out of her purple button up into a creme colored, also form-fitting, sweater, the color accentuating the blush of her skin. "We never talked about what any of it meant," she revealed quietly, breaking him out of his Scully-induced trance.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

She suddenly laughed and buried her face into her free hand. "Oh my god, I feel like I'm a teenager again." He laughed at her confession, feeling it with painful sympathy. She pulled her hand away with a shy smile still present and stated definitively, "We like each other."

"Very much so," he added, reveling in the way it made her smile widen ever so slightly.

"But we already knew that," she lamented.

"But it feels nice to say it out loud, doesn't it?" he admitted, leaning towards her.

"Mulder," she laughed, nudging his knee with hers. "I'm trying to be serious."

"Okay, I'm sorry," he relented, sitting up straight and taking another swig.

The jovial smile she'd been wearing faltered a little bit as the severity of her statement took over, "I want this to work."

"Me too," he replied earnestly, using the hand draped on the back of the couch to touch her shoulder in reassurance.

The look she gave him held so much vulnerability and honesty it made his heart hurt. "What if it doesn't? I don't know what I'd do."

He understood where she was coming from. They worked together, they were partners and best friends, they were practically each other's main line of support for the past seven years, and to think of negatively affecting that because they took a risk was nerve wracking. He didn't know what he'd do.

But he knew he'd do better than he'd do if they never even tried in the first place.

"I understand, you're the most important thing in my life," he confessed. "Which is why I think it would be a disservice to ourselves if we didn't try."

Years of everything that could be with Scully if this worked flashed in his mind and the weight of how much he wanted it all was almost suffocating. Waking up in the morning with Scully, watching her grow older by his side, the little menial day to day chores he'd get to enjoy with her, all the hours he'd be able to make love to her and hopefully convey even one ounce of how much she means to him.

She got a sentimental look on her face and he thought maybe she was having similar thoughts to him until she mused, "It's just so like you."

"What is?"

She looked at him, turning her body even more to face him so that his hand was now closer to her face than her shoulder. "Looking at something scary, intimidating, and unconventional and feeling the need to investigate it without a second thought."

He smiled at her direct, yet accurate, comparison of their relationship to an X-file. "And how like you to think of several hypotheses to the contrary before you're willing to experiment with my suggestion."

She laughed at this, the sweet sound echoing off the walls of his apartment and bringing a satisfied smile to his face. "Oh is that what I'm doing? Experimenting with your suggestion?" she asked, mirth barely concealed.

"I hope so," he laughed in response.

"May I remind you of our conversation from just a few minutes ago where we both recognized that I was the one who instigated this. I've had the idea for years," she explained.

"Years?" he repeated.

She bit her bottom lip to reign in her smirk and nodded at him in sincerity. "Years."

Something about this made him a little sad. How much sooner could they have been happy if they'd just admitted the truth that had been in their faces all along. "We've waited for so long," he mused.

"I don't want to wait anymore," she murmured, playing again with her now-empty bottle.

"Me either," he replied. Then, the same thing that'd been nagging at him since they got back returned to the corner of his mind and he sat his empty bottle down on the coffee table. "I just-the reason I hadn't tried to push it more when we got back was because I wanted to give you some space."

"You tried though. I do have to give you some credit for effort," she teased, hinting at his awkward attempt at a kiss that turned into a hug.

"I'm out of practice, what can I say," he chuckled, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.

"I hadn't pressed it for the same reason," she admitted.

He looked over at her and she set her bottle down on the table next to his own. He didn't understand what she meant at first until the realization hit him like a punch to the chest. "You didn't want to make a move on me because you're afraid it'll remind me of being attacked."

"And you don't want to make a move on me because you think I'm upset about what happened," she countered.

"But, Scully," he started, sitting up straighter. "You didn't do anything-"

Before he could continue, she interrupted with a pointed, "Neither did you." He scoffed in self-deprecation and she latched onto it. "Mulder, I'm serious. I understand that it might have bothered you, but I can assure you the idea of you hurting me was the last thing on my mind. All I was concerned about was shattering the mirror."

"But I was trying to," he lamented.

"No, you were trying to hurt a demon that'd been mentally torturing you," she stated, the utmost confidence she was displaying in him making him feel like a better man that he thought he was. She grabbed the hand that was on the couch and brought it to her lips, placing a firm kiss to his knuckles, only lowering his hand to her lap to reassure, "You'd never hurt me, Mulder."

He nodded, accepting her words as the truth and thought back to what she'd just admitted to him. "I think I was only reacting poorly to the visage of you because tensions were so high," he reassured. He'd told her during one of their late night calls that he recognized it wasn't really her because it was being pushy. They didn't really talk about it past that though.

"How were you able to tell?" she asked, squeezing his hand in her own.

"I, um," he began awkwardly. "When 'you' started making moves on me, they were very reminiscent of what the demon had done the night before and it, um-"

"You started having flashbacks," she finished.

"Yeah, not very bad, but it made me uncomfortable. When I tried to ask it to stop, it wouldn't, and I realized it wasn't you."

She was frowning now, a look of anger crossing her face as she pictured the situation he described. "Mulder, I'm so sorry you had to go through that," she murmured softly, stroking the back of his hand.

"I should have realized it wasn't you sooner, it was so obvious-"

"Mulder, she stated firmly. "Stop doing that. I mean it."

He looked into her eyes and he realized it hurt her to see him blame himself. While it was hard for him not to, he trusted Scully's judgement, and if she thought he was being too hard on himself then she was probably right. It would take a while to start feeling it, but for now he could at least work towards trying, "Okay."

She smiled softly at his agreement and placed another kiss to his hand. He could tell she was trying to decide on whether or not to say something else, so he remained silent and waited. "This is personal, so I understand if it makes you uncomfortable and you'd rather not answer, but...what was it doing that bothered you?"

"Aside from assaulting me in my sleep?" he joked weakly.

She cocked an eyebrow as she gave him a half smile and reiterated, "Yes, I mean, specifically. What was it that last time that made you want to stop?"

He realized then that she was asking because she didn't want to accidentally do those things. Which inadvertently meant she was thinking of making a move on him in that capacity.

He sobered up as he realized his answer to this was important in a multitude of ways. "Um, she wouldn't let me touch her, kept pinning me to the bed with her body, she would kiss me so I couldn't refuse, and she kept ignoring my discomfort."

She nodded lightly, frown still evident on her face from her discomfort at the thought of him in that position and he added, "I don't think it's anything you could accidentally trigger because I know you'd never pressure me like that."

A shy smile crossed her face as she realized he knew she was asking in preparation of future plans. "I'd want you to tell me if I was," she requested.

"And I'd want you to do the same," he nodded.

She licked her lips and stared at their hands for a moment. He thought she was contemplating another question until she raised herself up a bit on the couch. Then he thought she was getting up for a beer, but when her knees brushed his and she looked at his lips before looking at his eyes in a silent question, he realized he was just being an oblivious idiot again.

He raised himself up and allowed one of his hands to wrap around to the back of her head to help steady her as she lowered her mouth onto his. It was as initially soft as the past times had been, but she was quicker to allow her arms to snake around his neck as she opened her mouth. Her tongue traced along his bottom lip and he opened his mouth to grant her more access.

He fell back slowly as their tongues continued to gently slide and prod against each other. He ended up laying fully on his back with her laying on top of him, one of her legs in between his legs while the other rested in between his thigh and the couch. Mulder let the hand not entwined in her hair rest on the sliver of skin that was being revealed from her sweater rising up. She jumped lightly and broke the kiss, looking down at him with a smile while she caught her breath.

"I'm sorry, was that okay?" he asked, retracting his hand and letting it rest on the middle of her clothed back.

She nodded quickly and reassured breathlessly, "Yeah, yeah, your hand was just a little cold."

He put it back where it had been and let it roam a little higher up her back, under her shirt. He was pretty sure anything would feel freezing with how hot her skin was. His hands were probably freezing because all the blood in his body was currently rushing to one central location which he was pretty sure she could feel prominently against her stomach.

He let his fingertips graze over the delicate skin of her back, skin he'd let his hand rest on for years, but had never felt the actual flesh of until this moment. She licked her lips, staring at him with a hooded gaze, and resumed kissing him, only with an added fervour this time.

Fuck. He'd always imagined making out with Scully would be an insanely erotic experience, but he'd underestimated just how much of that would be due to her skill. Scully was an excellent kisser. She had this way of dropping her jaw, opening her mouth for him to lean into before closing it again and adding a layer of mindblowing suction, nipping and lapping occasionally at his lips and tongue. It drove him crazy.

Making out, he considered for a moment. When was the last time I could use that phrase? The term seemed reminiscent of the shy new lust and timid discoveries made by fumbling hands when he was a teen. He supposed it wasn't all that different from what was happening right now. Every cell in his body was on fire and his body was reacting to hers like attracted magnets.

The hand that was on the back of her head moved down her body, taking inventory of the curves and valleys of her lithe form. Eventually his hand came to rest on the curve of her ass and, taking a chance, he cupped it and pushed her closer to him.

Then, like the beauty of the clouds parting to the heavens, she moaned into his mouth and thrust against him. His erection pulsed painfully in response, and he felt her rock against him to give an added friction. Wanting to do the same for her, he bent the leg currently situated in between her legs so that his foot was flat on the couch and his upper thigh was flushed with the warm juncture of her thighs. There was little resistance and he realized her skirt must've hiked up around her waist as he did this.

He felt Scully squeeze her thighs around his and rub herself against him sensually, a little whimper escaping her lips and he swallowed it greedily. The hand under her sweater reached up further and his hand came to rest flat in between her shoulder blades, her bra clasp laying torturously underneath his palm.

She pressed her breasts into his chest as she squeezed her thighs again, and the dual sensation caused him to roll his hips against her and moan, "Scully." His voice coming out deeper and huskier than he anticipated.

The sound caused her to raise her head so that she could look down at him. Her hair was disheveled and her lips were red and swollen from their fervor. She let out a shaky laugh as she gave him a toothy smile. "Is this okay?" she asked.

"A hell of a lot more than okay," he joked, trying his hardest to keep from idly thrusting into her stomach.

"Good," she murmured. "I was going to have to excuse myself if it wasn't," she joked.

She was about to lean down to kiss him again when he whispered, "Wait."

She paused and raised her head again, looking at him expectantly. "Scully, if-if this is going to go any further, I want to relocate. You deserve better than some heavy petting on my couch." He hoped he wasn't being presumptuous saying that, but based off of the pulsing in his cock and the way she'd been rocking against him, he didn't think it was his strangest idea.

Scully smiled at him and eased herself off of him, standing next to the couch with her skirt around her waist and her black underwear tauntingly visible through the sheer fabric of her nude nylons. He saw her appreciate the admittedly impressive tenting of his dress pants before she extended her hand out to him. "Take me to bed, Mulder."

He used her offered hand to roll off the couch, but when he was standing in front of her, he couldn't help but grab her face and press a loving kiss to her lips, surprising them both by its gentleness and passion. He slowly let go, enjoying the way their lips stuck together for a fleeting moment. When she opened her eyes he smiled at her and joked, "I thought you'd never ask."

Then, taking her by surprise, he bent down and picked her up from around her middle, placing one hand on her back and one underneath her legs to pick her up bridal style. "Mulder!" she squealed in laughter.

Figuring running would give away his desperation, he walked quickly down the hallway leading into his bedroom and, only taking a pause to flick on the lights, laid her out on his bed. The sight made his breath catch in his throat. Here was Dana Katherine Scully, his partner and his best friend, sprawled out on the same bed he'd dreamt about her countless nights on, looking at him like that.

"I love you, Scully," the words tumbled unconsciously out of his mouth. If he had more brain power right now, he probably wouldn't have chosen the moment he told her that to be immediately after throwing her on his bed while sporting an insane erection, but he couldn't help himself.

The look of lust she was wearing waned slightly as adoration took its place. Her lips curved into a beaming smile as she looked up at him, the sentiments reflected perfectly in her crystal clear eyes. She raised her arms up, reaching out for him, and gently requested, "Show me."

He fell into her arms, his legs resuming a similar position to before as he began kissing her neck. He could feel her pulse thrumming under his tongue as he played with the delicate skin, nipping and licking to see what breathy sounds he could emit from her lips. He felt her hands grabbing at the back of his shirt, grabbing the fabric and balling it up in her fist as she tried to yank it out of his pants.

Laughing into the hollow of her throat, he decided to take a brief break as he leaned on his haunches and quickly tried to undo all the buttons of his shirt. She joined him by arching her back and whipping her sweater off. He wasn't sure where it went because all he could focus on was the way her breasts looked encased in a lacy black bra.

She bent upwards and started helping him with his buttons as he realized he must have lost all motor function temporarily from the sight of her half-naked form. He'd have been embarrassed if he wasn't so aroused. The buttons were done in record time and his undershirt must've come off in the flurry of motion too because soon enough he was back on her again, skin against skin as he kissed his way down her sternum into the valley of her breasts. He didn't know if he'd felt anything quite as exquisite as both of his cheeks simultaneously touching the sides of Scully's breasts.

She arched her back, pushing himself deeper into her chest as her fingers worked deftly beneath herself to unclasp her bra. When she lowered herself back down, he raised back up so he could help her take the bra off completely. The bra joined her shirt in an undetermined location that he couldn't care less about because all he could focus on were Scully's breasts, bared to him in their complete glory.

He reached down unconsciously and grabbed himself firmly, trying to calm his body's visceral reaction to seeing her this way. She watched him do this and she bit her lip in an attempt to hold back a smile, which only served to drive him wild. "Scully, you're so beautiful," he rasped.

"So are you," she replied, leaning up and wrapping her arms around his neck to kiss him and drag him back down with her. He let go of himself so he could grab her naked back, groaning loudly as her nipples grazed his bare chest.

She giggled and he slid down her body, kissing her breast bone once before capturing a nipple in his mouth, using one of his hands to grab her other breast. They fit in his hands perfectly, and he played with their heaviness, squeezing and pressing into them all while he swirled his tongue around her nipple.

"Oh my god," she whispered in ecstacy, arching her back and using one of her legs to rub against his erection.

He paused for a moment, lips still suctioned onto her chest as he rocked into her thigh. Taking this pause, he could smell her perfume still lingering on her skin. The smell brought forth memories of sitting too close to her in the office and enjoying the smell, of borrowed shirts returned to him with this very smell imbued in the fabric, of walking into a room and knowing she had been there from this scent alone. Now it would remind him of this moment, of Scully moaning and writhing underneath him while he made love to her.

He'd just switched to the other breast when she reached down and started fumbling with the side of her skirt. When he realized she was trying to get it off, he leaned off of her to give her better access, the missing contact making her movements more desperate. Mulder helped her after she'd unclasped and unzipped the skirt by hooking his fingers under her nylons and skirt, dragging them down her legs.

It wasn't as sensual of a movement as he'd been hoping for since the skirt came off with ease, but the nylons clung to her legs. He let go and the skirt fell to the floor while the nylons remained with different levels of attachment to each leg. She giggled at what he presumed was the look of dissatisfaction on his face and he couldn't help but laugh with her. She helped him get the nylons off and, as soon as they were, she grabbed him by the belt loops and kept him where he was.

He was kneeling in front of her and watched with pure lust as she unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She undoubtedly was trying to go for a quick sensual move as she grabbed his belt and tried to yank it out, but it got caught on one of the loops and stilted her progress. They both laughed at their shared lack of grace and he helped her get his pants and socks completely off, leaving them both bare with the exception of their underwear.

Before he could say anything, she grabbed his hand gently in her hand and his breath stopped as she realized where she was taking it. "I want you to feel what you do to me," she admitted shakily as she led his hand under the elastic of her black panties.

He'd barely just felt the curls of her pubic hair before he felt warmth followed by velvety wetness. She was soaking wet. "Oh my god, Scully," he groaned. He made her wet. He felt like he could die right now and he would consider himself the luckiest man in the world.

Her face reflected the pleasure he was feeling right now, and she spread her legs as soon as his fingers came in contact with her arousal. He swirled his fingers in exploration, feeling her wetness coat his fingers as her eyes clamped shut. "Oh," she let out in a sharp intake of breath.

He watched her face closely as he repeated the motion, only this time moving upwards to find her little bundle of nerves. He knew as soon as he hit it because her entire body jumped, her pelvis lurching into his hand for more. He rubbed slow languid circles against her as he watched her brows furrow in pleasure as she slowly sank back down onto the bed.

He scooted himself closer so that he was leaning over her, never letting up in his ministrations. In fact, he started picking up the pace and watching as her mouth dropped open and her breathing became erratic. "P-pl-" she kept repeating a few times.

"What was that?" he murmured, unsure if she was trying to say something or was involuntarily making sounds.

"Please, Mulder. Don't stop," she rasped, grabbing handfuls of the comforter as she squirmed against his hand.

He thought he could have come on the spot from that one utterance. Between the words and her tone of voice, he was certain that was the single hottest thing he'd ever heard in his entire life. He moaned and, at a lightning fast pace, ripped her underwear down her legs, and resumed his vigorous massaging of her clit, laying almost parallel to her so he could watch her face more closely.

Beads of sweat were starting to gather at her brow and she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Deciding to switch it up, he lowered his hand and slid two fingers inside of her while his thumb continued furiously swirling around her clit. He felt her walls clench around his fingers and he curved them slightly as he began pumping in and out of her.

Her eyes shot open and she turned her head to face his, which was close enough that her shuddering breaths hit his lips and he could practically see her eyes dilate. "Ohmygodohmygod," she chanted, letting go of the comforter so she could grip his arm.

He felt her fingernails leaving crescent shaped indents on his forearm and bicep and knew she was close. He picked up the pace of both his fingers and thumb until he saw her eyes lock onto his as her entire body tensed up, her back arching into his hand as he felt her clamp down and spasm around his fingers.

He made Scully come. He saw so many emotions swirling in her eyes as she came, but the primary one was unrepentant and sated satisfaction. He kept going until he felt her shaky hand reach down and halt him, signalling she was too sensitive and needed a break. She continued riding out her orgasm at her own pace by keeping his hand still with her own as she undulated against him and rode his hand with languid movements.

After a moment, her eyes fluttered shut as she laid spinelessly on the bed, letting her head and arms fall to the sides as she tried to return to normalcy, a content smile gracing her lips. He flicked her clit one more time with his thumb and laughed as her entire body lurched. She opened her eyes and let out a breathy laugh of her own before craning her head towards him and pecking him on the lips.

"That was amazing," he whispered, nuzzling his nose against the hair at her temple, placing soft kisses along her hairline.

"I think that's my line," she laughed. She stared at him for a moment before he felt the tips of her fingers tracing the elastic of his boxers. "Take these off," she commanded.

He fell to the side so he was on his back and arched his hips off the bed so he could slide his boxers down his legs, his leaking erection hitting his lower abdomen.

She hiked a leg over his and straddled him, admiring his form with hungry eyes. She grabbed his erection which made him intake a sharp breath between clenched teeth. He fought to keep his eyes open because the sight in front of him was too incredible to pass up. She lifted his cock so it was standing straight in the air and it stood out starkly against the pale skin of her stomach. From this position he felt like he could see how deep he'd be going inside of her and it made his cock twitch in her hand.

She felt it and sent him a coy smile before lifting herself up onto her knees. She moved herself up a bit so their arousals were lined up and he gasped when he felt the head of his cock slide against her swollen folds. "Ready?" she asked softly.

He nodded and she used her fingers to help guide him inside her and keep him there. He saw her wince slightly and he tried to concave his hips away, despite every part of his body wanting to plunge into her. "I'm hurting you," he proclaimed, trying to stop her.

"Not really," she said, slowly inching down his shaft inch by inch, the slow speed making him have to suppress his own moans. "It's just been a while and you're big. I need a moment to adjust."

He placed his hands on her thighs while she slid down, eventually coming to a rest flush on top of him. He bit his lip at the pure ecstacy of being completely and entirely buried inside of Scully. She had her hands splayed on his abdomen, either to keep him from moving or to keep her balance, but she used them as momentum for her to roll her hips against his to get some friction.

Initially he saw little signs of discomfort, but slowly he saw them turn into flashes of pleasure as she began picking up the pace, easing herself up a bit before crashing back down onto him. Suddenly, she moved to grab his hands and interlace their fingers together as she used that for new leverage to ride him. "You-" she began, breaking off as she gasped in pleasure, "you can move. I feel good now."

With her permission, but still keeping watchful attention to her reactions, he started pumping into her. It was indescribable, she was tight around his cock and every thrust against her felt like absolute bliss. With every downward stroke of her body, her breasts bounced on her chest and he was enamoured by their rosy peaks, completely erect with yet another sign of her arousal.

She let go of his hands so she could place one hand on his chest as the other reached up to grab a breast, tweaking and pinching her nipple to add to her own pleasure. With the new freedom of both hands, he slid one to her waist as the other slid down so he could resume rubbing her clit.

As soon as he did her eyes clamped shut and she let go of her breast, leaning down so that her hands were bracketing his head and he had a perfect view of her face as she rocked against him. She whimpered and he felt his balls tighten in response. He was desperate to make her come again before he did, so he took a deep breath and tried to center himself, adding a second finger to deftly swirl around her swollen bud.

Scully looked at him through a haze of lust and leaned down to place a sloppy, opened mouth kiss to his lips. Her movement trapped his hand in between them and mashed her breasts against his. From this position, he could feel his hands' movements against his own pubic bone as he rubbed her clit. She cried into his mouth before burying her face into his neck as she began furiously thrusting against him, every part of their bodies touching.

Suddenly, she leaned back up so she could look at him as her movements became sporadic with her orgasm. The sight and sensation alone pushed him over the edge and he moved both hands to grab her hips so he could buck into her as his own orgasm wracked his body. They kept their eyes connected as they shared this moment and it was overwhelming in every possible way.

When they'd both calmed down slightly, Scully collapsed against him and he rolled them so they were laying face to face, his body jerking lightly as he slid out of her. He raised his hand and brushed some stray hairs out of her face and his heart swelled when he saw a sweet smile grace her face as she nuzzled her face into his arm. "I love you too," she murmured, exhausted by all their exertion.

He placed a kiss to her forehead and laid there with her in his arms as they caught their breath and reveled in this moment. The beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

What lay ahead for them may be unknown, but if there was one thing they did best, it was diving into the unknown together. He had no doubt they'd be just fine. He didn't have a chance to tell her that, but the little snores she was emitting as she slept comfortably in his arms told him that she felt just the same.