Hey-o! ^^ I know I should be working on my other stories, but this idea came to me when I was doing my algebra homework and well yeah! I do have a plot for this and it's really good too! Or so I think. ^_^ This is a AU ficcie, which is very obvious when you read it. Also, Rei is going to be a bit out of character at first, but then she'll begin to act like her usual self later on.

Serena - 15
Ami, Mina, Rei - 16
Makoto, Duo, Wufei, Heero, Quatre - 17
Trowa - 19


*Rei POV*

Mother says I will make a fine lady someday. I then reply by saying, "But what if I don't want to be a lady?" Father is both a lord and a knight; being the latter I admire him very much. Living at the manor would be relaxing, if Mother didn't chase me around saying that I should act like a lady. It's annoying how she pesters me about my needlework. Sometimes when I stab myself with that stupid needle, my tongue slips and I let out one of the curses I've heard so many times from the knights. The first time I did that, Mother fainted in shock.

I can hear her calling my name right now. "Rei Hino! Come out now! You can't hide forever!" Or so she thinks...

*Normal POV*

Rei opened her window and tied the end of the bed sheet to one of the posts on her bed. Slinging her pack on over her shoulder, she tossed the rest of the bed sheet out of the window. Grabbing part of it in one hand, she wrapped her right leg around it, before grabbing it with her other hand. Hopping out the window, she slowly crawled down the side of the house.

"Rei, you're running away again?" Duo asked from below her.

"Again?! I'm really leaving this time!" Rei yelled as she let go of the bed sheet. She was caught by Duo, her childhood friend.

"That is what you said the last three times." He set her down and followed behind her as she headed into the stables. "We both known that Lord Hino will send me out to come get you, and I'll find you like always, and then take you back home." She handed him her bag, while she took her black mare, Falme, out of her stables; and began getting her ready for travel.

"I will get far away and you won't be able to find me at all." She stated as he helped her up into the saddle. Duo nodded to a page who disappeared and came back a moment later with a bow and a quiver full of arrows. The page handed them to Rei, who had pulled down the hood of her cloak, so it covered most of her face.

Duo began to lead her horse out of the stable, while Rei chattered on about how he wouldn't catch her this time. It took her a moment to realize that the sun was setting and that lights were coming on in the houses. As her voice trailed off, a grin appeared on his face. "Still scared of the dark, Rei?"

"No! Of course not! Only children are scared of the dark." She crossed her arms and glared at the back of his head. Minutes passed in silence, before Duo found himself being strangled to death from her hug. "Duo please come with me!" She wailed, tightening her grip around his neck.

"Fine. Fine!" He growled as he pried her arms off of his neck. The page who had been watching them, ran off to get Duo's horse, and came back a minute later with the saddled horse ready to go. Duo pressed a few gold coins into the boy's hand, before getting up on his horse. "Speak of this to no one. You were in the stable with the horses, if anyone asks." Duo and Rei left, with the boy closing the gate behind them.


Wufei growled as he and Trowa entered another inn. Wufei looked around as Trowa talked to the innkeeper. The two of them had been searching for weeks for the thief Minako Aino. The king, a cold hearted man, had ordered that the two of them hunt her down, and catch her, so she could be publicly hanged. Trowa and him had chased her all over the palace, before she fled town. She was also suspected of sorcery. In one small town they almost had her, before she just disappeared, leaving no trace. They were now in Cifton, which was around a hundred miles from the castle. Rumors of a golden haired thief had brought them there.

"Upstairs." Trowa's quiet voice brought Wufei out of his thoughts, and he looked at his friend surprised.

"Are you sure?" Wufei's voice was cold like usual. Trowa nodded, and the two of them went upstairs, Trowa leading the way up to the room. As they stopped in front of the room, they were both surprised to hear three voices coming from inside; two female and one male. Trowa stepped out of the way as Wufei kicked open the door. What they saw inside surprised them both.

A girl with short blue hair was applying ointments to a deep gash on the blonde's shoulder. On the blonde's other shoulder, sat a white cat. After a moment of both parties staring at each other, the blonde screamed and threw the water basin at Wufei. As both Wufei and Trowa dodged the basin, the blonde had pulled down her shirt and was yelling at the blue haired girl and the cat.

"The two of you get out of here now!" A dagger appeared in-between her fingers, before it sailed through the air at Wufei. Glancing over her shoulder, Mina watched Ami and Artemis go out the window, before she turned back to the two guys. Another knife appeared in her hand, before she threw it at the brown haired solider.

"Baka onna!" Wufei growled as he pulled out his katana. Wufei charged at the girl, and was a bit surprised to see her dodge his sword so easily. After dodging another of his attacks, she kicked his hand holding the sword, and did a back flip, throwing more daggers at the two of them, before jumping out the window. Wufei was busy blocking the daggers, but Trowa quickly went out the window after the blonde.

Mina slid down the steep roof and managed to stop near the edge, where she stood up, and ran, trying to avoid whoever was behind her. Yet, she wasn't quick enough. As she ran up one side of the roof, and was about to go down, something hit her from behind, and she stumbled, falling forward. A hand from behind her reached out and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt. Turning slightly, she saw the guy with brown hair holding her.

"Let go of me!" She flailed about for a bit, but it was no good.

"Give up, we already have your friend." Trowa said in the same quiet voice, nodding to something below her. Mina looked, and sure enough, the other boy was on the ground, holding onto Ami's arm with one hand, and holding Artemis upside down by the tail in the other.



The cool sea breeze smelled liked its usual salty self, and Serena smiled happily. It was a perfect day outside, warm but not too hot, white fluffy clouds were high in the sky, and a cool breeze. Yup, it was the perfect day alright. The perfect day to rob someone of course. A grin appeared on her face, and she hopped off of her ship and onto the dock. Her crew was currently loading new cargo onto the boat, which she had acquired earlier that day.

"Permission to speak, Captain." A rough looking well muscled man asked, looking down at her. She looked up at him and smiled, her light blue eyes twinkling happily.

"Permission granted." He fell into step next to her as the two of them walked up the plank and off of the docks, entering the large town.

"The crew will finish loading the cargo onto the ship in under an hour. There is enough food and fresh water on the ship to last for months; and the polls for the new ship name are closed. It seems that Shinigami is the most popular. The scouts-" The way Serena was looking around at all the different shops, it seemed that she hadn't paid attention to him at all.

"Shinigami...The God of Death. Hm..I like it. Have the name of the boat changed by the end of the day. We'll spend the night here and we'll leave at sunrise tomorrow. Now about the scouts?" She paid a woman for some fruit, and began to eat an apple as the two continued down the street. People moved out of their way as they walked, and that only caused Serena to smirk. They knew who she was, the Angel of Mercy. She stole from the rich, gave to the poor, beat the crap outta thugs, and a bunch of other things.

Just by looking at what she wore, you could tell who she was. All women wore dresses or skirts, for they would never be caught dead wearing pants. She of course, didn't put up with such useless things as dresses and skirts. Who was she trying to impress? She wore black baggy trousers rested on her hips, and flared out as they went down, before closing off at the ankles. A white shirt hung about her loosely, and a black vest was over that. Thin brown sandals were worn, with brown straps tying about at her ankles. Her long blonde hair was up in a ponytail, except for two strands that hung down in front.

She stopped and watched as a bunch of boys ran around in front of her, pretending to be knights and attacking each other with sticks. Lifting a new apple to her mouth, she was about to take a bite, when suddenly an arrow appeared in it, splattering juice on her face. Turning, she looked up at a rooftop to see the famous bounty hunter Heero Yuy. He was already getting ready to draw another arrow, but she just shook her head and sighed.

"It seems we must be going now. I'll pay Mr. Winner a quick visit. Go back to the ship and get ready to set sail, I'll be back in a bit, and when I do come back, we'll leave. It seems we'll have to put a new name on the ship in the next town." Getting a better grip on her bag of apples, she sped off down the street, knowing that Heero Yuy was probably following close behind her.

Turning down an alley, she jumped over a few carts before turning again at the end of the alley and back onto a main street. Her eyes briefly flickered upward, and she could see Heero. Another arrow appeared just in front of her, and she stumbled slightly, cursing herself as she began to run even faster.

"Heero Yuy, you know how this chase will end, it always ends the same way." She called up at him, a smile appearing on her face. He has chased her all over this town so many times, that it had become a game to her. People were pressing themselves up against buildings just so as not to get in her way. They were used to this, whenever she came into town, there'd always be a chase between the two of them.

"Hn." The word drifted down to her, and she laughed. Turning again, she hit something slippery, and she slid along the ground a bit before finally coming to a stop in front of a very familiar manor. Jumping over the small fence, she dodged the soldiers that were outside and jumped through an open window. As she got inside, she ran down the hallway and straight to the one room she knew her victim would be. Kicking open the door, she stood there in shock to see Heero standing next to Quatre.

"I'm sorry to do this Miss, but you must be punished for your crimes." Quatre said. Before she knew what was happening, the door banged closed behind her, and everything went black.


Makoto hummed to herself as she walked along the busy streets of North Shore. It was a sea town, which was constantly attacked by pirates. Well, the rich people were attacked. And it was only one group of pirates that attacked the town. Their leader was the Angel of Mercy, Serena Tsukino. She had only seen her once, and when she had, she knew the rumors about her were wrong.

The town itself was run by Quatre Winner. He was the youngest in the Winner line, and also the only male. Twenty-nine older sisters, or so the rumors went. Shaking her head, she stopped in front of the Winner manor. It was a fairly large place, which was constantly being guarded. It always seemed peaceful whenever she passed the place, yet for some reason, something didn't seem right.

Moments later, a brown haired boy came out carrying a blonde girl over his shoulder who was yelling curses at him. A blonde haired boy followed after him, wincing every now and then when the girl raised her voice. It took her a moment to realize that the girl was none other then Serena herself. Forgetting about the guards, she opened the gate and entered. The two didn't seem to notice her until she was standing right in front of them.

"Ah..um..can I help you Miss?" Quatre asked.

"What are you doing with Serena Tsukino?! I demand that you put her down this instance!" Makoto yelled at the two of them. This obviously surprised Serena, because she had never met the girl before. And what was with the girl in the first place? She was ordering around the famous Quatre Winner and the even more famous bounty hunter Heero Yuy, as if she was a princess or something.

"Hn." Heero ignored the girl and tried to push past her, and was surprised to see her move to be standing directly in front of him. "Get out of my way." He growled, not caring if she was a woman or not.

"Release her and then I'll move." Makoto said, planting her fists on her hips.

"Ah..Miss...she's being arrested for her crimes." Quatre said quietly as he looked at her.

"And I said release her!" Makoto stamped her foot on the ground, her temper and annoyance obviously starting to show.

"And if I don't?" Heero arched a brow as he looked at the woman in front of him. She was dressed in a long dark blue dress that went down to her ankles, where brown leather shoes peeked out from under her dress. She held a book of sorts in her hand, and her hair was down with curls at the end.

"Then God shall punish you!" She declared, not noticing the strange looks the three were giving her.

"Ah..God?" Quatre was starting to wonder if she was sane in the mind.

"Yes God! Now you have till I count to three to release her, or else you will be punished!" She stood there, a smile on her face. Serena just stared at her, wondering is she had a multiple personality disorder.

"Get out of my way." Heero didn't have time for this, he had much better things to do.


"Miss, will you please move?" Quatre was getting a bit annoyed with the woman.


"I said get out of my WAY!" Heero tried to push past her, but it was to no use.

"3!" With that, Makoto raised the book in her hand, which had the words The Holy Bible written in gold on the cover, and brought it down on Heero's head. This of course surprised Heero, and his grip on Serena loosened. Serena, feeling his grip on her loosen; she kneed him in the chest before grabbing his waist with her hands, and kicking her legs over his shoulder. Landing on her knees, she did a sweep kick, knocking him off his feet.

"Come on!" Serena grabbed the girl, who was standing there as if surprised at her own actions. The two girls jumped over the gate and Makoto followed Serena down to the docks where Shinigami was waiting.


Ah, quite a long first chapter, ne? ^^ It's around six pages long, and I have to say I'm pretty damn proud of it. Makoto isn't going to be all that tall in this fic, she's going to be two inches taller then Serena, who as everyone knows, is somewhat short. Lots of reviews will make me really really happy. ^_^