It's been two weeks after the events that happened in Termina he finds himself in another town called Timeston. He plans to explore the next continent in hopes to find his old friend. "What do you mean I can't go to Ploynia?"

"Kid your like 12 years of age. I can't give you tickets unless you have your parents beside you. *cough cough* otherwise you have to be 16 years old." The guy was about 58 years of age long gray beard smoking a cigarette.

"I'll pay you double." The old man ignore him. "Triple."

"Alright you can pay it unless you do some sort of job for me."

"What job?"

"You see I'm also a blacksmith at night. And I'm running out of materials." The man pulls out a list and hands it to the kid. "You do this and I'll let you pay for your ticket. And you'll get something from me free from the house. You seem interested in equipment with all of your gear for a young age."

"Yes I am. And I'll do the job."

The old man puts out his hand. "Great, names Michel."

"Link." He said as Link shakes Michels hand.

Link traveled southeast of town through a forest until he heard someone screaming in pain Link got off his horse and ran north until he came across a farm with 3 slaves. They look exhausted, scarred, bruised, and he could tell that they haven't had food in days. He saw a girl around his age brown hair and blue eyes wearing a cloth for clothes getting whipped over and over again. "Don't (whip) Test (whip) Me (whip) AGAIN" before he could get one final whip in Link jumped out of nowhere and blocked it with his shield "Why you." He put his whip on his left hand and got a sword out on the other Link got out his bomb threw it in front of him and it exploded. "Ha you missed." Then Link appeared out from the smoke and kicked him in the face he dropped his two weapons and fell onto the ground. "Please please have mercy." Link didn't say anything all he did was used his boomerang up close knocking him out. The two slaves saw what Link did and celebrated and cheered for Link, thanked him too then ran off into the forest. The girl didn't see what happened all she did was dropping tears of pain.

"It's okay you're safe now." As Link Said while she was uncuffing her. He tried to uncuff her but he needed the key so he went to the unconscious body and grabbed a key then uncuffed her. The girl immediately hugged Link and was sobbing.

"H-He took everything from me. M-my home, friends an-an-and my family he killed every parent in the village, took every kid with him (sniffle). Everyone slowly began dying. We had to work without food and little bits of water per week. An-an." The girl fell unconscious Link panicked he immediately played Epona's song after the 10 seconds Epona came running over he used the last of his water to drink to the girl. He realizes that it's getting late so he decides to spend the night here he stored his weapon in his magical pouch. Tied him up in the on a tree in a random part of the forest. Once he got back he sees the girl awake. Sitting on a chair. "My name is Erica."

"Nice to meet you I'm Link."

"Linkā€¦ I have nowhere to go so do you mind if I travel with you for a bit?"

"Well can you fight?"

"My father taught me how to use a sword."

"Alright then you can." Link took out the guys sword from his magic pouch and handed it to her. "I'm currently doing a job right now then going to Polynia. So you can come if you want to."

"Okay then I'll come with you." Erica smiled.

Link made a fire to cook a rabbit he found earlier. The two are in silence then went off to sleep.

The next morning

Link shook Erica to wake her up and eventually she woke up they ate an apple each for breakfast then they set off towards the mine "What's your horse named?"

"Her name is Epona she helps me travel a lot also carries food, potions, water, and other stuff. So how's the sword so far?"

"Well it's a pain to carry cause I don't have a holder for my sword but other then that it gets the job done."

Then three bokoblins appeared to surprise the two of them. Link hopped to the left while Erica blocked the incoming attack behind her. She kicked the bokoblin and jumped up in the air and stabbed its stomach and it disappeared into the air. Meanwhile Link shield bash the other Bokoblin knocking it to the third bokoblin knocking them down like bowling pins. Link finished them off my a spin attack and the bokoblins faded into dust in the air.

"Erica are you hurt?"

"No I'm fine thanks for asking. how about you?" Link gave a thumbs up. They walked for about an hour then they reached the abandoned mine.

"So he said that there's a hidden chest around here." Said Link

"How there's not a single thing here and the entrance to the mine is blocked off."

"Don't worry, I think I know where it is." Link pulled out the lens of truth and it showed a hidden wall with a bunch of chests in it. "Gotcha. Come on." Erica nodded they spent an hour loading stuff on Epona then they decided to head back it was mid afternoon. While they were walking back Link heard footsteps in the bushes beside them he acted quickly and threw a deku nut at the bush.

"Fuck my cover has been blown." Link recognized that voice it was the man who were treating people like slaves yesterday. He looked at Erica she was scared her legs couldn't stop shaking. Then he looked back at the man. "You think you can just show up and take my slaves and my weapons, huh? Well your gonna learn what payback is." He jumped out of the bush and quickly stabbed Link in the side of his Right thigh Link quickly fell to the ground screaming in pain. As the man keeps kicking Link's side. Erica was scared she couldn't move. "I'm gonna make you suffer. Not even a quick death HAHAHAHA!" She knew she had to do something gripping her sword she ran up and stabbed him in the chest. "So after all of these years you still rebel agents me. Huh."

"You killed my family took away my home, my happiness, my friends, and I'm not letting you take another one. So why don't you go to hell bastard." She took the sword out of his chest and fell on the ground. She quickly checked up on Link he's still in pain she quickly grabbed a red potion out of Epona's pouch gave it to Link he drank it, then she grabbed some bandages and wrapped it around Links thigh, she looked over at the dead man's corpse then she whispered. "I'm finally free." She said as a tear of happiness ran through her cheek

Author: It always interests me on what happened after Majoras like where does Link go and what happens just Majora not any other Zelda game so I hope you enjoy this first chapter