The young man regarded the old man in front of him and formulated a question. Mothlike, the pale young man was drawn to the campfire with the baking apples. At least one person looked younger and one looked older in this scene.

The old man spoke before the young man decided where to start. "Well we meet, stranger!"

The young man wondered if he heard that right, or is merely discombobulated. He's got amnesia so it would be logical to expect brain damage. This is a worrying thought so he tried hard to listen to the old man.

The mysterious old man seemed to be stumbling over the words even as they came from his mouth. It was like the thought behind the sentences kept getting lost on their way through the Forest Temple and ending up on the wall above the treasure chest by the time they became words. The end result of the effect was almost understandable. "It rather undefined to look another mind on these parts."

The young man, Link, stared and thought maybe he got a bit of what the guy meant. Sort of. The young man tried not to stare. He thought. Okay, now to proceed with the second step of small talk. Maybe the weather? Nah, I'm hungry. Talking about the weather was something he'd resort to later if he needed to change subject in a hurry.

Link said, "Who are you?" That seemed sufficient to begin with and was probably polite. He may not remember his name right now but he was going to be civilized even if he had to stick with simple phrases until he figured out the concussion stuff. He needed to do introductions before he got to the apples. Those apples called to Link and if he weren't so thirsty, he'd be drooling.

"My? Spare I alive story. I'm only an old fool that person is live this place, alone, of quite a several anytime currently. Sorry myself'm don't well taking yours language." The old man said. The last part, when Link understood it, was a massive relief.

"Oh thank the Goddesses! It's a language barrier." So amnesia is the only brain damage he had to worry about for now, as far as Link knew. He tried to speak more slowly and clearly without being condescending. "It is okay sir. Language is hard and I'm just happy to find people. Where are we?"

"Wh ydoe slan gu ageh avet obeso diffi cult?," the old man muttered to himself. "To myself cannot imagined meeting be that plain coincidence. Myself shall talk you. This Great Plateau. This temple there... Long ago were house for sacred events. Ever the since fall for kingdom 100 years ago, sit abandoned, on that state for decay. Yet another forget thing. That ghost for its former selfs. Myself shall be this place of a several anytime. Pleasure let my understand conditionally to myself may be for service"

"...Say that again?" The old man complied with the request once more with the young man repeating back things to him in what he thinks the old man meant to say. The sentences were untangled with no small amount of cooperative effort.

After they finished, Link said, "Thank you!" It felt good to have another person around to speak to here and the old man even offered to guide him. Link thought, Maybe we can give each other language lessons?

Link was starting to feel like he was getting the hang of walking around without causing chaos every hour on the dot. It was refreshing. He looked down at the map again, then up at the decayed Guardian which was lighting up. Link listened to the beep error codes and thought, Hmmm that sounds dangerous. Maybe I should watch for falling rocks. Link ducked behind the most solid looking stone wall and sat for a moment to think while munching on an apple. The Old Man seemed to be very emphatic on taking a moment to consider alternate courses of action with potentially dangerous situations. He peeked back around the corner and a thought came to his mind as he studied the damaged Guardian.

He was going to dismantle that thing. It looked dismantle-able.

One harrowing hour later, Link had pried the lid off and looked at the goop inside. It was gross. It was disgusting. Link had no idea why, but the first thing he thought when he saw it was, That JERK. Link had no remembrance of this thing, but knew it was a jerk even though it was the weirdest looking engine grease he had never seen.

He felt a little more justified in his weird thought process when a large orange eye opened up and glared at him. On pure instinct, Link calmly stuck his tongue out at the thing and blew a raspberry. Link then stabbed the goop in the eye and was rewarded by an explosion which took Link down two hearts and left him on his back screaming curse words in a long forgotten language.

The weeks following the shrine's opening were interesting for the former King of Hyrule. King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule knew Link would be somewhat confused but was not expecting this level of work. Rhoam was, after only a single day, convinced Link was an instrument of divine punishment for not being patient with Zelda in life. All that patience he had not had before was required all at once. The way Link adopted a gleam in his eye after picking up the torch caused the old king to keep a really close eye on things. This proved to be necessary.

Rhoam kept having to mysteriously fade away and conserve energy for the minor disasters Link created. Link, bless him, set the forest Rhoam was going to give hunting lessons in on fire the night after the initial meeting. Rhoam found Link standing sheepishly next to the flaming trees. When asked, Link shrugged apologetically and said, "Itw ascol dan dthisju stki ndo fhap pen ed?" Assuming Link was just cold, Rhoam skipped the sidequest and got the warm doublet to Link right away.

Link also accidentally started a wildfire because it was dark. Then because it was dark and cold.

The next day, Rhoam had to redirect Link towards the Sheikah Tower no less than six times. Link found the terminal sometime the day after that and then left a trail of mud and dead bokoblins all the way to the first shrine. (Rhoam didn't know mud would not follow Link into the shrine. He wondered if the builders of the shrine expected sludge being tracked in by the legendary hero.)

The weird thing was that the third time wildfires got out of control, Link looked just as irritated with himself as Rhoam was with Link. Rhoam eventually made sure that Link parked himself near a well-fueled campfire every night. After Link had caused a considerable amount of scorching, Rhoam realized he made the correct decision about hiding the book.

Now for people wondering about what Rhoam was doing, he had recovered enough ghostly energies to re-manifest in solid-looking form. Back in his hut, he dug out the Book of Mudora. It had been something he meant to give Link along with the paraglider. It had taken him years of haunting to poltergeist this book all the way up here. This book was worth far more than mere rupees to Rhoam, and perhaps to Hyrule. It had taken him even more years to try and learn how to speak the language without auditory lessons and would have been nigh impossible for the old king without the Book of Mudora.

He'd helped put out more fires than he could count. The Great Plateau survived once Link had calmed down a little and learned how to put out fires himself. Frequency of wildfire occurrences dropped significantly after Link started getting the hang of survival.

Rhoam wondered if, perhaps, this was why the Champions had been... oddly uncommunicative. Were there other things about Link which they failed to inform him of? These were the things Rhoam was contemplating as he looked from his grave at the slightly charred trees of the plateau. The Book of Mudora would stay safe here, away from the 10,117 year-old stranger.

In the distance, a bokoblin screamed as Link ran from a cloud of wasps and past it. Rhoam realized the book was in plain sight with Link approaching his hut. King Rhoam panicked for a moment wondering where to hide this old and rather valuable book where Link wouldn't even have a chance to see it. He sat down on it and let his illusory clothing conceal the book.

Link came in with a rusted sword held very carefully. The tip of the sword had a glob of Malice on it. Link pointed to it and asked, "Allr igh ttime tof igur eou tthew ordfo rthi sje rk. What this word?"

"That is MALICE. Don't touch it. Actually just, um, hold it in the firepit."

"Firepit?," Link asked as Rhoam pointed.

"That is a firepit. You know the word 'fire,'" Link nodded along as King Rhoam kept talking, "A 'pit' is a hole in the ground."

Link started roasting the sticky menace as he asked, "Ground... dirt? Thing under my foots?"

"The word is 'feet.'"

The old King realized his sanity would only last so long. The king lasted for about two and a half weeks of language lessons before deciding he'd had enough. Link had to be explicitly told where to find the last shrine and where to climb up in the Temple of Time. Rhoam checked on Link as frequently as a ghost could to keep Link on track and away from interesting Taluses. Despite annoyance with his divine punishment, King Rhoam was willing to put up with Link at least enough time more to park himself in a scenic point with a clear view of Hyrule Castle. He was royalty and there were some inflexible standards. He'd been planning this speech for decades, after all. Scenic settings were necessary for the story of his daughter.

Seriously, what else were they not telling me about Link?, Rhoam thought to himself.

One hundred years before Link awakened in the Shrine, they were having serious problems. Since the hero from ten-thousand years agoish hadn't awakened, people were concerned to say the least.

It was a lovely day with birds singing, grass growing, and the sun shining. It made a lot of people ignore the priests who were all predicting the weather would take a change this week. Fact is, most people would have ignored the soothsayers, diviners, seers, dreams, and crackpots for another afternoon had it not been for the Gerudo Sand Seal oracle. Sand seals were not fond of vague doom prophecies and political nonsense. If the seal said things were going to turn sour, there was little doubt. People were not fooled by the perfect picnic weather thanks to the seal.

The weather forecast this week? Dark clouds, monster resurrection, and the return of the Calamity's vessel from about 10,000 years ago. It wasn't actually 10,000 years ago but it had been a really long time, and the geologists/archaeologists who did the estimates were vague. Plus 10,000 years sounded better in songs and prophecies and stuff.

Zelda and her four champions were doing their darndest to stop the destruction of everything. Each of them had different ideas to try and they were running out of ideas. Revali and Mipha were waiting for Daruk who, although slower, didn't normally take this long to get to important meetings like today. Urbosa was escorting Zelda to the Sacred Spring.

When they finally saw Daruk arriving, Revali was at a loss. The normally vocal Rito could only stare at what Daruk had torn from the ground. He had to have been walking for days to get this far with it, and why no one stopped the guy was another conundrum. Revali finally managed to ask something, "Sooooo how did you even get permission to take that from the Temple of Time, Daruk?"

"I figured it was easier ta not ask permission and just ask forgiveness. They'll pardon me when we win, right?" Daruk hefted the chunk of temple floor and heavenly metal alloy over his shoulder as they walked out to greet Zelda.

Since no one had been able to draw the Master Sword, he'd pulled along the pedestal from the temple and planned to just chuck it at Ganon. If the hero did show up last minute, the sword would already be there for him. Urbosa brought along a spare shield after she was done laughing and Mipha optimistically toted along a spare bow. Revali made no effort to conceal his disdain for that idea. He made every effort to point out the folly of toting along the Stone with the Sword that Seals the Darkness. (SSSD)

Zelda appreciated the thought but knew that when she returned home there was going to be a lecture the likes of which had not been heard before. The SSSD didn't help her nervousness about the coming of Ganon.

Notes: Sooo that cover image is at casadefreewill dot tumblr dot com and Cascadefreewill is a cool artist person who was kind enough to let me use it. Wind Waker addresses the fact that languages change over time but Breath of the Wild doesn't really mention it. Edited 2/22/20