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Imagination VS Reality

A loud crashing echoed through the halls as a very loud Miko shrilled.

"Oops," Bulkhead mumbled, looking down at the now broken guitar crumbled in his servo. He set it down and watched Miko bend down and observe the broken piece of equipment that was beyond repair.

"Sorry," Bulkhead said sheepishly, rubbing a servo behind his neck cables. Miko sighed, but gave a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Bulk! I have another one I can use," she said jokingly, but it came out forced.

Bulkhead wasn't too sure, but as he watched the little girl pick up the broken pieces of what used to be a guitar and throw it away, he knew he shouldn't pick on the subject anymore.

"If only you did break the loud shrieking machine," Ratchet mumbled from behind Bulkhead's back.

"Come on, Doc Bot!" Miko grunted, climbing up the stairs to greet Ratchet from his station. "Music is amazing! It doesn't have to be all metal, I just enjoy that particular type of genre!"

"I like peace and quiet," Ratchet bit back, returning his gaze towards the screen.

Miko rolled her eyes and averted them to the two boys that were hanging out with their guardians. It was true that the teenagers had tried to let them do human traditions, like play guitar or play a controller, even trying to fix a bicycle. Unfortunately, only tiny hands were able to be gentle enough to not break a guitar, gaming controller...or a bicycle.

"If only you were the size of us or at least pocket-sized, you'd be able to actually do some human traditions without breaking somethings," Miko sighed.

"They can still do human stuff. Just not smaller ones," Raf interjected. He then held a yellow toy car and flung it at Bumblebee. The yellow car beeped inquisitively and caught it with upmost care. He made whirring noises, using his servo to motion the car as if it was racing. "See, Bumblebee can hold things just fine," he countered.

Jack shrugged and looked at Arcee. "Arcee is good at being light on her feet-or pedes as they would say."

Miko shrugged back and looked at Bulkhead with excitement. "But imagine if the Autobots turned pocket-sized! Then they would really know what it was like to be tiny," she gushed.

Raf went beside her and gave a questioning look. "If they were to shrink, wouldn't they be the same size as us then? Because we're small and they're huge, which could be a chemical balance in which they could-"

"We get it genius," Miko huffed, before returning back to her excitement. "What would guys do if you were teeny, tiny?" She asked the Autobots.

The Autobots thought for a moment.

"I'd love to see a concert!" Bulkhead said with enthusiasm.

Bumblebee whirred and beeped as an answer, getting Raf to be hyped up. "Yeah! Zooming in houses and avoiding objects like a track does sound fun!"

"I heard there's a thing called Karate. I could go for learning that," Arcee mused. Jack snorted and looked up at her. "I think you're skills are way more better than actually doing Karate," he said.

Arcee smirked. "Hey, the more you find ways to fight, the more it'll help you along the way."

"Fair point," Jack murmured. He turned to Ratchet, who didn't bother answering Miko's question. "What about you, Ratchet?"

There was silence and then a loud, exasperated sigh. "Maybe a school or a hospital," he grumbled out.

"To learn about human medicines and earth's civilizations?" Raf asked. Ratchet turned around and gave a firm nod. "I'm stuck with the likes of you. I might as well learn about the human anatomy and medicine, given the fact that you three get injured," he said gruffly and then paused. "Also, I would also like to chat with your teachers about Cybertron. 'Cause apparently my-er- our science projects weren't logical enough."

"Uh-huh," Raf said indignantly, crossing his arms to his chest and raising a brow at the medic. Miko and Jack snickered, watching as Ratchet rolled his optics and turned his pedes at the screen again.

On cue, Optimus came in, walking calmly and slowly to avoid any splats of humans. Jack perked up and smiled at the leader. "Hey, Optimus?"

Optimus braked and looked down at the 3 human allies. "Yes, Jackson?"

"If you were pocket-sized, what would you like to do?" He asked.

All of them watched as the Autobot leader processed the question and think of any opportunities.

"Perhaps a library," Optimus said quietly. "You have earth customs that are intriguing and I wish to learn more about earth."

"Good answer," Raf piqued.

Optimus nodded in return and walked past them and to his station, right next to Ratchet. His optics scanned at the screen quickly, digits typing swiftly and pedes cemented to the ground.

"Oof, maybe we should shrink them so they could have a vacation," Miko said, looking over at the medic and Autobot leader. She returned her gaze towards the 3 younger 'bots and smiled. "Wouldn't that be an adventure?"

The 'bots nodded in affirmation. Wouldn't they give anything to rest and learn about the planet they're calling home.

"Optimus, take a look at this," Ratchet murmured, holding a vertical, thick vial that had some sort of green gas swirling. It was only a few days later and they found a Autobot reading on the screen.

When they discovered it, their was something odd to it. It was cubed, and it glowed erratically. Little did they know that inside was the real treasure.

Optimus looked father into it, humming while doing so. "I am afraid I am not familiar with this...sort of vial containing the gas," Optimus murmured. Ratchet withdrew his servo and looked at it closely. "It's obvious that its holding some type of gas, but I do not know if its deadly or not."

"Do you suppose it is Synthetic Energon?" Optimus asked.

Ratchet shook his head. "Synthetic has a distinct smell, however," he held up the vial. "this has no smell to it. Plus the synthetic energon is more lighter than this."

Optimus hummed. "Perhaps we should tell our comrades and tell them to leave the Humans at home today, just for safety precaution."

"I cannot believe the 'bots abandoned us like that!" Miko huffed, kicking a pebble with her shoes. Jack rolled his eyes, securing his backpack and walking beside her with a small smile. "Miko, its just a safety precaution. The 'bots just don't want us getting hurt," he explained.

Today was the day where Raf, Miko and Jack were walking home today. They weren't that far from the school and considering they had no ride, walking had to be the answer to getting home.

"Ugh! I miss Bulkhead," she pouted.

"You last saw him 6 hours ago," Raf said, deadpanned. "I'm sure he'll be back tomorrow. Besides, Saturday is tomorrow, which means we'll spend more time with the 'bots!" He exclaimed.

"Lets not forget that we have Monday off too. For memorial day." Jack smirked when that dawned on Raf. The youngest let out a hiss of victory, while Miko whooped.

"I almost forgot about that," Raf laughed. Miko nodded at Jack and smiled. "Me neither! Maybe we can all go to a concert or something! I heard Thousand Foot Krutch will be touring here next Tuesday!" She said excitingly.

They almost forgot that Miko found a new band to jam it out.

"What about Slash monkey?" Raf questioned. Miko shrugged and brushed a hand over her shoulder. "Slash monkey is still my fave, but I like finding new stuff, y'know?"

"I think I have work on one of those days, but other than that, I'd love to go as well," Jack piped in.

"Oh my gosh, Miko is rubbing off of you," the boy gasped. The teenager boy chuckled and shook his head. "That's what I get for dating a punk girl," he sighed. A hand was slapped behind his head and he winced in pain.

"And you're very grateful," she grumbled.

"Yes," Jack murmured, trying to soothe his sore head now. "very...lucky."

Miko rolled her eyes, ignoring Jack's comment and crossed her arms to her chest. "What do we do now?" She asked plainly, looking down at her moving feet.

Jack shrugged. "Wanna come to my house and hang out for awhile?" He asked. "I got some juices and snacks. Maybe watch a movie or something," he suggested.

"Ooh! We should watch Avengers!" Miko responded.

"I'm down," Raf said, smiling.

"Awesome! There's a gas station that has Ice cream and candies from around the corner. Lets grab some stuff," Jack said, making a quick turn and crossing the road. Miko and Raf followed behind them and he was right; there was a gas station from around the corner. Literally.

When they entered the gas station, Jack smirked. "Commence treasure finding."

It didn't take that long before finding their favorite candies and some ice cream. Miko and Raf thanked Jack for buying most of the items as they stuffed their snacks into their backpacks.

While the kids were hauling on their backpacks, his, Miko's and Raf's phone rang.

They all jolted before digging out their phones. When they answered, there was panic voices from their guardians. They winced on how loud they were talking, but listened to their antics.

The kids stole a glance at each other, eyebrows raised questioningly. None of them were sure on what to do, or what their guardians were talking about.

"Alright, alright, we're on our way," Jack assured Arcee.

"Bulkhead! Calm down, we'll be there soon," Miko said aloud.

"Bee, I can't understand when you're beeping a thousand miles a minute. I'll be there in a moment," Raf reassured. They all hung up and looked at each other.

"Did anyone else get a panic call?" Jack asked, earning for his friends to raise their hands mutely. "Something is up. Lets go somewhere remote, so we can get groundbridged."

The trio nodded and ran behind the gas station. It was the only place to actually hide. Plus, no one was watching, so it was the closest thing to hide their secret.

"Did they say that they're groundbridging us?" Raf whispered. Jack shrugged. "That's what I always think."

"What if something happened to them?"

Miko waved a hand dismissively and shook her head. "Bulkhead is a strong tough dude. I'm sure they're fine," she said. Raf bit his lip and looked at the oldest teen. Jack grinned reassuringly and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"They're all fine, I'm sure they just need help or something."

It was probably an hour before they started questioning the 'bot's motives. Weren't they supposed to be groundbridged? They sat down, against the gas station building, waiting for a swirling portal to take them to the Autobot post. They even had to eat the ice cream for it not to melt in their backpacks. At least they had their candies with them.

"Um...either they forgot to use a ground bridge, or they pranked us," Miko said, twirling her hair around her finger. It was almost dark outside and the moon was rising at its peak.

"They wouldn't do that," Raf said firmly, before rethinking and averting eyes at Jack. "Right?"

Jack shrugged helplessly. "I honestly have no idea. Should we call them?"

Miko and Raf shrugged before pulling out their phones to contact them. Fortunately, a familiar green swirling sparks opened before them. The trio grinned at each other before grabbing their backpacks and rushing into the portal. It snapped off right behind them.

Using the portal at first made them feel dizzy, but once they used it often now, it felt like just they were dreaming or something. Although, having ice cream in their stomachs definitely would have been better if they didn't eat it beforehand.

When they entered the base, they were met with no one there.

"That's odd," Jack said cautiously, standing in front of his friends and using a hand to keep them backed up, just in case if this was a trapped.

"I don't understand," Raf said, looking around. "Where's Bumblebee and Ratchet?"

"What about Bulkhead?" Miko questioned, brown eyes scanning the whole place.

"Arcee and Optimus too," Jack added. Silence was their answer, until they heard multiple squeaks and whirs. Jack raised a hand. "Wait! Do you hear that?" They were quiet again.

They were surprised when more sounds echoed. Squeaks and then-

"Hey! Over here!" The voice called out. Loud banging noises came from the left of the silo room.

"That sounds like Bulkhead, but...squeakier," Miko mused. Raf nodded. "And I heard chirps at the beginning too. That must've been Bumblebee!"

"Walk with caution," Jack warned. They nodded and followed behind Jack with defensive body language activated. Little by little, they headed toward the course of the squeaks and noise.

Jack cleared his throat. "H-hello?" He called out.

"Over here!" Another voice screamed, but it was more feminine.

"Arcee?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Under the big bucket! Near the switch!" Arcee yelled again. Jack looked over at Miko and Raf, who had confusion written all over their faces. He scanned the place before spotting a small, black bucket. He noted that a string was attached to the Ground bridge switch, followed under the bucket.

"Come on, they're under the bucket," Jack rushed, dropping his backpack on the floor and running to the bucket. Miko and Raf followed suit and went beside him when he stopped in his tracks.

Jack swallowed thickly. "Arcee?"

"Under here," she said aloud.

The trio exchanged looks, before Jack lifted the bucket.

However, they were not expecting this at all.

"Holy scrap!" They screeched.

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