"The first annual Royal Woods Pokémon Battle Tournament, a competition meant to test trainers and Pokémon's strategy, skills, partnerships & trusts. Set with four different Rounds, single battle, three-on-three & then for the last two rounds, full battles. Lincoln Loud was first called for the opening match of Round 1 in a single battle alongside Pikachu against his sister, Lynn's friend, Margo Roberts and her Hitmontop. Right when luring Hitmontop in a close range, Lincoln and Pikachu made a comeback and won the first battle. Question, what's the next battle in Round 1 that awaits and also who are their friends, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash & Stella gonna compete against?" The narrater asked.

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable

Walking down this endless highway
With nothing but my friends beside me
We'll never give in, we'll never rest
Advanced Battle is the ultimate test

From the earth, the land
The sea and sky
They can never win,
but they sure can try

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable
(Advanced Battle!)

Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatable
From the stars and the ancient past
They come to play, but
they'll never last

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable
(Advanced Battle!)

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatable

Oh oh oh
(Advanced Battle!)
I'm unbeatable

It was a moment later when Lincoln went into the locker/trainers' room where he noticed Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash & Stella.

"Hey guys. So, how did Pikachu and I do?" Lincoln asked.

"Lincoln, you guys knocked out your first opponent with flying colors." Rainbow Dash complimented.

"See? I told you to just do your best and working together with your Pokémon." Sunset Shimmer said bending down to Lincoln's height.

"Thanks. Besides, I owe it to Pikachu, plus Margo was great out there too." Lincoln said.

"Pika." Pikachu squeaked.

"You were cool out there, Lincoln. But watch out because I'm gonna try to get to you soon." Stella spoke.

"Right. So, how's everyone else doing?" Lincoln asked. "You might wanna see for yourself." Sunset Shimmer suggested showing Lincoln that on the TV screen, Girl Jordan, Mollie & Chandler each just won their battles.

"Woah. Looks like Girl Jordan, Mollie & Chandler are already moving on." Lincoln responded.

"Yeah. But wait until you see me or Sunset in action. Check it out." Rainbow Dash said seeing the next match ups, with one of the either being hers or Sunset Shimmer's and the last one is Lincoln going against Stella.

"What?! I'm going against Stella already?!" Lincoln asked.

"I wasn't expecting that so soon." Stella commented.

"Well, we better get ready to go out there. Good luck, Rainbow Dash." Sunset Shimmer wished arm struck Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah. You too. Let's win this!" Rainbow Dash said as they both left to their matches.

"Are you gonna be okay with this, Stella? I mean we're such very good friends." Lincoln asked.

"Hey don't worry about. Let's do our best and keep battling even as friends. Plus, I was hoping to battle you anyway." Stella answered in support.

"Thanks. I'll meet you in the battlefield when we're ready." Lincoln perked up with confidence.

"Cool. And I won't go easy on you. I wanna see what you can do." Stella challenged.

"Deal!" Lincoln accepted shaking Stella's hand as they watch the battles before theirs.

Meanwhile at the food stands, the Team Rocket trio was working there, selling food, snacks & drinks.

"You know being here doesn't seem so bad. Thing of the good results we could get." James spoke.

"Like what, exactly?" Jessie asked.

"Well, for starters, we could sell our food & snacks and get paid in fast pace and we'll be making business booming." James planned.

"Hey! Quit yapping and start selling! Dat food ain't gonna be sold itself!" Meowth ordered.

"Alright, Meowth, chill. I already have a plan to make this get paid for rapidly." James said.

"But how exactly are we gonna sell this food that fast?" Jessie asked when Clyde, Liam, Rusty & Zach accompanied by Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Applejack.

"Excuse me. Can we get an order please?" Pinkie Pie begged when the Team Rocket Trio noticed them.

"It's the puffy-pink headed twerpette and her cowgirl friend and the fauna one. I bet those kids are the white-haired twerp's friends here." Jessie whispered.

"How is this gonna help us?" Meowth asked in whisper.

"Just follow my lead & any let's hear their order." James told.

"Oh! For the snack menu, I'll take some different candies and some funnel cake too and a smoothie!" Pinkie Pie ordered licking her lips.

"Oh boy. These kids and I will just takes some containers of popcorn with candy and drinks each. And I'll have some fries and some burgers to go along with it." Applejack sighed while she, Pinkie Pie & Lincoln's friends began showing $20.

"Um, I will be taking a soda with a salad & some fries for me too." Fluttershy spoke also paying $20.

"Well, have your orders ready in a minute. Each of you will love our snacks & food." James accepted.

"And we'll even seal your interest with mini cakes and cookies to go along with it." Jessie mentioned.

"Let's not forget the cupcakes and the ice cream also!" Meowth added much to Pinkie Pie's delight.

"Oh! Mini cakes, cupcakes & ice cream too?! Dibs!" Pinkie Pie called out in excitement.

"Coming right up!" The Team Rocket trio accepted in unison about to sell their food, snack, dessert & drink merchandises.

Back inside the stadium, Round 1 of the tournament continues with different competitors winning single battles, including Sunset Shimmer with her Shiftry and Rainbow Dash with her Kirlia.

Meanwhile in the stands, Inuyasha's group & the rest of the Rainbooms were watching.

"Wow. This is so much excitement going on." Kagome spoke.

"I'll say. This is a huge crowd this getting attention from." Shippo agreed.

"And I guess it just needed Lincoln's victory to start it off." Sango guessed.

"I wonder what's holding up, Lincoln's friends and the rest of the girls." Kagome wondered.

"Well, you know Pinkie Pie when it comes to desserts. She has a strong sweet tooth." Rarity noted.

"We're back!" Pinkie Pie singed arriving with Applejack, Fluttershy and Lincoln's friends with the food.

"Did you guys really buy all that?" Inuyasha asked.

"Well, actually Pinkie Pie bought all those sweets. Me, Liam, Zach and Rusty got even shares along with some popcorn & fries." Clyde explained.

"Man. Those guys were selling some good food here." Zach said.

"I simply told Pinkie Pie not to get overwhelmed." Applejack mentioned giving a lollipop to Shippo.

"So, who is up next?" Fluttershy asked beginning to eat her salad.

"Well, according to the computer's card shuffling, Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash already won their battles. So, the only battle left for Round 1 is Lincoln and Stella." Twilight Sparkle answered.

"Lincoln's going against Stella?! I wasn't expecting that so soon." Clyde asked in shock.

"Hoowee! This might be one heck of a battle." Liam said.

"I bet Stella might win this. You'll never know when she surprises you." Zach bet.

"Pfft. As if, Zach. My money's on Lincoln." Rusty challenged in the bet.

"Deal!" Zach accepted shaking hands with Rusty. "Guess the rest of us should await the outcome." Kagome said.

"Yeah. Lincoln is gonna have to come up with a strategy to beat Stella." Inuyasha nodded.

Back on the battlefield, it was finally time for Lincoln and Stella's match. "Now that we've seen so many qualifying battles, it's time to have this last one to close Round 1. Let this battle between Lincoln Loud and Stella begin!" The announcer said with Lincoln and Stella at the battlefield.

"Are you ready for this, Stella?" Lincoln asked.

"You bet I am. And I'm giving all I got. Go, Altaria!" Stella called out releasing an Altaria from its Pokéball.

"Altaria!" The Altaria chirped.

"Okay. Since Stella's using an Altaria, I should go with a Flying-Type to even the odds. Okay. Jay, I choose you!" Lincoln called out releasing a male Swellow from its Pokéball.

"Swellow!" Jay cawed while in the air while facing Altaria when the stadium roof opens.

"An Altaria vs a Swellow. Looks like once we open the roof, we're in for an air battle folks." The announcer responded with the roof completely.

(The DNC: Fly High plays in the background)

"Okay, Altaria, fly towards them!" Stella started having Altaria fly towards Jay.

"Alright. Start with Wing Attack!" Lincoln commanded when Jay flew towards Altaria with Wing Attack.

"Lincoln, no! You're starting with the wrong attack!" Miroku and Inuyasha warned getting their group, Lincoln's friends & the Rainbooms attention.

"What's wrong?" Sango asked when Jay's Wing Attack hit Altaria's wing and suddenly lost its balance.

"Holly molly, Jay's falling?!" Rainbow Dash asked with her and Sunset Shimmer arriving in the stands.

"What happened to him?!" Clyde asked in surprise.

"If both Pokémon are air born, moves like Wing Attack can work against the attacker!" Miroku explained.

"Right! That mistake caused Jay to lose balance and go out of control!" Inuyasha added.

"Come on and keep it together, Jay! Try to pull up!" Lincoln called out with Jay trying to regain his balance.

"Altaria, use Dragon Breath!" Stella ordered when Altaria unleashes a Dragon Breath.

"Uh, is there something bad about Dragon Breath?" Shippo asked.

"Yes! Dragon Breath cannot only do damage if it hits, it could also paralyze the opponent!" Miroku explained.

"And it could get worse, guys. Altaria is also part Dragon-Type. It could be a problem for Jay!" Sunset Shimmer added with the Dragon Breath about to hit.

"Jay, use Quick Attack to dodge!" Lincoln commanded when Jay used Quick Attack to get his balance back and dodge the Dragon Breath.

"Phew! That was close!" Applejack responded.

"Way too close for that matter!" Sango said.

"I sure hope Lincoln can turn this around." Kagome hoped.

"Altaria, use Sky Attack!" Stella ordered as Altaria zooms towards Jay with Sky Attack.

"Jay, use Double Team!" Lincoln alerted when Jay used Double Team. "Now, use Peck!" He added when Jay while using Double Team give Altaria a barrage of pecking.

"Altaria, use Dragon Breath!" Stella called out as Altaria used Dragon Breath to cancel out the Double Team and hit Jay.

'I gotta think of something quickly or Stella will get the best of me. Wait a minute. I wonder…' Lincoln wondered in thought. "Jay, try to fly down towards the field!" He commanded with Jay flying towards the ground.

"Oh yeah? Altaria, finish this up Sky Attack!" Stella ordered with Altaria following Jay with Sky Attack.

"What's Lincoln doing?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Jay could crash at this rate!" Sunset Shimmer feared.

"I can't look!" Shippo, Clyde & Fluttershy cringed covering their eyes.

"Wait a minute. What's Lincoln up to?" Applejack asked.

"I just hope it's nothing reckless. That's more like Inuyasha's thing." Rarity commented.

"Hey! Can we focus please?" Inuyasha asked when Jay and Altaria were close enough to the battlefield.

"Now Jay! Use Wing Attack on the battlefield!" Lincoln signaled when Jay used Wing Attack to cover the field in a dust cloud with Altaria in it.

"Altaria!" Stella cried out.

"Oh now I get it. Lincoln just lured Altaria to give it a taste of its own medicine." Sunset Shimmer realized.

"Very smart move. The dust from the field could be the perfect cover." Miroku hinted when Lincoln and Jay saw Altaria's shadow.

"Now's your chance, Jay! Use Aerial Ace!" Lincoln commanded when out of the dust cloud, Jay flew towards Altaria and hit it with Aerial Ace.

"Altaria!" Stella cried out again when fell to the field and fainted.

"Altaria is unable to battle, Swellow wins! Which means victory goes to Lincoln Loud!" The referee declared as the crowd cheered.

"What an amazing air battle! Lincoln strategy found a way to take down Altaria and is now moving on to Round 2." The announcer told.

(Background song ends)

"Yes! He won!" Clyde, Liam, Shippo, Kagome & Sunset Shimmer cheered.

"Ha! Told ya! Pay up, Zach!" Rusty gloated getting bet money from Zach.

"That was one heck of a plan Lincoln came up with. I felt my heart stomped fast." Applejack said.

"Oh, thank goodness. I thought Jay was gonna lose for a second." Fluttershy sighed in relief.

"That was an awesome air battle!" Rainbow Dash pumped up.

"Who knew Lincoln could have his own Flying-Type turn the altitude and dust on the field as a defense before going with an offense." Twilight Sparkle observed.

"Oh. I hope the darling doesn't have to deal with anymore of that today." Rarity breathed.

"Relax, Rarity. The next Round starts tomorrow. So, we can all get our rest." Sunset Shimmer mentioned.

"Woohoo! Lincoln, Sunset Shimmer & Rainbow Dash made it to Round 2!" Pinkie Pie cheered.

"Hope you could hold up all that sugar Pinkie Pie." Applejack hoped.

"The good thing is Lincoln got through and won. He and his Pokémon have proven their bonds today." Inuyasha observed.

"Yes! You did it Jay!" Lincoln said.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu cheered.

"Swellow! Swell!" Jay squawked in agreement while Stella called Altaria back.

"Thank you Altaria. You were awesome. Way to go Lincoln." Stella congratulated.

"Thanks Stella. You too. You caught me off guard." Lincoln said.

"Thanks. Good luck to you at Round 2 tomorrow. Hey, you wanna grab something to eat?" Stella asked.

"Sure. Me and my Pokémon are probably starving by now. Hope Lynn isn't too made at me for beating Margo this morning." Lincoln murmured.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed.

"Let's just meet up with the guys and make sure Pinkie Pie doesn't get a sugar rush while we're at it." Lincoln planned as they and everyone else left the stadium for the day.