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2. The Dragon Dagger

IT WAS A DAINTY little thing. The blade had been just as thin as it was short and he could barely feel the weight of it in his hands, it was so light. If it were made of anything else then surely it would have snapped within it's first duel but it wasn't made of anything else, it was made of Valyrian steel. The infamously strongest steel in the lands. So many times had Robb admired his own father's Valyrian steel sword that it would be shameful for him to not recognise one like it.

The hilt was something else altogether. It was covered in intricate details of flowers and vines carved into the silver and in the center of it all, sat none other than a three headed dragon- the Targaryen sigil. Now why would a common girl from Riverrun own a Valyrian dagger with the Targaryen sigil on it?

Robb remembered being taught about the Targaryen's from a young age. About their silver hair and amethyst eyes. About the dragons and their riders. He even learned about the Targaryen madness that came from trying to keep the bloodlines pure...

Yet he was still never sure of what to really think of them. One one hand, they were great conquerors, their history was full of magic and dragons and kings and queens and it was no doubt that their lineage would be remembered as being great- maybe more so than any other great house in Westeros.

On the other hand though, he could easily call them tyrants. The mad king burned his uncle, Brandon Stark and his grandfather, Rickard Stark alive. Rhaegar Targaryen was his fathers son and was known for the monstrosities he bestowed onto his aunt Lyanna. It was the reason for the war 17 years ago.

If the Targaryen's were just about as mad as they were beautiful then it would mean the girl with the amethyst eyes could be doing something very dangerous while the king was in Winterfell.

He'd been pacing around his room for an hour now. Perhaps he was getting too far into his own head and the girl wasn't a Targaryen at all. Besides, he was still recovering from the drinks at the feast and the Targaryens were all dead— they had been for almost two decades. He'd even asked Maester Luwin who was certain that all the Targaryens had been hunted down and any that did survive wouldn't have lived for long since they were lost in Essos. Surely someone would have found out about there being one wandering around Westeros and if he had noticed then someone else must have.

If she really was who he thought she was then he could understand why she would lie. Robert finding out could easily lead to her demise since she'd have a target on her head. She was just protecting herself, really.

He debated on whether he should tell his Lord father but ultimately, decided against it. If Robb was to be Lord of Winterfell someday then he needed to begin making decisions in important matters without having to consult his elders. Otherwise, what would happen the day they weren't there to whisper in his ear and tell him what to do?

He had to speak her first.

The night air had only gotten harsher on the princess' Dornish skin. She had stupidly undermined how cold the north really was and didn't care to dress for the occasion. Now, she would suffer for it.

It was late as she walked through Winterfell trying to clean up her mess before it caused any harm. It couldn't have been too late though since the voices of men and their wine induced laughter could still be heard from inside the halls. For what felt like years, she had been soaking up the wildfire with the piece of cloth Robb used to tie around her wound and draining it into a bottle she'd found along the way.

She hated herself for what she did. She cowered away at the last second and went back on getting justice for her family because of her own stupid, selfish morals. She'd overestimated her own abilities yet again and failed completely in her mission. The anger hadn't gone, justice hadn't been served, her family was still dead and the ones who killed them sat inside enjoying their night while she was out in the cold losing one more thing she couldn't afford to lose— her pride.

It felt as though everyone was able to move on. The king had moved on, the kingdom had moved on, Dorne had surprisingly moved on; even the birds and the trees went about their day as if there weren't still red clouds in the sky. Everyone had seemingly moved on except her. She didn't know anything but the hatred she'd felt for 17 years and she could do nothing to get rid of it.

If she had burned Winterfell, she would carry the guilt of a thousand lives with her but now that she hadn't, she still carried the guilt of being unable to avenge her family. Either way, she would be the one to lose. The princess looked up at the night sky, trying to keep her tears at bay but they drowned her cheeks anyway.

A coward. She thought. A useless coward. That's what she was.

A roaring laughter interrupted her thoughts and it came from the hall. About half a dozen knights followed the fat lump of meat they called a king as he held three— no four—no five, five naked girls giggling in his arms along with him.

What a king he was. He spent his royal days eating and shitting and fucking and shitting and occasionally rewarding child murderers for their crimes. Robert Baratheon had killed her father and if that wasn't bad enough, he drove her aunt and uncle to Essos threatening to kill them if they ever landed on Westerosi soil. Gods knew what he'd do to her...

She'd heard the tales of the great stag who saved the country from the vicious Targaryen's but she never believed them. If he had been that great a man, he might have brought her family's killers to justice and she might have had some sort of peace of mind.

She didn't know whether it was the wine or just her own ugly disposition but an anger bubbled inside of her that possessed her movements in that moment.

The princess slipped through the shadows and followed his satanic majesty through the halls of walls of Winterfell until they reached a room at the end of a corridor. She stood about 5ft away from him now. Oh how easy it would be...

She watched on as even the knights squirmed and cringed through their metal helmets at the king's affairs. Her body tensed when she realised that Robert caught sight of her from the corner of his eye and for a moment, she thought she was dead.

"Come on! You too!" He laughed loudly as one the knights shoved her forward. The king grabbed or rather, groped her and pulled the girl of 17 into his chambers to fuck him along with the 4 other girls who still giggled like the imbeciles they were.

It was when one of the knights closed the door behind her that she realised she hadn't seen Jaime Lannister with the rest of the Kingsguard. He was... missing. She saw him in the dining hall at the feast so it was strange that he hadn't left when the king did. Surely he wouldn't have left him unprotected, would he?

The king's chambers were big, especially for the North's standards. He had newly made curtains, the bed was of the finest wood, candles lit every corner of the room and then there was the fireplace. Elaena walked over and stretched her arms out to let her palms take up the heat of the fire. She closed her eyes at the familiar feeling of warmth in her hot blooded veins.

It was a while till all the girls had left, leaving Elaena alone with the king who now lay on his back with no purpose.

She finally retracted herself from the fire and took a seat beside him on the bed. The back of her hand traced his greying beard and went back up to rub his cheek with her thumb. He wasn't quite asleep yet and was still obviously drunk, busy murmuring something she couldn't quite make out.

"Lya... Ly... Na..."

She frowned.

What was so special about Lyanna Stark that made kings and princes want to abandon their lives for her?

Robert had 7 kingdoms, he married the most beautiful woman in Westeros and could have virtually anything he desired yet... he whispered her name. Rhaegar had the princess of Dorne, was chosen as the rightful king of the seven kingdoms against his own father and had two beautiful children waiting for him yet he threw it all away for a taste of Lyanna's lips... and a war erupted because of it.

Elaena's heart ached for the queen now just as it ached for her mother when she first heard how Rhaegar betrayed her. She despised Robert just as much as she despised her own father or even more so since Robert still lived and breathed while she remained fatherless. How disgusting does one have to be to make a Targaryen to pity a Lannister?

The princess lifted her skirt and climbed onto the king which woke him up, just slightly. She placed her hands onto his stomach and began softly pressing down on it, like a cat making its bed. Her hips began to move slowly at first before stirring into a steady rhythm and she watched as the king became more awake with each second.

"Look at my eyes," she spoke in a calm tone when she noticed him looking elsewhere, "Look!" She said more forcefully but still in hushed voice and when he did, he was mesmerised. She leaned forward and with her forefinger, turned his chin upwards. "Hate comes in at the eyes."

The king lay there like he couldn't move— completely paralysed and not knowing whether this was all a nasty dream or the faint nightmare called reality?

"Do you see him?" She asked, "Do you see him falling to the ground after striking him with your hammer? Do you see his blood seeping into the water? Do you see Lyanna's name on his lips as he takes his final breath?"

She lifts up the vase she'd found near the fire place from behind her and raises it above his head. "I do. Every night."

Her eyes scanned his grey ones for something, anything... a glimmer of fear or a drop of anger or perhaps just plain grief for the name he called out in his sleep, but there was nothing. The drunken man just broke out of his drunkenly daze and started to drunkenly laugh again.

The princess put down the vase, pushed herself off of the fat man and sighed with disappointment. Doing anything to him now in this miserable, weakened state didn't seem worth doing. It brought no satisfaction. No pleasure. No nothing.

Killing Rhaegar was the last great thing he did and that was 17 years ago. The man he was now wasn't worth anything. What would hurting him now earn her other than another target on her back?

"You're no king." she scoffed not knowing whether she was happy or sad about that small fact.

In a nearby mirror, Elaena un-fixed her hair so she looked slightly more disheveled than before and made sure the straps on her dress were a little loose before making her way out of the room. She timidly walked past the guards but they paid her no mind anyway. Looking back, she realised that Jaime Lannister was still nowhere to be seen.

As Elaena ventured through the halls trying to find a way out, she could have sworn she heard someone but every time she turned around, no one was there. Yet she could feel a shadow stalking her every move.

She tried blaming it on her mind but her pace quickened anyway and she began to walk faster and faster until she was practically running. She stumbled and fell and knocked things over as she got up but she still kept going.

Eventually she found a dark corridor to hide in. She peeked out from her spot but saw nothing...

Her body tensed up in shock when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder and she spun around.

Robb. She sighed with relief that it wasn't one of the king's guards.

"Sorry," he apologised. As the sound of footsteps approached them, Robb quietly pushed her into a nearby room to which she frowned.

"You were in such a hurry to leave last night." He chuckled, taking a step towards her. She laughed nervously but before she could reply, he pulled something from behind his back, "I expect you didn't notice that you left this."

Her eyes turned wide when he presented one of two twin daggers. It was a gift given to her by her uncle since swords and spears and all other weapons under the sun seemed to be too heavy for the little princess.

"Oh... thank you-" Before she could take it from his hands, he swiftly turned around and closed the door in the process.

"The details on the dragons are beautiful," He said as he traced his fingers over the hilt "You must show me to the blacksmiths in Riverrun one day."

He knows.

Nonetheless, she smiled at him, tight lipped and helpless "One day."

"But where did you get Valyrian steel from? I thought all that remained of it had been used to forge the ancestral swords of the great houses." When she couldn't give him an answer, the once welcoming pretence fell from his face into an unfriendly expression "Who are you?"

She looked down and took a few seconds to adjust herself, "My name is Mila Rivers, my mother worked at a mill in Riverrun and my father was Ilyas Arragon. He fought alongside Rhaegar Targaryen in the war." She explained before turning her eyes to the knife in his hands "That dagger you hold, is a gift given to my father by the late prince."


Her words held no real emotion and no real truth. It was like she had practiced this performance of hers a thousand times before. Yet, he couldn't challenge it.

House Arragon was a vassal house to House Targaryen and had a brief life with the it living and dying with Ilyas Arragon, a tradesman from Essos. He never fathered any legitimate heirs but it was said that he had a dozen bastards, many of which became servants and squires in the Targaryen household. Ilyas was also known for his violet eyes, it was how he'd made friends with the dragons in the first place...

Robb narrowed his eyes at her "You have an answer for everything don't you?"


"I don't believe you." If it had come from virtually anyone else's mouth, he would have believed them but there was something about her he didn't trust.

He remembered his mother saying that when people lied, they couldn't look you in the eye. Right then, her eyes pierced through his because she was a good liar. Even though she didn't smile with her lips, she did with her eyes which glimmered with amusement. This was all a game to her.

"No? That's none of my concern so if I could-" She reached for the dagger but Robb ended up catching her arm before she could grab it. The princess tried to free herself from his hold but gave up when she realised he wasn't letting go, "Fine. Enlighten me, Lord Stark— what do you believe?"

"I think you're a Targaryen." She immediately began to laugh, making his accusation sound ludicrous but the wolf wasn't about to back down. "Your eyes, the sigil, arriving here in time for the king and speaking nothing but lies since you stepped foot into Winterfell." The girl tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrow mockingly which made it obvious to Robb that she was still more entertained than scared.

"I also believe you're trying to kill the king." Robb blurted out and her face fell. He hadn't planned on telling her that and hoped to have talked to he properly before jumping to any conclusions. He intended to be subtle. He failed.

It was a wild, wild theory and she could easily brush it off as being part of his childish imagination. But it was also the truth.

"It all sounds a little mad, doesn't it?"

"Aye but it sounds more mad to call it all a coincidence."

Now, he was the smug one.

Elaena paused. She looked down again and tears suddenly began to well up in her eyes. Without another word, she ripped the left side of her dress so her shoulder was bare causing Robb to furrow his brows in confusion. She tried to pull away from him again which only made his grip on her arm stronger.

"Please m'lord..." she whimpered and before he could say anything, the door to his chambers flew open. His father, his honorable father, stood there wide eyed at what he was seeing. He looked between the two of them and Robb automatically realised what it looked like and let go of her hand which appeared to be noticeably bleeding.

"I- I didn't..." Robb stuttered not knowing how to explain the situation to his Lord father who thought better of him. He expected this from someone like Theon even if it was at the lowest of his expectations but never could he imagine such acts coming from his own son.

"Go." Ned nodded to the girl. She left on the verge of tears and looking frightened while rushing past Lord Stark but when she glanced back at Robb halfway down the hallway, he could only describe her expression as... vengeful and definitely unafraid.

Elaena, despite getting away from Robb, didn't see her escape as a victory. He still had her dagger and she had no idea how she would get it back without having to face him again. She frowned at the thought that she may actually never get it back and for her own safety, would have to leave it there.

Elaena, despite getting away from Robb, didn't see her escape as a victory. He still had her dagger and she had no idea how she would get it back without having to face him again. She frowned at the thought that she may actually never get it back and for her own safety, would have to leave it there.

"Fire! Fire!" screamed a distant voice which only sounded like it was coming closer. Her head immediately shot up and she looked back around to see the dark corridor getting lighter as her mind filled with darkness.

Lord Stark and his son both ran out of the room and also turned their attention to the end of the hall. Robb looked back and locked eyes with Elaena who had guilt plastered all across her face and he knew then that he'd been right.

Before he could do, say or think anything else, a sudden wave threw him to the ground.

It was past midnight and not all of Winterfell had suffered— only one tower, but that night there was a fire in Winterfell and Elaena could describe it as anything but great.

Luckily for her, she only felt the blast and not the flames of the fire which she hoped was the case for Robb too. Her body ached like it had just been punched by a giant as she groaned and struggled to pull herself up. She let out a small cough, allowing herself some space to breath amidst the toxic air.

This couldn't be happening...

She could hear the echoes of her heartbeat pounding it's way to her head. She stumbled from wall to wall as her body still felt too tired to move but she made it to his side anyway.

"Robb?" That was the first time she'd tried his name in her lips. It was odd how comfortable the name felt.

He didn't move.


"Robb?" She called out again, softer than last time.

No... he couldn't die then. She'd stopped her madness in it's tracks because she felt sympathy for him. She was weak and it could have been anyone that night triggering her guilt but it was him. So he, out of everyone, couldn't die after she decided to let him live.

She outstretched an arm but before she could even make contact with him, the boy broke out in a coughing fit which startled her and when Robb finally did get up, the girl was gone.

Wildfire. Thats what they thought caused it. A cloth covered in wildfire sparked by a simple candlelight. The wildfire was newly made so it hadn't aged and therefore wasn't as harmful.

An accident... is what they told everyone else what it was. She knew what they really believed, though. An assassination attempt on the king.

But it wasn't. Not this time. She stopped it this time. She never meant for it this time. So why was it that this was the only time she almost succeeded? And why didn't it feel as good as she thought it would?

Luckily for her, the king wasn't dead. Neither was Robb Stark or Ned Stark or any of the Starks. A couple of guards who caught the first of the flames were consequently... gone, but it wasn't enough to shake the kingdom. A few others were injured too but Elaena didn't hang around long enough to know how many.

She made sure to stay unseen and as close to the shadows as possible on her way back home for the fear that Robb had told his father everything. If Ned Stark knew then the king might also know and that wouldn't be good for her at all. This was her fault after all and yet it wasn't but how would she explain that to the royal court?

"Mila!" She called out while gathering as much of her belongings as she could, not that there was much. "We need to leave at once, Robb Stark has found..." Elaena stopped herself when she realised how empty the cottage felt. "Mila?" She called out again. She bent down and lifted her dress up slightly and pulled a dagger from her stockings. Cautiously, she opened the door to the next room not knowing what to expect. Her eyes widened.


Much had gone on since he'd last encountered the Targaryen girl. For one, Bran had fallen — or rather, been pushed, from a high tower and his mother had rode for King's Landing suspecting the Lannister's had something to do with it. He thought else wise.

His father and sisters were already in Kings Landing and his brother, Jon Snow, joined the Nightswatch leaving the only Starks in Winterfell being Bran, Rickon and Robb himself. Theon helped with as much as he could but it was only Robb who could do what needed to be done. It was only Robb who could be Lord of Winterfell while his father was away.

Maester Luwin found him to be a suitable replacement, he praised him as much and while Robb was never one to doubt himself too much, he wasn't as sure. He found himself worrying over every little decision he made, thinking about what his father would do or say or whether his good enough was good enough.

In all honesty, the Targaryen girl was the last thing on his mind... or so he thought. When Theon told him that he'd finally found her living only a few miles away, Robb immediately made it his priority to go seek her out the next morning.

This time though, he wouldn't confront her alone. He took Theon and a few men loyal to house stark and of course, Greywind— all of whom had no idea why he was so interested in this girl.

The anger and the thoughts that had rose that night once again floated back to the top of his head. She tried to blow up Winterfell. He knew, Bran knew and that's why she pushed Bran from a tower the next morning and when that didn't work, she sent someone after him with a Valyrian dagger to silence his brother once and for all.

Once they arrived in the area which sat at the edge of the Dreadfort, Theon led Robb to a small cottage with a faded red door. Robb instructed his men to wait around the corner with the horses and only take action if they suspected something had happened to him. It confused them both as to why he would say that.

Robb knocked on the wood three times before he was met with an answer. Theon wasn't lying.

Both he and the girl stood now wide eyed and just as shocked to see one another again. Neither could seem to speak but stared in silence.

He noticed that there was something much different about her. She was less smug and it made him feel more concerned than anything. From her disheveled hair to her blood stained dress to her tired eyes; it made him wonder what exactly had gone on.

The girl broke their silence by trying to close the door but Robb proved to be much stronger than her and left a gap in the door. Grey wind jumped through and cornered the girl who was almost in tears.

Eventually the dog backed away at his owners command and Robb stood Elaena up only to pin her to the wall himself.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry but I didn't do it, I didn't mean for that-"

He had no time for her polite little facades as his rage took over him, "You come into my kingdom, my home and put my family in danger, after what you did to Bran do you really believe that I'll take anything that comes out-"

"Bran? Your brother?" She asked, looking genuinely shocked at the mention of him. Her face soon turned to dread when she realised what he could mean, "Did something happen to him in the fire?"

Robb frowned. What?

A violent cough coming from inside the cottage interrupted the silence between them and Robb tensed, automatically assuming the worst. He pushed past her and headed to the source of the noise which she objected to by trying to pull him back while ultimately failing. The wolf blocked her path and growled at her which made her wince.

He didn't know what he expected when he entered the room where the smell was just as foul as the sight. A dead king perhaps? Or maybe his father's head? What he didn't expect to see was just an elderly woman sick and bedridden. When the Targaryen girl rushed to her side to wipe away the blood the woman had coughed up, it dawned on Robb how rude and inconsiderate he had been. "I'm sorry..." Robb muttered but the girl was too busy to notice.

The girl stroked the woman's head as she held a glass of water to her lips and whispered a name...


Mila was an elderly woman of almost 50 years but her affliction made her look older. Her skin was dark and greyish and her hollow face and sagging skin showed how unhealthy she was. One of her eyes was caved in on itself and the other had a glossy look to it so he could barely see the colour and her head was wrapped in a grey cloth covering the little hair she had left.

Elaena struggled to lift Mila's head so Robb immediately put himself to use by helping her. She gave him a suspicious but thankful look as she tended to the old woman. Robb watched her face as she did so— it was strange. She seemed to be trying her best to help this woman while also not showing herself to be too terrified or panicked. She was trying to be brave but she was more afraid than anyone.

"Let me take her to Winterfell." He said suddenly which caught her off guard.

"What?! No!"

"There's more maesters there than here," He told her as he softened his expression "We can help her."

Could she really walk into the home of the people she almost killed? Elaena turned to her Mila who looked practically lifeless on her deathbed and then back to Robb and it only served to make her feel more conflicted than ever...

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