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It had been about a few days since the whole school dance fiasco with Jesse at Whitechapel High School and everything had seemed to have calmed down a bit since then. After taking a couple of days of solitude for herself to help calm her nerves about what all had happened then, Sarah was soon back into the swing of things again. She was at peace knowing that she was now a full vampire and that there's no turning back for her now. She was glad that she was able to save Ethan from having to live the life of a vampire, like she, Erica, and Rory did.

In fact, Sarah wasn't sure about it, but...she thinks she might be developing feelings for the nerd. But she wasn't entirely sure about it, yet. Plus, seeing Jesse again did put thoughts of doubt in her mind about getting back into the dating game, again. Seeing his face again had started to stir up some painful memories of the guy when they were dating still. Painful and happy memories, that is. Along with the terrible ones, as well. Like when he bit her. So, Sarah decided to just ignore her romantic feelings towards Ethan, for now. There's no need for her to jump into another relationship so soon when the wounds from the old one were still pretty fresh to bear.

Anyway, after taking some time for herself, Sarah was back now. Happy and glad to be back at school again with all her friends. She wasn't about to let being a full-fledged vampire get her down, after all!

"Hey, Erica!" greeted Sarah happily, as she met up with the blonde vampire.

Erica turned around when she heard Sarah's voice. "Oh! Hey, Sare!" returned Erica politely and happy to see her best friend in such a good mood. "So, how's vampire life been treatin' yah, huh?" she then asked, flashing a bit of a cocky smirk at the girl.

Sarah just shrugged. "It's fine, I guess." she replied simply. "But I still miss being human, though." she then said disappointingly before sighing downheartedly to herself.

"Hey, cheer up, Sare! Maybe there's a cure out there somewhere that even works on full-fledged vampires?" stated Erica reassuringly, as she tried to cheer up her best friend.

"You really think so?" wondered Sarah skeptically/hopefully.

"Oh, god! I hope not! That would be just awful, then!" cringed Erica in disgust. "Why would anyone want to go back to being human, again?" she said sarcastically.

Sarah did find this too amusing, as she just glared at her. Erica saw Sarah's evil glare at her and just laughed. "I was just kidding! Sheesh, Sarah! Lighten up a little, will ya?!" replied Erica.

Sarah just rolled her eyes at her.

"Anyway, welcome back bestie! I've missed you so much!" squealed Erica ecstatically, as she gave Sarah a big hug. "It's been a bit lonely around here without you being here to hang with." she said happily, pulling back from the hug now.

"What about the guys? They could've kept you company while I was away!" sassed back Sarah teasingly in a playful manner.

This time Erica was the one to roll her eyes. "Yeah, right! As if I would ever be caught dead hanging out with those nerds for fun!" retorted Erica back snidely, making Sarah giggle.

"Well, technically you're already dead." commented Sarah.

Erica shot her a dirty look. "You know what I mean!" snapped Erica heatedly, but also just joking around with her, too. The two best friends then started to make their way through the school hallway.

"Speaking of the geeks! I sure hope they didn't manage to get themselves into any supernatural trouble while I was gone, though." wondered Sarah thoughtfully, as she pondered about it.

"I don't think they have?" replied Erica, as she gave it some thought. Then she shrugged. "Things have actually been pretty quiet around here since the dance ended. The only trouble I imagine that those clowns have managed to get themselves into is just the usual high school prank type of stuff."

Erica smirked then, as Sarah just shrugged, agreeing with her. "Yeah! You're probably right! Just the usual then!" joked Sarah amusingly, as she broke into a laugh after. Erica couldn't help but laugh, too.

"Speaking of the geeks." started Erica. "You might want to pay the Nerd King a little visit whenever you can, now that you're back." suggested Erica casually.

"You mean, Ethan? Why?" wondered Sarah curiously, as she looked at her best friend with a confused expression.

Erica just shrugged nonchalantly. "He's been anxious about your return. I think...he really misses you." she replied simply, but with a hint of playful teasing her in tone, though. The blonde then smirked at her knowingly.

Sarah rolled her eyes at her comment. "I don't know why he would be? I was only gone for a few days! It wasn't like I had left for weeks on end or longer!" stated Sarah back, confusedly.

Erica then stopped walking, which caused Sarah to stop walking, too. She then turned sharply to face Sarah with a serious expression on her face.

"Oh, come on, Sare! Isn't it obvious by now?! It's because he likes you!" pointed out Erica blatantly in an obvious like tone.

Sarah looked at her with a surprised expression on her face, as her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. "What?!" exclaimed Sarah surprisingly before then trying to play it off as if she was crazy or something. "Pish! You must be crazy or something, Erica. As if Ethan ever liked me in that sorta way." denied Sarah easily, though she couldn't stop the small blush that appeared on her cheeks.

Erica could tell she was lying and knew all along about Ethan's crush on her. And judging by her reaction and the slight blush on her best friend's face, it was obvious that she liked him back, too. Erica grinned knowingly at the poor girl.

"Please! If he wasn't so into you, Sare, then why else would he have been so worried about you while you were gone?" countered Erica smugly. "Face it! The little nerd has been majorly crushing on you ever since day one! And you know it, too! Don't you?" accused Erica confidently, already knowing the answer to her question.

Feeling offended (and yet, still blushing but even more now), Sarah crossed her arms and turned away from her best friend and her accusations. Granted, she knew that Erica was right though, but Sarah refused to let her know that she actually might like Ethan back, too.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Erica?!" denied Sarah defensively. "And stop calling him a nerd!" she quickly added soon after, heatedly.

Now Erica was the one who felt slightly offended. "Why? When we both very well know that you've called him that many of times before, as well." argued Erica back, as she looked at the girl with a curious brow.

"Because, it's different when I call him that!" exclaimed Sarah defensively, as she turned to face Erica now. Still blushing, though.

Erica then smirked at her. "You like him back. Don't you?" deduced Erica confidently in a smug like manner.

"Nooo." denied Sarah again, as she drawled out the word. Though her face betrayed her given answer, as she blushed even more with this slight shameful look to her. Even though she tried to hide it.

The blonde vampire wasn't buying it, though. As she saw right through Sarah's denial. "Oh, you so do! Your face says it all!" accused Erica, pointing out the rosy blush tint that was on Sarah's face. "You can't lie to me, Sare!" she stated cockily with a smirk.

Sarah was flustered now and decided to finally give in to her denial and best friend's pushy accusations. "Fine!" she sighed out exasperatingly. "You win! I do like him back! Happy now?" she said a bit miffed like.

Erica gasped dramatically then. "I knew it!" she said, grinning.

Sarah rolled her eyes at her. "But you can't tell him or Benny! And Rory, too, for that matter!" added in Sarah sternly, as she glared warningly at her.

"Don't worry, Sarah! You little nerd crush secret is safe with me!" reassured Erica honestly with a smile. "But..." she then trailed thoughtfully with a confused expression on her face. "Why don't you want Ethan to know that you like him back?"

Sarah sighed sullenly then. "Because...I'm just not ready to be a relationship with anyone, yet, is why." she answered.

"Really? I thought you were?" asked Erica perplexingly.

"I was!" exclaimed Sarah confidently at first before frowning sadly. "Until...Jesse came back, that is." confessed Sarah downheartedly.

This surprised Erica a bit. "I thought you were over him?! Please, don't tell me you still have feelings for that fanged jerkwad?!" replied Erica in disgust at the thought it.

Sarah looked at her with wide eyes then. "What?! Ew! God no!" she exclaimed surprisingly at first, before cringing at the thought of her still liking Jesse. She'd much rather be staked in the heart and die now than ever date Jesse again! Her relationship with him was like the dinosaurs! Long since dead and extinct, now!

"Good." replied Erica in contempt. She used to like the guy and thought he was cute back then, when Sarah and Jesse were still an item, but now...after the stunt, he pulled at the dance last week with her? Not anymore. Not after he used her and pretty much forced her into helping him with his latest evil scheme by glamouring her, like that! She was lucky that Sarah even forgave her the first time around she helped Jesse! Considering then, she was actually helping him willingly, back then! Since then, Erica never wanted to betray her best friend again. So, on the night of the dance, he pretty much forced her into betraying Sarah, again. Something Erica would never forgive him for. Thankfully, Sarah was quick to realize that she was under his spell the moment he gave her the command. So, Sarah was kind enough to not hold it against her for betraying her a second time. Plus, Erica getting sick and tired of Jesse always hurting Sarah in the end, too. So, as far as she's concerned, she was glad that Sarah still hated him with a passion and has no feelings for the jerk, whatsoever.

"So...what does Jesse's return at the dance have to do with you not wanting to tell Ethan how you feel about him?" asked Erica curiously then.

Sarah sighed. "Because seeing his face again had brought up a whole lot of painful memories for me. That's why." she said sullenly. "At first, I thought Jesse was a really sweet guy and all in the beginning. Until it turned out that it was all just an act and he's really nothing but a two-hundred-year-old, evil ass who's a vampire. That also happened to turn me into one, too, without my consent." she explained.

"Yeah, but...Ethan's not like that. To me, if anything, Ethan's the complete opposite of Jesse. Also, he's a nerd. Unlike Jesse, who was like the school's bad boy. And nerds aren't usually evil or into the whole 'domination' thing, either." stated Erica genuinely, as she tried to comfort her friend.

"I know. Ethan's nothing like Jesse. In fact, Ethan's kind and sweet and charming and-" replied Sarah, getting lost in all the wonderful things about Ethan as she listed them off before being cut off by Erica.

"Yeah! I get it, Sarah! Ethan's a really great guy and you have the hots for him. Got it!" interrupted Erica rudely, as she held her hand up to signal Sarah to stop talking about how fascinating she finds Ethan to be. Then she cringed and fake shivered. "Now, stop before you make me want to puke all over the place." she said sarcastically, in slight disgust.

Sarah just rolled her eyes at her. "Fine! I'll stop listing off all of the wonderful traits about Ethan." replied Sarah lightheartedly in an exhausted/playful like way. Then she smiled real quick before continuing with her reason why she doesn't want to tell Ethan how she feels about him. "Anyway, it's just...I guess...?" she said stumbling over her words as she tried to find the right way to say it. Then she sighed. "I guess, I'm just not quite yet ready to get back into the dating game, is all. The wounds in my heart that Jesse left were pretty deep and they just haven't quite yet healed fully, I suppose. So, for now, I think it's best if I just give up on dating anybody for a while. Especially, since now I'm a vampire." she finally said earnestly.

"Yeah, but being a full vampire now means you have better control over your urges now. So, what's that got to do with anything?" stated Erica.

"That maybe true, but not entirely. There are still things I need to learn to control more better. Like, my actions when my emotions run high. Some things you just gotta learn to control on your own, Erica. Not everything about being a vampire is just instantaneously mastered and under control once you do finally turn completely. Some of it takes time." explained Sarah rationally. Then she sighed. "It's not easy being a newbie vampire. Or one just in general." she sighed disappointedly.

"It is, if you quit acting like a baby about it and just suck it up and enjoy being immortal for once." commented Erica sarcastically. Which earned her a hard glare from Sarah.

Sarah then chose to ignore her best friend's rude comment directed towards her. "Anyway, I want to get a handle on all this vampire stuff first before dating again. That way, I don't wind up accidentally killing my date or turning them into a vampire, too." she concluded.

"Well, I think you should still tell Ethan how you feel about him and how you currently feel about dating anybody right now until you have better control over your vampire abilities. I'm sure the little geek would understand you wanting to wait." advised Erica respectively to her, as she told Sarah her opinion on what she should do about Ethan.

"I doubt it. If anything, it'd probably just hurt his feelings." stated Sarah, looking down disappointedly as if thinking about it.

"Not if you tell him how you feel first, it wouldn't!" pointed out Erica harshly in an obvious like tone and manner.

Sarah blushed then. "I'm not ready to tell Ethan how I feel about him, just yet though." confessed Sarah bashfully then. That was the main reason why she didn't want to tell him. She just wasn't ready to tell him yet. If anything, she was scared to. And the moment never did seem right to tell him, either. Between doing homework, babysitting, and the occasional 'kicking evil supernatural ass' all the time, it left very little room in her personal life to do anything else.

"Sarah..." drawled Erica seriously in a warning like tone, as she narrowed her eyes at her.

"What?! It's true! I'm just not ready to tell him, yet! Can't we just leave it at that?!" burst Sarah anxiously.

"Fine." sighed out Erica dramatically. "But just remember. The longer you wait to tell him, the more likely he is to wind up falling for someone else who isn't as chicken-hearted as you are to just tell him how they feel." adviced Erica, a bit teasingly like, but also meaning it.

Sarah just rolled her eyes at her comment, but deep down knew it was true, though. The longer she went without confessing her feeling for the seer, the more likely someone else who isn't, will. And if Ethan winds up harboring the same feelings for them, then it's basically all over for her to be able to be his girlfriend, then. As she had missed her chance to, all because she decided to hold back her heart from him.

"Ugh! Why is love so hard and complicated?!" sighed/complained Sarah in her head dramatically, as the two girls continued their way towards class.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the school.

Ethan was at his locker, waiting for Benny to arrive so they could head to class together since they had first period together anyways.

While reaching into his locker to put away a book he didn't need at the moment, Ethan accidentally caught a glimpse of the bandage that still covered his arm where Jesse had bit at. He stopped moving in mid-motion and just stared at it for a moment, while in deep thought. Images of that night quickly flashed through his mind. Reminding him of just how the mark got there in the first place. Then his mind quickly jumped to Sarah.

He felt bad for letting himself be so easily defeated by Jesse like that and for allowing him to be used as a means to get to Sarah, just to get what he wanted. Ethan blamed himself for Sarah having to drink his blood just to save him from the same fate as her. He never wanted Sarah to give up her possibly one and only chance at being human again. And now that he thinks about it...that's been TWICE she's had to give up her chance at being cured, again! Once when she forced fed him that cure when he turned into a werewolf in his basement. And again, just last week, with Jesse! Now, Sarah's chances at becoming human again are slim to none, now. All thanks to him.

But Ethan wasn't about to give up, now! He swore to himself that he wouldn't stop looking for a cure that could cure even full vampires! He owed it to her, after all she's done for him in the past!

"Hey, E!" greeted Benny, as he came up to the thinking seer.

"Oh, hey, B!" greeted back Ethan, finishing up with what he was doing.

"Somebody was doing some deep thinking, huh?" hinted Benny smugly with a smirk on his face. He didn't miss the really deep and thoughtful look on his friend's face when he approached him. "And I bet I know what about, too. Or...should I say...who?" he guessed slyly, giving his friend a couple of light nudges and winks.

Ethan then shoved the spellmaster off of him then with a small blush on his face, as he figured who he was talking about. Benny only chuckled at him, though.

"It's Sarah! Isn't it?! You were thinking about her, again, weren't you?" deduced Benny teasingly.

Ethan then shut his locker. "Yes! I was thinking about Sarah, again!" confessed Ethan bashfully with a bit of sass in his voice.

"I so knew it!" chirped Benny proudly to himself.

"But it's not about what you think, though!" exclaimed Ethan quickly then. Which earned him a look from Benny that said 'go on'. Ethan then looked at him sadly. "I was thinking about what happened at the dance last week and what Sarah pretty much gave up just to save me." he said sullenly. Then he looked at his injured arm again. "Feel as if it was all my fault for her having to become a full vampire, B." he confessed downheartedly.

Benny felt bad for best friend. He knew how much the whole thing bothered him. "But, E...what happened wasn't your fault, though. It was Jesse's." explained Benny gently, as he tried to cheer up his best friend.

"I know, but...she was only put in that position because of me, though. Because I wasn't strong enough to take care of Jesse on my own. He used me as a bargaining chip just to get Sarah to drink human blood, knowing very well what she would do. He knew that she would choose me over herself, any day. That's why he did it. It was his plan all along from the beginning, since being brought back from the Cubile Animus." replied Ethan, still feeling guilty about it.

"Look! I'm sure Sarah doesn't blame you for having to give up her last bit of humanity, just to save you, E." reassured Benny strongly to Ethan. "Well...I guess, it would be more like her last bit of physical humanity and not her mental humanity, right?" he then thought curiously (more to himself), as he got off topic thinking about it. "Which in that case, I guess is a good thing because we sure don't need another power hungry and bloodthirsty vampire running around here, who's cruel and mean most of the time." rambled on Benny, while in deep thought about it. "Man! Can you imagine if Sarah turned out like that after being turned?! She'd be even more...hotter! Like Erica is!" contemplated Benny absentmindedly to himself. A huge smile then appeared on his face at the thought of an evil Sarah running around town.

Ethan, on the other hand, wasn't feeling as accepting on the idea as he was. In fact, it made Ethan, even more, sadder than before. Not mention, a little bit angry, too. If Sarah ever did wind up on the dark side from the beginning, then no doubt she'd be with Jesse, then. Doing whatever evil thing that made him happy. All while, being right there by his side.

"Dude! If that happened, then you could've kissed your chance with Sarah goodbye, then! No way, would an evil Sarah ever ditch somebody as evil and coldhearted as Jesse for someone like you! A nerdy, all-around-nice guy!" quipped Benny then, practically saying out loud what Ethan was just thinking about.

"Dude! Not helping!" scolded Ethan harshly to him then, as he smacked him on the arm.

"Sorry, man." apologized Benny shamefully then, as he felt a bit guilty about what he said.

Ethan looked over at his glum friend and sighed. "It's cool, man." he said sincerely. "And you're probably right. Knowing Sarah, she probably doesn't blame me for what happened at the dance. So, I guess, I shouldn't get myself so down over it, either." he then said reasonably, agreeing with what Benny was trying to tell him earlier (before his mind had started to wander, that is).

The spellmaster smiled happily, knowing that his best friend forgives him.

"Hey! Speaking of Sarah! When are you ever gonna ask her out on a date, eh?" started Benny cheerfully, as he drew out the word 'eh' in a hinting/teasing like way.

Ethan rolled his eyes at him. Then he frowned sadly, as he looked down. "Probably, never." he mumbled glumly.

This caused Benny's eyes to go wide in shock, as he thought Ethan must be crazy or something for saying that. "What?! Dude! You can't be serious?!" exclaimed Benny incredulously. But he didn't get a reply back from the seer, meaning he must really be serious about it, then. "How come?!" he then asked curiously, practically shouting it.

Ethan sighed depressingly. "Because, why would someone as pretty and amazing has her, want to ever date a geek like me?" he said sadly.

"Uh, because you're totally awesome and nice and you're not a big fat jerkface, who takes advantage of people! Like her last boyfriend did! That's why! Duh!" exclaimed Benny obviously, as he listed off some of the things that made Ethan great.

Ethan couldn't help but crack a small smile at that. He was glad that Benny was his best friend. Always there to help him see the positive side of things. "Thanks, B!" thanked Ethan gratefully.

This made Benny smile.

But then Ethan looked away and frowned again. "But it's not just that. Now, she has to deal with being a vampire. A full-fledged one, at that!" explained Ethan. "I don't know, Benny. Somehow I doubt she's ready to be going out on dates with anybody, any time soon. Especially, with me! With my rare and 'oh-so-tempting' blood type to vampires! I feel as if...maybe she needs more time to get better acclimated with being a full vampire, now?" he said unsurely, as if second-guessing himself. "I don't know." he then sighed disappointingly.

"Well, if anything, at least tell her how you feel, E. And then maybe you two can go from there? You owe that much to yourself, don't you?" suggested Benny.

Now, feeling really shy all of a sudden, Ethan quickly shook his head in denial with a blush on his face. "No way, Benny! I'm not ready for that, just yet!" he stated strongly and bashfully. "I mean, uh...well um..." he then said more calmly then, but with a bit of nervousness in his voice, as he felt somewhat embarrassed now.

Benny grinned teasingly. "That you're a big chicken and too scared to confess your love to Sarah?" presumed Benny abruptly in a playful/teasing like manner to the seer, as he mockingly batted his eyelashes repeatedly at him when he said Sarah's name.

"No! That's not it!... And I'm not a chicken!" replied Ethan rather quickly in a flustered like state, as he strongly/nervously denied Benny's claim.

But the spellmaster wasn't buying it, as he looked at the seer with a smug and disbelieving look on his face. "Uh-huh...sure it's not, E." replied Benny knowingly with a smirk on his face, as he slowly nodded his head, clearly not buying what Ethan is saying.

"It isn't!" exclaimed Ethan convincingly back. But seeing that the spellmaster was still not buying it, Ethan decided to give up. "You know what? Just forget it! It's not important, anyway!" he then said frustratingly, as he stomped off away from of his friend. But Ethan knew that Benny was right. He was a big chicken when it came to asking Sarah out on a date or at the very least telling her how he feels about her. And that was something he hated about himself, too. But to be fair, a lot of the times they did actually get to be alone with each other was usually interrupted by some sort of...supernatural disaster that needs their immediate attention. So, the time to tell her always never seemed right.

Once Ethan got to class (before Benny did) and took his seat, he let out a small sad sigh as he slumped back in his seat rather depressingly. "Maybe someday, I'll have the courage to finally tell her how I feel." he thought hopefully to himself, in a sullen kinda way before more students started to pile into the classroom.

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