salazar peverell:chapter 1 awakaning




-magical language\telepathy-


lore peverell was not a normal child for many reasons. the first one being that despite him being eleven years old he lived alone, well accept from the house elves of course. lore peverell was the last of the peverell line as well as the reincarnation of salazar slytherin, he lived in fedulised peverell manor since his reincarnation as lore. he only ever left his home when either searching for the other founders or when going to gringgots for his vault.

that was until today at least.

as lore looked down at the letter in front of his eyes his mind raced 'if i go to hogwarts it'll be a lot easier to find them and maybe i'll get to teach again!' were the thoughts currently running through lore\salazar's head. for in truth the reason he left hogwarts was to beat the evil god of plague Ishcet out of the mortal realm and not because of his grudge against muggles which was overly exaggerated by the history books.

in the end he deafeted it using the spells known as the three unforgivable curses which he himself created. however it also fataly wounded him so that he could not return to his friends and family. 'well fuck you I did return you blob of rotten meat' salazar thought to himself then looked back down towards the letter in his hands.

hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

dear mr. peverell

we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. we await your awl by jun 31 term will start at the 1 of September. the hogwarts express will be waiting at platform 9 and 3\4.

yours sincerely

by minerva mgchanagl deputy headmistress