She was sure she was somehow back at the bar, but that wasn't right she knew from her jumbled mix of her own and Tilly's memories that she'd been moved to a hospital. Yet here she was sitting at a table in a bar with her eyes closed listening to the sounds of a low crackling fire behind her.

"Hot chocolate for the lady."

Alice starts at the voice. It hadn't been the one she'd been hoping to hear so soon after waking up from being hit in the stomach by a would-be hitman's bullet. Seeing as the intended target had been her girlfriend the realm jumper wasn't about to let Margot take that hit.

"I'm sorry for startling you." The warm timber apologizes "But I thought this would be a better use of your time whilst those new realm doctors patch you up."

That gets Alice's attention making her crack her eyes open enough to see just where she'd ended up. She immediately bites down on the inside of her cheek to stop her groan. The bar where she both started to fall for and been betrayed by the woman that would turn out to be her true love.

"Don't worry you are not dead just in a kind of limbo." Her companion explains his voice coming from somewhere over by the bar obviously taking her groan to mean something else. "I wanted a more neutral ground for our talk and what's more neutral than a tavern?" He jokes as he strides over to her table offering her one of the two drinks he'd brought.

It's when she reaches to take it that she spots the tattoo half hidden by the man rolled up shirt sleeve. Her eyes snap to his as the realization of who he was as he takes a seat across from her. How could she not when his eyes are the same color as his daughter's?

"Robin Locksley at your service." His smile also matches his daughter's perfectly, but it doesn't have the same effect on her heart rate as when her Robin flashes it.

"Alice Jones." Alice answers extending her other hand in greeting. He takes it his tattoo once again on display in the warm glow of the firelight as they shake hands. "Good to finally meet you, Alice Jones." The elder Robin nodes releasing her hand taking the seat across from her. "Now how about you tell me about my daughter." He insists wrapping his hands around his as of yet untouched drink.

Of all the things she'd expected him to say that hadn't be high on the list. She covers her surprise by bringing her drink to her lips. How he knew just how she likes her cocoa was a mystery, but she is grateful for the comfort in it none the less. "You're not going to give me the talk?"

The legend chuckles over the rim of his mug waiting until he'd taken a sip of his own drink "I will." The father nodes "If we still have time after you tell me about my little girl." He adds with a stern glance as he hides a smile behind the rim of his own mug. "What do you like about her." he coaxes after a long drink.

"She can be a brat at times." Alice answers at once in a laugh thinking of how they'd first met and the following talk they'd had right outside the front door of the tavern. "but she's also incredibly loyal and at times foolishly brave," she lists. "and when she kisses me…." Alice sighs forgetting for a moment who she's talking to as her eyes close remembering the feel of her girlfriend's warm lips against her own.

The father's pointed throat-clearing drags her out of those kinds of thoughts blushing a deep crimson in embarrassment.

"A love like that is nothing to be ashamed of." Robin Sr. defends clinking his mug with Alice's forgotten one "Just seeing as it also concerns my daughter…let's keep it out of shadowy corners."

Alice nodes blushing an if possible, even deeper red than before gulping down her drink not even pausing to realize in the moment he'd gotten her taste just right without needing to ask how she took her cocoa.

"She has your eyes…." Alice tells him steering the conversation back into less personal territory. "and your name."

That made the elder Robin pause setting his drink down with a skeptical look in his face "Zelena actually went along with that idea?" Alice nodes remembering when the mother herself had told her about the day she finally christened her daughter. "It was her idea. She said the name just fit. You gave your life for her nothing was more honorable than that." Alice chose not to tell him that his daughter had been given her name over his grave.

The father smiles at that yet is didn't quite mask the sadness in his eyes. "A legacy like mine…"

"Your legacy is part of what brought Nobin and I together sir." Alice counters "All she wants is to make you proud."


Alice drops her eyes nervous "She was the new Robin….." she explains he chuckles at that this time his happiness goes all the way to his eyes before he goes back to the previous topic. "Then when you get back tell her….tell her from me that she has already made me prouder than any father can be of his daughter. She's my little peanut. She, Roland and Regina are the most important three in my life. Nothing they do will ever make me disappointed in them."

"I'll tell her…." Alice nodes.

A strong yet gentle restraining hand closes around her wrist as something like recognition flickers across his face as a strange light outside the tavern windows glows in warning.

Alice's time in limbo was coming to an end.

"Just one last thing before you go."

Alice bites her lip already hearing the drowning beat of her own heartbeat against her ears but she nodes anyway willing herself to stay as Robin looks between her and the growing light outside the windows.

"You have to find something for me. Something I want my little girl to have…..for her wedding day…." The father says leaning forward when she nodes again not trusting her voice at the tears welling in his eyes as he whispers into her ear.